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Doug Stephan & Jai Kershner share trending news stories, pop culture, sports, tech, music, movies and tons more - there's something for everyone on the Good Day Download. It's never too late in the day to make it a Good Day.





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What Happened to Red Lobster?

5/30/24 - The world economy may be slightly growing by the end of the year, life expectancy could be increasing over the next 5 years, an Argentine long-legged maned wolf was returned to the wild, a mother restrained a rabid fox that bit her daughter, a man is injured in a grizzly bear attack, Red Lobster voluntarily files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, and a massive recall on Yogi brand tea for high levels of pesticde residues. We discuss. Twins graduate as valedictorian and salutatorian for their high school with $5 million dollars of scholarships offered to them and many college/university acceptance letters, a mom and son graduate college together, a 91yo man rescues a struggling fire department with a hefty donation, a former Red Sox pitcher is arrested in an anti-child predator sting, and severe turbulence on a Singapore Airlines flight. We discuss that, too. Warren Eckstein, everyone's favorite pet and animal expert (, joins for a conversation on leaving wild animals alone, the story of a Mass. man with terminal illness looking for his dog's next forever home, and the importance of setting up a living trust for your pet. Website: Social Media: @GoodDayNetworks


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What Is BORG Drinking

5/29/24 - Doug Stephan and Jai Kershner get together to discuss the news topics of the week. After 7 year spent in prison and wanting to turn his pain into something positive, a man and his wife go to music festivals to discuss overdosing and how to help people protect their loved ones from an overdose. A discussion on human trafficking, a son's heroic actions saving his dad when a car they're working on explodes, an Air Force pilot dies after his aircraft ejection seat goes off while still on the ground, and fun facts about DaVinci's Mona Lisa painting. Plus, the International Criminal Court put our an arrest warrent for the Israeli Prime Minister and 3 Hamas leaders, how a reverse dictionary can be a beneficial tool, and BORG drinking. We discuss that, too. Other conversations include the importance of meditation, the latest on the Baltimore bridge container collision, Pope Francis's thoughts on surrogacy, and how one woman learned someone made a deepfake porn of her after declining him for a date and how she's fighting back. Website: Social Media: @GoodDayNetworks


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Retiring Florida Man Learns He’s Been Living in U.S. Illegally

5/28/24 - Doug Stephan, Jai Kershner and Jennifer Horn welcome in news from the "Did you know and did you care" department with facts about bees. Yes, bees. We're nearing the end of commencement season and sharing the story of a commencement speaker who brought duffel bags of cash to give graduates TWO gifts, the end of an era in Vegas with the closing of The Mirage, and noncitizen voting becomes a centerpiece of 2024 GOP messaging. We discuss. A Florida man learns he's not a U.S. citizen after being denied social security upon retirement, why a Florida teen was turned away from her high school prom, the rising Naitonal debt, how social media is impacting U.S. National Parks, and issues with Amazon's self-driving taxi. We discuss that, too. Plus, a visit from Nik Miles,, for a lesson on all things automotive. One of the main onversations includes which vehicles are the most overpriced used cars. Website: Social Media: @GoodDayNetworks


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It's Not "Happy Memorial Day"

5/27/24 - A brief history lesson on Memorial Day and why the greeting "Happy Memorial Day" isn't the proper option. Here is the website Doug mentions to learn more about the remembrance and honoring of our fallen heroes - Increasing gas prices, the best place to live in the United States, the new portrait of Princess Kate and why it's drawing strong reactions on social media. We discuss. Plus, Aaron Rodgers says he passed on being RFK Jr.'s running mate, Oxford's breakthrough in cancer detection, police found a woman living in a grocery store sign, and the imprisoned journalist reporting on COVID in China is finally released after charges for 'provoking trouble' were brought against her. We discuss that, too. In this week's Food, Farm & Family conversation, Doug explains why buying local produce is important, why shopping for seasonal is better for your budget, and news on the maker of a popular weedkiller amplifying their fight against cancer-related lawsuits. Website: Social Media: @GoodDayNetworks


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Can You Smoke Pot While Breastfeeding?

5/24/24 - Doug Stephan and Jai Kershner discuss, a grad student who trades piano performances for housing at a senior facility, Jerry Seinfeld's Duke University speech, drug overdoses on the rise in major cities, and an A.I. robot tells graduates to believe in themselves. The first warm-blooded dinosaurs roamed Earth 180 million years ago, cable network ratings are in, and a conversation on marijuana use while breastfeeding. We discuss that, too. There's also a focus on inflation cooling (slightly), the Nashville police officer who was fired over an OnlyFans video showing a spoof traffic stop in uniform, and your Summer weather outlook. Website: Social Media: @GoodDayNetworks


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Why Do People Hate Prince William and Meghan Markle?

