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Special operations military news and straight talk with the guys in the community. Hosted by former military operators. As seen ranked #1 in Apple Podcasts government category.


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Special operations military news and straight talk with the guys in the community. Hosted by former military operators. As seen ranked #1 in Apple Podcasts government category.






SSgt. Mikael Cook, US-Afghan War Veteran and Author of 'Life and Death at Abbey Gates'

Mikael was on the ground during the catastrophic US evacuation from Afghanistan in August 2021. He made it his mission to save as many Aghan allies as possible and is personally responsible for the safe exit of 20 allies. While some made it out, Mikael talks about the deep moral injury this abandonment has caused. When it became apparent that it was impossible to evacuate everyone in Hamid Karzai International Airport (HKIA), Digital Dunkirk was born—an ad hoc, public-private, digital-based effort involving thousands of people around the world that came together to save as many people from the carnage of the Taliban. Get your copy of Life and Death at Abbey Gate: Learn more about Mikael Cook and Digital Dunkirk: Website - Join the SOFREP Book Club here: See for privacy information.


Master Chief Rick Kaiser, Navy SEAL and Author of 'Frogman Stories'

Rick is a Silver Star recipient for his leadership during the Battle of Mogadishu, popularized in the Hollywood hit Black Hawk Down, and was a prominent member of SEAL Team TWO and SEAL Team Six. He continues to serve the SEALs as Chief Operating Officer of the National Navy UDT-SEAL Museum. Frogman Stories is a collection of events in and around SEAL Teams over the course of 45 years. It shows an authentic portrayal of how things get done in SEAL Teams and the silent trials that forge these extraordinary men into fearsome warriors. Rick captures the memorable lessons on life and leadership that only a true SEAL who has seen it all can share. Get your copy of Frogman Stories: Learn more about Navy Seal Museum: Website - Join the SOFREP Book Club here: See for privacy information.


Roland Tiso, Col. U.S. Army (Retired) and Author of 'In Strange Company'

Initially enlisted in 1969 to play football for the army, Col. Tiso ended up on a bus to the Virginia Military Institute to ultimately get commissioned as a second lieutenant in 1973. He served decades as a soldier and, after mandatory retirement, still chose to serve 11 more years as an intelligence planner and analyst for a defense contractor. He deployed five more times to Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq. Col. Tiso explains that the Iraqi army was envisioned to be a bulwark against Iran. But its failures in the Battle of Najaf, as well as a pivot in strategy, ended up costing American lives in a war that could have been over by 2005. Get your copy of In Strange Company: Join the SOFREP Book Club here: See for privacy information.


Joe Muccia, Retired US Marine and Co-author of 'Cry Havoc!'

Joe Muccia is a former US Marine and co-author of Cry Havoc! He is a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003 where he was awarded a Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal with Combat Distinguishing Device, the Combat Action Ribbon, and a Presidential Unit Citation. He shares his friendship with the late Thomas Greer, a former special operations commander who wrote under the pen name "Dalton Fury," and how he finished Greer's manuscript after his fight with cancer. Muccia is proud to share the fighting spirit of the individual rangers who parachuted into Grenada in ‘83 and how they lived up to the legacy of their brothers who served in WWII and the Korean War. Get your copy of Cry Havoc!: Learn more about Joe and his books: Website - Join the SOFREP Book Club here: See for privacy information.


Abbi D., OSINT Practitioner and Tradecraft Advisor of Fivecast

Abbi D. is the US Tradecraft Advisor of Fivecast, a global provider of open-source intelligence solutions, provides intelligence, investigative, and collections teams access and analysis of unprecedented amounts of digital data. Rad and Abbigail talk about the advancements in AI and how catching illicit activities and weapons capabilities are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to OSINT’s effectiveness. In this episode, Abbigail explains how Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) utilizes publicly available knowledge and how the current conflicts in Ukraine and Israel have spotlighted its importance. For instance, getting the order of battle in these warzones can be gleaned from real-time data, leading to better decision-making and other lifesaving intelligence. Learn more about Fivecast: Website - Join the SOFREP Book Club here: See for privacy information.


