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People’s Party is a weekly interview show hosted by hip-hop legend Talib Kweli. The show features big-name guests exploring hip-hop, culture, and politics.


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People’s Party is a weekly interview show hosted by hip-hop legend Talib Kweli. The show features big-name guests exploring hip-hop, culture, and politics.




Heltah Skeltah’s Rock (aka Rockness Monsta) talks about Sean Price’s Death, Boot Camp Clik, Gang Life, and His Best Bars

Our guest today is a master of bars—one half of the hip-hop duo Heltah Skeltah, and a member of the Boot Camp Clik. You first heard him on Smif-N-Wessun’s Dah Shinin on the song “Wontime,” “Cession at da Doghillee” and “Let’s Git It On.” In this revealing convo, Rock sits with Kweli and co-host Jasmin Leigh in a no-holds-barred discussion of his career wins and losses, struggles with the law, lost friends, and major influences.


Anthony Jeselnik on: the "Joke Police," the Ruining of “Last Comic Standing,” and Jokes About Racism

Anthony Jeselnik is one of the most fearless comics working today. While other comics cower to “cancel culture,” he laughs in its face. As such, he makes the perfect interview guest for Kweli and co-host Jasmin Leigh – both staunch supporters of dangerous humor. This deeply personal interview is both insightful and funny – a deep dive into one of the most beloved comics of our time.


Chace Infinite Shares Secrets and Wisdom from the Industry, How He Linked Up with the A$AP Mod, and Reveals How Helped Get the Black Star Album Out

Chace Infinite is an industry ninja, an incredible MC, a fashion and entertainment maverick. In this conversation with Talib and Jasmin, he describes the reason he stays so busy, and how he remains vital in every project he touches. The legend also shares stories about how he plugged Khalil with Dr. Dre, what it’s like working with A$AP Rocky and the A$AP Mob, and how he played a pivotal role in getting the new Black Star Album out. This is a must-listen interview for hip-hop fans interested...


Bun B Discusses the Inspiration and Impact of His Well-Known Songs, What Makes Houston Rap Special, and His Current Status as a Burger Baron

People’s Party’s very first guest, the legendary Bun B, returns to chop it up with Talib and Jasmin about everything from his favorite sitcoms and his wildly popular burger business to the stories behind some of his most impactful songs. The prolific rapper also goes deep on what makes the Houston rap scene so special, and how he developed his iconic sense of style. Plus, he shares more on where his restless creative spirit is taking him next. For longtime People’s Party listeners, this...


Tony Baker on the Origins of His Viral “Cram Ram” Videos, Live vs. Online Comedy, and the Power of Comedy in Healing Trauma

Standup comedian and actor Tony Baker joins Talib and Jasmin for a deep and hilarious exploration of all things comedy. Baker discusses his experience on the show “Last Comic Standing,” how comedians grow funnier with age, and how he built his enormous social media following. The comedian also talks about the origins of his viral “Cram Ram” clips, and shares his favorite comedy albums. Baker also talks about how comedy pulled him out of his most traumatic moment. This interview is a must for...


Dreezy Takes Us behind Some of Her Greatest Bars and Most Cinematic Videos, Explains How She Caught the Ear of Common, and How She Developed Her Flow

The crown princess of Chicago rap joins Talib Kweli and Jasmin Leigh for a discussion of her origins and takes us deep into the best bars from her mixtapes and albums. Dreezy also talks about playing Queen Cabrini on “Beats,” how she developer her flow, and what it was like working with Hit Boy and Jeremih. Listeners looking for one of the most vital voices in modern hip-hop won’t want to miss this longform interview with this young artist.


Rap Super Group Mount Westmore Joins Talib at the Table for an Epic Interview

Talib Kweli and Jasmin Leigh sit down with three-fourths of the West Coast Rap super group Mount Westmore—E-40, Too $hort, and Ice Cube—for an interview of awesome proportions. Mount Westmore members share deep-cut stories, break down their legendary careers, and emphasize the importance of giving each other their flowers daily. If you are a West Coast rap fan, this is a must-listen.


Symba on His Viral Freestyle, Linking Up with Dr. Dre, and the Art behind His Best Bars

Bay area rapper Symba joins Talib Kweli and Jasmin Leigh to discuss the origins of his name, plus how he linked up with Dr. Dre. The conscious rapper also talks about his early days freestyling in the lunchroom, the benefits of ghost writers, and what it was like to go viral—for one of the best cyphers in AGES—during the pandemic. Symba also pulls back the curtain behind his albums “Don’t Run From R.A.P.,” and his newest “Results Take Time,” in this in-depth conversation between two of the...


Wiz Khalifa Discusses His Legendary Run of Mixtapes and Albums, Shares Stories Behind His Biggest Hits, and Reveals What’s Next for His Career

Rapper, songwriter, singer and actor Wiz Khalifa joins Talib Kweli and Jasmin Leigh for a lengthy discussion about his legendary run of mixtapes and albums, which culminated most recently in his release titled “Multiverse.” The prolific rapper also discusses working with Snoop Dogg; being tied to the legacy of Paul Walker; his relationship with cannabis; and why he kept himself so busy during the pandemic with a string of collaborations and mixtapes. Whether you’re a superfan or are focused...


DJ Nu-Mark on: The Stories Behind Your Favorite Jurassic 5 Tracks, How to Read a Crowd, and the Art of Crate Digging

Producer, DJ, and member of Jurassic 5, DJ Nu-Mark sits down with Talib and Jasmin to discuss the origins of Jurassic 5, sharing stories behind the group’s most popular songs and albums. Nu-Mark also talks about the finer aspects of DJing, like how to read a crowd, and the art of crate digging. Nu-Mark also describes how he innovates on the stage. Fans of good vibes—and how to curate them—will find a lot of sage advice in this conversation with an absolute legend of the art of DJing.


