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Being a mom isn't easy. It's the toughest job there is and it doesn't come with instructions. So, we want to lend a hand and help moms everywhere. Because it's ok if you don't have all the answers, we'll figure it out together. This is Mom Brain with Hilaria Baldwin and Daphne Oz.

Being a mom isn't easy. It's the toughest job there is and it doesn't come with instructions. So, we want to lend a hand and help moms everywhere. Because it's ok if you don't have all the answers, we'll figure it out together. This is Mom Brain with Hilaria Baldwin and Daphne Oz.


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Being a mom isn't easy. It's the toughest job there is and it doesn't come with instructions. So, we want to lend a hand and help moms everywhere. Because it's ok if you don't have all the answers, we'll figure it out together. This is Mom Brain with Hilaria Baldwin and Daphne Oz.






Jillian Michaels Wants Us To Make Smart Choices

Jillian Michaels is a fitness superstar. You know her from NBC's "The Biggest Loser" and her numerous television appearances. She's also a bestselling author and businesswoman who launched the company Empowered Media in 2008. She now hosts "The Jillian Michaels Show" podcast and runs "My Fitness App" as well. She's also the mother of 2 kids. In this episode, Jillian tells Hilaria and Daphne how she attempts to get her kids to eat healthy and excited about being active. Plus, how maintaining...


Leah + Rae Founder Brittany Peltz Buerstedde on Family, Doulas and Crystals

Brittany Peltz Buerstedde is a former competitive ice skater turned wife, mom and designer. In 2018, Brittany launched Leah + Rae, a children's clothing brand named after her two daughters. Brittany also welcomed a boy into the family when she gave birth to her son, Phoenix Blue, last year. In this episode, Brittany discusses everything from launching a kids' clothing line to balancing between a career and family. She also goes into detail about her reasons for choosing a doula for her most...


Our Kids' Education At Home Vs Abroad With Teru Clavel

It's time to get an international education on education. Teru Clavel is a comparative education and international education expert. She is the author of the Amazon bestselling book, World Class: One Mother's Journey Halfway Around the Globe in Search of the Best Education for Her Children. Teru is also an education journalist, college consultant, and mother to three kids who have gone to school in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo, California, and New York. Teru gives Hilaria and Daphne her take...


Prepping For All That Comes Postpartum With Dr. Alyssa Berlin

Having a baby is an extraordinary time of change, both physical and psychological. In this episode of Mom Brain, we talk about the latter – what to expect and how to prepare for the addition of a baby to your life. Not only is Dr. Alyssa Berlin a mother of four, but she is also a clinical psychologist who specializes in pregnancy, postpartum and parenting. Alyssa is also the creator of The AfterBirth Plan Workshop, a program helping couples prepare for the challenges that come with raising a...


Understanding Bipolar Disorder In Children With Julie Fast

Julie A. Fast is not only a bipolar expert, a national speaker, and author, she also has lived with bipolar disorder since she was a teenager. Julie is the author of numerous books including 2004's Loving Someone with Bipolar Disorder. She was a consultant for Claire Danes on the Showtime series Homeland, as her character Carrie Mathison suffered from severe Bipolar disorder. As a family and partner coach, Julie has incredibly specific systems when it comes to dealing with bipolar disorder...


Finding Order In The Chaos with Julie Morgenstern!

Julie Morgenstern is an organization and productivity expert. She is the author of several New York Times bestselling books including, "Time to Parent: Organizing Your Life to Bring Out the Best in Your Child and You" and "Organizing from the Inside Out." For over 30 years Julie has helped people, companies and most importantly PARENTS, overcome disorganization to achieve their goals by designing “Inside Out” systems of time and space that feel natural, and easy to maintain. Be sure to check...


Babies, Backgammon, and Turning Hobbies into Businesses with Haylie Duff

Haylie Duff is an actress and singer you know from countless movies and tv shows. She was in the cult classic, “Napoleon Dynamite” and the series “7th Heaven” and “Lizzie McGuire”. She has a cooking blog,, and is the author of the cookbook The Real Girl's Kitchen. She is the co-founder of Little Moon Society, an ethically produced children and women’s clothing company. If that's not enough Haylie is the proud mama of two beautiful daughters, Ryan and Lulu. Haylie tells...


Talking Women's Birth Rights With Sara Ojjeh

Sara Ojjeh wants you to have the birth you want to have. She's a trained birth doula, birth rights activist, philanthropist and mom of three young boys. After supporting her sister-in-law during her labor, Sara got the idea to go all in and become a doula. She has also become an activist focusing on women's birth rights here in the US. Sara is a producer for the upcoming documentary film "Born Free," which tackles maternal mortality in the U.S. In this episode, Sara discusses how it's the...


You Asked We Answered - Mom Mail #6 (How Do I Spice Up My Marriage After Having Kids???)

The Mom Brain email is overflowing, and that means it's time for another episode of Mom Mail. We answer all the questions on the minds of our Mom Brain tribe. Hilaria and Daphne delve into all kinds of topics, including postpartum fitness, organization, sex and romance in the aftermath of babies. There's a lot to go over, and we've got you covered! Topics Covered: Products Mentioned: Paz Wean Post Belly Band Postpartum Recovery BeltStorage OttomansOutlet Plug CoversPottery Barn Cameron 6...


