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Dave Ross and Colleen O’Brien bring you the day’s most important news stories every weekday. Along with Chris Sullivan on traffic and KIRO 7 TV’s Nick Allard, it’s everything you need to get your day started right. Live 6-9a on KIRO Newsradio, 97.3 FM.

Dave Ross and Colleen O’Brien bring you the day’s most important news stories every weekday. Along with Chris Sullivan on traffic and KIRO 7 TV’s Nick Allard, it’s everything you need to get your day started right. Live 6-9a on KIRO Newsradio, 97.3 FM.


Tacoma, WA


Dave Ross and Colleen O’Brien bring you the day’s most important news stories every weekday. Along with Chris Sullivan on traffic and KIRO 7 TV’s Nick Allard, it’s everything you need to get your day started right. Live 6-9a on KIRO Newsradio, 97.3 FM.




IRS Hiring and the Trump Tax Returns

Chris Sullivan's Chokepoint -- highway work zone speed camera enforcement bill // Matt Markovich on WA rent stabilization legislation // Dose of Kindness -- raising money for a neighbor's new car // Gee Scott on wage theft // Ken Williams, Clifton Larson Allen, on IRS hiring/ the Trump tax returns // Micki Gamez on the impending Netflix password-sharing crackdown See for privacy information.


Sending US Tanks to Ukraine

Rep. Adam Smith on sending US tanks to Ukraine // Dave Ross on the Senate Ticketmaster hearing // Matt Markovich on efforts to enshrine abortion rights in the WA constitution // Dose of Kindness -- sharing extra credit // Gee Scott's tipping practices // Colleen O'Brien on the Yakima triple homicide // Tiffani McCoy, House Our Neighbors, explains social housing via I-135 See for privacy information.


Washington Housing and Development Legislation

Rep. Cyndy Jacobsen on WA housing and development legislation // Chris Sullivan's Chokepoint -- WSDOT staffing and pay // Matt Markovich on WA sentencing reform legislation // Dose of Kindness -- a secret pharmacy philanthropist // Gee Scott on intermittent fasting // David Fahrenthold live on firearm legislation/ Rep. Santos controversy See for privacy information.


A New Intermittent Fasting Study

Jill Schlesinger on the debt ceiling/ the opening of tax season // Paging Dr Cohen -- new intermittent fasting study // Seattle Mayor Bruce Harrell on post-pandemic downtown // Casey McNerthney, KingCo Prosecutor's Office, on collecting crime scene evidence // Dose of Kindness -- recognition for essential workers // Gee Scott on grandparents treating grandkids differently than they treated their own kids // Matt Markovich on a WA wealth tax bill/ adding clergy to the list of mandatory...


The Debt Ceiling

Margaret Brennan on the debt ceiling/ the war in Ukraine // Chris Sullivan on rising gas prices // Chris Sullivan on weekend traffic closures // Dose of Kindness -- moms helping moms // Gee Scott laments Valentine's Day/ recent layoffs // Heather Bosch on impending changes to the Seattle City Council // Micki Gamez on quiet hiring See for privacy information.


Open Carry and Lottery Privacy Legislation

Chris Sullivan's Chokepoint -- weekend I-5 closures through SnohoCo // Matt Markovich on WA open carry and lottery privacy legislation // Dose of Kindness -- "Hope for the Warriors" // Gee Scott on the latest health guidelines for alcohol consumption // Sam Campbell on this morning's double homicide in Georgetown // Billy Binion, Reason, on governments profiting off of the sale of seized property // Micki Gamez on the helpful visual aid from Public Health Seattle & King County on toilet...


How Finland is Shrinking its Homeless Population

Juha Kahila, Y Foundation, on how Finland is shrinking its homeless population // Matt Markovich on WA police pursuit and firearm legislation // Dose of Kindness -- how one food review can change a life // Gee Scott on workplace diversity training // Colleen O'Brien on the MSFT and AMZN layoffs // Sam Campbell on an arrest in the attempted abduction of an Auburn barista // Heather Bosch on WA cases of avian flu See for privacy information.


Getting Workers to Act Against Their Own Interests

David Fahrenthold on how restaurant owners get workers to act against their own interests // Chris Sullivan's Chokepoint -- tow truck driver safety legislation in Olympia // Matt Markovich on legislation to lower the BAC threshold for drunk driving // Dose of Kindness -- making sure every kid can play on the playground // Gee Scott on the end of the Seahawks' season/ Geno's future with the team See for privacy information.


The Biden Classified Documents

Katie Wonnenberg, Business for America's Future, on maintaining a health IRS // Margaret Brennan on the Biden classified documents // Matt Markovich on rent increase and child endangerment bills in Olympia // Dose of Kindness -- a GoFundMe to help an 80y.o. retire // Gee Scott on playoff football // Mike Salk previewing the Seahawks-49ers game // Micki Gamez on gameday rituals See for privacy information.