5/23/24 - Top baby names, 20-hours of PTO for prenatal care, the U.S. is poised to send $1 billion in weapons to Israel, two yacht passengers are rescued after whales sink their boat, and remembering radio legend (and Doug's friend) Dick Summers. We discuss. Other topics in focus include: Tom Brady regrets his roast, Jason Kelce's joining Monday Night Football Countdown show, the Dublin to NYC portal is temporarily closed due to "inappropriate" behavior, and questioning why people despise the Duke and Duchess of Sussex so much. Oh, and life imitates an action film when a prison convoy is attacked by armed men in an attempt to break out an inmate. Plus, our favorite pet and animal expert, Warren Eckstein (, joins to discuss the fatal shooting of actress Angie Harmon’s dog by a delivery driver, an “unadaptable dog gets adopted and heads to the Westminster dog competition, and an escaped Zebra. Website: Social Media: @GoodDayNetworks


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Best Way to Get Your Vitamin D

5/22/24 - Our favorite NUCCA Chiropractor and GAPS Practitioner, Dr. Jack Stockwell, joins to discuss the Lake Legume toxic water scandal and the continued lawsuits from people who were exposed, the vitamins we need and the best way to get vitamin D. You can hear more from Dr. Jack on the Good Day Health podcast at, or connect with him online at and Doug Stephan and Jai Kershner discuss a plan from the Biden administration to lower credit card late-fees, a Virginia county board votes to restore Confederates' names to schools, a 24yo women becomes partially paralyzed after a singer stage dives onto her at New York concert, Oprah Winfrey explains her "diet culture" regret, and Melinda French Gates resigns as Gates Foundation co-chair. Plus, a Chicago police officer with cancer in one lung and COVID-19 damage in the other gets a successful double lung transplant, an Idaho doctor is dead after triggering an avalanche, the reality of human trafficking in the United States, a man is charged with knowingly spreading HIV, and one woman’s IVF journey is halted because of embryo-ruling in Alabama. We discuss that, too. Website: Social Media: @GoodDayNetworks


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Is There Too Much Government?

5/21/24 - Doug Stephan and Jai Kershner discuss the Supreme Court Justice publishing a new book on the human toll of too much law, King Charles' eviction notice to Prince Andrew, and a conversation with Uri Geller joining from Tel Aviv for a conversation on the conflict between Israel & Hamas and the effects of the war in Gaza, as well as how Israelis really feel about the American President. A good news story of a 17yo graduating with her doctoral degree, chatting about airlines suing the Biden administration over a new rule to make certain fees easier to spot, Hubspot’s digital detox, RFK Jr’s candidacy, and the Colorado teen charged in the fatal rock-throwing prank please gulty. Website: Social Media: @GoodDayNetworks


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What Happened at Jerry Seinfeld's Commencement Speech?

5/20/24 - Jennifer Horn joins Doug Stephan for a conversation about a teacher who found an ancient Celtic stone while digging in his garden, a 100 year old getting his college diploma, college protests and the reaction to Jerry Seinfeld’s commencement speech, Cindy Crawford's no unsolicited advice policy for her family, and the deadly force used against a Florida airman who answered his door with a pistol at his side and was fatally shot by the officer at the door checking on a complaint. Secretary Blinkin is out and about delivering Biden administrations public criticisms, the first person to get a genetically modified kidney from a pig has died, a promising antibody drug that may help people with diabetes, worms in strawberries, poll numbers, and rising interest rates. We discuss that, too. Plus, our favorite auto expert, Nik Miles (, recaps his time spent in Spain this week with the new Aston Martin, safety regulations, an elaboration on torque, and the Biden administration mandating automatic emergency breaking in new cars in the next 5-6 years. Website: Social Media: @GoodDayNetworks


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Why TikTok is Suing the U.S. Government

5/17/24 - Doug and Jennifer Horn discuss Kristy Noem trippling down on shooting her own dog by saying Commander Biden should be shot, the lack of competence in leaders, Bernie Sanders wants another Senate term, and ByteDance filed a lawsuit against the US government for trying to ban TikTok. Plus, our favorite psychic/medium/life coach, Mary O’Maley (, joins to discuss what being a medium/psychic is like and when some people figure out they have extraordinary abilities, the importance of using it to build it but knowing the ability is as unique as a fingerprint. Website: Social Media: @GoodDayNetworks


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Where Did AI Come From?

