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Forget six-pack abs, crave life power! HEALTH POWER is your passport to vibrant living, beyond fad diets and gym selfies. Join host Lisa Davis, a veteran health journalist with 25 years of wisdom, as she peels back the layers of what it truly means to thrive. This isn't your average wellness podcast. Forget cookie-cutter goals and unrealistic expectations. Here, we celebrate real bodies, real minds, and real experiences. Dive deep with us: Functional medicine secretsMental health matters: Joyful movement:Fuel your fire:Neurodiversity embraced:Real people, real stories: Every week: Bite-sized quickies:Deep dives: HEALTH POWER is your roadmap to living with intention, finding joy in your body, and embracing life to the fullest. So, buckle up, friends, and let's reclaim our health, together. Subscribe now and unleash your inner power! Bonus: Sprinkle in some humor, genuine curiosity, and Lisa's infectious enthusiasm to create a show that's as informative as it is uplifting.


Rolling Meadows, IL


Forget six-pack abs, crave life power! HEALTH POWER is your passport to vibrant living, beyond fad diets and gym selfies. Join host Lisa Davis, a veteran health journalist with 25 years of wisdom, as she peels back the layers of what it truly means to thrive. This isn't your average wellness podcast. Forget cookie-cutter goals and unrealistic expectations. Here, we celebrate real bodies, real minds, and real experiences. Dive deep with us: Functional medicine secretsMental health matters: Joyful movement:Fuel your fire:Neurodiversity embraced:Real people, real stories: Every week: Bite-sized quickies:Deep dives: HEALTH POWER is your roadmap to living with intention, finding joy in your body, and embracing life to the fullest. So, buckle up, friends, and let's reclaim our health, together. Subscribe now and unleash your inner power! Bonus: Sprinkle in some humor, genuine curiosity, and Lisa's infectious enthusiasm to create a show that's as informative as it is uplifting.






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Lisa is joined by Amber Romaniuk for a different kind of episode! Amber Romanyak , an Emotional Eating, Digestive and Hormone Expert who helps women have greater body confidence, intuition and better health through powerful mindset healing, self-care and overcoming self-sabotage with food. She’s helped thousands of women overcome poor food-lifestyles and reclaim their health. For the next 12 weeks, Amber is going to help Lisa with her food sensitivities, thyroid issues, water retention, gas, bloating, and more! You will get so much valuable info from these sessions!


EP #1308: How to OverCome Obstacles to Positive Thinking & Ways to Cultivate a Positive Mindset with Ron Koeingsberg

Summary: In this episode, Lisa Davis interviews Ron Koenigsberg, author of the book 'Power Broker: How to Be Successful in Business and Life.' The conversation focuses on the theme of positive thinking and its impact on personal and professional success. Ron shares his experiences as a dyslexic individual and how he overcame challenges to develop strong interpersonal skills. The importance of listening and communication is also discussed. The episode concludes with a discussion on accessibility and dyslexia. Takeaways Chapters00:00Introduction 00:55Chapter 1: Positive Thinking 04:26Chapter 3: Interpersonal Skills 06:30Chapter 4: Practicing Positive Thinking 08:02Chapter 5: Positive Mindset and Self-Talk 09:13Chapter 6: Listening and Communication 11:09Chapter 7: Motivation and Influences 13:32Chapter 8: Additional Resources 15:45Chapter 9: Benefits of Positive Thinking 16:38Chapter 10: Importance of Listening 19:44Chapter 12: Accessibility and Dyslexia 20:49Conclusion