Curtis Fox, Former Green Beret and Author of 'Hybrid Warfare'

Curtis Fox is a former Green Beret and 10th Special Forces Group member. Fox is also a Russian speaker and the author of Hybrid Warfare, which delves deep into the Russian approach to strategic competition and conventional military conflict. He gives insight into the Russian perspective on security and their basis for wanting back the former Soviet states. Fox talks about the naval capabilities of Russia, how their submarine fleet is a force to be reckoned with while their sole aircraft carrier is useless and only maintained as a point of national pride. In Ukraine today, Russia's goal is to attack the populace, power grids, and water supply as Ukraine is the fifth largest exporter of grain while Russia is the first, thereby creating demand for Russian grain and subduing Ukraine's capacity to fight back. Learn more about Curtis and his work: Website - Get a copy of Hybrid Warfare: Join the SOFREP Book Club here: See for privacy information.


Ret. Col. Greg Gadson and Terese Schlachter, Authors of 'Finding Waypoints'

This episode's guests are Ret. Col. Greg Gadson and Terese Schlachter, authors of Finding Waypoints. Col. Gadson's story is both humbling and inspiring as a hero from one of our nation's military families. During his service in Iraq, he lost both of his legs and has since embarked on a spiritual journey, becoming an assistant coach to the NY Giants that helped propel them from last place to NFC East champions in ‘08. Terese Schlachter, a three-time Emmy Award-winning television producer and writer, quickly became friends with Col. Gadson during his painful recovery and rehabilitation. By interviewing Col. Gadson's doctors and squad, she pieced together the events that led to his fateful injury, forever immortalizing Col. Gadson's journey of finding peace and purpose in Finding Waypoints. Get your copy of Finding Waypoints: Join the SOFREP Book Club here: See for privacy information.


Ben Williams, Former Navy Surface Warfare Officer and COO of Exyn Technologies

Ben Williams is a former US Navy Surface Warfare Officer and current CEO of Exyn Technologies. Drones serve a vital function in search and rescue missions, like in Acapulco recently, providing valuable information to rescuers on the best routes and plans that mean the difference between life and death. Williams shares dicey situations back in the Navy when he led small boat boarding teams and encountered a caricature of the quintessential Russian captain—a half-finished bottle of vodka in one hand and pistol in the other. He also talks about how he transitioned from the military to civilian life and how combat-specific duties comprise just 10% of a serviceman or woman's skill set. Learn more about Ben: Linkedin - Website - Join the SOFREP Book Club here: See for privacy information.


Cyrus Norcross, Former Army Ranger and Award-Winning Journalist

Cyrus Norcross is an acclaimed journalist from the Navajo Nation recognized for his coverage of cases involving missing and murdered indigenous people. He served as an Army Ranger in units like the 4th Infantry Division and 75th Ranger Regiment, with deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. He shares stories of his actions in the field, from preventing miscommunications through his lifesaving Arabic training and picking up sketchy individuals with gold bars in their homes. His entry into journalism started when he left the Army. Norcross talks about coming face to face with the real dangers of covering cartels and the mafia and the alleged abuses happening in the Navajo Nation. Learn more about Cyrus and his work as an investigative journalist: Website - Instagram - Linkedin - Join the SOFREP Book Club here: See for privacy information.


Dr. Melvin Stith, Vietnam War Veteran and Diversity Advocate

Dr. Melvin Stith is a transformative leader in and out of the military. He joined the Army as a commissioned officer after earning his bachelor's degree in sociology at Norfolk State in 1968, serving with the Military Intelligence Corps. He served in Vietnam until 1972 and retired as a Captain. After returning from the war, Dr. Stith pursued further education, obtaining his MBA and PhD from Syracuse University. He would dedicate the following decades in the academe, holding prestigious positions as the chairman of the marketing department at Florida State University, dean of Florida State’s business school, and Jim Moran Professor of Business Administration, among others. Dr. Stith is also notable as a founding member of the PhD Project, a national program that advocates for diversity in the business world. Dr. Stith talks about the importance of improving recruitment in the military and highlighting the benefits of making a career from serving the country. Learn more about the PhD Project: Join the SOFREP Book Club here: See for privacy information.


