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Here's where to find some of the best bits from the Breakfast Show, including interviews with special guests...


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Here's where to find some of the best bits from the Breakfast Show, including interviews with special guests...



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Award-winning rock-musical RENT comes to Nyon

GAOS will present rock-musical RENT this 23-26 May 2024 at Théâtre de Marens in Nyon. RENT ran for 12 years on Broadway, telling the tale of a group of young artists in the East Village of New York City. There are themes of falling in love, finding a voice, growing a community and living for today. The musical is a pop cultural phenomenon with songs that rock and a story that resonates with audiences of all ages. The show's Director Deborah Hill and Actress Jessica Chan join Katt Cullen on the WRS Breakfast Show to tell us more about the show...


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Smile Through Music - the charity piano concert raising money for children born with a cleft palate

17 year old James Adalla is a pianist at the musical school of Jaques-Dalcroze and a high-school student at Collège Elilie-Gourd in Geneva. He's currently leading the second edition of his charity project "Gift of Smile Through Music". Born with a cleft lip and palate himself, James' initiative aims to finance surgical operations for other children also born with the same congenital malformation, but who have no access to medical care. During the first edition last June, his charity concert raised CHF 8'100 which changed the lives of 16 children in the Philippines. Encouraged by the success of this event, he has now set himself the ambitious target of helping a further 20 children receive life-changing surgery in 2024, by raising CHF 12'000 for his upcoming piano concert. His concert will be held at the Jaques-Dalcroze Concert Hall in Geneva on Sunday 16 June at 6pm. It's free to attend but donations for the cause will be taken after the event. Tickets can be reserved now at James joined Katt Cullen on the WRS Breakfast Show to talk about the project and thank those who have supported him in his vision...


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Caves Ouvertes in Vaud: 18-19 May

Nicolas Debluë from Domaine Debluë in Founex joins us on the Breakfast Show to talk about Swiss wines, the recent weather and its effects on crops, and what they're planning for this weekend's event. Caves Ouvertes costs just CHF 40.- to access and taste wines at over 200 vineyards across Vaud this weekend, including a wine glass, a CHF 20.- off voucher for purchase of 6 bottles at any participating vineyard and shuttles buses between the venues. Info:


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CinéGlobe - the film festival at CERN

The 13th edition of CineGlobe will take place 15-19 May at The CERN Science Gateway and CERN IdeaSquare. Organiser Alex Brown joins us to tell us more...


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Fingask Follies

One of Scotland’s musical institutions: touring all over Britain and abroad. The Follies are a full evening's entertainment, on an original theme each year, drinks before Act 1, 35 minutes of live and original singing (no microphones) , then an hour for dinner, then Act 2, 50 more minutes of song and pleasure followed by coffee and pudding wine. For 25 years the Fingask Follies have entertained thousands with their politically, and socially incorrect, entertainments. Not elite, or elitist, just live entertainment not approved of by professors or grant givers (sadly!). The idea that any food that granny liked is good food, might also be true of entertainment. Granny would have liked the Follies. ‘You will leave the Follies humming an old tune, and thinking a new thought’. This is a musical entertainment with 5 professional singers and a pianist. Most of the music is tuneful, we hope the words are audible, entertaining, and sometimes intriguing, We borrow hugely from 20th and 21st c musicals, while a decent proportion of our material is original, commissioned or volunteered by professionals or enthusiasts.


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Emily Boyle - climate youth activist and flim maker

Emily Boyle is an activist for Swiss Youth For Climate and was documenting the workings of the latest COP28 meeting in Dubai. She's made a film - Hearing No Ojections - which follows youth activists at the conference. It's being screened in Geneva on May 15. It's hoped the film will soon be screened at festivals. Emily would really appreciate your vote for the Geneva Youth Prize! Go Emily! She also has made another film, this one about menstrual poverty in Tanzania - called They See Red. It will be screened at the Empire Cinema on the Rue de Carouge in Geneva on May 28th, followed by a panel discussion with UN experts, the mayor of Geneva and the Vice Chancellor of Geneva University - as well as Emily herself. She came into the WRS studio and had a chat with Mark Butcher


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The Glass Menagerie

The latest production from the Lausanne based the Village Players is the classic Tennessee Williams play, The Glass Menagerie. Mark Butcher spoke to the director Hannah Sellers about the play. It's on at the Centre Pluriculturel et Social d'Ouchy, May 16-19 Full details:


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Printemps Carougeois

Carouge has been marking the begining of spring with events and shows for the last 50 years - and this year is no exception. Mark Butcher spoke to Cecilia Campeas from the Ville de Carouge about some of the highlights. The theme this year is 'secrets'. All the details are on


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GEDS - Double Bill: Friends Help You Move & The Geese Fly South

GEDS will be going to the Festival of European Anglophone Theatrical Societies (FEATS) in Antwerp with two plays this year; one play is about two inept criminals planning a heist that goes terribly wrong, the other is about three couples at different stages of their relationship on the day before St Valentine’s Day. Before they head off to FEATS, they'll perform the double bill in Geneva for two nights only - the 3 & 4 May - at Le Manège in Geneva. Buy tickets now at We speak to John Ward, Will Fihn Ramsay and Victoria Comstock-Kershaw about the shows.