Teaching Our Kids Mindsight and Fostering Their Internal Compass With Dr. Dan Siegel

If you've listened to past episodes of Mom Brain there's one name that has come up many times by past guests, and that name is Dr. Dan Siegel. He is a Neuropsychiatrist, clinical professor of psychiatry at the UCLA School of Medicine and the founding co-director of the Mindful Awareness Research Center at UCLA. He's also the NY Times best-selling author of countless parenting books, most notably The Whole-Brain Child. His new book The Power of Showing Up will be out on 1/7/20. Dr. Siegel...


We Learned All About The Sacred Feminine Arts And The Mystery Of The Jade Egg

This conversation is for the feminine collective. Get ready to hear all about the divine feminine energy in all women, because when Fausta Tamburino stops by the conversation is going to get real exciting. Fausta is a yoga teacher and acupuncturist who has a private practice in New York City. She has been immersed in wellness practices for over 30 years. She specializes in pelvic floor rehab through taoist jade egg practice. Fausta tells Hilaria and Daphne about growing up rejecting the...


Surviving Breast Cancer With Gretta Monahan

Gretta Monahan is the Founder and CEO of Gretta Enterprises, an award winning beauty, spa, and fashion brand. You've likely seen her as the lifestyle expert on shows like The View and The Rachel Ray Show. She's also the superstar mom to Kai and Rio. She has an MBA from Harvard Business School, but nothing could prepare her for the emotional experience of breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. In this very special episode, Gretta walks Daphne and Hilaria through her journey that starts with...


The Story Of How Sutton Foster's Daughter Found HER

Sutton Foster is a Tony Award-winning actress, singer, and dancer and yet she says the hardest thing she's ever done is getting her 2 and a half year-old daughter ready for school on time. Sounds like a perfect Mom Brain guest! Sutton has performed in 11 shows on Broadway, has won 2 Tony’s and is the star of the TV Land show, Younger. She has 3 albums out, most recently 2018’s “Take Me To The World”. More importantly, she is the mother of her 2 year-old daughter, Emily Dale Griffin. Sutton...


Guiding Our Kids From Lizard Brain To Wizard Brain With Dr. Aliza Pressman

Here's another episode of Mom Brain chock full of practical advice, so break out your notepad. Aliza Pressman, M.A., Ph.D. is a developmental psychologist certified in parent management training from the Yale Parenting Center, and a mother of 2 daughters. Among her many accolades, she earned her Ph.D. in developmental psychology from the Columbia University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences with a fellowship at the National Center for Children and Families. She is also co-founder of...


Fostering Cosmic Inspiration In Our Kids With Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson

Neil deGrasse Tyson is an astrophysicist, head of the Hayden Planetarium in New York City, bestselling author, host of the television series 'Cosmos,' the podcast StarTalk Radio and father of two children. He's arguably one of the most famous scientists in the world. His new book is titled Letters from an Astrophysicist – and in it, he answers random questions about the universe from fans all over the globe. Neil joins Hilaria and Daphne to discuss sparking curiosity and imagination in our...


Supermom To 6 Kids By Day, Dateline Correspondent By Night - It's Andrea Canning!!!

We finally found a mom with more kids than Hilaria and Daphne! Andrea Canning is a mom of six. That should be enough of an introduction, but she is also a Dateline correspondent at NBC, screenwriter for Hallmark and Lifetime movies, and wife of US Marine Lt. Col. Tony Bancroft. Born in Ontario, Canada, she became an ABC News correspondent covering the White House and the Iraq War. She also contributes to NBC's Today, NBC Nightly News, and MSNBC. Andrea tells Hilaria and Daphne how she...


The Fantastic Fashion Adventures of Eva Chen

Eva Chen is a mother of two and has the coolest day job, overseeing fashion as the Director of Fashion Partnerships at Instagram! Before that, she worked at Harper's Bazaar, Elle and Teen Vogue and was Lucky Magazine's youngest editor-in-chief who was handpicked by "The Devil Wears Prada" herself, Ana Wintour. Inspired by her daughter's attempts at trying new things to figure out what she likes, Eva started writing the Adventures of Juno Valentine, a children's series in which the young...


Fun Is The Main Ingredient With David Burtka

We're increasing our dad count on Mom Brain with David Burtka! He's an actor, chef, father of twins, and the husband of Neil Patrick Harris. You've probably seen him in films like "Dance-Off", "A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas", the series "How I Met Your Mother", "American Horror Story," and much more. He has also been a judge for "Beat Bobby Flay", "Top Chef Masters" and "Worst Cooks in America." His new cookbook is titled Life Is a Party: Deliciously Doable Recipes to Make Every Day a...


Daphne's Back Just In Time For The Season 2 Premiere - Jeannie Gaffigan And Her Incredible Story!!!

Daphne's back from maternity leave and in this very special season 2 premiere episode of Mom Brain, Jeannie Gaffigan stops by to tell us about incredible life changing story. Jeannie is a director, producer, writer, and mom of 5 children. Her husband is comedian Jim Gaffigan. In 2017 a benign tumor was found in Jeannie's brain the size and shape of a pear. For the past 2 years Jeannie has dealt with brain surgery, complications, throat surgery, and recovery. Her new book, When Life Gives You...


Mindfully Navigating Tech and Parenting with Nancy Colier

Nancy Colier holds many titles. She's a psychotherapist, an interfaith minister, author, mindfulness educator, relationship coach, plus a wife and mom of 2 girls. Her most recent book is 2016's The Power of Off: The Mindful Way to Stay Sane in a Virtual World. You may have seen her featured on Good Morning America, Fox and Friends, RT America, and the New York Times. Nancy is also a regular blogger for Psychology Today. This episode of Mom Brain is all about technology and children. How we...