Jim Whaley, Former US Army Aviation Officer and CEO of Mission Roll Call

Jim Whaley is a former US Army Aviation Officer and CEO of Mission Roll Call. This nonprofit provides veterans with a unified voice to the nation’s leaders and communities. The American public supports the military but there is a chasm between what people know and what veterans have to live through everyday. There are 18.5 million veterans and over 1 million are homeless. Suicide and food insecurity remain rampant. The military today is falling short of recruitment targets and there is a gap between what the military needs to do and the available people actually to do it. Get your voice heard and support vets with Mission Roll Call. Learn more about the Mission Roll Call: Join the SOFREP Book Club here: See for privacy information.


Bruce Wright, Vietnam War Veteran and CLL Advocate

Bruce Wright is a US Navy Veteran who served in the Vietnam War and has since become a patient and advocate for chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL), helping increase awareness of the long-term complications of Agent Orange exposure. He shares his difficulties going through the VA and dedicates himself to helping other vets maximize their benefits for themselves and their families. Wright recalls his time serving on a Navy destroyer and carriers. He explains what a "polliwog" is, the Navy tradition of not washing cups, and the failure of the F-14 that killed Goose because the Navy did not perform spin tests on it. For vets who served in Vietnam from the 1960s to 1971, get in touch with the CLL Society and see what the VA can do for you. Learn more about CLL Society: Join the SOFREP Book Club here: See for privacy information.


Remi Adeleke, Former Navy SEAL and #1 New York Times Bestselling Author

Remi Adeleke is a former Navy SEAL, filmmaker, memoirist, and #1 New York Times bestselling author. During his service as a SEAL, Remi specialized as a medic and in Human Intelligence (HUMINT). He sheds light on how he uncovered "rat lines," on-the-ground routes used to move people and equipment in challenging environments. Adeleke also recounts harrowing stories from jump school, sharing how guys had parachute malfunctions and pulled their reserve parachutes first. Transitioning to the entertainment industry, Adeleke discusses how his military background seamlessly aligned with the needs of Michael Bay's Transformers: The Last Knight. He has taken on acting roles in Ambulance (2022), Special Forces: World's Toughest Test (2023), and Plane (2023). Lately, he has delved into new roles behind the camera as both a writer and director. His most recent literary endeavor, Chameleon, marks the first installment in his Black Box Thriller series. Check out the Down Range Podcast: Get your copy of Chameleon: Join the SOFREP Book Club here: See for privacy information.


Miles Lagoze, Combat Camera Marine and Director of 'Combat Obscura'

Miles Lagoze is a Combat Camera Marine veteran and the critically acclaimed director of Combat Obscura, a 2019 documentary that utilizes footage he captured during his unit's historic mission to secure ground in the northern Sangin and Kajaki districts of Afghanistan. His debut book is titled Whistles from the Graveyard. Lagoze recounts his enlistment at the age of 18 and the controversy he faced while using a government-issued camera for his film. The documentary presents a raw and graphic portrayal of the Afghan War, often evoking polarized reactions from audiences. Meanwhile, Whistles from the Graveyard uncovers the grim reality faced by the men and women deployed to fight America's longest war. Watch Combat Obscura: Get your copy of Whistles from the Graveyard: Join the SOFREP Book Club here: See for privacy information.


Charles and Sean Sasser, Father and Son Army Veterans

This episode's guests are Charles and Sean Sasser, a father and son duo with deep roots in the military. Charles is a 30-year veteran of both the Army and the Navy, where he spent 13 years as a Green Beret and a journalist respectively. Sean is also an Army veteran, volunteering for the Ranger regiment as a HUMINT collector and also serving in the STB. They share their career stories, from Charles' journey through Airborne School before joining the 82nd, just one of 7 divisions he eventually served with, and Sean's experience in RIP (now known as RASP) and going through the good and bad of a medboard. Rad, Charles, and Sean also talk about the new names of bases and how the military, for its faults, is still a place of belonging for its members. Join the SOFREP Book Club here: See for privacy information.