Summary: In this episode, Lisa Davis interviews Jennifer Cook, an autism advocate and on-camera expert for the show Love on the Spectrum US. They discuss Jennifer's journey with autism, the concept of functioning levels, and her work on the show. They also delve into important topics such as sexuality and consent, and the challenges faced by individuals on the spectrum in navigating relationships. Throughout the conversation, Jennifer shares her insights and experiences, providing valuable perspectives on autism and promoting understanding and acceptance. In this conversation, Jennifer Cook discusses the success and global recognition of the show 'Love on the Spectrum'. She shares how the show has been well-received and has even reached the top rankings on Netflix. Jennifer also talks about the positive impact the show has had and mentions some notable fans, including Howard Stern. She addresses the issue of homophobia and mentions that only one person had objected to the show on those grounds. Jennifer emphasizes the importance of diagnosis and self-understanding, highlighting the benefits of having language to ask for what you need and to understand yourself. She also discusses the challenges and benefits of getting a formal diagnosis and the importance of finding the right professional. Jennifer mentions the possibility of a third season of 'Love on the Spectrum' and talks about other shows related to autism. She also touches on the representation of the LGBTQ+ community in the show and the importance of equal relationships. Jennifer shares her experience working with Journey, one of the participants on the show, and discusses the concept of 'equals' in relationships. She mentions her involvement in the Broadway musical 'How to Dance in Ohio' and the project 'Lights, Camera, Friendship'. Jennifer provides information about her website and social media channels, and she concludes by talking about her work with Sesame Street and writing for the character Julia, who has autism. Takeaways Chapters00:00Introduction and Love on the Spectrum 03:03Jennifer's Autism Journey 08:59Understanding Functioning Levels 13:45Jennifer's Diagnosis and Advocacy 18:56Working with Tanner on Love on the Spectrum 22:44Discussing Sexuality and Consent 27:34Teaching Kissing and Intimacy 28:06Success and Global Recognition 29:03Positive Reception and Impact 29:31Dealing with Homophobia 29:51Highlights of the Show 30:08The Importance of Diagnosis 31:29Labels and Self-Understanding 32:26Communicating an Autism Diagnosis 33:47The Challenges of Diagnosis 34:16The Benefits of Diagnosis and Accommodations 36:42Possibility of a Third Season 37:02Other Shows on Autism 37:19Representation of LGBTQ+ Community 37:49Dating Rules and Equal Relationships 38:12Working with Journey on the Show 39:03The Dragon Prince and Equals 40:15The Broadway Musical 'How to Dance in Ohio' 41:57The Project 'Lights, Camera, Friendship' 43:38Jennifer's Website and Social Media 44:37Writing for Sesame Street



Summary: In this conversation, Lisa Davis and Kayla Cappiello discuss the TV show Love on the Spectrum and share a recipe for easy lettuce wraps. Kayla talks about her love for the show and the supportive families featured in it. They then move on to discussing the recipe, which includes a peanut sauce and various options for fillings. Kayla shares her journey to becoming a foodie and how she transitioned from a career in fashion to cooking. They end the conversation by providing information on where to find Kayla's recipes. Takeaways Chapters00:00Introduction and Discussion of Love on the Spectrum 03:18Recipe: Easy Lettuce Wraps 11:06Kayla's Journey to Becoming a Foodie 14:10Transitioning from Fashion to Cooking 15:11Where to Find Kayla's Recipes


EP: 1305: Addressing the Root Causes of Health Concerns Rather Than Just Treating Symptoms with Clayton Thomas.

