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News, History, Impactful events and Lessons.




Unraveling 40: Media & Politics w/Saagar Enjeti

Jocko and Darryl welcome Saagar Enjeti, co-host of Breaking Points w/Krystal Ball, to discuss how the changes in the media environment have transformed the nature of American democracy.


Unraveling 39: No Exit

Jocko and Darryl discuss the different perspectives of the Israelis and Palestinians, and whether peace is possible.


Unraveling 38: The Administration of Savagery

The history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is long and complicated, with heroes, villains, and legitimate grievances on both sides. None of that matters now. Jocko and Darryl discuss the recent assault by Hamas in southern Israel, and the upcoming Israeli response.


Unraveling 37: Battle of Ideas

Since Elon Musk bought Twitter, we've learned much about how thoroughly the information environment has been corrupted and manipulated by politically-motivated actors in Big Tech and the US government. Does the regime change at Twitter herald a new era, or more of the same?


Unraveling 36: Winter War

As the war in Ukraine enters its eighth month, both sides are digging in for a long, hard winter. After a series of Ukrainian successes, the Russians have increased the intensity of the conflict, knocking out civilian infrastructure and calling up hundreds of thousands of reservists to throw into the mix. Jocko and Darryl discuss some of the geopolitical implications of the ongoing fight, and try to answer the question: Whose side is time on?


Unraveling 35: Side Effects May Include

Columbine. Virginia Tech. Las Vegas. Parkland. Buffalo. Uvalde. America has become the land of mass shootings. Jocko & Darryl discuss what might be behind this, and what, if anything, we can do about it. Link to Atlantic Ditch Run 800 fundraiser for veterans, via the Gary Sinise Foundation:


Unraveling 34: Ukraine SITREP

The war between Russia and Ukraine has slowed to a grinding pace. The lightning strikes attempted by Russia in the early days of fighting were blunted by a determined Ukrainian defense, and Russia consolidated & refocused its forces to battle the heavily-fortified Ukrainian positions in the eastern part of the country. Jocko and Darryl discuss what's happened so far, and what's coming down the pipe.


Unraveling 33: Repaid in Full

For most of history, and in much of the world today, there were no effective police, courts, prisons, or states. People and groups protected themselves according to the law of honor immortalized as the epitaph of the Roman consul Lucius Sulla: No friend ever served me, and no enemy ever wronged me, whom I have not repaid in full. Jocko and Darryl discuss honor and vengeance in societies ancient and modern.


Unraveling 32: Enough Already w/Scott Horton

Jocko and Darryl welcome special guest Scott Horton. Scott is the director of the Libertarian Institute, and the senior editor of He's also an author of books such as Fool's Errand: Time to End the War in Afghanistan, and Enough Already: Time to End the War on Terror.


Unraveling 31: Out of The Frying Pan

The Second World War saw all sides engage in unrestrained violence. When the war ended, the US-led Western alliance was suddenly confronted with an aggressive, powerful, and paranoid Soviet Union - a country that had already murdered tens of millions of its own people, and now possessed nuclear weapons. Jocko and Darryl discuss the early days of the Cold War.


Unraveling 30: Hyenas Attack

Darryl and Jocko discuss free speech, media responsibility, information warfare, and the recent attacks on Joe Rogan.


Unraveling 29: No Exit?

Foundational to both American and Soviet foreign policy during the Cold War was the view that direct confrontation between the nuclear-armed superpowers must be avoided. We managed to avoid war with the Soviet Union, but today Vladimir Putin's revanchist policies seems to have US foreign policy wonks spoiling for a fight. Surely, cooler heads will prevail... right?


Unraveling 28: Bad Intelligence

Former Director of Central Intelligence Mike Pompeo once crowed about his time with the CIA, "We lied, we cheated, we stole. We had entire training courses." Intelligence work and clandestine operations always toe the line dividing legal from illegal, and right from wrong. Sometimes that line gets blurry, and other times it is erased altogether. But is it really possible that the government would tolerate, let alone work with, someone like Jeffrey Epstein? Well...


Unraveling 27: All In Our Heads

What is a liberal democracy without a functional free press? The idea almost seems like a contradiction in terms. The mass media has become both more centralized and more politicized, driving us into closed silos of information and sense-making, and leading many Americans to doubt everything they don't hear from a trusted member of their own political tribe. Jocko & Darryl discuss the historical trends that have led to this situation, and whether there's a way out of the mess.


Unraveling 26: Absolute War

Description: The French Revolution ended the era of limited warfare, and ushered in the era of peoples' war. The Napoleonic Wars shocked Europe's great powers into a century of relatively few direct military confrontations, but those that occurred - the US Civil War, the Franco-Prussian War, and the Russo-Japanese & Crimean Wars - were prelude to the industrial violence that would engulf the continent in World War 1. But even the savagery and degradation of the Great War did not prepare anyone for what was in store the second time around, when unprecedented technological brutality targeted the civilians of enemy nations.


Unraveling 25: Discipline & Punish

In episode #22, we discussed the pivotal year 1917, when the United States and the Soviet Union began their entry onto the stage of global power politics, and the tide decisively turned in the First World War. In this episode, we continue our journey through the 20th century with a conversation about how The Great War ended - or did it? - and about the ethics and consequences of kicking a downed opponent in the ribs.


Unraveling 24: Dark Secret Place

Jocko and Darryl welcome Bryan Suits, host of The Dark Secret Place podcast, to discuss Chinese propaganda films, military tech, and global strategy. Bryan is a veteran of both Iraq Wars, the Bosnia peacekeeping mission, and patrolled the streets of Los Angeles during the 1992 riots as a young National Guardsman. Check out great The Dark Secret Place podcast at


Unraveling 23: Unmitigated Disaster

Jocko & Darryl discuss the humiliating and catastrophic final days of the US war in Afghanistan. This episode is dedicated to the heroic efforts of the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines & civilians who put their bodies on the line to help our people escape the Taliban.


Unraveling 22: 1917

"There are decades when nothing happens, and there are weeks when decades happen." -V.I. Lenin This is the first of a series of discussions about critical years in the 20th century. As the First World War entered its 4th year, the mighty German army had the Entente powers on the ropes. But two men who started the year 1917 uninvolved with the Great War would soon make decisions that would determine the outcome, and shape geopolitics for the rest of the century.


Unraveling 21: I Guess We're Done Here

With the longest war in American history officially set to wrap up next month, Jocko and Darryl take stock of mistakes made, missed opportunities, lessons learned, and where things stand.