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A Nightly Show for Current Events, History, Culture, Comedy, and The Great Beyond. LIVE Mon-Fri, 7pm ET, on QuiteFrankly.tv

A Nightly Show for Current Events, History, Culture, Comedy, and The Great Beyond. LIVE Mon-Fri, 7pm ET, on QuiteFrankly.tv


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A Nightly Show for Current Events, History, Culture, Comedy, and The Great Beyond. LIVE Mon-Fri, 7pm ET, on QuiteFrankly.tv






"Saturday Night Cocktails" ft The Dirty Boys 11/21/20

This was a night to let loose. The boys were in the studio for the Saturday evening excursion -- The Dirty Boys. We talk about whether or not birds are real, stories of failed cheese fondue parties, the link between The Terminator and Titanic. Calls and Great Awakening Bombshells. This is an episode for the ADULTS. Enjoy and let loose!


"Freedom of the De[Press]ed" 11/20/20

Tucker Carlson publically criticized Sidney Powell's claims of world-wide election fraud in a way that sparked backlash against the last decent reason people had to tune into anything produced by FOX News. But it reminded me of a question I had seen on a blog post weeks ago: Was Freedom of the Press a Good Idea? I want to talk about how how necessary (and dangerous) a free press truly is... Watch the full episode: https://rumble.com/vbax3d-freedom-of-the-depressed-112020.html Support Our...


"A Quaint Little Carpet-Bombing" ft. Rob 11/19/20

Rob is in studio tonight and we need to listen to key portions of today's Press Conference with Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell, and Jena Ellis. It was a historic opening statement not only meant to shake the domestic media out of their censorious slumber, but also to validate the distrust people around the world already have in their own elections. And then of course, a reminder of what we are being pushed toward: Why was it so important to make sure the U.S., South America, Europe, and...


"Morning [Lin] Wood & JFK's Vision" 11/18/20

We have quite a bit to do tonight! A thrilling call from Lin Wood into last night's episode of The Mark Levin Show yielded some thrilling media that we'll enjoy together. In fact we have a lot of media to get through: Sidney Powell on Greg Kelly, and then Ezra Cohen Watnick and Chris Miller explain how JFK's dreams are going to be realized at the Pentagon. Wonderful calls and questions flow like wine in the second half. Watch the full episode here: https://youtu.be/KDZXYBZHs60 Support Our...


"Homeschooling & Real Whistleblowers" ft. Sean M. Brooks, Ph.D. 11/17/20

We've got a short, sweet guest segment lined up tonight to check in with Sean M. Brooks, Ph.D., a frequent guest on this show with a knack for exposing how Cultural Marxism has infiltrated American Education. We'll get updates from him on the Homeschooling revolution, publishing censorship, and other observations as we enter into what seems to be a scheduled Second Wave of CLOVID. In the second half, much needed read-through of Sidney Powell's Whistleblower Bombs dropped yesterday. A call...



After a weekend wherein hundreds of thousands of Americans descended on the Capitol to show support for the President, a new week has begun: Word has it the Pentagon lied to POTUS about troop placement in Syria to keep us in war; and we are finally bringing the focus concerning what happened on Election Night, and the story is getting bigger, uglier, and even international -- Will Sidney Powell and Rudy Giuliani release the Kraken after all? There is so much in this one, and it ends real...


"The Medieval Roots of the New World Order" 11/13/20

It's Friday the 13th, and you'd expect there to be a Friday the 13th in the middle of a month like this one. We're going to take some time to read through a new article written on QuiteFrankly.tv on the Knights Templar and the backstory of the original Friday the 13th: Could it be that one of the earliest generations of what we know as The New World Order had a hand in the Templar's demise? And then we jump to this past week, hundreds of years later, to the latest missive published by Carlo...


"Bombshell Typos & The Quickening" ft. Rob 11/12/20

With Rob in the studio we catch up on all of the things that have happened since last Thursday, and get ready for the other shoe to drop on an election that has reached comical levels. The President's tweets are all the rage once again, but are the real bombshells hidden in his typos? The first half is fire. THEN: The Media's act has outed themselves as proud and unapologetic propagandists. Traitors are making their final plays to the public, and everyday Americans (and citizens of the...


"Fly-By-Night Elections" ft. KrisAnne Hall & Rich Baris 11/11/20

DO NOT MISS THIS ONE! Two hours fly by tonight as we have two high-caliber returning guests on the show: KrisAnne Hall (KrisAnneHall.com) returns for a talk about the Electoral College and Contested Elections. Who also have Rich Baris (PeoplesPunditDaily.com) who was the first voice to sound the alarm about the brazen election night hijacking that took place before our eyes in favor of Joe Biden. Rich comes back to talk about the demise of Election Polling in America in an intense showing of...


"LARPing Our Way Through History" 11/10/20

The media and the joint forces of the greater American/Global bureaucracy are trying to force Joe Biden into the White House as soon as possible before word gets out that the election was a complete sham. We have interesting resignations and replacements at the Pentagon and DOJ, and calls from all over the world. Been kicked off of Youtube for a week, so let's enjoy good music and a looser atmosphere! Jokes, Superchats, Deep Insights and much more in this episode! Watch the full episode...