Summary: Clayton Thomas, co-founder of Root Wellness, discusses the importance of addressing the root causes of health concerns rather than just treating symptoms. He shares his background growing up in a veterinary practice and the lessons he learned about the connection between animal and human health. Clayton emphasizes the impact of environmental toxins on our health and the need to clean up our internal environment. He also highlights the importance of building a strong foundation for health and embracing our uniqueness. Clayton introduces the Clean Slate and Restore products from Root Wellness, which support detoxification and gut health. Clayton Thomas discusses the importance of taking care of the gut and producing neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin. He explains the role of deep REM sleep in detoxifying the brain and improving overall health. Clayton also talks about creating high-quality coffee and the benefits of colostrum for repairing the body. He shares the Trinity products that can help reverse aging and improve health. Clayton emphasizes the complexity of the human operating system and the importance of taking care of ourselves. He discusses the quick effects of the Trinity products and their impact on children with autism. Clayton also talks about the role of vaccines and breastfeeding in children's health. He highlights the importance of laughter and healing and discusses his show, The Green Edition. Finally, Clayton shares where to find The Root Brands and his social media presence. Takeaways Chapters00:00Introduction and Background 00:56Growing up in a Veterinary Practice 01:20Understanding Pit Bulls and Animal Behavior 01:58The Importance of Animal and Human Health 02:55The Philosophy of True Health and Performance 03:55The Impact of Environmental Toxins on Health 05:23The Need to Address Environmental Causes 06:08The Role of Heavy Metals and Toxins in Health Issues 07:19The Importance of Building a Strong Foundation for Health 08:08The Dangers of Cosmetic Procedures and Unhealthy Beauty Standards 09:03The Misconceptions of Organic Food 09:32The Impact of Environmental Pollutants on Food 10:26The Connection Between Plant and Human Biology 11:20The Effects of Environmental Toxins on Fertility and Pregnancy 12:17Embracing Imperfections and Individuality 13:28The Influence of Social Media on Self-Identity 14:14The Negative Impact of Unrealistic Beauty Standards 15:03Taking Care of Ourselves in a Toxic Environment 16:18The Alarming Decline in Life Expectancy and Fertility Rates 17:41The Responsibility of Taking Care of Ourselves 18:35Resetting and Cleaning Up the Body's Operating System 19:30Understanding Methylation and its Importance 20:41The Role of Clean Slate in Detoxification 22:37The Importance of Gut Health and the Gut-Brain Connection 23:32The Benefits of Restore in Healing the Gut 37:25Taking Care of the Gut and Producing Neurotransmitters 38:24The Importance of Deep REM Sleep 39:18Taking Care of the Body and Brain 40:42Creating High-Quality Coffee 43:44The Importance of Colostrum 45:08Reversing Aging with Collagen and Colostrum 46:03The Complexity of the Human Operating System 46:34The Journey to Better Health 47:26The Quick Effects of the Trinity Products 49:34Improving the Lives of Children on the Autism Spectrum 50:31The Impact of Vaccines on Children 53:36The Role of Breastfeeding and Colostrum 54:36The Importance of Laughter and Healing 57:41The Green Edition Show 01:00:04Using Humor to Connect with People 01:01:30Where to Find Clayton Thomas and The Root Brands


EP #1304: Travel through the Heart of Peruvian Cuisine with Robert Bradley

Summary: In this conversation, Lisa Davis interviews Robert Bradley, author of 'Eating Peru: A Gastronomic Journey.' They discuss the rich culinary history of Peru, exploring beyond the popular tourist destination of Machu Picchu. They delve into the heart of Peruvian cuisine, focusing on ceviche and the abundance of fresh fish in Peru. They also highlight the contributions of enslaved peoples to Peruvian cuisine, particularly the importance of beans in the Afro-Peruvian diet. The conversation covers various locations in Peru, including Lima's Chinatown and the gastronomic center of Chiclayo. Finally, they touch on the health benefits of the Peruvian diet, which emphasizes whole foods and fresh ingredients. The conversation explores various aspects of Peruvian cuisine and culture. Topics include the cultivation of plants and their natural defenses, the challenges of preparing tarweed and other superfoods, the popularity of chicha and guinea pig, the tradition of Peruvian corn beer, the protein sources in Peruvian cuisine, the surfing spots in Peru, the author's experiences in Peru, the takeaways from the book, and the delicious Peruvian turkey sandwich. Takeaways Chapters00:00Introduction and Background 03:49Exploring Beyond Machu Picchu 07:22The Heart of Peruvian Cuisine: Ceviche and Fresh Fish 13:30Enslaved Peoples and Their Contributions to Peruvian Cuisine 18:13Beyond Miraflores: Museo Rafael Larco Herrera and Lima's Chinatown 21:29Chiclayo: A Gastronomic Center 26:40Peruvian Diet and Health 29:43Cultivating Plants and Natural Defenses 30:35Tarweed and Natural Toxins 31:05Quinoa and Other Superfoods 32:36Cushuro and Andean Caviar 33:28Chicha and Guinea Pig 34:24Peruvian Corn Beer 35:34Peruvian Cuisine and Protein Sources 36:54Surfing in Peru 38:36Time Spent in Peru 40:47Takeaways from the Book 43:06Peruvian Turkey Sandwich 45:41Where to Find the Book and the Author


