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Drawing on years of experience as communications chief for President George W. Bush and senior advisor for the McCain-Palin campaign, Nicolle Wallace provides political insight and clarity on where the decision-makers stand on complex issues. Join her for analysis and discussion with the key newsmakers every weekday.

Drawing on years of experience as communications chief for President George W. Bush and senior advisor for the McCain-Palin campaign, Nicolle Wallace provides political insight and clarity on where the decision-makers stand on complex issues. Join her for analysis and discussion with the key newsmakers every weekday.




Drawing on years of experience as communications chief for President George W. Bush and senior advisor for the McCain-Palin campaign, Nicolle Wallace provides political insight and clarity on where the decision-makers stand on complex issues. Join her for analysis and discussion with the key newsmakers every weekday.




“Some of those doors that were slammed shut… might be budging open”

Nicolle Wallace discusses the Justice Department’s big victory after the conviction of the leader of the Oath Keepers for seditious conspiracy, the chilling new bulletin from DHS warning of domestic terrorism threats to LGBTQ, Jewish and migrant communities, a conversation with Chasten Buttigieg in the wake of the passage of the Respect for Marriage Act and more. Joined by: Katie Benner, Barbara McQuade, Pete Strzok, Kara Swisher, Donny Deutsch, Dr. Ashish Jha, Chasten Buttigieg, Jonathan...


“Leaving no investigative stones unturned”

Nicolle Wallace discusses the January 6th Select Committee’s newest witness as it barrels towards their final report at the end of the year, the United States’ victory in the World Cup, the latest from the Fulton County DA’s investigation and more. Joined by: Carol Leonnig, Jonathan Lemire, Neal Katyal, Bobby Ghosh, Kevin Blackistone, Yamiche Alcindor, Andrew Weissmann, Ryan Reilly, Glenn Kirschner and Joyce Vance.


"A deafening chorus of silence"

Nicolle Wallace discusses the former president's dinner with a white supremacists and what it means for the Republican Party as a whole, an update from the January 6th Select Committee as they look to finish their report, a look at early voting ahead of Georgia's runoff election and more. Joined by: Jake Sherman, Claire McCaskill, David Jolly, Ben Rhodes, Jackie Alemany, Harry Litman, Greg Bluestein, Donna Edwards, Tara Setmayer, Jonathan Swan and Alexander Vindman.


“A town on edge”

Nicolle Wallace discusses the scourge of gun violence after the most recent mass shooting in the United States, how the U.S. is handling the World Cup in Qatar amid widespread human rights criticism, a conversation with filmmaker Ken Burns about his latest book and more. Joined by: Cal Perry, David Jolly, Barbara McQuade, Kris Brown, Steve Patterson, Dave Zirin, Rick Stengel, Mike Schmidt, Charlie Savage, Matt Dowd, Igor Novikov and Ken Burns.


“Full speed ahead”

Nicolle Wallace discusses the updates from the new special counsel responsible for overseeing two investigations into the former president, the Supreme Court’s rejection of Trump’s bid to block House Democrats from obtaining his taxes, an update on the Fulton County DA’s investigation and more. Joined by: Andrew Weissmann, Mike Schmidt, Jackie Alemany, Rep. Jim Himes, Donna Edwards, Tim Miller, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, Joyce Vance, Greg Bluestein, Charlie Sykes, Ryan Reilly and Randi...


"A uniquely American phenomenon"

Nicolle Wallace discusses the latest from the devastating shooting at an LGBTQ nightclub in Colorado Springs, the newest investigation into the former president and more. Joined by: Tim Miller, Frank Figliuzzi, Michigan State Senator Mallory McMorrow, Dave Cullen, Michael Cohen, Kim Atkins Stohr, John Heilemann, Claire McCaskill and Marc Elias.


"A legal bombshell"

Nicolle Wallace discusses the bombshell news that Attorney General Merrick Garland has appointed a special counsel to investigate the former president and what this means going forward to 2024 and beyond. Joined by: Katie Benner, Pete Strzok, Mary McCord, Joyce Vance, Rep. Eric Swalwell, David Jolly, Ana Palmer, Matt Dowd, Mike Schmidt, Neal Katyal, David Laufman, Rep. Zoe Lofgren, Rebecca Gitlitz and Ben Collins.


“The end of an era in American politics”

Nicolle Wallace discusses the news of Nancy Pelosi’s decision to step down as the top House Democrat and how the party moves on, the outrage stemming from elementary curriculum changes proposed by Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin, the latest in the January 6th Select Committee’s investigation, a look at the Iranian protests and more. Joined by: Ali Vitali, Annie Karni, Donna Edwards, Alicia Menendez, Heidi Przybyla, Rep. Zoe Lofgren, Miles Taylor, Amy McGrath, Katty Kay and Masih Alinejad.


