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Join the CISN morning team, Chris, Jack, and Matt daily as they deliver news that matters to Edmonton. Interviews with exciting musical guests, weekly stunts and, exclusive performances with tons of laughs. #1 for NEW Country.


Edmonton, AB


Join the CISN morning team, Chris, Jack, and Matt daily as they deliver news that matters to Edmonton. Interviews with exciting musical guests, weekly stunts and, exclusive performances with tons of laughs. #1 for NEW Country.




Matt vs the LRT - March 22nd, 2023

Matt faces off with the new Valley Line LRT. Quick Draw! Weird or What?: wanting to be single. Would you Rather?: only have fast food or never have fast food? Hotel beds are more comfy than you think.


FOMO or JOMO? - March 21st, 2023

Can Chris name the city slogan? It's muddy dog season. Dave from Washboard Union comes on to chat an debut their new song. Quick Draw! unfortunate names. Chris claims to have JOMO.


Olive Garden madness - March 20th, 2023

Gaming the system. Quick Draw! It's National proposal day - how do you do it? Curling and the soreness. The interrupting cash cow comes to the morning.


Giving the finger is your god given right - March 15th, 2023

Going to court over getting the finger. Matt wants to work on aquariums. Quick Draw! WYR - always St Paddys day or Halloween? We have a date for the return of Zellers. What's your comfort show?


Huge upset in the pie world - March 14th, 2023

The pie day turns some heads. There's another Chris out there. Quick Draw! Junos last night was action packed with people without shirts. awkward exes.


Time change and the great clock change - March 13th, 2023

Canadian songs and the Junos. Oscar recap. The movie you hate that everyone loved. Time change is a lot for the poor cows. Stupid accidents.


The communal bar soap - March 10th, 2023

Chris makes some bold Oscar predictions. What are you binging? Quick Draw! George Canyon joins the show for a chat. Video games your parents got obsessed with. Matt wants to know how your washing yourself.


Baillie Scheetz comes in and steals the show - March 8th, 2023

It's International Women's Day, and Chris's daughter, Baillie, comes and joins the show. Autocorrect is the worst. Quick Draw! Weird or What?: family in the birthing room. Sunny D is coming for the booze market. Don't Blow it for Everyone!


Grocery store conveyor: hotdog or hamburger? - March 7th, 2023

Nick Cannon is at it again. Alabama Family Feud. Quick Draw! Reinventing the grocery store conveyor. Long held secrets. Don't Blow it for Everyone - BVJ edition. Swimming lessons are open and it's a free for all.


Morgan Wallen madness - March 6th, 2023

Babe Ruth had quite the diet. Matt ventures to a new Costco. Morgan Wallen and his new 36 song album. Favorite all time comedians. Quick Draw! Don't blow it for everyone.


The great snail of death - March 3rd, 2023

Top 5 songs of the week. Chris' family has a run in with some train arms. Quick Draw! Old Dominion reviews. We chat with Tye, the fella who got to play guitar with the band last night. Matt has 10 million and a snail that wants to kill you.


Fast food favorites - March 2st, 2023

Chris loves Alisson Krauss. More gen z terms. What got stolen from you in broad daylight? CISN Love Court: My hubby doesn't wanna go with me. Big Mac Chicken is here. The newest Oilers wife loves it in the city.


Idiots talking idioms - March 1st, 2023

Airplane seat madness. What is your go to idiom? Quick Draw! Weird or What?: moving cities and changing teams. Would you rather?: stay in one place or move around?


Daddy disasters - Feb 28th, 2023

What is your dream retirement gig? Quick Draw! Blake Shelton is hanging up his TV shoes. When mom was away stories. Falling asleep in public. Cocaine Bear is sweeping the nation.


Here comes the big snip snip - Feb 27th, 2023

Matt has a VERY big procedure coming up. Quick Draw! What is actually retro? We're all a little nervous for the trade deadline. When did you shoot your shot?


Islands in the stream - Feb 24th, 2023

Chris has a terrible superpower. Quick Draw! Parking lot mayhem in Edmonton. Tenille Townes joins the show to talk about her huge new duet. Great duets.


Teletoon is no more - Feb 23rd, 2023

CISN Love Court: garage problems and I want to date your friend. Teletoon is no more so we talk about great cartoons. Quick Draw! Crust or no crust? Expensive gifts for kids


Gifting is getting out of hand - Feb 1st, 2023

Would you Rather?: Be scared or cry? Looks like Tom Brady is hanging it up again. Quick Draw! Weird or What?: Are you a lyric person or a beat person? Small town rinks. Jack gets everyone gifts and sees no problem with it.


The EBUG that captured our hearts - Jan 30th, 2023

People are sick of tipping. Quick Draw! Stollery radiothon final update. Matt Berlin joins the show after being the talk of the hockey world. 10k Jetaway winner! Matt made a big purchase over the weekend.


Harmless injuries - Jan 23rd, 2023

Would you Rather?: windrows or a rutty street? Can Jack handle the sarcasm? Quick Draw! Weird or What?: only listening to one genre of music. Harmless injuries. Nickelback brings the hate out in people.