EP #1303: Wake Up Grateful with Kristi Nelson

Summary In this episode, Lisa Davis interviews Kristi Nelson, author of the book 'Wake Up Grateful: The Transformative Practice of Taking Nothing for Granted.' Kristi shares her personal experience with gratitude after being diagnosed with cancer at a young age. She discusses the importance of cultivating perspective and living in the present moment. Kristi also highlights the teachings of Brother David Steinler, a Benedictine monk, and how his principles can help individuals live gratefully. The conversation explores the power of gratitude, the five guiding principles of grateful living, and the value of appreciating emotions and one's true self. The episode concludes with information on where to find the book. Chapters 00:00Introduction and Book Appreciation 00:47Personal Experience with Gratitude 02:19Brother David Steinler and Living Gratefully 05:00The Power of Gratitude 07:18The Five Guiding Principles 09:38Cultivating Gratefulness 13:23Appreciating Emotions and Self 17:25Being Authentic and Finding Belonging 19:21Closing Remarks and Book Information


EP #1303: A Therapist, HER Therapist, and Our Lives Revealed with Lori Gottlieb.

Lisa is joined by Lori Gottlieb, the author of Maybe You Should Talk to Someone: A Therapist, HER Therapist, and Our Lives Revealed. BOOK DESCRIPTION: One day, Lori Gottlieb is a therapist who helps patients in her Los Angeles practice. The next, a crisis causes her world to come crashing down. Enter Wendell, the quirky but seasoned therapist in whose of­fice she suddenly lands. With his balding head, cardigan, and khakis, he seems to have come straight from Therapist Central Casting. Yet he will turn out to be anything but. As Gottlieb explores the inner chambers of her patients’ lives — a self-absorbed Hollywood producer, a young newlywed diagnosed with a terminal illness, a senior citizen threatening to end her life on her birthday if nothing gets better, and a twenty-something who can’t stop hooking up with the wrong guys — she finds that the questions they are struggling with are the very ones she is now bringing to Wendell. With startling wisdom and humor, Gottlieb invites us into her world as both clinician and patient, examining the truths and fictions we tell ourselves and others as we teeter on the tightrope between love and desire, meaning and mortality, guilt and redemption, terror and courage, hope and change. Maybe You Should Talk to Someone is rev­olutionary in its candor, offering a deeply per­sonal yet universal tour of our hearts and minds and providing the rarest of gifts: a boldly reveal­ing portrait of what it means to be human, and a disarmingly funny and illuminating account of our own mysterious lives and our power to transform them.


EP #1302: Clearing Emotional Clutter with Donald Altman

Lisa is joined by Donald Altman, a psychotherapist, international mindfulness trainer, former Buddhist monk and award-winning author of over 20 books to talk about his book, Clearing Emotional Clutter: Mindfulness Practices for Letting Go of What's Blocking Your Fulfillment and Transformation. He is profiled in "The Living Spiritual Teachers Project" and featured in "The Mindfulness Movie." He also writes the Psychology Today Mindful Practices blog, which has been read by over 1 millions viewers. in 2023, Donald's spiritual suspense novel Travelers was named a Finalist in the Next Generation Indie Book Awards. Out of thousands of submissions worldwide, Travelers was chosen as a Finalist in two categories--"First Novel" and "General Fiction." In addition, Donald's Award-winning non-fiction spirituality and mindfulness books include "The Mindfulness Toolbox"--winner of two Gold IBPA Benjamin Franklin Awards as best book in the "Psychology" and "Body-Mind-Spirit" categories, "Clearing Emotional Clutter"--selected "One of the Best Spiritual Books of 2016" and "The Mindfulness Code"--chosen "One of the Best Spiritual Books of 2010." Other popular books include "Simply Mindful," "One Minute Mindfulness," "The Mindfulness Code," "Living Kindness," and "Reflect: Awaken to the Wisdom of the Here and Now."Donald has served as past vice-president of The Center for Mindful Eating, and has taught at both Portland State University and Lewis and Clark College Graduate School of Education and Counseling. He travels internationally as a keynote speaker and mindfulness workshop leader. His books have been translated word-wide. Visit: www.MindfulPractices.com and the Reflect Community: www.facebook.com/mndfulpractices BOOK DESCRIPTION: Is emotional clutter blocking success in your personal and professional life? You’ve likely heard about the psychological benefits of clearing out the clutter in your surroundings, but how do you handle your emotional clutter the psychological version of the jam-packed closet or impenetrable garage? Shutting away and trying to hide old pains and traumas creates toxic patterns that can keep you from having the life of your dreams. Integrating mindfulness and cutting-edge neuroscience, international mindfulness expert Donald Altman teaches how to modify entrenched habits and patterns with only a few minutes of attention daily. Altman first helps you realize what your baggage consists of and how to transform or jettison it. He then shows how to avoid the daily danger of accumulating new emotional clutter. No matter how fraught your life or relationships may be, you can cleanse, heal, or accept the old wounds, mistakes, and disappointments. With Altman’s lifestyle tools, you’ll discover how to address your past, better deal with the present, and cultivate the best possible future. Start fresh with Clearing Emotional Clutter.



