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Join author and international speaker Howard Straus on a journey to help you discover the power of natural healing. As grandson of Dr. Max Gerson (creator of Gerson Therapy) and the son of the ever popular health advocate, Charlotte Gerson, Howard has been a lifelong champion of natural health and healing methods that really work. Each week, Howard will interview researchers, authors and experts well known in the natural healing field, who will discuss their views and share valuable information that you can use to take control of your health.


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Join author and international speaker Howard Straus on a journey to help you discover the power of natural healing. As grandson of Dr. Max Gerson (creator of Gerson Therapy) and the son of the ever popular health advocate, Charlotte Gerson, Howard has been a lifelong champion of natural health and healing methods that really work. Each week, Howard will interview researchers, authors and experts well known in the natural healing field, who will discuss their views and share valuable information that you can use to take control of your health.






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New directions for the Max Gerson Foundation

The Max Gerson Foundation has recently upped their game. Since there has been a recent problem of patients being unable to reach the scheduling activity of the Gerson Clinic in Mexico, we have committed ourselves to help make the critically needed connection in a timely and knowledgeable manner. Patients needing to schedule stays at the clinic may now call the Max Gerson Foundation to schedule stays at the only Gerson certified center in North America, founded by Charlotte Gerson and in...


Dr. Levy on Healing and Preventing chronic illness

Dr. Thomas E. Levy, recently inducted into the Orthomolecular Hall of Fame, discusses the cause of ALL chronic illness, increased oxidative stress brought on by the host of toxins that we eat, breathe, drink and live in every day of our lives. The source of most illnesses and toxicity is hidden infections and abscesses in our mouths, and these, according to Dr. Levy, cannot be eliminated. Thus the only good way to beat the resultant illnesses is to use the powerful and universal...


Protect your kids from toxic vaccines

All too many children, and even adults, have been damaged by toxic, dangerous vaccines that are now being forced on us by a cynical and uncaring medical system. Forcing us to take these poisons, and forcing us to give them to our children under draconian threats does not make them safe, nor does it inspire confidence in our government or medical establishment. In many states, if we do NOT accept the REQUIRED vaccines, our children are taken from us, and we face extreme consequences. So we...


The Opioid Epidemic can be solved

For a decade or more now, we have been in the grip of a lethal epidemic, one that is not caused by a virus or a pathogen, but that still kills tens of thousands of our young people, in cities, rural towns, plains, mountains, and everywhere in between. It places immense burdens on our medical system, not to mention the grieving parents, siblings, classmates and children of the victims. The epidemic is a problem that is self-inflicted, the Opioid epidemic. The terrible news is that we KNOW how...


Seeing how the Other Half Lives

I recently took a vacation on a cruise ship, transiting the Panama Canal for the first time in my life. My family had some direct connection to the Canal: my wife's grandfather had worked on the Canal in his youth, and one of the French engineers, Philippe Jean Bunau-Varilla, had worked on the original French attempt to build it, as well as having worked on the Suez Canal. Bunau-Varilla was a patient of my grandfather's in Paris, during his sojourn there. The contrasts that I witnessed on...


Dr. Andrew Saul, Charlotte's passing, food and health

Dr. Andrew Saul, one of my favorite guests of all time, puts his razor-sharp intellect and vast knowledge to work to show how to take control of your own health. He also relates some humorous interactions with Charlotte Gerson, who passed away on Feb. 10, and calls the for-profit medical industry to task for their lack of progress. He is a pleasure to listen to!


The passing of a Grande Dame - Charlotte Gerson

Charlotte Gerson passed away February 10, 2019. She was an iconic figure, and a leader in the field of alternative medicine. For over 40 years, she was the face and voice of the Gerson Therapy, author of several books that have been translated and published around the world, founder of cancer clinics, teacher, healer and authority on healing cancer and other chronic illnesses. For years, her appearance was mandatory on any serious documentary on alternative cancer therapies, including four...


Encore: Annie Juneau, ND Gerson Therapy practitioner in Canada

We interview Annie Juneau, a dynamic, multi-talented woman with passion and enthusiasm for the healing arts. With a career spanning professional tennis, modeling and naturopathy, she brings commitment, talent and enthusiasm to everything she approaches. Annie now supervises 15 Gerson patients in her Montreal clinic, and wants to bring healing and good lifestyle to her Canadian countrymen. Listen as Annie lights up the airwaves with her energy!


Amazing health opportunities we usually ignore

We've spoken about several of these health opportunities before, but we're going to do a brief review. These are things you can do to lose weight you need to get rid of, to heal and prevent chronic illness with a minimum of effort, to relieve pain naturally and without any harmful side effects. The great news is that the changes you can make will be virtually FREE! More great news: the results you will experience will FAR outweigh the effort involved. Listen in as we explore these astounding...


