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Tune into Joe Budden and his friends. Follow along the crazy adventures of these very random friends.

Tune into Joe Budden and his friends. Follow along the crazy adventures of these very random friends.


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Tune into Joe Budden and his friends. Follow along the crazy adventures of these very random friends.




Episode 448 | "All Friends Lost"

On this episode: Joe, Parks, Ish & Ice discuss new music from H.E.R. (14:15), Wale & Chris Brown (29:45), Tyler the Creator (38:50), and Gucci Mane (42:10) + the best song of the year. Pooh Shiesty is denied bail (45:20), a woman calls her boyfriend to her job to lose a fight (49:00), and the guys recap the Eve vs. Trina Verzuz battle (1:01:30). Cam’ron’s sex products actually work (1:17:35), Logic announces he’s coming out of retirement (1:22:45), and the JBP speaks to Father’s Day weekend...


Episode 447 | "The Salmon Left"

On this episode: Joe & the guys discuss French Montana’s driver getting robbed at gunpoint in downtown New York (24:55) and the importance of being safe while outside opens back up (41:00). They address the Pooh Shiesty club situation (41:00), including the recanted police statement (52:35), and speak to battle rap (54:35) + Joe wanting to rap over Benny the Butcher’s beat (56:15). Joe gives an update on the Moderna & Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines (1:15:35), and Swae Lee’s Ex speaks out after he...


Episode 446 | "The Little Chain"

On this episode: the JBP discusses the Migos’ improved lyricism on ‘Culture III’ with an apology from Ice (18:25) and new French Montana music (36:50). The Joe Budden Network attends a code of conduct meeting (48:10), and Joe recaps Diddy’s party (54:35). The guys speak to the upcoming Eve vs. Trina Verzuz battle (1:15:40), festival + carnival season around the corner (1:21:15), and fighting your ex’s ex (1:26:20). Scottie Pippen is upset with Michael Jordan’s ‘The Last Dance’ documentary...


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Episode 445 | "I'm Rapped Out" (feat. Chris Hansen)

On this episode: Joe & the guys discuss the Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul fight (22:05) and how commentators are changing the listening experience during sporting events (42:30). New music is on the way from Snoh Aalegra, Diddy, Megan Thee Stallion, and the Migos (54:15), and the JBP speaks to the Mount Rushmore of Hip-Hop Media (1:17:50) as well as an update on an incident involving Pooh Shiesty (1:31:40). The guys are joined by journalist & personality, Chris Hansen (1:49:50) to discuss...


Episode 444 | "The Equinata"

On this episode: Joe & the guys discuss self care (10:45), new music from Lil Baby & Lil Durk (13:30), and Lloyd Banks’ new album (24:55). They address needing YouTube as a creator (39:00), B. Dot’s top 10 rapper list (53:30), Royce Da 5’9’s Twitter rant (1:08:45), and having a vacation buddy (1:24:35). Joe speaks to the “wizard of lies” (2:02:15), and the guys review the Lakers’ NBA Playoff elimination (2:11:15), Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul (2:26:50), Jay Cutler (2:34:00), and...


Episode 443 | "All The Tails"

On this episode: the guys discuss Hip-Hop’s Mt. Rushmore from Punch (18:40), Ice’s vacation (24:10), Naomi Osaka withdrawing from the French Open (42:20), and Kyrie Irving receiving backlash for stepping on the Celtics logo (58:40). They recap Jay-Z on The Shop (1:22:10), Swizz vs. Timbaland (1:33:15), Bow Wow vs. Soulja Boy (1:39:40), and Lil Kim vs. Trina (1:44:15). A conversation with Katt Williams (2:12:00), the NBA Playoffs (2:39:15), and MORE! For more exclusive content: become a...


Episode 442 | "Full of Wisdom"

On this episode: Joe & the guys discuss the world opening up, outside being too expensive (17:40), and if being single for a long time messes with your mental health (27:00). They review new music from DMX (34:00), Diddy posting a throwback picture with JLo (44:50), and Amber Rose reaching out to her husband’s ex (1:00:25). Joe highlights SZA & Naomi Osaka (1:24:10) and calls Punch from TDE to discuss SZA’s new album (1:29:20). The guys speak to disrespectful NBA fans (1:41:30), Mare of...


Episode 441 | "The Gig is the Gig"

On this episode: Joe recaps his fun filled weekend at the park (17:30) and a wild few weeks in media, including the reemergence of Kwame Brown and the apologies he won’t accept (33:55). Joe sheds light on his Spotify rants (44:35) and speaks to last year’s smear campaign as well as Charlamagne appearing to devalue him (46:20). The JBP discusses the upcoming Bow Wow/Soulja Boy Verzuz battle (1:23:00), the Billboard Music Awards, who had the best run in music, and Shannon Sharpe calling Julio...