Summary: In this episode, Lisa Davis and Kayla Cappiello discuss Lisa's background in health communications and how she got into podcasting. They also talk about reality TV and TikTok, and the influence of the Kardashians. The main focus of the conversation is the La Scala Salad, a recipe that has gained popularity due to the Kardashians' love for it. Kayla shares the ingredients and variations of the salad, and where to find her recipes. Lisa also mentions upcoming segments on Health Power. Takeaways Chapters00:00Introduction and Background 03:00Lisa's Journey in Health Communications 06:00Discussion on Reality TV and TikTok 09:00The Lascala Salad and Kardashian Influence 12:00Recipe Details and Variations 14:00Where to Find Kayla's Recipes 15:00Upcoming Segments on Health Power


EP #1300: The Importance of Yoga Beyond just Physical Poses with Brett Larkin

Summary: In this conversation, Lisa Davis interviews Brett Larkin, a distinguished yoga teacher and author of the book 'Yoga Life'. They discuss the importance of yoga beyond just physical poses and the role of breathwork in yoga practice. Brett shares her struggles and epiphany during a challenging period in her life and how it led her to explore the deeper aspects of yoga. They also touch on the significance of Ayurveda in personalizing yoga practice and the three foundational beliefs of yoga. The conversation concludes with a discussion on designing a personalized yoga ritual and the use of a worksheet to guide the process. In this conversation, Lisa Davis and Brett Larkin discuss the deeper aspects of yoga beyond aesthetics. They explore the importance of introspection and stretching to become the best version of oneself. They also delve into the therapeutic sensation of yoga and how to differentiate it from skeletal limitations. The conversation highlights the cultivation of a relationship with the higher self through meditation. Finally, they emphasize the significance of indulging in what one wants while transitioning to what one truly needs in yoga practice. Takeaways Chapters00:00Introduction and Personal Experience with Yoga 02:03Struggles and Epiphany 04:04Yoga Beyond Poses 05:08The Importance of Breathwork 07:37Three Foundational Beliefs of Yoga 10:40Significance of 'Be Good How You Are' 12:10Ayurveda and Personalization 15:50Yoga Sutras and Yoga in Action 19:38Designing a Personalized Yoga Ritual 27:54Uplifted Yoga Personal Practice Worksheet 31:05Yoga Beyond Aesthetics 34:28Stretching and Introspection 37:27Therapeutic Sensation vs Skeletal Limitation 40:47Cultivating a Relationship with the Higher Self 45:45Indulging in What You Want and Transitioning to What You Need


