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This channel contains presentations that are a part of the CME offerings of Northeast Georgia Health System, Inc. Enduring CME material expires two years from presentation date.


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This channel contains presentations that are a part of the CME offerings of Northeast Georgia Health System, Inc. Enduring CME material expires two years from presentation date.




IM Grand Rounds: Lactic Acidosis

Speaker: Olivia Peralta, MD IM Resident, PGY-3 No Disclosures Objectives: -Pathophysiology of anaerobic and aerobic metabolism - Prevalence of Lactic Acidosis and Prognostic Indications -Types of Lactic Acidosis -Role of Thiamine in the setting of persistent Lactic Acidosis -Approach to and management of Lactic Acidosis


Trauma Rounds: Writing for Publication

Speaker: Judy Mikhail, PhD, MBA, RN Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Trauma Nursing Program Manager, Michigan Trauma Quality Improvement Program University of Michigan Disclosures: None Objectives: • Identify the outline of a scholarly article, including how to formulate a compelling introduction, effectively discuss methods, present results, and conclude with a powerful discussion that can stimulate further research. • Employ strategies for clarity, conciseness and precision in one’s writing, including identifying and rectifying common pitfalls such as passive voice, excessive jargon or verbosity. • Familiarize oneself with the submission and publication process, including publication ethics and the stages of peer review.


GHI Grand Rounds: CT Angio Suite: Unlocking the Power of Advanced Imaging in the EP/Cath Lab

Speaker: Brian Schuler, MD System Director, Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology WellSpan Health, York, PA Disclosures: Speaker and Consultant: Canon Medical, USA Speaker, Consultant, and Medical Advisory Board: Boston Scientific Objectives: •Demonstrate the utility of the CT-Angio Suite for EP/cath procedures. •Review data strongly suggesting CT-guided LAAO is the gold standard of PDL prevention. •Review data demonstrating CT-Angio Suite is a fee-for-service and value-based care champion.


DEA Training: Ethics, Legal, Regulatory Panel Discussion

Dr. Bedri Yusuf, Andrei Boyarshinov, Steve Kelly, Kassandra Lawson, Dr. Hellen Ransom, and Dr. Janeane Walker Steve Kelly, Compliance Kassandra Lawson, Associate Counsel, Legal Department Hellen Ransom, PhD, Clinical Ethicist Bedri Yusuf, MD, Chief Physician Executive Janeane Walker, PhD, RN, Director Faculty Development and Educational Outcomes


IM Grand Rounds: Circulating Tumor DNA (CTDNA): Past, Present and Future

Speaker: Ruben Ruiz Vega, MD IM Resident, PGY-3 No Disclosures Objectives: • Understand the concept of ctDNA by defining what it is and learning its relevance in cancer research and diagnostics. • Grasp the clinical applications of ctDNA by discovering how ctDNA is utilized in cancer diagnosis, prognosis, treatment monitoring and early detection, and the potential impact on patient care. • Identify the challenges and limitations of working with ctDNA, including issues related to sensitivity and specificity. • Explore ctDNA’s role in personalized medicine and its potential for other medical applications.


IM Grand Rounds: GLP-1 Receptor Agonists: Indications, Differences, and Future Outlook

Speaker: Aleksandros Mihilli, MD PGY-3 IM Resident No disclosures Objectives: •Understand how GLP-1RA function, and their use in diabetes and weight loss •Compare the available GLP-1RA in terms of efficacy, and when to use which •Look at future advancements in the field and what research is currently ongoing


DEA Training: State of Emergency, Opioid Crisis: Medication Assisted Treatment

Speaker: Travis Dobbs, MS, APRN, FNP-C No disclosures


DEA Training: Smart Prescribing: Opioids for Chronic Pain Management

Speaker: Alix Schnibben, PharmD, BCACP, CTTS Director, Clinical Quality and Ambulatory Pharmacy Services Ambulatory Care Pharmacist No disclosures. Objectives: -Discuss the growing Opioid Epidemic and related statistics. -Review Federal and Georgia State laws and NGHS policies regarding prescribing controlled substances. -Review how to calculate Morphine Milliequivalent Per Day (MME/day). -Summarize the new 2022 CDC Guidelines for Prescribing Opioids for Chronic Pain. -Discuss nonpharmacologic, nonopioid and opioid pharmacologic therapy options. -Discuss Office Visit Workflow for treatment of chronic pain with opioids.


GHI Grand Rounds: Hypertension: Focus on Resistant Hypertension and Upcoming Treatments

Speaker: Glen Henry, MD; Medical Director, Cath Lab, Georgia Heart Institute Sanjay Lall, MD, MBA, FACC; Cardiologist; Georgia Heart Institute Speakers have no disclosures Objectives: • Discuss the burden and impact of hypertension. • Discuss the definition and diagnostic evaluation of hypertension. • Discuss the treatment of hypertension.