"Hail to The Thieves!" 11/9/20

We got what we were waiting on over the weekend, the Media declared Joe Biden the winner of the 2020 Presidential Election--and feel very accomplished. I'm going to share lots of thoughts on a weekend that was jammed to the brim with gaslighting news hacks, crocodile tears, and ominous signs of the chaos still to come. We'll listen to some media, take some calls, and try to get as much done today so that we aren't as backlogged tomorrow. Watch the full episode here:...


"Rising Action & Pondering Sonder" 11/6/20

Lots of odd items, emails, and thoughts to get through tonight. Plenty of time for calls, as we put a bowtie on the biggest week this country has had a great many years. The Election Drags On and will continue to do so, but tonight we're also going to kick around a variety of topics and go where the current takes us. The full show can be found on multiple platforms, including Rumble: https://rumble.com/vaymyf-rising-action-and-pondering-sonder-11620.html Today's Dark to Light:...


Dark to Light Solo Flight: High Crimes & Bleeding Mascara

Frank is taking a solo flight in this special episode of Dark to Light as Tracy settles back into normalcy on the East Coast. The President continues to see his landslide victory slowly and methodically evaporated into nothing. The media continues to refuse to cover his addresses while promoting the failure of a man who ran against him. Will the courts be Donald Trump’s saving grace or will this wildly popular President see his time in office finally ended by a band of lawless animals? This...


"Watermarks, Outliers, and The Living Dead" ft Rob 11/5/20

It's Thursday Evening and Rob is in studio to talk about gardening, doing laundry, golf, and Romantic Comedies from the 1980's... no, we'll be talking about the Election End Game, everything from over-stuffed ballots to the Dead Who can Vote! In fact, when we go live it is right in the middle of the President's brief about Election Integrity (or the lack thereof). So much to be said, so many calls to be taken, we're just going to ride the wave of history and not try to steer it too much....


"Torture and Triumph: A 2020 Story" 11/4/20

The story of last night’s Election is the single topic for tonight’s episode, and it’s a few stories in one. What we witnessed was a thrilling validation of everything we have been saying about where the real heart of America is; it was also a terrifying validation of the vicious intent of this Nation’s enemies, and their willingness to do irreparable harm. There is still no declared winner and that in itself is testament of who won. We’re just going to be going a little group therapy...


"Revelation Eve: A Night on Bald Mountain" 11/2/20

It's Election Eve. All of the countdowns have come to this, there are no more weeks, months, days, years left to plan for -- now we're dealing in hours and minutes. So we'll take a gander at a few stories percolating on the internet today, as well as another look at the 2020 warnings penned by Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, addressed to Donald Trump, which sums up the situation we're facing on the other side of dawn. But we'll talk it through, take calls, and prepare for the big leap of...


"Halloween Hunter's Moon Special" ft. John Ward & The Boys 10/31/20

Halloween Night! 72 Hours until the election! Friends in studio, friends in the viewing audience, hookahs blazing on the table . Good music, good topics, hopefully great callers...we are primed for a good time. Support Our Proud Sponsors: Kheyleve Naturals: All-American, Organic Skincare Products, Sourced from the Alaskan Wilderness. Use code 'FRANKLY' for 10% off of all Non-Sale Items: https://www.kheyleve.com/ Blue Monster Prep: An Online Superstore for Emergency Preparedness Gear...


"Well-Behaved on Mischief Night" ft. Tony Black 10/30/20

It is the night before Halloween, otherwise known as mischief night over here…or at least it used to be. No one really goes out that much, and now it seems like every night is mischief night depending on where in the country you live. We have good friend of the family, Tony Black. Back to talk life, love, family, and good times…We’ll be hanging with him to take a break from the nonsense and then in the second half a little bit on another monumental open letter written by Archbishop Carlo...


"Jones on Rogan & The American Nerd Revolution" 10/29/20

Plenty to do tonight as we are now on the back end of a very busy week, which precedes a monumental election. Wow, we are actually here now. It’s right in front of us. Alex Jones was on Joe Rogan again so I have some thoughts on that; and 5 days out from the election the polling is so ridiculous SOMEONE has got it terribly wrong and there is no middle ground, and some of America’s weakest people seem to be readying for a civil war. Sean from the SGTreport calls in during the second half to...


"Trump Readies the Guillotine" 10/28/20

Communist Social Media Executives Dragged before the Senate! Is Trump readying the guillotine for a post-election Federal Purge? Then to close the show out we have Rich Baris of PeoplesPunditDaily.com swing by for a quick round-up of the latest polling from around the country. Fantastic, tight little show tonight! Today's Dark to Light Episode: https://radioinfluence.com/2020/10/28/dark-to-light-amanda-milius-the-plot-against-the-president/ Support Our Proud Sponsors: Kheyleve Naturals:...