EP #1299: Mindful Use of Psychedelics & Their Profound Effects with Neil Markey

Summary: In this conversation, Lisa Davis interviews Neil Markey, the co-founder and CEO of Beckley Retreats, about the science-backed benefits of psychedelics. Neil shares his personal interest in psychedelics and how they have helped him with his mental health. He discusses the profound effects of psychedelics and how they can be used in conjunction with contemplative practices for personal, professional, and spiritual development. Neil emphasizes the importance of nature in psychedelic experiences and the need for post-retreat support and habit change. He also addresses the legal status of psychedelics and the potential of compounds like LSD and MDMA. The conversation explores the mindful use of psychedelic plants and the need for accessibility. It also discusses the different experiences offered in Jamaica and the Netherlands. The importance of charting a middle path in the psychedelic industry is highlighted, along with the social impact and scholarship programs of Beckley Retreats. The chapter concludes with information on how to find Beckley Retreats. Takeaways Chapters00:00Introduction and Personal Interest in Psychedelics 02:10Neil's Experience with Psychedelics and Mental Health 03:21The Profound Effects of Psychedelics 04:03The Therapeutic Potential of Psychedelics 05:29Psychedelics and Grief 06:17Personal, Professional, and Spiritual Development 07:13The Power of Psychedelics in Enhancing Well-being 08:20Healing Trauma with Psychedelics 10:23Bridging Scientific Research and Ancient Wisdom 11:56Understanding Microdosing and Full Dose Experiences 13:39Supporting Participants During Intense Experiences 17:19The Role of Nature in Psychedelic Experiences 20:27Post-Retreat Support and Habit Change 23:04Duration and Experience of Psilocybin 25:08 Lisa talks about Cannbis - this was taken out 26:15Neil's Journey and Partnership with Amanda 30:03The Legal Status of Psychedelics 32:06The Potential of LSD and Other Compounds 34:05Caution and Mindful Use of Psychedelics 35:16Mindful Use and Accessibility 36:07Different Experiences in Jamaica and Netherlands 37:12Charting a Middle Path 38:09Scholarships and Social Impact 38:48How to Find Beckley Retreats


EP #1298: The role Soul Healing in Healing Trauma with Audrey Hope

Summary: In this conversation, Audrey Hope, a certified addiction and trauma counselor, discusses metaphysics, soul healing, and her work as a clairvoyant psychic medium. She explains that soul healing goes beyond traditional therapy and offers a higher perspective on healing. Additionally, she highlights the challenges faced by empaths and the need for energy management Takeaways ChaptersIntroduction and Background Soul Story and Soul Wound Healing Soul Wounds and Retrieving Energy Soul Contracts and Recognizing Connections Empaths and Energy Management Trauma and Hidden Issues


EP #1297: How to Go Sugarless with Dr. Nicole Avena

Summary: In this episode, Lisa Davis interviews Dr. Nicole Avena about her book 'Sugarless: A Seven-Step Plan to Uncover Hidden Sugars, Curb Your Cravings, and Conquer Your Addiction.' They discuss the challenges of balancing sugar restriction and cravings, teaching kids moderation, the historical shift in sugar consumption, the addictive nature of sugar and its effects on the brain, and the difficulty of breaking sugar addiction. They also explore the negative impact of processed foods and sweeteners, managing social pressure and setbacks, breaking dependence on sugar through a harm reduction approach, and the challenges of quitting sugar cold turkey. The episode concludes with information about Dr. Avena's book and where to find it. Takeaways Chapters00:00Introduction and Personal Experience with Sugar 00:53The Conundrum of Sugar: Balancing Restriction and Cravings 01:33Teaching Kids Moderation with Sugar 02:07The Historical Shift in Sugar Consumption 03:02The Addictive Nature of Sugar and its Effects on the Brain 04:29The Difficulty of Breaking Sugar Addiction 06:03The Negative Impact of Processed Foods and Sweeteners 07:23Managing Social Pressure and Setbacks 09:06Breaking Dependence on Sugar: Harm Reduction Approach 11:39The Challenges of Quitting Sugar Cold Turkey 12:32Reducing Sugar Intake and Making Sustainable Changes 13:46Conclusion and Book Information



