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Derek Mooney and guests explore the natural world in all its forms. Listen live every Monday at 10pm on RTÉ Radio 1.


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Derek Mooney and guests explore the natural world in all its forms. Listen live every Monday at 10pm on RTÉ Radio 1.




New Year Plant Hunt

Botanist and BSBI’s Ireland Officer Bridget Keehan speaks to Éanna Ní Lamhna about the results of the New Year Plant Hunt of the Botanical Society of Britain & Ireland.


Just One Leg to Stand On

Jim Wilson spoke to Éadaoin and Ciarán Farrell, Pupils St. Peter’s Secondary School in Passage West, Co. Cork on their reseacrh project which was awarded First Place in the Biological & Ecological Sciences – Intermediate Group category in the BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition 2024.


Birds and human health

Aimée Gray is a former researcher with the UCD School of Agriculture and Food Science and she tells us more about her research into the impact of birds on human health'.


Climate Heroes Wanted!

Our reporter Terry Flanagan recently met the CEO of Global Action Plan, Hans Zomer, who explained what the Climate Heroes Challenge entails and how people can become involved.


Questions from listeners

Derek and the panel answer listeners questions about Blue Tits banging their heads against a mirror in the garden and when should you not cut your hedges?


Mooney Goes Wild

Derek is joined by Richard Collins, Terry Flanagan, Niall Hatch, Éanna Ní Lamhna, Terry Flanagan and Jim Wilson. Topic up for discussion include Blue Tits, hedge cutting, Climate Heroes Challange, birds and human health, birds standing on one leg and a new year plant hunt.


Grumpy Snowdrops

Our Researcher Michele Browne paid a visit to the banks of the River Slaney near Tullow in Co. Carlow, where on the 40-acre Altamont Gardens she met with plantsman Robert Miller, who runs the garden centre there and was keen to show Michele some particularly grumpy-faced snowdrops!


Mayflies on Lough Carra

Ken gives us an update on his project to monitor Mayflies and on efforts to ensure that their populations can grow and thrive once more at key strongholds, including Lough Carra in Co. Mayo.


Salmon in trouble

Sturgeon are not the only migratory: the also travels long distances between its feeding and spawning waters. A highly celebrated species here in Ireland, sadly it is also an increasingly threatened one. As Ken tells us.


Could we bring the Sturgeon back to Ireland?

Our expert in all things fishy, Ken Whelan, discusses the pros and cons of a potential sturgeon reintroduction campaign in Irish rivers and the benefits to other species, including Salmon.


Dinosaur fish in the Dead Zoo

Our roving reporter Terry Flanagan travelled to the Natural History Museum in Dublin to speak to Keeper Paulo Viscardi about the large sturgeon specimen on display in the museum, originally caught in the River Liffey.


Great Tits are breeding earlier in the year than they used to

We discuss the Great Tit, a colourful, clever and abundant bird, which range across most of Eurasia and which happen to be the most intensively studied birds in the world.


Hold the front page! Frog seen in south Co. Dublin

Our panel discuss the emergence from hibernation of frogs each spring, including the factors that cause them to reappear on different dates in different parts of the country. Given the mild winter we have had, it stands to reason that frogs should be out and about over much of the country in the coming days, if they aren’t already.


Mooney Goes Wild

Derek is joined by Éanna Ní Lamhna, Richard Collins, Terry Flanagan, Ken Whelan and Niall Hatch. Topics up for dicussion include Common Frogs, the Great Tit, Sturgeon, Salmon and grummpy Snowdrops.


Highlight Show: Mooney Goes Wild Great Big Garden Bird Watch

Nature On One series on Public Holidays and Mooney Goes Wild have teamed up with BirdWatch Ireland, Ireland's largest wildlife conservation charity, to bring you our inaugural live Garden Birdwatch.


Living Classrooms in the Garden County

Terry Flanagan visits Co. Wicklow, the Garden County of Ireland, where he meets up with local resident and wildlife expert Rob Gandola, where they discuss an exciting new project called Living Classrooms.


Jim Wilson looks forward to our Great Big Garden Birdwatch

Jim joins us to tell us more about what to expect on the big day and to fill us in on some of the most interesting recent avian observations at his bird table.


Singing a different tune

Our panellists also discuss a bird which seems to be visiting garden bird tables and feeders with increasing frequency. The Bullfinch is a beautiful and unobtrusive little bird which especially loves to feed on flowers.


Let’s hope the early bird catches the worm

Terry Flanagan brings us news of a pair of Blackbirds in his own garden who have already started the construction of their nest, a rather unexpected occurrence in the month of January.


Giant Penguins once roamed the beaches of New Zealand

Richard Collins speaks to Josh Davis, Digital News Editor with the Natural History Museum in London about this remarkable discovery, how these extinct giant penguins lived and how they compare to their cousins who still swim in the southern oceans today.