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Soul of Islam Radio is a leading-edge personal growth and spiritual development podcast to support you upon your personal path of health, happiness, harmony and success both in this life and the next.




Soul of Islam Radio is a leading-edge personal growth and spiritual development podcast to support you upon your personal path of health, happiness, harmony and success both in this life and the next.




Journey in Grace with David Sterling

The son of Jewish Holocaust survivors, David Sterling, now also known as Hajji Mustafa, embraced Islam in 1976 in Monterrey, California. A seeker of truth, he has since continued in the quest and search for knowledge, wisdom and enlightenment, leading him to the company of some of the noble and notable servants of God. He details his adventures and experiences in great detail in his recently published book, Journey in Grace: Gems Gathered from a Life on the Path. Having sought out guidance initially through numerous faith practices, he ultimately found truth in Islam, and Journey in Grace is a remarkable account of spectacular experiences upon the spiritual path. I recently had the opportunity to meet and discuss with Hajji Mustafa about what led him to Islam, the importance of the way of the heart, the preeminence of meditative spiritual practice in Islam, how suffering, hardships and difficulties are in reality gifts from God, and much more. I pray you enjoy and benefit from this


Gift of the Givers with Dr. Imtiaz Sooliman

Dr. Imtiaz Sooliman is the founder and director of the Gift of the Givers Foundation, which has grown to become the largest non-profit humanitarian relief organization on the African continent. Originally a medical doctor, Dr. Sooliman gave up his career in the field following inspired spiritual guidance to make an even bigger impact in the world and in the lives of human beings. In this illuminating conversation, we discuss the incredible origin story of The Gift of the Givers Foundation, the importance of seeking to pair internal spiritual development with meaningful and purposeful work in the world, how to truly experience happiness as human beings through service to others, and much more. About Dr. Imtiaz Sooliman and Gift of the Givers Foundation To learn more about the incredible work and projects Dr. Sooliman is involved in through the Gift of the Givers Foundation and to support their invaluable work, please visit them at Gift of the Givers Foundation.


Finding Freedom with Julien Drolon and Zara Shafie of Halis Media

Julien Drolon in a quest for truth, wisdom, guidance and understanding took a spiritual journey on foot in what was essentially a walk towards God that covered the distance of a thousand kilometers in Spain. His seeking ultimately led him to Islam, and later throughout the Muslims world. Julien met his wife Zara Shafie in Malaysia, and together they founded Halis Media, which is a film and media production company that produces leading-edge documentaries on faith, religion and spirituality. Their most recent film, Freedom has been received with universal praise by both Muslims and non, and features some fifty converts to the religion from across the globe who share their personal experiences and journey to the faith and to spiritual freedom. In this episode of Soul of Islam Radio, I had the opportunity to discuss with both Julien and his wife about his incredible journey to Islam, how they met and married, the vital importance of media in the world today, the absolute necessity of su


The Blessed Black Seed with Abdullah Naki

The unique healing benefits of black seed, also known as nigella sativa, kalonji, black cumin and others, have been known for over fourteen hundred years due to the statement of the holy Prophet Muhammad ﷺ who stated that these little black powerhouses can cure every disease with the exception of death itself. Yet the miraculous healing power of black seed is only recently being discovered by the western world as one of the most incredible foods for healing the human being. The black seed is a cure for all diseases with the exception of death. Prophet Muhammad ﷺ [Bukhari] The Blessed Black Seed with Abdullah Naki In this illuminating and entertaining conversation, I sit down with Abdullah Naki of The Blessed Seed, one of the first companies making high quality black seed oil available to the general public. We discuss his special spiritual journey into Islam, the importance of proper guidance and tutelage in the religion, the necessity of transcending the ego, the origin story of T


Crowdfunding with Chris Blauvelt of Launchgood

Crowdfunding, also referred to as crowdsourcing, is an ingenious method of sourcing funding for all types of projects and causes by facilitating direct relationships between campaigns and a global audience via the internet, and over the last decade or so has become a key method of making possible programs and initiatives that otherwise would have been impossible to undertake to fruition. Chris Blauvelt was inspired with the idea of creating a crowdfunding platform primarily designed and intended to support Islamic projects and communities early on when crowdsourcing first became a thing. Guided by both faith and persistence, he was able to successfully launch Launchgood, which to date has funded nearly a billion dollars worth of causes and projects. In this episode of Soul of Islam Radio, I sit down and discuss with Chris, also known by his Muslim name as Abdul-Rahman, about the remarkable success of Launchgood as we near its ten year anniversary. We discuss topics of spiritual excel