Aida Rodriquez Gets Real About Comedy, Puerto Rico, Single Motherhood, and her Creative Influences

Comedian Aida Rodriguez sits with Talib Kweli and Jasmin Leigh to discuss her place in comedy, as well as the big issues that she mines for her material. The conversation is wide-ranging, but Aida’s own tremendous insight is a throughline. She opens up about her success on Last Comic Standing, mentorship in Hollywood, the Puerto Rican diaspora, and so much more.


Ty Dolla $ign on his Influences, his Biggest Hits, Becoming a Mega-Star and More

Ty Dolla $ign is in the place to be, chatting with Talib Kweli and Jasmin Leigh. The conversation traces Ty’s incredible career from his upbringing to signing with Taylor Gang to making monster hits with some of the biggest names in music – from Ye to Rihanna to Post Malone. If you’re a music fan and want to truly understand one of the biggest voices helping to bridge two eras in American hip-hop, you’ll want to hear this deeply illuminating interview with Ty Dolla $ign!


Radio Rahim Discusses the Importance of Mike Tyson, Describes What It Was like Spending Time with Pacquiao, and Lists His Top Five Boxers of All Time

Radio Rahim sits down with Talib Kweli and Jasmin Leigh to talk all things boxing, including how Rahim pivoted his travel and boxing show, during the pandemic, to the Luminary Original podcast, "Til This Day," and how he’s managed to become one of the most effective boxing commentators in the sport, despite not being an ex-fighter, nor being, as Kweli puts it, “an old white man.” Radio Rahim also talks about the massive importance of Mike Tyson, and what it was like spending time with...


Ron Funches Breaks Down His Joy-Infused Style of Comedy, the Influence of Weed on his Art, His Love of Wrestling, and More

Comedian Ron Funches talks with Talib and Jasmin about the origins of his joyful and unique style of comedy, and how his love of cannabis has influenced what he does creatively. The writer, actor, and comedian also discusses finding strength in his son’s experience with autism, and speaks on his own extraordinary weight-loss journey, and his passion for wrestling. Plus: finding new avenues of expression via the Twitch platform and voice acting (BoJack Horseman, Trolls, Hoops, and more).


Yasiin Bey Gets Raw about the Process behind the Black Star Sequel ‘No Fear of Time,’ and Shares What’s Next for Black Star

Hip-hop legend and icon Yasiin Bey joins Talib Kweli and Jasmin Leigh for a second time to talk about the process behind “No Fear Of Time,” including the decision to drop it as a Luminary exclusive, and where the group is going next. In the this interview, Bey also touches on his deep love of fashion and his friendship with the late Virgil Abloh. This episode isn’t solely for fans of Black Star and the artistry of Kweli and Bey. Followers of underground hip-hop, comedy, and fashion will...


Aja Monet on the Role of Poetry in Modern Society, Her Complex Relationship with Hip-Hop, and the Power of Languuage

This week Talib Kweli and Jasmin Leigh are joined by poet, writer, and activist Aja Monet. The trio talk about some of Monet’s seminal works, exploring her patterns of language and the deeper meaning of some of her most well-known poems. They also discuss the poet’s role in modern society. Monet breaks down her complicated and complex relationship to hip-hop, and speaks to the power and vitalness of language and of the written word. Plus, she talks about what’s next in her career. This...


Just Blaze Opens up about His Legendary Production Career, Starting Out as a DJ, and the Stories behind His Classics

This week Talib Kweli and Jasmin Leigh are joined by Just Blaze–architect of classics from the ‘90s, aughts, and into today–for a deep dive into his storied career. Kicking it off with a discussion of how producing and computer coding go hand-in-hand, Just and Kweli go into the history behind his alias “Megatron Don” as well as Just’s love of sneakers–and how that led him to his new Uproxx show “Fresh Pair.” Kweli and Just also delve into the history behind the Just Blaze tag, and the...


DJ Quik Breaks Down the History of the West Coast Rap Sound, Talks about the Making of Classics Like "You’Z a Ganxta," and Gives Flowers to Legends Easy-E and Tupac

In this important episode of The People's Party, Talib Kweli and Jasmin Leigh sit down with hip-hop legend DJ Quik for a much-anticipated career retrospective. Quik breaks down the West Coast sound, and how he learned the importance of pushing himself while working with Teddy Riley. He describes growing up in Compton, and the fact that his focus on music allowed him to avoid gang life as a youngster. Quik also goes deep on his collaborations—giving flowers to and speaking on the importance...


Sonia Sanchez Lays Out the Role of Poetry Today, Talks about Her Relationship to Hip-Hop, and Breaks Down Some of Her Most Vivid Verses

Poet and civil rights activist Sonia Sanchez joins Talib Kweli and Jasmin Leigh for a deep exploration of her poetry, the importance of spoken word, and her relationship with hip-hop music. But this interview is more than a study on the power of words. Sanchez also dips into colorism, shares how she turned her personal struggles into triumphant pieces of art, and touches on the contentious relationship between art and the media. Whether you’re moved by words or actions, Sanchez is an...


Russell Peters Talks about His Legendary Comedy Specials, the Art and Beauty of Roasting, and How His Comedy Has Evolved throughout His Career

Comedian and actor Russell Peters joins Talib Kweli and Jasmin Leigh for an in-depth discussion on his storied career as a stand-up. Peters also breaks down the art, beauty, and ethos of roast culture, what it was like to launch the first Netflix comedy special, opening the door for many comics to follow, and how his brand of comedy continues to evolve. Kweli, Leigh, and Peters shared love and knowledge of both comedy and hip hop make this a must-listen for fans of a clever turn of phrase...