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Supporting local entrepreneurs

Youness Yaghcha from LIME - Lab for Innovative Minds & Entrepreneurship - explains how he works with entrepreneurs to build their businesses and save time and money in their start-up journey. He explains the importance of working with the right people, finding funding and testing the product in the market.


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CERN's croquet, lawn bowls and gateball club invites you to come and play

Club President David Underhill and club member Sandra Clayton join us in the WRS studio to talk about the club, the facilities, and how they welcome all ages with any level of experience to come and play a game or two. The Club's facilities are located in the CERN premises in Prévessin in neighbouring France.


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'Burnt Out in Biscuit Land' at Grütli Theatre

Burnt Out in Biscuit Land is coming to the Grutli Theatre in Geneva on the 16 and 17 May. Created by Jess Thom - an artist, writer and activist, this performance challenges stereotypes and misconceptions about disability through her various works. Jess has Tourette’s syndrome herself. She co-founded Touretteshero in the UK in 2010; a project that celebrates the creativity and humour of Tourette’s syndrome In Burnt Out in Biscuit Land - Touretteshero’s latest piece - you’re invited to step into a world unlike any other, where survival is key and joy is a form of resistance. The performance stars three neurodiverse individuals as they navigate an apocalyptic bunker, confronting their isolation. WRS' Katt Cullen spoke to Jess Thom about the show... Tickets are available at


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Alessandra Patti reminds us to celebrate our wins

Why is a sense of belonging so important? Why should we make sure we take a moment to celebrate our wins, big or small? And how do doing both of these things together build our resilience? Alessandra Patti explains...


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Cancer Support Switzerland - Steps for Cancer Support

Previously known as ESCA CancerSupport, Tara Miller explains the name change ahead of their biggest annual fundraiser each year; Steps for Cancer Support. Whether you have been diagnosed with cancer or are dealing with a loved one’s illness, Cancer Support Switzerland is here to support you. All their services are free and in English. They have services and activities available in Geneva, Lausanne, Zurich and online.


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NoteByNote - a concert with a sing-a-long element

Sue Lake talks about the various choirs offered by NoteByNote ahead of the concert this weekend in Chéserex


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Communication Coach Amy Carroll teaches us some powerhouse words

Ever wanted to sound more confident when speaking? Here's a trick to use at home and at work. Communication Coach Amy Carroll talks about the power of downward inflection and why we need to shed the habit of using the word "but".


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GEDS present: Charley's Aunt

Charley's Aunt is a farce that first graced the stages in London in 1892, and moved to Broadway and Paris in 1893. The story centres around a Charley and Jack who want to date young ladies. In order to do so respectfully they require a chaperone and they convince their friend Lord Fancourt Babberley a.k.a. Babbs, to impersonate Charley's aunt in order to do so. Plot twists include the arrival of the real aunt and romantic interest from wealthy gentlemen. The three stars of the show David de Paiva (Babbs), David McClenaghan (Charley) and Dibyaudh Das (Jack) join Katt Cullen in the studio on the WRS Breakfast Show.


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Alessandra Patti says increased self-esteem is good for your health

Increased self-esteem can help with your professional career, mental health, and even physical health. Here's how... Alessandra Patti is the founder of FindYourWay Coaching, she is a professional trainer and consultant for mental wellbeing and communication at the workplace.


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Fribourg International Film Festival - 38th edition

The Fribourg International Film Festival aims to promote understanding between cultures - through film. It shines a light on different cultures, traditions, and reveals new talents within the film industry. The 38th edition of FIFF will take place from 15th to 24th March 2024, featuring 100 films, but also Q&As, panel discussions, exhibitions, and parties ! This year FIFF is dedicated to celebrating the 50th anniversary of hip-hop. There are 18 films on the programme about hip-hop, such as La Haine, 8 Mile, Casablanca Beats and The City of Wild Beasts (La ciudad de las fieras). The New Territory section will honour the film art of North Macedonia - which is in itself a melting pot of cultures, ethnicities and religions. FIFF takes an uncompromising look at a country that has suffered occupation and war, leaving it with a fractured identity marked by conservatism, struggling to reconcile and move on from the past. The films showcase the quick-witted and cheerful nature of Macedonians, with a sensitive and intelligent approach to filmmaking. Tickets can be purchased for a single film for just CHF 16.- for a full price adult ticket, but reduced price tickets or multi-film passes, day passes, and full festival passes are available. Full info on the programme and tickets at


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TEDx Lausanne: "where change begins"

TEDx Lausanne takes place this year at L’Octogone, Théâtre de Pully this Thursday 14 March 17:30 - 21:30. All talks will be in English. It's the first edition in 5 years. Curator Damien Gaulthier joins us to explain what's new. The TEDxLausanne stage will welcome talks on AI, art, economy of the environment, personal growth, gender equality, to name a few of the topics. This year’s event will centre around the theme “where change begins”. The event will be more than the world famous TED talks showcasing diverse perspectives, expertise and passion, there are also networking opportunities for those who attend to really drive the change required; cultivating a brighter future for our world today and laying the foundation for the world we aspire to build tomorrow. Separately there's also a brand new TEDx Masterclass where seasoned TEDx speaker coaches explain how to craft compelling narratives and captivate an audience. The Masterclass will take place 14:00-16:00, also on Thursday 14 March. Full info on the programme and tickets are available now at