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Musician and host Laurie Gallardo recaps tonight’s best bet for a great Austin music experience.

Musician and host Laurie Gallardo recaps tonight’s best bet for a great Austin music experience.


Austin, TX


Musician and host Laurie Gallardo recaps tonight’s best bet for a great Austin music experience.






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We Need The Funk

Whether you grew up with Parliament’s music, or your favorite artist(s) served as a gateway through samples or covers, your life has undoubtedly been touched by the greatness of George Clinton. Those first parts of “Give Up The Funk (Tear The Roof Off The Sucker)” set you off and before you know it, you’re singing […]


Nobody’s Home

There were many changes afoot when singer/songwriter Caelin moved to Austin in 2015 from the Bay Area. Though she didn’t immediately immerse herself in her musical career or the local scene, she took to heart the encouragement given to her by Jimmy LaFave. Though he passed away before they could work together, Caelin never forgot […]


Summer Sessions

It’s as if the Austin Music Minute booked this one! But seriously, what a great way to kick off Jester King Brewery‘s music series Summer Sessions. Welcome to a double dose of AMM faves to start out the weekend: It all began in 2018, when rap artists ZEALE and Phranchyze got together with Gary Clark, […]


Shooks Up

It’s all in the family. But if you ask, Marlon Sexton will tell you he got his love of music from both parents, though most folks are inclined to remember his father. It’s cool either way. Mom had tons of CDs that Sexton listened to when he was a kid, and dad’s life is pretty […]


A San Padre Trip

You never know what’s boiling beneath the surface. On A. Sinclair‘s fifth studio LP San Padre, start with“Lean Into It,” the intense opener pairing songwriter/vocalist Aaron Sinclair with Sean Murphy that lures you in with an eerily soft build, compelling one to…well, lean into it. And lean closer. But mind the headphones. The acoustic traversing […]


The Belle Sounds at 3Ten

Though the pandemic put most things on hold, The Belle Sounds‘ Noëlle Hampton could not take a break from music. Instead, Hampton and husband/musical partner André Moran kicked up the songwriting momentum and released several tracks, some of which became part of Stay Alive – The 2020 Singles LP compilation (2021). That was followed by […]


Urban Heat at The Parish

So, a funny thing happened this past weekend. Well, not terribly funny, but Urban Heat‘s Jonathan Horstmann lives to tell the tale on his band’s social media, and it looks as though some physical therapy may be in the not-so-distant future. Horstmann threw his back out (“…like a genius,” he says, in quiet exasperation) while […]


Rickshaw Billie’s Burger Patrol at Mohawk

Run to the hills! Who knows what havoc these intergalactic fiends will wreak?! Though really, it’s pointless to resist the ruthless energy of Burger Babes…FROM OUT SPACE! as the gravitational beam draws you in. And by “ruthless,” the AMM means the beefy feast unleashed by Rickshaw Billie’s Burger Patrol on their full length debut – […]


Hong Kong Wigs at Swan Dive

Whether you’re a Hole In the Wall regular or you’ve done your fair share of shows there, you’re gonna know the damn bathroom(s). It’s a living (mostly crude) monument to everybody who’s passed through, played there, drank there, partied there, all the things you may – or may not – remember. If you haven’t left […]


Slight Change in Freakout Plans Tonight

Today is one of those best-laid-plans scenarios, apparently. If you scroll down a bit to play today’s Austin Music Minute, you’ll hear all about Big Bill‘s release show for Public Freakout Compilation, originally set for tonight at Hotel Vegas. Calliope Musicals and BÖNDBREAKR made it the perfect line-up. Then, stupid COVID threw Big Bill a […]


Magna Carda at Antone’s

KUTX’s The Breaks co-host Fresh Knight recently presented an awesome performance by ATX hip-hop MC/producer duo Magna Carda in Studio 1A, and you may have also heard KUTX morning host Taylor Wallace’s Pride Month feature on Megz Kelli. What could possibly inspire you more to catch Magna Carda’s set tonight, Thursday June 30, at Antone’s?? […]


Aubrey Hays at Far Out Lounge

It’s a distinctive voice, as gentle as it is powerful. Aubrey Hays wields their power with the warmest, richest tones, from dramatic sweeps taking you to climactic moments in “Statue,” to the bright and hopeful shimmer of “I Wanna See This Through,” with only a slight quiver of uncertainty as they present a question from […]


Rakim and GZA at Empire Garage

Whittle it down to the basics, and here are the facts: Rakim stands out as a transformative figure in hip-hop, essentially known for expanding MC techniques and embracing complexity within rap lyrics, phrasing, and styles. Many proclaim Rakim as an innovator of “the flow” in rap, or it’s natural rhythms/cadence. Though today’s Austin Music Minute […]


Kraftwerk at ACL Live

Perhaps you were one of the lucky (and most well-informed, pre-internet) individuals to experience the brilliance of Kraftwerk in real time. Or, like most of us, your first exposure to the electronic soundscapes lightyears ahead of our time came to you thanks to Afrika Bambaataa and the Soul Sonic Force (“GO LADIES”). Since starting what […]


Leo Nocentelli at Antone’s

It took about fifty years, but Leo Nocentelli‘s solo LP Another Side finally arrived in 2021, via Light In the Attic Records. Surely longtime Meters fans, and even newbees just discovering the New Orleans funk originators, must know that this is a whole different trip for the Meters’ guitarist. It’s a genuine roots rock treasure […]


Angélica Rahe at 3Ten

The message reigns on Angélica Rahe‘s powerful 2020 debut, the regal Reina. It’s crystal clear on Rahe’s latest release, autorretrato. And, in case you missed it and needed further clarification, Rahe gently reminded listeners during her recent KUTX Studio 1A performance: She writes songs that are unabashedly, unashamedly, about femininity (in all humanity), female empowerment, […]


MATTIE at The Parish

You get the sensation that MATTIE is not of this world. Those wondrous vocals are like nebulae, luminous, mysterious, always in motion. Though a Dallas-based artist, MATTIE’s spirit is interstellar, and a wonderful introduction to her art can be experienced on her debut EP, Jupiter’s Purse, a journey of its narrator Mhuv (pronounced “move”) exploring […]


The Tiarras at Far Out Lounge

If you know, you know, and make no mistake, Margaret Moser was onto something with her dedicated support of this Austin-based sibling trio. The artists formerly known as The Tiarra Girls are confidently moving into the next chapter of their musical journey, boldly and proudly redefining their identities as songwriters, and as a band not […]


Kiko Villamizar & JéTexas at C-Boy’s

This is where the fire’s at. Wednesday night’s bill at C-Boy’s Heart and Soul presents a big part of your summertime soundtrack: Born in Miami, raised in Columbia, and bringing it all to Austin, Kiko Villamizar has cumbia in his blood and psych in his soul. Soak it all up when you spin Villamizar’s third […]


Aldous Harding at Mohawk

There’s something about Warm Chris, the fourth full-length release by New Zealand-based artist Aldous Harding (Hannah Sian Topp), that feels as though it’s gleefully defying genre, moving in multiple directions with sound and songwriting, in a kind of free form exercise. Perhaps on some levels its construction wouldn’t make sense, but therein lies its surrealistic […]