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Best known for their trilogy of films "The Path: Afterlife", "The Path: Beyond the Physical" and "The Path: Evolution" , Filmmakers Michael Habernig & April Hannah sit down to talk with interesting guests about subjects of consciousness, paranormal activity, lucid dreaming, out of body experiences, energy healing, mediumship, astrology, channeling and all other subjects around new age and spirituality.




Best known for their trilogy of films "The Path: Afterlife", "The Path: Beyond the Physical" and "The Path: Evolution" , Filmmakers Michael Habernig & April Hannah sit down to talk with interesting guests about subjects of consciousness, paranormal activity, lucid dreaming, out of body experiences, energy healing, mediumship, astrology, channeling and all other subjects around new age and spirituality.




417 How to Live When Your Child Dies, with Author Vanessa May

Vanessa May is a London-based nutritional therapist and well-being coach. Two years ago, her son died unexpectedly and she started to write as a way of processing her grief and trauma. Vanessa now works as a holistic grief coach, using a unique mind, body, spirit approach. Her mission is to support others who have experienced loss through both her work and her book 'Love Untethered'. Love Untethered is a candid account of every parent’s worst fear – the loss of a child. For anyone who is...


416 How and why Serendipity and Synchronicity Happen with Bernard Beitman

Bernard Beitman, M.D., is the first psychiatrist since Carl Jung to systematize the study of coincidences. A graduate of Yale Medical School, he did his psychiatric residency at Stanford University. The former chair of psychiatry of the University of Missouri-Columbia medical school for 17 years, he writes a blog for Psychology Today on coincidence and is the coauthor of the award-winning book Learning Psychotherapy. The founder of The Coincidence Project, encourages people to tell each...


415 WhatsApps from Heaven with Louise Hamlin

Louise Hamlin read history and law at Cambridge and then practised as a solicitor. After a career break to have her children, she returned to Cambridge as a law fellow and lecturer, specialising in land law. She was a Tutor and then Senior Tutor of her college. Fifteen years ago, she changed career and moved down to Dorset to start a very happy new life with her second husband, a barrister. She became a potter and she and her husband travelled extensively. When her husband suddenly died two...


414 In Joy Yourself with Stephani Grace

Stephani Grace is a state-licensed and board-certified professional counselor with 21 years of experience counseling individuals and couples using her unique blend of psychology and spirituality. She specializes in the treatment of adults struggling with anxiety, depression, and weight loss. She received her BA in Psychology and MA in Counseling Psychology from Humboldt State University. She has a successful private practice in Portland, Oregon where she lives with her daughter, Olivia, her...


413 Soul Level Astrology with Mark Borax

Mark Borax has been a nomadic poet his whole life. In the late seventies he traveled the U.S. and Canada performing and selling his poetry. In the mid-eighties, Mark was befriended by his adolescent idol, writer Ray Bradbury, who became his literary godfather, believing in Mark's writing even though it was taking forever. In 1984 he became a comic book writer and the managing editor of Comics Interview magazine. In 1998 Mark rode his Harley Davidson Low Rider, through the U.S. and Europe,...


412 Holistic Mental Health with Laura, Cheri and Kelly

Laura Mazzotta is a Spiritual Empowerment Coach, Healer, & Therapist with over 18 years of experience. Her mission is to guide intuitive women into ditching indecision, chronic symptoms, and burnout by confidently owning their multifaceted gifts and experiencing intimacy, wellness, and freedom. You can find Laura at www.theakashictherapist.comor join her free Facebook group, The Expansion Portal: This book is a powerful collaboration and...


411 The Female Archangels with Calista

Calista is an award-winning author, speaker, and pioneer of spiritual Ascension. As a former cancer research scientist, she blends the seen and unseen realms into her certified modalities, Angel Healing® and Unicorn Healing®, which are taught worldwide. The author of several books, including The Female Archangels, Calista lives in Perthshire, Scotland. ------------------------------- Watch Path 11 TV wherever you want, on the iPhone, AppleTV, Android,...


410 Magic, Miracles, Travel and Romance with Renee Linnell

Renee knows loss—her beloved father died on Thanksgiving Day when she was 15. Then, after more than a dozen years of conflict and estrangement, she lost her mother—who went missing and turned up drowned in a hotel bathtub. Renee knows devastation—when she was 33, she joined a Buddhist cult, got brainwashed, burned almost everything she owned, and nearly lost her sanity and her life. Renee stuffed down plenty of shame. But eventually, she shook it off, made peace with her flaws and failures,...


409 The Return of the World Teacher, Maitreya, A Discussion with Dick Larson

Dick Larson is a retired family addictions therapist with a background in teaching, and business who addresses the issue of practical spirituality in everyday life. He is a frequently featured guest on talk-radio shows nationwide. Larson’s familiarity with practical spirituality comes from his study and practice of the Ageless Wisdom teachings, and his appreciation of the world’s major religions. He has participated in Transmission Meditation groups and in personal meditation for 30 years....