John Antal, Retired Army Colonel and Military Author

John Antal is a 30-year Army veteran who retired as a colonel. He is a former Operations Officer; Commander of the 16th Cavalry Regiment; and Special Assistant to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Antal is a prolific author who has published 14 books and hundreds of magazine articles on military history, technology, and leadership. The surprise attack of Hamas is a failure in imagination. It unmasks the vulnerability of the US and its allies to first strikes and serves as a sobering wake-up call to the failure of deterrence. There is a need to be serious about sending bullies a clear and lasting message and mobilizing society to the specter of a very real war. Get your copies of John Antal’s books: Next War Leadership Rising 7 Seconds to Die Check out Next War on YouTube: Join the SOFREP Book Club here: See for privacy information.


James Hasson, Army Captain, Bronze Star Recipient, and Author of 'Kabul'

James Hasson is a former US Army captain, Bronze Star recipient, and author of Kabul. He narrates important yet lesser-known facts about the US war in Afghanistan like the flawed Doha Agreement and the unwise decision to give up Baghra. James shares how mistakes were made, from the abandonment of US citizens to the unkept promises to the Afghan people. James spoke with soldiers on the ground during the withdrawal. There was utter chaos at the gates, planes were landing and taking off ad hoc, and crowds of people were literally dying trying to escape the Taliban. He talks about how the ranks of the Afghan army melted away and how tragic it was that President Biden ordered them to leave their allies to fend for themselves. Follow James on social media: Twitter: Get your copy of Kabul here: Join the SOFREP Book Club here: See for privacy information.


Kervin Aucoin, ISR Veteran and Host of 'This Week Explained'

Kervin Aucoin is a 15-year Army veteran, owner of Aucoin Analytics, and host of the geopolitical podcast This Week Explained. He begins by talking about the most important conflict today, the Russia-Ukraine War, and how it really began in 2014 with the invasion of Crimea. He explores the relationship between former president Trump and Russia, as well as the danger of larger countries like Finland and Sweden getting invaded as Russia continues its expansionism. Kervin then discusses the role of drones in ISR today and the very real opportunities and weaknesses that AI has in intelligence-gathering. Rad and Kervin also talk about how people should be accepting and using AI moving forward, especially with the writers’ strike happening today in Hollywood, and why good and accurate information is the key to averting crises like WW3. Follow Kervin on social media: Podcast: Instagram: Join the SOFREP Book Club here: See for privacy information.


Dwain Worrell, Filmmaker and Author of 'Androne'

Dwain Worrell is a filmmaker, traveler, and novelist. His writing credits include Marvel’s Iron Fist, CBS’s Fire Country, the Disney+ series National Treasure, and his latest book Androne. The book explores a near future where bipedal androids are omnipresent, even on battlefields. The action-packed book explores life and death as soldiers now control the killing power of andrones from great distances. The book hinges on an empathetic decision made by a pilot, putting into question the strange and dangerous truths of this new invisible war. Rad and Dwain also discuss the Hollywood writers' strike, its causes and effects, and their insider takes on it as members of the ecosystem. They also talk about the invasion of Ukraine and the ideological importance of this fight being won against the Russians. Follow Dwain on social media: Website: Instagram: Twitter: Get your copy of Androne here: Join the SOFREP Book Club here: See for privacy information.


Jim Shockey, Worldwide Adventurer and Author of 'Call Me Hunter'

Jim Shockey is a Canadian wilderness outfitter, worldwide adventurer, television producer and host, and outdoor writer. He is the author of Call Me Hunter, a fast-paced thriller that also talks about fully experiencing the one life you have. Shockey then discusses the Hand of Man Museum and his aspiration for it to remain open and accessible to the public through donations. He also speaks about harboring a deep and spiritual respect for animals. This might seem ironic coming from a hunter, but he believes that finding a balance in nature is our duty as members of the natural world. Shockey talks about tolerance and how it is the number one thing the world needs today, as well as staying focused on the goals you want to achieve. Follow Jim and the Hand of Man Museum on social media: Instagram: Twitter: Hand of Man Museum: Get your copy of Call Me Hunter here: Join the SOFREP Book Club here: See for privacy information.