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Atlantic Voice is the home of east coast documentary storytelling. Settle in for thoughtful radio docs and interviews that dive deep into the people of Atlantic Canada and what they're up to.


Halifax, NS


Atlantic Voice is the home of east coast documentary storytelling. Settle in for thoughtful radio docs and interviews that dive deep into the people of Atlantic Canada and what they're up to.




We weren't heroes: Health-care workers on COVID

It turns out the start of the pandemic didn't feel particularly heroic to the people regularly being called heroes. 2 Halifax-based doctors and co-editors of The Covid Journals: Health Care Workers Write The Pandemic break apart that narrative and talk about the messy job of working through lockdowns while trying to do the best by your patients, society and yourself.


Forward From Fiona

Does it feel like a year since Fiona walloped the east coast? Not to some people on PEI's north shore who are still picking up the pieces, in the shadow of another storm coming their way. A story of rebuilding and finding strength amid the climate crisis, from CBC PEI's Nicola MacLeod.


The Minister and the Movies.

Rev. Sydney Bradbrook had one addiction: movies. But he didn't have electricity. This is the story of his plan to feed his movie need, in 1950s outport Newfoundland. A story first aired on Atlantic Voice in March 2022.


How To Live When You Are Leaving

"I can't go to the future. It terrifies me. I can't go to the past. I get too sad. And so we have today," says Sheree Fitch. She and husband Gilles Plante have been trying to live in the moment since his Alzheimer's diagnosis in 2017, with joys and lows along the way. Follow their journey in this moving documentary from CBC producer Myfanwy Davies.


Best of AV: Behind the Fairy Door

Fairies aren't just for little kids. Explore Nova Scotia's fairy beliefs - from Gaelic, Acadian, and Mi'kmaw traditions - and meet the believers, as producer Maryanne McLarty asks: why do so many adults seem to lose the ability to indulge in fairy wonder? An episode first broadcast in the fall of 2022.


Best of AV: Storytime

Stephen Miller's criminal record runs 8 pages. But his journals are way longer: a writing passion kickstarted in prison, and a passion he's now pursuing as he emerges from addiction in the outside world. An award-winning documentary from 2018, produced by Caroline Hillier.


Best of AV: The Bonavista Project

Newfoundland's Bonavista Peninsula has bet big on arts and culture as a way forward for its rural communities. But what happens when its premiere art festival begins asking tough questions about everything from climate change to colonialism? An encore broadcast featuring the 2021 Bonavista Biennale (the 2023 edition runs from August 19 to Sept 17).


Best of AV: Outside the Monastery

Meet some of the Buddhist nuns who make their home in the eastern corner of PEI. They're often the subject of curiosity, but when they looked to expand their residences - they found confrontation instead. A encore presentation of Janna Graham's intriguing documentary from January.


Local car show and parade surpasses all expectations

An impromptu car show and parade that took place for senior Winfield Harnett yesterday has gone down as an overwhelming success. We heard from attendees and Harnett himself on how it went.


A local rugby player is hitting the big leagues

A teenage rugby player from this province has had a summer to remember. We spoke to James Noftall about playing across the country (and internationally!) with Team Canada.


How Harm reduction can lessen the impact of drug overdoses in the province.

A rash of overdose deaths has advocates in this province wondering about what supports are out there and when more will be available. We talked to Jane Henderson, a harm reduction consultant for NL Health Services about harm reduction in the province.


Naloxone kits and how you can learn to use them.

One key aspect of harm reduction is creating better access to naloxone kits, which can help save lives in overdose cases. But once you have a Naloxone kit, you also need to know how to use it. We spoke with St. John Ambulance instructor Heather McCarthy about their free opioid poisoning response training program.


Dinosaurs make their return to the island

You’ll never find a dinosaur in Newfoundland they said... Entrepreneur Ross Squires has a bone to pick with that. We found out how he plans to bring dinos to the island.


Best of AV: Speaking of Home

Arabic-only playdates, Saturday morning Chinese songs: New Canadians face a big parenting challenge of instilling their heritage languages in their children. CBC producer Mariam Mesbah meets some families around Moncton making that happen - and why this is about so much more than grammar. This story first aired in December, 2022.


Best of AV: Literary Lobster Fishing

The hard work of lobster fishing, and the humbling nature of the open ocean. That's a little bit of the inspiration behind Some Hellish, the debut novel from Nicholas Herring of Murray Harbour P.E.I. He joins Atlantic Voice to talk about his book, which took home a $60,000 Writers' Trust prize for fiction in November 2022.


Best of AV: My Syrian Son

After a rocket attack in Kandahar, army veteran Donna Collins struggled with PTSD. But when Syrian refugees began arriving in Nova Scotia, she found renewed strength and purpose helping them get settled - and one refugee in particular. A story about the surprises of starting over, from producer Moira Donovan that first aired in 2018.


Best of AV: I Still Live Here

Mary Ann Nui loves visiting her childhood home off the Labrador coast. That home? Davis Inlet, so notorious for the intense poverty that led to the Mushuau Innu being resettled in 2002. Go beyond those headlines and see Davis Inlet through Mary Ann's eyes, as a place where love and hardship intertwine, and where she still goes back to in her dreams. This documentary by John Gaudi won gold at the 2023 Atlantic Journalism Awards, for best feature radio.


Best of AV: Online dating, trans identity, and creative writing

A feature interview with Fredericton's Lee Thomas, discussing their creative nonfiction story about being trans on the online dating scene, and how that experience sparked larger conversations about identity, growth, and creating room for a multitude of trans stories.


Best of AV: The Charmer

Once upon a time, there was a man who helped people feel better: Uncle Wes Abbott. Known in his small Newfoundland town as "a charmer," producer Andrea McGuire unravels the myth and mystery around Uncle Wes, his charming talents, and the powers of belief in this documentary. From September 2022.


How do you say 'badminton' in Mi'kmaw?

The Mi'kmaw lexicon recently expanded, thanks to a team of a translators working with the North American Indigenous Games. Beverly Jeddore of Eskasoni is one of the language experts tasked with translating sports names and other terms into Mi'kmaw for the very first time, and she joins the show to talk about that work, and the hope that lies in these new words.