Secrets of Divine Love with A. Helwa

A. Helwa is the author of the beautiful book Secrets of Divine Love, which is a wonderful introduction to Islam and its spiritual dimension, the goal of which is connection and communion with the Divine. The great mystic poet Jalaluddin Rumi (qs) stated, “Love is the bridge between you and everything,” and they upon the spiritual path have always ultimately realized that the bridge between the human being and his or her Lord is the door of divine love. Thus, they have often focused on and emphasized the preeminence of self-purification so that nothing remains in the soul and shell of the aspirant but transcendent and eternal love. Join me in this wonderful and illuminating discussion with author A. Helwa as we discuss the secrets of divine love. Topics covered include attachment to God, an alternative paradigm in the perception of death, humility as the essence of the spiritual path that leads to the pleasure and presence of God, and more. To learn more about A. Helwa, please visit


The Role of a Shaykh in the Religion

The student and teacher relationship is as old as humanity, and the path of faith, religion and spirituality is no different in the necessity of learning from a qualified guide so as to avoid the myriad of pitfalls, misinterpretations and misunderstandings that inevitably arise without guidance from a qualified mentor upon the path. A qualified and competent master is even more essential upon the path of spiritual awakening, for the goal of the way is nothing short of the transcendence of the self and the knowing of God. Because we are each in our own blindspots, having a rightly guided model and leader is indispensable for they who seek to advance towards the Divine Presence of God. In this episode of Soul of Islam Radio, I explain the role of a shaykh in the religion, and point out the key and defining qualities and characteristics that constitute a competent leader. I also point out what a shaykh is not, and how to avoid the error of cultishness that will inevitably arise around t


Sacred Manhood and Masculinity with Jamil Popatia

In an age in which cultural confusion is pushing for the ever increasing androgenization of human beings and the increasing blurring of gender differences, it is high time we in the Muslim and faith-based communities begin discussing the importance of a return to sacred manhood and masculinity which seeks to uphold the original purpose of creation with excellence, beauty, wisdom, light and love. In this episode of Soul of Islam Radio, join myself and coach and counselor Jamil Popatia as we discuss the role of men within the community and the unique roles they must again embrace as pillars of faith and strength so as to better guide and lead ourselves as well as our families and communities towards that which matters most—the divine pleasure of God. Jamil Popatia is a certified coach and counselor in Nonviolent Communication, and currently coaches young men towards noble and dignified leadership within their homes and communities. You can learn more about Sidi Jamil via his website, D


Exemplars for Our Time with Michael Haroon Sugich

Michael Haroon Sugich is the author of several important works within the Islamic faith and spiritual tradition including Signs on the Horizons and Hearts Turn, both of which are invaluable resources upon the path for they who seek to draw nearer unto the Divine Presence of Truth and who seek to awaken to their divine purpose. His most recent project is the pioneering Exemplars for Our Time, which is a nine-volume work that is a collection of biographies of modern day spiritual luminaries who can serve as inspiring guides upon the path of self development and spiritual awakening. On a recent visit, I had the opportunity to meet with Sidi Haroon in his home in Turkey and have a conversation about his personal journey to Islam, his most recent contribution to Islamic faith literature, and the subtleties of the spiritual path of self-transcendence that ultimately leads to the pleasure and presence of Allah Almighty.


The Story of Khabib Nurmagomedov and His Father

Khabib Nurmagomedov recently announced his retirement with an unblemished record of 29 wins and 0 losses after defeating Justin Gaethje in the second round at UFC 254. In this episode of Soul of Islam Radio, we look more deeply into the spiritual, emotional and psychological sources of Khabib’s seemingly unmatched strength, skill and success in the octagon, and seek to shed light on what is increasingly becoming a lost aspect of human culture: our relationships with our Creator and our lineage. In maintaining proper alignment and direction through our hearts by orienting ourselves first and foremost towards God, and secondly towards our parents, family and tribe, we maintain integrity and wholeness, and are best supported to succeed both in this life and the next.


