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Episode 13: My journey in deciding between the NBA and Islam

Mahmoud Abdul Rauf formerly known as Chris Jackson was a legend on the court who joins us to discuss how being in the NBA strained his decision to become a Muslim. Ultimately Abdul-Rauf was asked to leave the NBA due to his decision to actively pursue Islam. In this podcast he talks about his journey and how it has changed him. For all of us who pursue the glamorous, extravagant life this really is an eye opening podcast that shows you maybe its not all it seems to be. Tune in to hear a...


Episode 12: Feminism. What does it look like?

Today on a very special episode of 70% Halal we discuss feminism. Feminism is becoming a political movement, not just a matter of self-help anymore. Nour joins us to talk about how feminism played into her life and the negative effects it had on her. There is a fine line between being confident and empowered and just going overboard. Join us as we tackle the discussion of feminism and how it can be used properly and improperly. Great episode for guys and girls to listen to as there are...


Episode 11: How Islam Saved My Life

Leon a revert to Islam lived a life full of gang violence, drugs, alcohol and women. He thrived in the streets of Flint Michigan as a drug lord until one day he got setup by his friends in a drive by and was shot in the head and left for dead. Instead of realizing his close call on life he went back to the streets and found himself dealing in the same game he was in before. Once again he found that his friends set him up with the police and Leon was convicted and sent to jail. In jail Leon...


Episode 9: One on One with Fatih Seferagic

In today’s episode we go one on one with Fatih Seferagic. Fatih is a Qari that is known worldwide for his beautiful recitation. However, at the young age of 20 years old its not always...


Episode 8: Rabia Chaudhry- The fight for Adnan Syed

Rabia Chaudry is an inspirational woman that is heavily involved in the Adnan Syed case that so many of us heard about through the podcast, Serial. We had the absolute pleasure of getting a one...


Episode 7: Mushira Ali on becoming a hijabi

Mushira joins us to discuss her perspectives on becoming a hijabi. We go into details on the personal struggle that she had in coming to this point. The benefits she has experienced and some of...


Episode 4: Momma Shah drops some knowledge regarding love

We have Samina Shah on the podcast today to talk about parents loving their kids. Often times there is a lack of affection between parents and their children because of cultural differences. Samina gives her...