5/16/24 - Doug Stephan and Jai Kershner discuss a North Carolina man winning the lottery after his sister had a dream he found gold, the government is giving warning for severe weather and record breaking temperatures this summer, a discussion on the "would you rather be in the woods with a bear or a man" debate, and NY Governor Kathy Hochul regrets saying Black kids in the Bronx don't know what a computer is. Plus, Ukrainians get detained for allegedly plotting a Zelenskyy assassination with Russia. Then, Jennifer Horn joins Doug to discuss childhood best friends with down syndrome going off to college together, Donald Trump’s “strong personality” and the current legal troubles, Storme Daniels testified with “too many details,” and opining which presidents wore boxers or briefs. The also discuss the movie “HAL” and its depiction of space flight and AI and how it pertains to present day technology, one state questions if Biden will be on the ballot, long shot RFK Jr may be more of a key player than voters realize, a warning about eating animal flesh that isn’t fully cooked. After, cardiologist Dr. Ken Kronhaus joins to discuss more weightless approved drugs, one in particular that has actually been helping people with sleep disorders, feds trying to challenge “bogus” patents. Hear more from Doug and Dr. Ken on the Good Day Health podcast. Website: Social Media: @GoodDayNetworks


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Why Do Eggs Cost So Much?

5/15/24 - On today's Good Day Download, Doug, Jai and Producer Bob discuss the latest focus on empty nesters, Florida's recently passed law that Chinese citizens cannot buy land or a home in the state, keeping your devices safe, and the possible/probable TikTok ban and how it could be 'an extinction-level event' for the creator economy. We discuss. A man survived spending 20 minutes underwater after a so-called friend allegedly pushed him into a lake, Northern Gaza is experiencing a 'full-blown famine,’ Columbia University has canceled their main commencement ceremony, and a 78-year-old receptionist wins a wrongful termination lawsuit. We discuss that, too. We also celebrate Ag Week, a look at rising egg prices, other Florida news includes the state being the first to ban lab-grown meat, a FL Powerball winner, and a massive recall on Igloo youth bottles due to a possible choking hazard. More conversation includes why the Boy Scouts of America changed its name to Scouting America, a missing toddler was found after 15 hours of searching, Nicolas Cage’s son is under investigation for allegedly attacking his mother, and a good news story of how storm chasers rescued a Texas family after a tornado destroyed the home. Website: Social Media: @GoodDayNetworks


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How to Keep Children Safe This Pool Season

5/14/24 - An Iowa teen had accepted his chest deformity before TikTok changed his life, Boston police officers respond to a wellness check and throw an impromptu birthday party for the 911 caller, a PA woman dies after construction equipment fell on her, and a reminder of pool safety as a father discovers his 3 year old twin daughters drowned in the family's backyard pool. We discuss. How AI is helping with gene therapy and stem cell research, the doctor who drove his Tesla off a cliff with his family inside claims he thought his kids would be sex trafficked, Kate Beckinsale is pushing back against online bullies about her appearance post lengthy hospital stay, a history lesson of the postal service, and a man confesses to killing his wife because he could no longer afford her hospital bills. We discuss that, too. Plus, Dr. Jack Stockwell (NUCCA Chiropractor and GAPS Practitioner) joins to discuss stem cell research, the benefits of blueberries and fighting against the growth of cancer cells. You can learn more from Dr. Jack on Doug Stephan's Good Day Health podcast at You can also find Jack elsewhere online at and Website: Social Media: @GoodDayNetworks


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Cost of Car Repairs Are Rising

5/13/24 - A week later and we still can't get over Mystik Dan's 3-horse-photo-finish win at the 150th Kentucky Derby, Frankie Valley celebrated his birthday weekend by getting a start on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the SOS distress signal from the Titanic, and a history lesson on the great depression. We discuss. Kristi Noem gets called out for a false story about metting Kim Jong Un, the New Hampshire youth center abuse trial award could be slashed, and Nik Miles ( joins to discuss uninsured drivers and rising costs of repairs. We discuss that, too. TSA discovers a bag with small snakes in a passenger's pants, efforts have been initiated to create a humanitarian zone for Gazans, and more news on college campus protests as UCLA resumes classes. Oh, and Russia has put Ukrain's President Zelenskyy on its wanted list. ALl of this and more. Plus, we're joined by our favorite human, Jennifer Horn (L.A.'s The Morning Answer). Website: Social Media: @GoodDayNetworks


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Have Tornadoes Become More Deadly?

5/10/24 - The MA Governor intends to produce $1B public dollars to develop climate technologies over the next decade, ABC putting together a docu-series on tornadic activity, one man got the deal of a lifetime when he urchased a pair of $14K Cartier diamond earrings for $14, and Delta plane makes emergency landing after the rescue slide fell from the plane. We discuss. An insurance denies newborn twins life-saving treatment for a fatal genetic disorder, and a 9-year-old boy saves his parents after a tornado tosses their car. We discuss that, too. A sweet story of two families meeting in the NICU and developing a friendship over their premature babies. Those two babies grew up, fell in love, and now have a baby delivered at the same hospital. Other news includes Sofía Vergara revealing what she's looking for in a relationship and what's her absolute deal-breaker, and Doug revels on his past radio days with former producer Rich Mcfadden. Website: Social Media: @GoodDayNetworks


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If The Plague Still Around?