Mental Health and Wellness for Muslims with Dr. Nafisa Sekandari

In this episode of Soul of Islam Radio, we have a much needed conversation with clinical psychologist Dr. Nafisa Sekandari on the subject of mental health and wellness for Muslims, and for human beings in general. Based on her extensive clinical experience and professional practice, in addition to her own personal path, Dr. Sekandari shares with us the startling reality of the unprecedented global pandemic of mental illness due to persistent and chronic stress, fear, anxiety and worry. Topics discussed include the power of presence and the present moment in healing the heart from the pressure of persistent anxiety, how faith inoculates us against fear, the power of dhikr, meditation and mindfulness to alleviate suffering and bring tranquility to the human heart, the power of breath and breathing to anchor and root us in the now and in the body so as to reduce the experience of anxiety in the mind, the importance of conscious and intentional eating as well as the role gut health plays


Dune: The Deeper Dimension

Dune, first published by Frank Herbert in 1965, has been heralded as the most significant work of science-fiction ever written, and has captured the imagination of millions since its original publication. Now again a major motion picture adaptation and directed by Denis Villeneuve set for release in December of 2020, and featuring a star studded cast including the likes of Josh Brolin, Jason Momoa, Dave Bautista, Stellan Skarsgard, Oscar Isaac, Jessica Ferguson and many others, Dune is again entering and with force into public consciousness. In this episode of Soul of Islam Radio, we take a brief dive into the deeper dimension of Dune, which takes extensive inspiration from classical Islamic spirituality and eschatology. In Dune: The Deeper Dimension, we explore the representative meanings and values of the Fremen culture, the role of Paul Muad’Dib, spiritual asceticism, the mastery of the self, the awakening of human potential, and much more.


Religion and Revelation of Light

It is with great joy that we relaunch Soul of Islam Radio with the first episode of Season 5, in which we discuss the deeper dimension and purpose of al-Islam as a path of transmutation from density and ego-based consciousness to a reality of light and the transcendence of a material-based state of consciousness. We hope you enjoy and benefit from this episode which serves as an introduction to an ever-expanding topic that will drive the next phase of this podcast as a means and tool to catalyze spiritual growth and awakening within the global community.


Expansion of the Heart with Imam Fode Drame

It is with great joy that we bring to you this illuminating interview on the expansion of the heart with Imam Fode Drame. Imam Fode is a leading-edge guide and teacher deeply rooted in classical tradition yet unique able to convey the heart and soul of the spiritual path in the modern world. In this episode, you will learn about the three phases in the life and mission of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and how in contemporary times we have nearly lost the foundational essence of al-Islam, which is at its core a real and deep connection with the Divine Presence of God through the path of self-purication that leads to illumination and awakening. To learn more about Imam Fode and his work, please visit his website at


Special Announcement

In this brief special announcement, Ihsan shares the vision and goals of Soul of Islam Radio, highlighting the support and love from our community, and humbly extends the opportunity for members of our community, our beloved listeners throughout the world, to support, sustain and enable Soul of Islam to continue growing and evolving. There is so much more that we can and must do with this platform to reach more people with the divine message of peace, light, love and beauty, and you can help us. We’ve managed to get this far, and to reach thousands throughout the world, even being the means Allah Almighty has used to bring many into al-Islam, but to keep going, we need your support. Please become a donor and help us take Soul of Islam to the next level, not only continuing to provide innovative and engaging content, but also evolving the platform to have even greater reach and impact in the world. Now, more than ever before, we as believers and people of good faith must answer the


Seeking Sacred Knowledge with Ustadha Linda Ayyash

Ustadha Linda Ayyash at a very young age was called to the deeper study of al-Islam and its sacred sciences, and so took it upon herself to pursue the seeking of sacred knowledge at classical institutions of learning and with teachers of traditional knowledge. In this inspiring episode of Soul of Islam Radio, Ustadha Linda Ayyash shares with us the unique challenges that many of us face living in the modern world with regards to seeking sacred knowledge and striving to live an upright life upon the noble and straight path, and she provides valuable insights and suggestions to support in this most noble of endeavors. Ustadha Linda Ayyash also discusses the absolute importance of suhba, or companionship upon the spiritual path of seeking sacred knowledge, and highlights the utter necessity of keeping the company of the righteous men and women who have devoted their personal lives to the selfless service of God Most High and His creation. Subscribe in iTunes Support Soul of Islam Radi