Summary: In this conversation, Lisa Davis and Kayla Cappiello discuss Valentine's Day recipes and traditions. Kayla shares her recipe for an easy Mediterranean Greek skillet dish. They also discuss cooking rice in bulk and freezing it for convenience. The conversation touches on the importance of spending quality time together on Valentine's Day rather than focusing on material gifts. Kayla promotes her Substack newsletter and provides information on gifting it to others. Lisa also mentions upcoming segments on her show Health Power. Takeaways Chapters00:00Introduction and Singing 01:09Kayla's Singing Lessons 01:31Valentine's Day Recipe 03:00Cooking Rice in Bulk 03:39Making the Skillet Dish 06:00Freezing Rice for Convenience 07:21Adding Peppers and Onions 08:23Topping the Skillet Dish 09:07Discussion on Grass-Fed Ribeye Steak 10:05Promotion of Lisa's Book 11:02Valentine's Day Traditions 12:03Kayla's Substack and Social Media 13:48Gifting the Substack 14:33Upcoming Segments on Health Power



Lisa is joined by Karyn Eilber, MD who talks about five reasons why exercise is good for sexual health and much more! Karyn Eilber, MD: Dr. Eilber is one of only 9% female urologists in the United States and is board certified in both Urology and Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery. She is an Associate Professor of Urology and Obstetrics and Gynecology at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles where she is also the Associate Director of the Urology Residency Training Program and Co-director of the Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery Fellowship Training Program. Prior to joining Cedars-Sinai, Dr. Eilber practiced at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center where she gained extensive experience in pelvic reconstruction following cancer treatment. Also at that time, she held a dual appointment as an Assistant Professor at Weill Medical College at Cornell University. Dr. Eilber’s clinical and research focus has been in the areas of urogynecology and voiding dysfunction. She has published multiple peer reviewed manuscripts and is co-editor of The Use of Robotic Technology in Female Pelvic Floor Reconstruction . In addition to being a member and past-president of the Los Angeles Urologic Society, Dr. Eilber is a member of the American Urological Association, the Society of Urodynamics, Female Pelvic Medicine & Urogenital reconstruction, and the Society of Women in Urology. She is an invited lecturer and presenter at local, national, and international conferences on the subjects of male and female voiding dysfunction, female sexual dysfunction, and pelvic reconstructive surgery.



Lisa is joined once again by Dr. Tishler is a Cannabinoid Specialist. Today they talk about the best ways to take cannabis and it's benefit for sexual health. Through his training in Internal Medicine and years of practice as an Emergency Physician, Dr. Tishler brings his knowledge, reason, and caring to patients here at inhaleMD, and through his advocacy work at the local and national levels.Dr. Tishler graduated from both Harvard College and Harvard Medical School, trained at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and is faculty at both the Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School. He has spent many years working with the underserved, particularly providing care for Veterans. Having treated countless patients harmed by alcohol and drugs, his observation that he had never seen a cannabis overdose led Dr. Tishler to delve deeply into the science of cannabinoids’ safety and treatment.Dr. Tishler is a frequent speaker and author on a variety of topics related to the medical applications of cannabinoids. He is the President of the Association of Cannabinoid Specialists which aims to educate clinicians, lawmakers, and the industry about best practices and needed tools for proper patient care.


BONUS THROW BACK HP EP! Lisa talks about her NEW book, "Clean Eating, Dirty Sex."

Lisa and Andrea Donsky talk about Lisa's book, Clean Eating, Dirty Sex: Sensual Superfoods and Aphrodisiac Practices for Ultimate Sexual Health and Connection. This interview is from 2019 when the book came out! BOOK DESCRIPTION: Your ultimate guide to a spicier love life! The advice that’s given on every page of this book is designed to help you improve your health: physically, emotionally, and sexually. Filled with humorous and heartfelt stories and science-based advice from more than fifty health experts, this is a hands-on cookbook, health guide, and memoir designed to empower readers to make enduring lifestyle changes in the kitchen and the bedroom. Lisa shares personal reflections from her own journey from dirty to clean eating and her struggles on the path to a healthy relationship with sex and herself. From sharing humiliating life experiences, to discussing how to make healthy habits stick, you will find yourself chuckling one minute and compassionately nodding the next. The book will: The book follows the path from unhealthy eating habits to a diet that will enhance all aspects of your life—from sexual blocks to increased connection and sexual satisfaction. At its core, this book is about inspiring healthy lifestyle change and contains tips and tools on how to strengthen your resolve to make lasting change. Whether you read it as a healthy sex guide or use it as a cookbook, Clean Eating, Dirty Sex is loaded with extras, and it will bring you the best of life’s pleasures—in and out of the kitchen and bedroom.