5/9/24 - A Columbia student is mocked for a viral video telling reporters that occupiers might die without food delivery, relevations that not everyone protesting on college campuses are college students, and counter protestors are flying in from other states. We discuss. Doug recounts performing at the Grand Ole Opry when it was still at The Ryman Auditorium before moving to the Opry House, Maya Rudolph recalls commuting from L.A. to N.Y.C. with her baby while working on SNL, Walnuts sold at Whole Foods and other grocers are recalled after E. coli outbreak sickens 12, and Martinelli's apple juice recalled over high arsenic levels. We discuss that, too. More news includes the Victoria & Albert's restaurant in Disney World wins a Michelin Star, Milan is trying to ban late-night pizza and ice cream sales, wasted money exposing NPR’s bias, a car crashes into a store in NM, and a NY man with special needs was declared dead by mistake and had to fight for his proof to get benefits reinstated. Additionally, the Federal Reserve continues to hold interest rates high, FKA twigs reveals she developed her own deepfake in AI testimony to the Senate, exhumation of King Richard III of England, and a St. Louis school district offering families money to drive kids to school amid the bus driver shortage. Dr. Ken, from Lakeside Cardiology, joins to discuss a recent death from the plague, how AI is being used for diagnosing ear infections, and more as we get a glimpse into Doug's other podcast, Good Day Health ( Website: Social Media: @GoodDayNetworks


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FYI: Don't Kick Bison

5/8/24 - A history lesson of Mother’s Day and debating whether of no husbands should get mother’s day presents for their wives? An example in Darwinsm as a man is injured after kicking a bison in the leg while under influence of alcohol at Yellowstone. Royal Caribbean’s cruise to nowhere, the FCC fines wireless carriers for sharing user locations without consent, Americans older than 60 have lost $3.4 billion to scams in 2023, and social media may have already won this centuries press war. We discuss. Overdoses are on the rise in Austin, college campus protesting, the real inspiration for Jimmy Buffett’s Song ‘Cheeseburger in Paradise,’ and Melissa McCarthy addresses Barbra Streisand questioning her weight loss. We discuss. A young police officer is reunited with the retired officer who found him abandoned as a baby, the Summer weather outlook, and Colorado police officers help deliver triplets after responding to a call about a "screaming woman." We discuss that, too. Plus, our favorite pet and animal expert, Warren Eckstein (, joins to discuss the friendship between a man and the fox he rescued from severe illness in the wild. Website: Social Media: @GoodDayNetworks


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A Home Security System That Shoots Paintballs

05/07/24 - A Portland woman finds a $1M winning ticket in Tupperware, interest in women’s sports is on the rise, and Taylor Swift continues to break records. We discuss. A reminder that bird flu is not a food born illness, an AI-powered home security system strikes back with paintballs and tear gas, a Minnesota school finds a time capsule left by students more than a century ago, the continued fight for AM radio, and why the US is challenging patents on Ozempic. We discuss that, too. More news includes Kate Hudson being told she's too old to release an album, Vanessa Bryant puts out a special shoe with Nike in honor of what would have been Gianna Bryant’s 18th birthday, and over 80,000 pounds of deli meat recalled across multiple states due to lacking inspection. All this and more on today's episode of the Good Day Download. Website: Social Media: @GoodDayNetworks


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Can You Get Bird Flu From Cow's Milk?

05/06/24 - Today on the Good Day Download, we acknowledge the high number of children in the foster care system. We also discuss toddler killed after high winds send a bounce house into the air, question what happens to our brain as we age and the process of becoming a superager, and debunk baby carrot myths. Plus, how Hollywood became Hollywood, Trump’s legal problems, the reality of no Biden/Trump debate, New York D.A. failing to stop for a speeding ticket, the NFL's idea to introduce soft shell helmets, and the fact that Consumer Reports found alarming levels of pesticides in US produce. We discuss. Worries over bird flu in cow’s milk, college campus protesting, Kristi Noem’s book reveals she shot her puppy, a teenager accidentally shoots and kills his younger brother with gun he found in an alley, and Nik Miles ( joins to discuss the present and future of driverless cars. We discuss that, too. Website: Social Media: @GoodDayNetworks


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Harvey Weinstein's Rape Conviction Is Overturned

4/26/24 - Harvey Weinstein's rape conviction was overturned in New York with the DA planning to attempt to retry, Moody Blues founding member Mike Pinder has passed away at the age of 82, and the launch of the Boeing Strainer. We discuss. It’s Arbor Day, Southwest will limit hiring and plan to drop four airports. American Airlines shows Quarter 1 loss, and we opine some conspiracy theories. Discussing this and much more. Webstie: Social Media: @GoodDayNetworks