The Ten Forms of Quranic Recitation with Shaykh Mostafa Muftah

Shaykh Mostafa Muftah is a world-recognized master reciter and teacher of the Holy Qur’an, one of the top reciters in the world and but one of a literal handful of Qur’anic reciters qualified to recite the sacred scripture in all ten classical forms as taught by the Holy Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. In addition to his mastery of Qur’anic recitation, Shaykh Mostafa Muftah has also completed advanced studies of Tafsir, or Qur’anic Exegesis, Fiqh, or Islamic Jurisprudence, and more. In this enlightening episode of Soul of Islam Radio, you will discover the subtle depth, beauty and breadth of the holy and noble Qur’an as Shaykh Mostafa Muftah shares his extensive experience and knowledge of sacred recitation. The Holy Qur’an is a known as a “Light from God,” and its recitation, particularly with excellence, consciousness, awareness and sincere intent, has a profound effect upon the human heart, awakening the soul and attracting the divine blessings and grace of God. By learning how to recite th


Compassionate Communication with Jamil Popatia

Jamil Popatia is a leading-edge coach, trainer, facilitator and mediator in the field of Nonviolent Communication (NVC), which can also be referred to as Compassionate Communication. In this illuminating interview and conversation with Jamil Popatia, discover the fundamental necessity of learning to communicate, and thus think, compassionately. Compassionate and empathic communication form the basis of healthy and loving relationships, and is essential in developing the character and state of a true believer, a Muslim truly and sincerely following in the footsteps of the blessed and noble Messenger, Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. When we learn to communicate with compassion, love and patience, and thus to think, live and breathe compassionately and with love, we not only heal and augment our relationships with others, we purify the self and thus draw nearer unto the Divine Presence of our Lord and Creator, Allah Most High. To learn more about Jamil Popatia and his work, and to contact him dir


Facing Addiction with Farhad Ameli

Addiction, whether with regards to substance abuse or in the context of behavioral addiction, is a universal malaise, and the Muslim Community is no exception. In this engaging interview on Soul of Islam Radio with Farhad Ameli, director at 2 Shine Again Treatment Center in California, Ihsan discusses the nature of addiction and how one must take a proactive and positive approach to healing and helping others heal from self-destructive behavior. The nafs, or the self, is naturally prone to addictive behavior as it seeks to escape the present moment and the imminent Divine Presence of God. Hence, human beings often find themselves seeking escape in drugs, alcohol, food, music, entertainment, video games, gambling, pornography and the like. Additionally, most individuals engage in habitually compulsive behaviors that are also forms of addiction, and these include the addictions to consumption, negativity, drama, argument and conflict, among others. If unrecognized and untreated, addictio


Shaykh Faisal Abdur-Razzaq on Classical Islam

In this illuminating interview with Soul of Islam Radio, Shaykh Faisal Abdur-Razzaq sheds light on key aspects of Classical Islam, particularly as they relate to the contemporary practice of the modern Muslim. Beginning with the Hadith of Jibril (as), Shaykh Faisal describes the Three Levels of Islam and the vital importance of tasawwuf and tazkiyya, also known as Sufism and self-purification, on the path to developing greater compassion and mercy in the soul’s evolution towards the Divine Presence. Shaykh Faisal calls upon Muslims and believers to be “Ambassadors of Mercy,” and to thus best exemplify Islam and Islamic Spirituality. He adds the vital necessity of keeping the company of the pious, sincere and righteous as the means to follow as-Sirat al-Mustaqeem, the Straight Path. In this succinct and highly valuable interview, Shaykh Faisal additionally elucidates on the absolute centrality of Rasulullah, the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, when seeking to understand and practice Islam, and that it is the prophetic example of mercy and compassion that will protect the pious from the misguidance of extremism. Also, Shaykh Faisal clarifies the importance of the Four Madhabs, or Schools of Islamic Jurisprudence, as well as the two Schools of Aqeedah, or Islamic Doctrines. [line] [line] Listen: Shaykh Faisal Abdur-Razzaq on Classical Islam [x_audio_player mp3=”″] [x_button class=”btn-itunes” href=”” target=”blank”]SUBSCRIBE IN ITUNES[/x_button] [line] Rediscover the Deeper Dimension of Islam Only through a balanced and complete path that honors both the inner and outer dimensions of Islam can one attain to Truth, Peace, Light, Love, Beauty and Reality. Rediscover the deeper dimension of you. [x_button class=”btn-action” block=”true” href=”” target=”blank”]AWAKEN YOUR SPIRIT[/x_button] [line] Please Like and Share: