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GMIH-021 Charlemagne

Pick a card, any card. Did you know that some people think the kings in a deck of cards represent real kings from history? A lot of people might disagree but there are a whole lot of people who … Continue reading → The post GMIH-021 Charlemagne appeared first on Great Mustaches in History.


GMIH-020 Ferdinand Magellan

We have friends listening to this podcast all over the world. It is cool that I’m in Texas, we have listeners in England, New Zealand, Indonesia, China, and in Italy. In fact, we know of people in 77 countries … Continue reading → The post GMIH-020 Ferdinand Magellan appeared first on Great Mustaches in History.


GMIH-019 Johannes Gutenberg

Did you know that every time you read a book there is one person to thank. If it were not for this man with a great mustache you would never be able to read a book because there would … Continue reading → The post GMIH-019 Johannes Gutenberg appeared first on Great Mustaches in History.


GMIH-018 Sun Tzu

People have been fighting wars since the beginning of time. But, there is one person who wrote the most famous book about the art of war. Military leaders, business leaders, and many other people have studied the book called … Continue reading → The post GMIH-018 Sun Tzu appeared first on Great Mustaches in History.


GMIH-017 Louis Pasteur

Have you ever had a milk mustache? Well, those are not the greatest mustaches in history. But, did you know that a scientist with a GREAT mustache found a way to make milk safe to drink? This episode of … Continue reading → The post GMIH-017 Louis Pasteur appeared first on Great Mustaches in History.


GMIH-016 Kaiser Wilhelm II

You may have known a little about some of the people we have covered before in this podcast. However, I bet you don’t know much about the man in this episode. He has a great mustache that turns up … Continue reading → The post GMIH-016 Kaiser Wilhelm II appeared first on Great Mustaches in History.


GMIH-015 Alexander Graham Bell

You’ll never believe this but a long time ago telephones used to be attached to a wire plugged into the wall and you actually had to answer the phone before you knew who was calling you. Okay, that was … Continue reading → The post GMIH-015 Alexander Graham Bell appeared first on Great Mustaches in History.


GMIH-014 John D. Rockefeller

If you are thinking of rich people the name Warren Buffet may come to mind. You might think of Bill Gates. But one name comes to everyone’s mind when people think of the super rich. His name has been … Continue reading → The post GMIH-014 John D. Rockefeller appeared first on Great Mustaches in History.


GMIH-013 Walt Disney

Think of the best movies from your childhood. Now think of the happiest place on earth. Add in an interesting man who created a character that is the most recognized cartoon in the world, not to mention this man … Continue reading → The post GMIH-013 Walt Disney appeared first on Great Mustaches in History.