BONUS HP EP! Foods for SEXUAL HEALTH with Erin MacDonald, RD

Lisa is joined by Erin MacDonald, RD who talks with Lisa about foods that are your sexual health! Erin Macdonald has been a nutrition, fitness, and wellness coach for over 15 years. She specializes in weight management, sports, cardiovascular and wellness nutrition, as well as women’s health. With Erin’s coaching, her goals for her clients are to achieve and maintain healthy weight without dieting, hunger, or deprivation, optimize sports performance, improve energy levels, sleep better, improve digestion, and reduce risk for conditions like diabetes and heart disease. FULL TRANSCRIPT: This time of year, our skin gets so dry especially for those of us who live in cold climates, so I couldn't live with them one Earth body care their skin fix, which is great for your entire body. Thick, wonderful sound, you can rub it in your hands to soften it and it makes your skin amazing. There's a day and night facial oil which I use every day and night. And it really really has helped my skin. There's a sleep balm that is also a cell consistency that has lavender and other things to help you relax. Of course, my all time favorite is our natural deodorant because I am no longer smelly. If you've got a baby, they've got a baby. But Sabir The other thing that has completely transformed my hair is their shampoo and conditioner bars. They've got skin things for pets, which has helped my blue stop eating his paws all the time or nibbling on them. And of course, they also have a pet shampoo bar, please check them out at one Earth body care.com. Here on the show, we really try to emphasize using food as medicine. So I decided that after being in health media since 1998, yes, it's been a long time that I've been in this business and I love it. I wanted to write a book and I wanted to interview top experts in a field and I thought what is a great thing that no one really talks about, that we can actually improve through better eating. And I thought sex, sexual health is a big deal. And there are so many great ways to enhance your sexual health to enhance your connection. So today, I'm going to be joined by the wonderful Aaron McDonald, rd. And she did the recipes for my book, which is available now for pre order on Amazon, clean eating dirty sex, sensual superfoods and aphrodisiac practices for ultimate sexual health and connection. Aaron, so glad you're joining me for this. Thank you so much for having me, I am thrilled to be on Well, we're gonna have some fun. You know, first of all, I always have to tell people that the book is not about dirty sex, it's a play on words clean, dirty, I thought it was funny. So I really want to emphasize that and you know, Aaron, you've read the book and you know, you saw it really is about how to connect with your partner. It does obviously have information about sex and information about positions and about you know how to give yourself pleasure, and it's but it's written in a very informative way, an interesting way. It I would say it's very far from dirty, but very good in terms of really helping you have a fulfilling sex life, wouldn't you say? I absolutely agree. And I think that's the thing that most people forget about is the sense of connection. You know, you really want to be connected with your partner in order to be able to have a more fulfilling sex life to have something that's more meaningful and more passionate, and good for good for both, you know, both party. It's so true. You know, I just want to mention some of the people I interviewed for this book, because you've heard I'm here and naturally savvy and if not also on a talk healthy today. Susan salmonellae is wonderful. She has fantastic skincare products, and she's written a great book, and she's really big on using food. Not only you know, for your overall healing, but the way that it affects our skin. There's a wonderful, everybody. I mean, there's Michael Clapper, he's an MD testmasters is a smoothie gal Jake panna Savage has been on...


EP #1293: HEALTH QUICKIE: The Mediterranean Diet: Number One In Many Ways with Lisa Davis, MPH

Every Monday, Thursday and Friday Lisa is solo bringing you "Health Quickies." Today Lisa talks about the article from www.naturallysavvy.com, The Mediterranean Diet: Number One In Many Ways. Here is the direct link: https://naturallysavvy.com/eat/the-mediterranean-diet-number-one-in-many-ways/