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Lake Effect is your connection to the community. We bring you local conversations about the people, places and organizations that shape Milwaukee.This podcast features full episodes of Lake Effect.Learn more about Lake Effect here.


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Milwaukee PR


Lake Effect is your connection to the community. We bring you local conversations about the people, places and organizations that shape Milwaukee.This podcast features full episodes of Lake Effect.Learn more about Lake Effect here.




Tuesday 2/7/23: Adderall shortage, MIA Project, 'The Sit-In', trucking company courses

We look at the impact of the Adderall shortage and how doctors and patients are adjusting. We tell you about a project that’s working to recover the more than 80,000 service members declared Missing In Action. We learn about the week in 1968 when entertainer Harry Belafonte hosted 'The Tonight Show.' Plus, tell you about a trucking company started by a formerly incarcerated Milwaukeean.


Monday 2/6/23: talking to kids about racism, Capitol Notes, Lake Michigan algae, Book of the Month

A child and family therapist gives tips on how to talk to kids about racism. Capitol Notes looks at spending in the State Supreme Court and State Senate races. We learn how researchers are investigating high algae levels in Lake Michigan. Plus, we bring you our book of the month recommendation.


Thursday 2/2/23: Black suicide survivor, first WI doctor, Milwaukee Rep accessible performance, guitar festival, 5 Things To Do

We look at why the number of Black children who die by suicide has been growing and hear a suicide survivor’s perspective. We learn about the first doctor in Wisconsin. We tell you about an accessible production happening at The Milwaukee Rep. We tell you about the Latino Arts Strings Programs’ tenth annual guitar festival. Plus, learn about five things happening in Milwaukee this month.


Wednesday 2/1/23: MAdre Wellness Collective, AP African American Studies, artist Ruth Grotenrath, Milwaukee Music Roundup

We tell you about the MAdre Wellness Collective. We hear from Milwaukee high school students who took AP African American Studies. We learn about Ruth Grotenrath, a visual artist who worked for 50 years in the Milwaukee area. Plus, we hear some new songs by local musicians in this month’s Milwaukee Music Roundup.


Tuesday 1/31/23: people over parking, mindful drinking, Dungeons & Dragons book, science of sledding

We explore why parking takes up so much of Milwaukee’s downtown area and what could be done to make it more pedestrian friendly. Then, we learn about mindful drinking. We tell you about the history of Dungeons & Dragons. Plus, learn about the science behind sledding


Monday 1/30/23: TikTok ban, Capitol Notes, Latinx History Collective, school desegregation figures, Lake Ivanhoe history

We look at the push to ban TikTok and the privacy concerns over how the app can use the data it collects. Then, we tell you how the Wisconsin Latinx History Collective is working to preserve and uplift Latinx stories. We learn about three young Black girls who played pivotal roles in school desegregation. Plus, look at the history of Lake Ivanhoe and the push to have it recognized as a historical marker.


Thursday 1/26/23: banned prison books, mobile mental health care, WI Technology Council, Freshwater Collaborative

We look at what books are banned in Wisconsin prisons and why. We learn about Milwaukee County's mobile mental health care services. We explore how technology is advancing in the state with the Wisconsin Technology Council. Plus, learn about the work the Freshwater Collaborative of Wisconsin is doing.


Wednesday 1/25/23: religion jail lawsuit, EAA 70th anniversary, Latino Arts Strings Program, comfort food

We learn about a lawsuit against a Wisconsin correctional facility which lawyers claim prohibited a Muslim man from practicing his religion while detained. We learn about the Experimental Aircraft Association or EAA. We meet the founder and director of the Latino Arts Strings Program. Plus, share where to find the best comfort food in Milwaukee.


Tuesday 1/24/23: Rid Racism MKE Spotlight Awards, construction workforce, mental health artifacts, American Birkebeiner

We hear from four women who are being recognized for their work in advancing racial equity in the Milwaukee area. Then, we explore a new report on the state of Milwaukee’s construction workforce. We examine some artifacts left over from Milwaukee’s past mental health care facilities. Plus, look ahead to the American Birkebeiner in this month’s Wandering Wisconsin.


Monday 1/23/23: medical marijuana, Capitol Notes, LGBTQ farmers, Lunar New Year

We learn what medical marijuana legalization could look like in Wisconsin. Capitol Notes looks ahead to Governor Tony Evers' State of the State address. Then, we hear from two LGBTQ farmers on how they're breaking down stereotypes. We explore some traditions of the Lunar New Year. Plus, learn how to brew the perfect cup of tea.


