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Comedians Jessica Jean Jardine and Marcy Jarreau are obsessed with America’s real first family and spend each week trying to keep up with them, meticulously sifting through the headlines and gossip. They discuss the breakups, the makeup lines, Twitter wars, Dash stores, and recap the latest episode of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” — as well as the never-ending spin-offs. Buckle up!


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Comedians Jessica Jean Jardine and Marcy Jarreau are obsessed with America’s real first family and spend each week trying to keep up with them, meticulously sifting through the headlines and gossip. They discuss the breakups, the makeup lines, Twitter wars, Dash stores, and recap the latest episode of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” — as well as the never-ending spin-offs. Buckle up!





We’re nearing the end of our last season but having a damn blast on the way. This week, we’ve got Kourt being called out for being crappy to nannies, figuring out how to let the kids know they’re on a reality TV show, and Khloe’s dream house being built. Meanwhile, the news has us talking […]



It’s time to learn who runs the beloved IG account @NorisBlackBook in this week’s ep of KUWTK, along with worrying about what will happen to Scott after the show ends and Khloe’s surrogacy anxiety. And in the week’s news, there is a WHOLE lotta mess with the Kourtney-Travis-Shanna of it all. While Kravis heats up, […]



This is a tough one, guys! In this week’s ep of KUWTK, we watch the fam decide to end the E! show and tell their longtime crew after 13 years together. Heartwrenching! We’ve also got some nice cameos/Housewives crossover from Kris’s longtime BFFs Faye Resnick and Kyle Richards. In the week’s news, we’ve got Kim […]


News Week

There’s no new ep of KUWTK this week so we take the time to sift more thoroughly through the week’s KarJenner headlines! We’ve got another Tristan cheating scandal, Kim getting compared to Jeffree Star, Kendall and Kourt getting drunk on 818, and Caitlyn continuing to just always be the worst. And, of course, catching up […]



Well, guess what? We found out there’s actually a bunch more KUWTK eps left in this last season! Wahoo! That means you’ll also get more Kar Dishin’ It before we head off to L is for Losers land! We sift through this week’s news, including Caitlyn’s meh run for Governor of California, Chrissy Tiegen dishing […]



Just when we thought things couldn’t get any steamier with Kourt + Travis, it rocketed into nearly X-rated territory! We discuss their fiery love affair along with rumors on Kanye’s post-divorce love life, the failed Lohan reality show that almost replaced KUWTK and more. In the week’s episode, there’s alien-hunting with Khloe and Tristan, Kris […]



Before we get to this week’s KUWTK, there are some major headlines to dive into. First, we tackle how absolutely off-the-charts steamy Kourtney and Travis have quickly become via their public declarations on social media. Then there’s the rather tragic and infuriating Khloe bikini pic that gets us both heated. And then the week’s episode […]


KUWTK | S20 E3

This week’s KUWTK is all hijinks and we couldn’t love it more! We have the sisters pulling a ‘parent trap’ on SKourt (Scott + Kourt), a celibacy challenge for Kris & Corey, and Kardashian vs. Jenner obstacle course. Oh oh oh oh, and… a Rob sighting!!!!! In news we have Khloé not-so-subtly showing off a […]


KUWTK | S20 E2

Season 20 of KUWTK is digging right into the juicy goods, it looks like. In this week’s ep, we get a first glimpse of KimYe’s fracturing relationship while Tristan and Khloe sift through how to publicly proclaim their relationship. Also, Kendall tries parenting and it goes just fine! In the week’s news, we report on whether […]



WOW. What a time we had! Have a listen to our very first live episode recorded over Zoom with you, the listeners, joining us! It was quite a time and truly one for the record books! We cover the Season 20 premiere of KUWTK, as well as the week’s KarJenner news — all while celebrating the […]


Kourtney & Kim Take New York | S1E7

It’s our last week of vintage episode recaps before the big SEASON TWENTY premiere of KUWTK on Thursday!!!! And Marcy and Jess have very fun news…. We’re doing a LIVE episode this Friday 3/19 at 6pm PST over Zoom that you can join in on! We’ll be posting with all the deets but mark your […]


Kourtney & Kim Take New York | S1E6

Before we dive into the new season of KUWTK, we’ve still got some more vintage recaps from Kourtney & Kim Take New York and thank god for that! This week’s ep is an iconic one where Kim records her one and only song “Jam” along with mega-producer The-Dream. Meanwhile, Scott becomes obsessed with having a […]


Kourtney & Kim Take New York | S1E5

The KarJenners get into all kinds of photoshop-fail terrain this week between Khloe’s terrifying Good American campaign and Kendall’s underwear pics. Meanwhile, Kourt + Travis continue chugging along, much to our delight, while Scott professes he’d still marry her in a teaser for the upcoming season! In our vintage recap, Kim learns her new beau […]


Kourtney & Kim Take New York | S1E4

As heartbreaking and unsurprising as it may be at this point, the KimYe divorce is official. We sift through everything we know at this point about the divorce details and mourn the end of an era. Also, in KarJenner news, it looks like we might’ve gotten an unofficial engagement post from Khloe?! Our heads are […]


Kourtney & Kim Take New York | S1E3

This week’s vintage recap is a fun, racy one where Single Kim is hooking back up with her former bodyguard Shengo since they’re both in NYC. Meanwhile, Scott inexplicably starts throwing around piles of money he clearly does not have. And in the week’s news, we do a lil Valentine’s roundup of the KarJenners, dive […]


Kourtney & Kim Take New York | S1E2

Oh, we’re having fun, folks! This week’s vintage recap of Kourtney & Kim Take New York is a reminder that we’re in some true glory days covering this family. Kim is shocked when her W Magazine cover ends up showing her fully nude while Kourtney gets irate at Scott after he gets into a brawl […]


Kourtney & Kim Take New York | S1E1

Can you believe it? We’re diving into yet another dreamy spin-off! This time, it’s the premiere episode of Kourtney & Kim Take New York, where the sisters land at their Tribeca loft and start planning the DASH NY opening. We even get a glimpse of Kanye as he visits newly singly Kim. Meanwhile, we dig […]



A little late but worth the wait, we say! Thanks for bearing with us and our delay this week. We’re so excited to deliver a big honker of an episode for ya, with a recap of the Season Five KUWTK finale and, of course, all the news we’ve missed. First up? Kourt and Travis Barker, […]



Can you believe it’s still only January? It’s been a truly wild couple of weeks and, while there’s still been no formal divorce announcement from KimYe, all signs still point to it happening. We sift through updates and clues along with the rest of the family’s headlines, including a rumored appearance by Caitlyn in the […]



It’s been a week, huh?! You better believe even in the midst of national chaos, we’ve got a whole lotta thoughts on the big Kimye divorce announcement which we dive into headfirst. Meanwhile, we parse all the side gossip, including the Jeffree Star and Van Jones of it all. We also manage to get to a […]