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Are you a DIY'er looking to sharpen your skills, looking for solutions for home improvement issues, needing advice when hiring contractor, and want to stay up to date on the latest the industry has to offer on trends and product reviews? You are in the right place. Welcome to House Talk with Mark Lotz, home improvement expert for 32 years.


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Are you a DIY'er looking to sharpen your skills, looking for solutions for home improvement issues, needing advice when hiring contractor, and want to stay up to date on the latest the industry has to offer on trends and product reviews? You are in the right place. Welcome to House Talk with Mark Lotz, home improvement expert for 32 years.






HT Season 3 Ep34: Auto Repair Shop Update Ideas

Almost everyone has a car and they all have to have repair and maintenance done to it. Whenever people go to get the oil changed in their vehicle they are going to have to wait for it to be done. This is why you want your business to be an inviting and comfortable place so that your customers will always want to come back. Quick Episode Summary: 1:10 Color Scheme2:29 Waiting Room Updates4:22 Beverage Area4:57 Make it Enjoyable6:56 Flooring8:29 Bathrooms


HT Season 3 Ep33: How to Remove Paper Backed Vinyl Wallpaper

Removing wallpaper can take a long time and be a very laborious task. However, when you know how to do it and have all the proper tools, whether it’s the easy or the more difficult way, you will have a much easier time removing it. Quick Episode Summary: 1:10 Prepping the Room1:36 Tools2:27 Easy Removal 6:01 Difficult Removal


HT Season 3 Ep32: Why is it so Expensive to Paint a Room

You’re having a few rooms in your house painted but the smaller room is going to cost you more than the larger room. Why is that? Smaller rooms can take a lot more time to paint because there isn’t as much room for you to work in and it can be harder to paint around things. Quick Episode Summary: 0:35 Simple Paint Example1:11 Things That Increase Time3:13 Painting a Small Room vs a Large Room


HT Season 3 Ep31: Why Should I Paint My Ceilings

So many people, when they are planning to repaint a room or two in their homes, look up at their ceilings and think, “It doesn’t look bad. I’m not going to paint it.” However, if you look really close at your ceiling, you will see smudges and cracks and nail pops, among other things. Ceilings get a lot dirtier and honestly need more repair than we realize. Quick Episode Summary: 0:28 Why Should You Paint Your Ceiling2:30 Benefits of Painting Your Ceiling


HT Season 3 Ep30: How to Take Care of Your Paint Rollers and Brushes

If you like doing DIY projects around your home then you will want to know how to take care of your paint rollers and brushes. It’s important to take proper care of your tools so that you can get the most use out of them. Quick Episode Summary: 0:47 Cleaning Roller Covers3:42 Cleaning Paint Brushes


HT Season 3 Ep29: Living Trends for Empty Nesters

As people get older their lifestyles change. More and more we see people moving closer to the city when their kids are all grown and moved out. They no longer need their big houses and when they live in the city almost everything they need is within walking distance. As they get older it just makes their lives so much easier. Quick Episode Summary: 0:41 Aging in a Community1:36 Conveniences of Living in the City4:56 Rent or Buy


HT Season 3 Ep28: Yard Prep for Exterior House Painting

It’s important to do the proper preparation before you begin any project. One thing you may not think about is the yard prep you should do before you paint or do any kind of project on the outside of your home. However, yard prep for exterior house painting is very important for the success of your project. Quick Episode Summary: 0:40 Trimming Things Back1:42 Protecting Your Plants2:30 Other Considerations3:00 More on Trimming3:46 Enhancing Your Curb Appeal


HT Season 3 Ep27: Paint Proposal Checklist | Doing Your Due Diligence

When you finally decide to get some painting done around your house you need to make sure you do your due diligence and see to it that you know exactly what is going to be on your proposal. By doing your due diligence you will save yourself so much trouble and be sure that your project will turn out the best it can in the end. Quick Episode Summary: 1:00 Preparation List2:15 Paint Process3:29 What is Being Painted4:19 Number of Colors4:54 Disposal5:25 Other Things to Know


HT Season 3 Ep26: DIY Exterior House Painting Tips

You want to DIY paint the exterior of your home, but you don’t know where to start. Discover the important steps to paint the exterior of your home yourself. Quick Episode Summary: 0:40 Preparation Before Painting2:37 What to Paint First4:10 Plan Your Work


HT Season 3 Ep25: Restaurant Maintenance

The maintenance of your restaurant is an important thing to have on your schedule. Restaurants get so much wear and tear with their constant business. Sometimes, they’re so busy it’s hard to keep track of what needs to be done. However, if you want to keep yourself and your customers happy, you will need to have a proper maintenance schedule. Quick Episode Summary: 0:24 The Best Time to Paint1:23 Bathrooms2:30 Dining Areas3:40 Kitchen4:10 Front Entrance4:41 Importance of Maintenance