Thursday 1/19/23: rent control, bomb detection technology, conversion therapy, Dig In!

We learn about rent control and speak with someone who thinks it's possible here in Milwaukee. Then, we learn about new technology that helps detect explosives and how it could keep people safe. We hear from someone who was subjected to gay conversion therapy. Plus, in this month’s Dig In! we learn why it’s the perfect time to gather with family to prepare and eat a meal.


Wednesday 1/18/23: mental health history, true crime popularity, Milwaukee Art Museum curator, 'The Luckiest Boy in the World'

We learn about the history of mental health care in Milwaukee and how it's changed over decades. Then, we explore the rise in true crime media and learn why people are so drawn to the subject. We speak with the new chief curator at the Milwaukee Art Museum. Plus, we hear from the first batboy for the Milwaukee Brewers on his new book, The Luckiest Boy In the World.


Tuesday 1/17/23: respiratory illnesses, Milwaukee estuary cleanup, frog mating study, local runner

We learn about the surge in respiratory illnesses in Wisconsin and what people can do to stop the spread of RSV, flu, and COVID-19. We look at how the Milwaukee Riverkeepers are cleaning up the Milwaukee estuary and making it safer to swim and fish. We learn how a sound-proof arena is making it easier to study frog mating calls at UW-Milwaukee. Plus, hear from a man who ran every single street in Milwaukee.


Thursday 1/12/23: Black suicide rates, Hispanic Professions of Greater Milwaukee, Kernza, Friday the 13th, Streets of Old Milwaukee poem

We hear from a Milwaukee man who has struggled with thoughts of suicide and the work he’s doing to help others. Then, we learn how the Hispanic Professionals of Greater Milwaukee is working to support the next generation of Latinos in Wisconsin. We learn about a grain called Kernza that's changing farming in the Midwest. We tell you about the legends surrounding Friday the 13th. Plus, hear a poem inspired by the Streets of Old Milwaukee at the Milwaukee Public Museum.


Wednesday 01/11/23: top research of 2022, Milwaukee Waters Investigation project, Nearby Nature, Jones Island history

We go over the top five research findings of 2022 with the Wisconsin Policy Forum. Then, we learn about the Milwaukee Waters Investigation project and how it will help students learn about the importance of our waterways. We hear how two Milwaukeeans are sharing their love of nature with other Black residents. Plus, look at a documentary that explores the history of Jones Island.


Tuesday 01/10/23: State Supreme Court forum, Newhall House fire, 'The Flagmakers', Book of the Month

We hear what happened at a forum with the candidates for the Wisconsin Supreme Court race. Then, we learn about Milwaukee’s deadly Newhall House fire. We speak with one of the filmmakers behind the documentary The Flagmakers. Plus, bring you this month’s Book of the Month pick.


Monday 01/09/23: 'Milked', 'Last Summer on State Street', 'Butterfly in the Sky', Farm & Fleet vs. Fleet Farm

We tell you about a book that explores the relationship between Wisconsin and Mexican farmers. We hear from the author of Last Summer on State Street, a book about a housing project in Chicago. We learn about the documentary Butterfly in the Sky, which tells the story of the beloved TV series Reading Rainbow. Plus, learn the real story behind Wisconsin’s dueling brands: Fleet Farm and Farm & Fleet.


Thursday 01/05/23: education pipeline, Capitol threats, UWM sustainability, 5 things to do, library technology

We explore the challenges Milwaukee students face when enrolling in and completing postsecondary education. We examine other times the U.S. Capitol came under threat. We learn about UW-Milwaukee’s plans to become a carbon neutral campus by 2050. We tell you about some of the events happening this month in Milwaukee. Plus, learn how public libraries are adapting to new technology.


Wednesday 01/04/23: Wisconsin drinking culture, Capitol Notes, football health & safety, Milwaukee Music Roundup

We explore excessive drinking in Wisconsin and its impact on our communities. We look ahead at what’s in store for Wisconsin politics in 2023. We talk about keeping football players safe and healthy. Plus, look back at some of the best songs of 2022 in this month’s Milwaukee Music Roundup.


Tuesday 1/3/23 Lake Effect Best-Of: Titanic discovery, music & animal therapy, Tuj Lub, Bubbler Talk

We hear from the man who discovered the sunken remains of the Titanic. We learn about a traditional Hmong sport, Tuj Luj. We learn how music and animals can help with therapy. And we revisit some of our favorite Bubbler Talks from last year.