Firearm Safety Legislation

Chris Sullivan's Chokepoint -- WSDOT using boulders for "aggressive landscaping" along highways // Matt Markovich on firearm safety legislation/ the latest effort to declare a state dinosaur // Dose of Kindness -- encouraging a future Broadway star // Gee Scott on using ChatGPT to cheat // Colleen O'Brien on the murder of four U. Idaho students See for privacy information.


The "WRAP Act"

Sen. Christine Rolfes on the "WRAP Act" -- WA Recycling and Packaging // Feliks Banel on Pres. Millard Fillmore's relationship to WA [archive] // Matthew Gardner, Windermere Chief Economist, on turning empty office buildings into housing // Matt Markovich on the State of the State/ backyard burials // Dose of Kindness -- "quilts of love" // Gee Scott's experience seeing Titanic in 1997 See for privacy information.


Finding a Site for a New Washington Airport

Chris Sullivan's Chokepoint -- taxing WA drivers by-the-mile // Dave Ross on finding a site for a new WA airport // Heather Bosch on the perils of relying on credit cards right now // Dose of Kindness -- a Disney trip as an employee 'thank you' // Gee Scott on SPS suing social media companies // David Fahrenthold live on the Penn-Biden documents/ the new U.S. House rules // Micki Gamez on recognizing the signs of heart problems See for privacy information.


A New Year Financial Reset

Jill Schlesinger on a new year financial reset/ stock market skepticism // Paging Dr. Cohen -- Damar Hamlin and athlete heart problems // Casey McNerthney, KingCo Prosector's Office, with details on recent sentencings // Dose of Kindness -- donating a grand piano to a prodigy // Gee Scott on the Seahawks' win over the Rams // Matt Markovich on WA legislative priorities in 2023 See for privacy information.


The December Housing Numbers

Matthew Gardner, Windermere Chief Economist, with the December housing numbers // Feliks Banel, All Over the Map -- WA Counties Part 9: Pacific Pend Oreille, Pierce // Kathryn Stone on local defendants in Jan 6th cases // Margaret Brennan on the speakerless House/ the war in Ukraine // Dose of Kindness -- a helping hand for a refugee // Gee Scott on the 'Hawks-Rams and Lions-Packers games // Sam Cambell on cleanup in Seattle's South Park neighborhood See for privacy...


Screening for Heart Problems in Young Athletes

Chris Sullivan's Chokepoint -- legislation to lower the WA BAC threshold for DUI // Darla Varrenti, Nick of Time Foundation, on screening for heart problems in young athletes // Dose of Kindness -- a whole kindness curriculum // Gee Scott on the lawsuit over the 1968 Romeo and Juliet movie // Dacher Keltner, author of Awe // Micki Gamez on sticking with new year's resolutions See for privacy information.


A CES Automotive Preview

Feliks Banel on the Wave Spectacular at Seattle Center, 40 years ago // Jeff Gilbert live with a CES automotive preview // Sam Campbell on the arrest of two suspects in the PierceCo substation attacks // Dose of Kindness -- "Help for the Hungry" campaign // Gee Scott on House Republican in-fighting // David Fahrenthold live on Rep. Kevin McCarthy/ Rep. Steve Scalise/ Trump taxes // Micki Gamez' road trip adventure, part 2 See for privacy information.


The Damar Hamlin Injury

Mike Salk on the Damar Hamlin injury // Chris Sullivan's Chokepoint -- weekend 520 Bridge closure // Colleen O'Brien on the suspect in the U. Idaho murders // Dose of Kindness -- football fans flood Damar Hamlin's charity with donations // Mike Salk on the frustrating Sunday NFL schedule // Micki Gamez with one more frustrating holiday travel story See for privacy information.


George Santos

Scott MacFarlane on George Santos // Gina DiNardo and Carolyn Manno on the Westminster Dog Show // Dose of Kindness -- Buffalo Barber opens doors to those in need // Gee Scott on trying to keep up with everything that happened this year // Micki Gamez on who is and isn't moving to Washington See for privacy information.


The War in Ukraine

Jeff McCausland on the War in Ukraine // Dose of Kindness -- A generous holiday tip // Gee Scott on Tom Cruise and the year in movies // Micki Gamez on what to do if you lost your luggage in the traveling chaos See for privacy information.


Southwest Airlines

Thane Rosenbaum on Title 42 // Ted Buhner on knowing your river alert terms // Jim Krasula on Southwest airlines // Dose of Kindness -- Kayakers rescue Pilot // Gee Scott on the issues facing the airlines // Vicki Finson of Bloodworks NW on the need for blood // Micki Gamez recaps her trip home See for privacy information.