Encore: Flu vaccine and flu epidemic, corporate and government cynicism

Despite the huge success of the flu vaccination programs across the United States, including huge and universal coercion by medical, academic, military and employers, there is an immense epidemic of flu in all 50 states. Emergency rooms are filled to overflowing, temporary shelters have been pressed into service, and there has even been publicity about vaccine shortages. What is going on? If the number of people who have been vaccinated is at an all-time high, why is flu spreading at such a...


Encore: Betsy Heilman's remarkable recovery from ovarian cancer

Artist Betsy Heilman was diagnosed with end-stage ovarian cancer by the Mayo Clinic, and sent to hospice after unsuccessful chemotherapy treatment. She did not accept that verdict, instead opting for the Gerson Therapy. This was a hard task, since she lived in remote Alaska, near Denali, over 100 miles north of Anchorage. But Betsy is a tough lady, and 11 years later, she is full of life and energy, living in Hawaii, and active in both her artistic life and in civic causes, centering on...


Encore: The Power of Natural Healing with Gaetan Chevalier, Ph.D.

Howard’s guest on The Power of Natural Healing, Monday, March 17, 2014 will be Gaétan Chevalier, Ph.D., a meticulous researcher and faculty on the staff at several institutions including the California Institute for Human Science, UC Irvine and the Earthing Institute, who has been doing careful research on Earthing for the past 10 years, and publishing his findings in respected peer-reviewed journals from the start. Dr. Chevalier started out as a strong skeptic, but approached the project...


Want to get rid of the extra holiday pounds?

Around this time of year, specifically (in the US) between Thanksgiving feasts, Christmas parties and treats, and New Year's celebrations, it is an unfortunate side effect that there will be many more calories coming in to our bodies. At the same time, because of the inclement weather, cold, rain and snow, we'll be spending less time outdoors walking, hiking, exercising. The net result? Many of us will pack on extra pounds that will be difficult to get rid of in the coming months. Yet, your...


Encore: Why are we so depressed? How to beat it.

It is a very sad statistic that today, over 10% of all Americans have suffered at least one bout of severe depression, often clinical depression. Lest you think that sadness is the only effect, and that it is not all that dangerous, remember that antidepressants and antipsychotics are some of the most dangerous pharmaceuticals that there are. Virtually all, if not all school mass shootings are perpetrated by people who are being treated with one or more of these drugs, and the shooter often...


Jesse Yu, 5 year recovery from malignant melanoma

When Jesse Yu, a young engineer and management consultant, was diagnosed with malignant melanoma in 2013, he was in shock. Only 31, and he thought he ate healthy food, took care of himself, and yet he suddenly found out he might not live another year! He scheduled surgery, but his mother begged him to instead try an alternative therapy she knew of: the Gerson Therapy. He knew nothing of it, but trusted his mother. Jesse then set out to find out as much about the results and science behind...


It's that time of year again ... Stay healthy!

I am sure that many of you have experienced the unpleasant time in late January and early February when you are down with sniffles, fever, cough and worse. Most people attribute it to the stress of the holiday season, the cold winter weather, the financial stress we subject ourselves to in order to provide gifts and parties to our families, travel, and other causes. But I don't believe it! Over the years, I have often worked in close proximity with a work group of six or eight others, all of...


Encore: Nicolette Richer: New book, Crowdfunding, trip to Malawi

Friend of the show Nicolette Richer, founder of the Green Moustache restaurants, Richer Health Consulting and author of Eat Real to Heal, will tell us about her most recent projects. Eat Real to Heal has been the number one Amazon new release for months, and is a powerful argument for eating whole, organic, plant-based foods, with an eye towards good health through nutrition. She bases her deep knowledge on the Gerson Therapy, plus her years of health consulting with her Canadian neighbors....


First performance of The Man Who Killed the Cure

This last weekend, I spent in Dayton, Ohio, attending the first public performance of The Man Who Killed the Cure, a play by noted Los Angeles playwright, Luke Yankee, about the suppression and eventual assassination of Dr. Max Gerson. I'll tell you about the play, the audience, and the reaction to the information. It's a dramatic story, and one that we hope will ignite curiosity and research into the reaction of the American medical community to alternative medicine in general, and the...


Amy Johnson, recovery from ovarian cancer

Amy Johnson was a dynamic young woman who suffered from a number of minor ailments, and thought of herself as being in relatively good health. So it was a total, and devastating shock to be diagnosed in 2013 with clear cell ovarian cancer in her right ovary. When she went for surgery to remove the ovary, it was discovered the cancer was spread to both. She made the harsh decision to have a total hysterectomy, since she had hoped to have children one day. However, despite the warnings of the...


Potpourri: Gerson Play, Chinese and Indian translations

We have a number of new projects going on, and are very proud of them. The new Simplified Chinese translation of Healing the Gerson Way is now available on iPhone readers, there is a translation underway in an Indian language (Telugu) spoken in Hyderabad and its state, Telangana, with a view towards starting Gerson clinics in India. Foundations have been poured for the first Chinese Gerson center, and training courses have been very well-received. The play The Man Who Killed the Cure will be...