Episode 440 | "The Eagles"

On this episode: Joe speaks to Remy as his life coach (10:50), Ice’s new found fame on the JBP (10:50), and his new lifestyle (16:55). The guys pay their respects to Paul Mooney (21:50) and define clear roles for Ice & Ish (25:20). They discuss new music (31:20), past relationships (53:22), and free will (1:03:00). Lil Uzi inspires multiple renowned artists we wouldn’t believe (1:07:50), Fat Joe compares DJ Khaled to Quincy Jones (1:14:40), and the guys discuss knowing when you don’t want...


Episode 439 | "The Internet"

On this episode: Joe apologizes to Olivia Dope (10:40) and speaks to hiring staff as well as needing sensitivity training. He addresses Rory & Mal’s reaction video (15:10), SaVon reaching out to Joe (16:50), and Marisa expressing her pain (17:47). Joe responds to Kevin Hart by taking responsibility as a leader (23:25), Mal on not knowing how the money is the same (34:40), and tearing down Spotify (37:55). Internet viciousness (49:25), crediting J. Cole (51:10), Kwame Brown (1:06:30), free...


Episode 438 | “The Joe Budden Podcast" (feat. Joe’s Therapist)

On this episode: The JBP discusses J. Cole as the king of album rollouts (21:20), Nicki Minaj dropping her old mixtape with a new song (31:30), and Migos new music (34:55). Meek Mill & Rick Ross may be beefing (41:23), Juice Wrld’s friend provides an update (45:05), and J. Cole is fighting Puff allegations (51:35). Joe apologizes to Rory (55:45) and clears up why he said he never asked for anything (59:05). He addresses accountability in uncomfortable conversations (1:18:00), and the...


Episode 437 | "You Want It To Be One Way"

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Episode 437 | "You Want It To Be One Way...”

On this episode: Joe gets a happiness check on the team (7:10) and speaks to situations concerning the JBP (8:35). Parks & Joe recap their vacations (11:15), and Joe addresses his relationship with DJ Akademiks (19:45) as well as the elephant in the room (26:35). He recalls JBP beginnings including Marisa’s role (31:20), and how Rory came on board. Joe discusses opportunities outside of the podcast (1:01:55), smear campaigns against him (1:04:45), if things will ever be the same after...


Episode 436 | "The Floor Is Yours"

On this episode: Joe, Rory, Mal & Parks discuss DJ Khaled’s new album (9:05), Jay-Z & Nas having a record together (16:15), Cardi B on ‘Big Paper’ (24:55), and Mal wanting an album from Nicki Minaj (26:40). Jay-Z dedicates an exclusive TIDAL playlist to Nas ‘Curated By The God Hov’ (28:30), two fake Wu Tang Clan members have been charged and sentenced for scamming hotels & recording studios while hiring homeless people to act as bodyguards (45:35), and Rory is asked why he is always around...


Episode 435 | "Shaking the Tree"

On this episode: Joe, Rory, Mal, and Parks discuss new camera angles (7:20), transparency (11:20), and respect between friends (19:00). Mal shares his thoughts on having other people on the show and what he would have done differently (22:05), Joe believes Rory & Mal didn’t behave as friends (27:35), and the guys voice whether or not they feel respected (32:05). The JBP addresses caring about money (34:00), hypotheticals on the podcast ending (35:00), and Parks & Joe give their own takes on...


Episode 434 | "Tycoon"

On Episode 434: Joe and the guys honor Shock G and pay their respects to his legacy and loved ones (24:00). They recap the Method Man/Redman Verzuz battle (27:00) and discuss Moneybagg Yo’s new album ‘A Gangsta’s Pain’ (54:15). Meg thee Stallion announces that she’s taking a break (1:00:00), Saweetie gets a new Hellcat car (1:02:00), Cordae releases his EP ‘Just Until...’ (1:05:00), Young Thug faces issues with his deluxe album (1:09:05), and Joe has a critique on H.E.R.’s new song ‘Come...


Episode 433 | "Slime Flu"

On this episode: Joe and the guys recap the George Floyd case/final verdict (23:30) and pay their respects to Black Rob (34:15). They discuss Young Thug’s ‘Slime Language 2’ (46:40), artists re-recording their music (1:03:00), getting the COVID-19 vaccine (1:11:45), Ice’s issues with Griselda (1:24:15), and Redman vs. Method man Verzuz speculations (1:26:40). Joe speaks to Jake Paul following his Triller Fight Club boxing match (1:36:20), and Apple hosts its annual event, announcing in-app...


Episode 432 | "In The Name of Love"

Joe and the guys dive into Aaron Donald being accused of assault in Pittsburgh (11:36), rumors surrounding Bobby Shmurda’s girlfriend (32:10), and share their stories of doing wild things for love (39:30). Joe also responds to people who think his character changes and explains why he won’t comment on any matters surrounding Diddy (46:47). Recapping of the Kevin Samuels podcast (1:13:20), and Snowfall **SPOILER ALERT** (1:21:24), Army Sergeant Jonathan Pentland being charged (1:37:07),...


"The JBP x Kevin Samuels"

Joe Budden sits down with Kevin Samuels. Tune in to an episode you don't want to miss! To watch this episode and for more exclusive content: become a Patron of the The Joe Budden Podcast at