ID Grand Rounds: Emerging Infections & Future Pandemics

Speaker: Budder Siddiqui, MD Infectious Diseases, Northeast Georgia Medical Center No disclosures Objectives: • To identify the causes of emerging global infections • To discuss ways to prevent future pandemics


DEA Training: Overview of Suboxone Usage In Opioid Use Disorder During Pregnancy

Brittany Parker, MD NGPG Family Medicine Tembele Yangandawele, MD NGPG Family Medicine No Disclosures Objectives: •Review epidemiology of maternal opioid use disorder •Understand pharmacology and use of buprenorphine/naloxone in opioid treatment •Overview of maternal comprehensive opioid addiction program •In-depth review of medication initiation and maintenance during pregnancy and postpartum period •Understand monitoring parameters during initiation and discontinuation •Review of Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS) Ramification


Research Month: Antibody Drug Conjugates in Breast Cancer

Speaker: Kevin Kalinsky, MD, MS Professor of Medicine Director, Glenn Family Breast Center Director, Breast Medical Oncology Louisa and Rand Glenn Family Chair in Breast Cancer Research Objectives: - To learn about currently approved ADCs in HER2- breast cancer - To have further understanding of HER2 low breast cancer - To learn about future ADCs Disclosures: Advisory/Consulting: Genentech/Roche, Immunomedics, Seattle Genetics, Daiichi Sankyo, Puma Biotechnology, Mersana, Menarini Silicon Biosystems, Myovant Sciences, Takeda


ID Grand Rounds: Infection Prevention and Control Update

Speaker: Supriya Mannepalli, MD Disclosures: None Objectives: - Review Infection prevention and control data for 2013 Fiscal year for hospital acquired infections - Review CDC definitions and best practice prevention bundles for hospital acquired infections - Discuss upcoming changes to CDC definitions for CLABSI and Lab ID C. diff reporting


DEA Training: Substance Use Disorders: Models for Treatment and Recovery

Speaker: Kyle Armstrong, DO Emergency and Inpatient Psychiatry Disclosures: None Objectives: •Discuss screening, brief intervention/treatment, and referral to treatment model of care •Overview of motivational interviewing and other brief treatment modalities •Review various other treatment and recovery models for the treatment of substance use disorder


Research Month: What's Happening with Maternal Mortality in GA?

Speaker: Jane Ellis, MD, PhD Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics Division of Maternal-Fetal Medicine Emory University School of Medicine Disclosures: None Objectives: •Describe basic terminology important in understanding maternal mortality •Review current status of maternal deaths worldwide, in US and in Georgia •Highlight Georgia’s leading causes of pregnancy-related and pregnancy-associated deaths •Review recommendations for reducing maternal deaths from Georgia’s Maternal Mortality Review Committee


Research Month: Revolutionizing Healthcare with Dr. Angela Taylor



DEA Training: Opioid and Critical Care

Speaker: Dr. Konstantin Zubelevitskiy No disclosures Objectives: •Introduce the ICU Liberation initiative •Define PADIS guidelines and ABCDEF bundle •Discuss the importance of pain management in the ICU setting •Compare valid and reliable pain assessment tools •Identify challenges in assessing pain •Introduce effective strategies to prevent and manage pain •Discuss working with opioid-dependent patients •Review the case scenario


DEA Training: Substance Abuse and Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome

Speaker: Dr. Abhishek Singh No Disclosures Objectives: •Outline the DSM 5 criteria for substance use disorders •Identify etiologies and pathophysiology of Alcohol use disorders and Stimulant Use disorder •Describe treatment options for Alcohol Use disorder various substance use disorders •Identify how interprofessional team strategies can improve patient outcomes in SUD •Identify and discuss new challenges in SUD


Cardiology Grand Rounds: Cerebral Protection for TAVR Evidence and Rationale

Title: Cardiology Grand Rounds: Cerebral Protection for TAVR Evidence and Rationale Speaker: Alexandra Lansky, MD Professor of Medicine, Section of Cardiology Yale School of Medicine Disclosures: Grant/Research: Emboline, Emblok, Boston Scientific Consultant: MedAlliance, Abiomed, Boston Scientific Objectives: - To review the incidence of stroke after TAVR - To review the timing and mechanisms of stroke after TAVR - To review the evidence for Cerebral Embolic Protections - To review future innovations in cerebral embolic protection


DEA Training: Pain Management and Pharmacokinetics

Title: DEA Pain Management and Pharmacokinetics Speakers: Dr. Leena Dutta and Dr. Alix Schnibben Disclosures: Dr. Dutta - none Dr. Schnibben - speakers bureau: GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceutical vaccines Objectives: - Review history of opioids - Define pharmacokinetics/pharmacodynamics of opioids - Understand different types of pain and how to assess - Consider when to manage pain with non-pharmacologic - Recite how to use the WHO ladder to start pharmacologic management of pain - Understand the difference between tolerance, dependence, pseudo-addiction and addiction