408 A Colourful Dose of Optimism with Jules Standish

Jules Standish is “The Colour Counsellor”: a Professional Colour Consultant, Author, Stylist and Presenter. She is passionate about getting people into their true colours. She puts forward a new approach to looking younger, healthier and happier through colour and style analysis, achieving powerful and transformational results. Jules is considered one of the UK’s leading colour experts, Head of Colour at the London College of Style and author of How NOT to Wear Black and The Essential...


407 The Surprising Way the Human Brain Models the Universe with Melvin Felton

Melvin Felton attended two of the top historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs) in America, Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA (B.S. Mathematics, 2000), and Hampton University in Hampton, VA (M.S. Physics, 2003). From 2003 to present, Melvin has been employed as a physicist at a US national science laboratory. Much of his professional research has concerned remote sensing of the lower atmosphere. However, he has also conducted research in the fields of cybernetics and computational...


406 The Soul Voice Method with Karina Schelde

Karina Schelde is a compelling & dynamic international presenter & workshop leader, a teacher & visionary, whose presence, passion & grace inspires all she comes into contact with. A powerful leader, Karina’s determination & compassion to go beyond what we think is possible and to push the boundaries of what we believe to be true, makes her such an impressive & captivating individual. She is an internationally acclaimed pioneer in her field and with an indomitable spirit, using the human...


405 Helping Stuck Souls Cross Over with Father Nathan Castle

Father Nathan Castle graduated from Trinity University in San Antonio and entered the Dominican order in 1979. He received MA and Master of Divinities degrees from the Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology in Berkeley, California. He was Director of the Catholic Communities at Stanford University and Arizona State University. He believes the Holy Spirit has given him a “night job” of helping souls who died suddenly and violently find afterlife peace. He is the author of “And Toto, Too:...


404 Love in the Time of Impermanence with Matthew McKay

Matthew McKay, Ph.D., is a professor of psychology at the Wright Institute, founder of the Berkeley CBT Clinic, and co-founder of the Bay Area Trauma Recovery Clinic, which serve low-income clients. He has authored 40 books on psychology and spirituality, which have sold more than 4.5 million copies. He lives in Berkeley, CA Love in the Time of Impermanence Matthew's other books on Amazon ------------------------------- As of this moment, we have over 50...


403 Finding Nirvana in the Classics with Dean Sluyter

Dean Sluyter (pronounced "slighter") has led meditation workshops and retreats throughout the U.S. since 1970, at venues ranging from Ivy League colleges to maximum-security prisons. For thirty-three years he taught English and developed the Literature of Enlightenment program at The Pingry School in New Jersey. Sluyter has trained with sages in several traditions, including Vajrayana Buddhism, Advaita, Bhakti Yoga, and Umbanda. His previous books include Natural Meditation, Cinema Nirvana,...


402 Overcoming Grief and Inducing After Death Communication with Kelly Daugherty

Kelly Daugherty, LCSW-R, is a Certified Grief Counselor with over 20 years of experience in the field of grief and loss. Kelly graduated with her bachelor's and master's in social work from Florida State University. She has worked as a therapist, program manager, and clinical director at mental health agencies and hospices. Kelly currently owns and operates a private practice, Greater Life Grief Counseling, LCSW, in Malta, NY. She has helped thousands of individuals navigate their grief...


401 The Science and Spirituality of Consciousness with Ren Koi

Ren Koi is a British author and host of the Life in Recovery Podcast. An ex-DJ and music producer (John Loxley aka Lox), he spent over ten years drinking alcoholically and using drugs before joining Twelve Step fellowships in 2010 following an emotional breakdown. John had a spiritual awakening and a psychic change as a result of working the Twelve Step Program. Having a strong affiliation with Japanese culture, he adopted the pseudonym Ren Koi (Ren meaning both ‘Lotus’ and ‘love’ in...


400 Reconnect with Your True Self and Purpose with Chris McCann

Chris McCann is a tech business and thought leader specializing in helping successful people and companies remember who they are and align their life with their purpose. After many years of professional striving at the expense of personal development, he awakened to the need to cultivate an inner life. Chris charted a new course prioritizing professional achievement led by personal meaning by studying the world’s great spiritual texts, training with prominent spiritual leaders, and...


399 Embodied Practices for Soul Care with Mara Branscombe

Mara Branscombe is a mother, writer, yogi, artist, teacher, mindfulness leader, ceremonialist and spiritual coach. She is passionate about weaving the art of mindfulness, self-care, creativity, mind–body practices, and earth-based rituals into her life and work, and she has been leading community ceremony since 2000. An adventurous spirit, Mara has sailed across the Atlantic Ocean, trekked across the Himalayas, studied yoga in India, planted trees in Canada’s north, lived off the grid in a...


398 Awaken Divine Guidance with MaryAnn DiMarco

MaryAnn DiMarco is the author of Medium Mentor and Believe, Ask, Act. An internationally recognized psychic medium, healer, and spiritual teacher, her work has been featured in media outlets like The New York Times, The Dr. Oz Show, Women’s Health, Elle, and Redbook. After learning to meditate at the age of five, MaryAnn began consciously developing her connection with Spirit in adulthood. Today, she offers validating and positive one-on-one sessions, powerful group readings, workshops, and...