HT Season 3 Ep24: Exterior Paint Colors

Painting truly is a fantastic way to boost your home's value in addition to helping make it look new and beautiful. All you have to do is choose the right colors that will work for you and your home. Do your very best to preserve it, and you are going to have a lovely home for years to come. Quick Episode Summary: 0:26 Exterior Painting Terms2:04 Style of Your House2:38 Subtle or Bold Colors3:18 Other Factors4:29 Working With All Your Exterior Colors5:16 Tips


HT Season 3 Ep23: Nursing Home Maintenance

Your nursing home or assisted living facility needs to be like home to the residents that live there. You would like to make it as welcoming and pleasant as possible. We hope these ideas help you in making your buildings better for those individuals living there right now as well as for those that will live there in the future. Quick Episode Summary: 0:43 Entryway & Reception Area4:28 Guest Rooms5:38 Common Areas8:17 Product Tips


HT Season 3 Ep22: What is the Best Paint Roller to Use | Whizz Roller Review

Whizz rollers are extraordinarily diverse. They are being put to use much more frequently by experienced painters in areas where brushes are generally used due to their being a lot more efficient. So what is the very best paint roller to use? Quick Episode Summary: 0:19 What are Whizz Rollers1:34 Handles2:34 Where to Use Them5:05 Covers


HT Season 3 Ep21: Top 3 Things to Prepare for Exterior Paint Job

You have actually decided to paint the exterior of your home. No matter if you are doing it yourself or employing a contractor, there will be things you need to accomplish in advance. The top 3 things to prepare for an outside paint job are: trimming back trees and bushes, moving vehicles, and removing things on and around the exterior of your home. Quick Episode Summary: 0:28 Trim Back Trees & Bushes1:06 Move Your Vehicles1:44 Remove Things On & Around Your House


HT Season 3 Ep20: Top 3 Factors That Negatively Affect Exterior of Home

We often spend a lot of time making the outside of our house look good, however after a couple of years, it does not look very good any longer. This is due to exterior factors. The top 3 factors that negatively impact the outside of your house are: Mother Nature, animals, and insufficient maintenance. Quick Episode Summary: 0:28 Mother Nature1:20 Animals2:35 Maintenance


HT Season 3 Ep19: How to Reduce Moisture in Bathroom

Excessive moisture in the bathroom is among the biggest obstacles most homeowners deal with inside their bathroom. It is necessary to know why it's taking place and how to decrease moisture in the bathroom. By getting ahead of it and fixing it at the source of the problem rather than simply covering it up, you will spare yourself many headaches in the future. Quick Episode Summary: 1:20 Worn Out Exhaust Fans1:40 Improper Ventilation 1:54 Poorly Insulated Walls & Ceilings


HT Season 3 Ep18: 5 Medical Office Interior Improvement Ideas

Doctor's office spaces get a lot of wear and tear each day with so many people coming in and out. You would like your patients to feel relaxed and comfortable in your office. It is extremely helpful to go through your building and look at it through a patient's eyes. While you walk, keep in mind these 5 medical office interior improvement ideas. By doing this, you will have the ability to know better what needs to get done to make your office a lot more comfortable and welcoming. Quick Episode Summary: 0:38 Nighttime Painting & Renovation1:22 Entryway2:46 Waiting Room3:34 Hallways4:27 Bathrooms5:35 Exam Rooms


HT Season 3 Ep17: 5 Things to Remember When Renovating

Often we get all excited to start a project but neglect to prepare ahead of time and consider all the small details that can ruin or delay its completion. Remodeling is an exciting time but can also be a stress filled time. With the assistance of these 5 things to keep in mind when remodeling your house and planning carefully long before you begin, you can truly make the job flow a lot easier and turn out much better than you pictured in the end. Quick Episode Summary: 1:00 Scheduling1:28 Paint3:15 Handles & Knobs4:36 Lighting5:45 More on Scheduling


HT Season 3 Ep16: Importance of Exterior Commercial Building Maintenance

If you are the owner of a small company or the manager of a commercial business within your town, then you understand the significance of outside commercial building upkeep. But often the days and weeks escape you and you concentrate on the interior appearance of your business. But from a customer's viewpoint, the outside appearance of the building, windows, doors, and walkways entering into your place sends a strong impression. Good or bad. What sort of impression do you want to make? Quick Episode Summary: 0:30 What’s Going on on the Outside0:54 Are You Proactive or Reactive3:10 When to Check Your Building


HT Season 3 Ep15: 7 Simple Exterior Home Repairs to Add Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is a thing every single homeowner makes every effort to accomplish. You work hard and want to get back at the conclusion of a long day of work and see your home from the drive up and be happy with how it looks. And having terrific outside curb appeal is something you'll need to sell your home quickly on the real estate market. Quick Episode Summary: 0:42 Front Door & Side Lites1:27 Pressure Wash2:27 Sealing Driveway2:41 Misc. Additions3:22 Lighting4:17 Repaint or Restain