“Is this flirtation with Trump done?"

Nicolle Wallace discusses the slew of potential criminal liabilities and crop of national security risks that the former president’s 2024 presidential run could unveil, the Senate’s initial step of providing federal protections for same-sex marriages, a conversation with January 6th Select Committee member Rep. Adam Kinzinger and more. Joined by: Brandon Van Grack, Pete Strzok, Mary McCord, Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney, Matt Dowd, Tara Setmayer, Rep. Adam Kinzinger, Cornell Belcher, Mark...


“The fringe becomes more fringe"

Nicolle Wallace discusses the breaking news out of Europe after Russian missiles reportedly strike Poland, the former president’s big announcement, the Republicans leadership crisis and more. Joined by: General Barry McCaffrey, Greg Myre, Jon Karl, Frank Figliuzzi, Alexi McCammond, Rep. Eric Swalwell, Kelly O’Donnell, Alexander Vindman, Denver Riggleman, Luke Broadwater, Cecile Richards, Michele Goodwin, Dr. Kavita Patel and Josh Shapiro.


Introducing: Murder & Magnolias

As a bonus for you, we’re sharing the trailer for Murder & Magnolias, an all-new original podcast series from Dateline and Keith Morrison. The story starts with a picture-perfect couple in the land of Spanish moss and sweet magnolias. But when a hit man targets one of them, a plot driven by betrayal and murderous intent unfolds. Listen to the first 2 episodes now for free, or subscribe to Dateline Premium on Apple Podcasts. Subscribers get early access to new episodes and can listen to all...


"You have to be uniquely deranged"

Nicolle Wallace discusses Democrats holding control of the U.S. Senate as voters reject extremism. Plus, new documents reveal foreign government spending at Trump’s D.C. hotel, Mike Pence speaks out about January 6th, a Supreme Court ruling in favor of the January 6th Select Committee, a rejection of extremism in Secretary of State elections, the race for Arizona governor is still too close to call, and reporting on how Trump wanted the IRS to investigate his enemies. Joined by: Ashley...


"A now-familiar, and unwelcome, and frankly dangerous practice”

Nicolle Wallace discusses the ex-president’s baseless claims of election fraud in states like Arizona and Nevada after the midterm elections, Elon Musk’s chaotic takeover of Twitter and whether the tech company can turn itself around, a conversation with Michael Cohen on the former president’s very bad week and more. Joined by: Nick Corasaniti, Vaughn Hillyard, Tim Miller, Alicia Menendez, Kara Swisher, Ben Collins, Tim O’Brien, Rev. Al Sharpton, Michael Cohen, Kris Goldsmith, Igor Novikov...


“The Big Lie is a big electoral loser”

Nicolle Wallace discusses the results of the midterm elections and new reporting that suggests Republicans are seeking to blame the former president as the reason why, how the youth turnout affected results, a conversation with White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain and more. Joined by: David Jolly, David Plouffe, Alexi McCammond, Mallory McMorrow, Josh Gerstein, Asha Rangappa, Ron Klain, Matt Dowd, Cornell Belcher, Mara Gay, Rick Stengel, Representative-elect Jasmine Crockett and Adm. James...


“An election season defined… by an unprecedented threat to democracy”

Nicolle Wallace previews the midterm elections before polls close and discusses the consequences of the Big Lie on this election, as well as those to come. Joined by: Matt Dowd, Jim Messina, John Heilemann, Cecile Richards, Jason Johnson, Rich Hasen, Greg Bluestein, Jacob Soboroff, Yamiche Alcindor, Eddie Glaude, Claire McCaskill, David Jolly, Mary McCord, Rep. Ruben Gallego and Jocelyn Benson.


“Prepare for more contentious vote counting”

Nicolle Wallace discusses the final messages delivered by both Democrats and Republicans – and their impact on voters – in the days ahead of the midterm elections, how the Justice Department will be tackling voter intimidation at the ballot box and more. Joined by: Claire McCaskill, David Jolly, John Harris, Frank Figliuzzi, Jaime Harrison, Glenn Kirschner, Mark Elias, Donna Edwards, Charlie Sykes, Mara Gay, Rep. Abigail Spanberger, Tia Mitchell and Yamiche Alcindor.


"A surge in one of the oldest forms of hate”

Nicolle Wallace discusses how the rise in anti-Semitism is fueling the rise in political violence, Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s first words since the attack on her husband, how voter intimidation is on the rise as we approach the midterm elections and more. Joined by: George Selim, Pete Strzok, Ben Rhodes, Luke Broadwater, Donna Edwards, Tim Miller, Mark Elias, Jen Psaki, Michael Cohen, Andrew Weissmann, Keith Beauchamp and Rev. Al Sharpton.


“You can't love your country only when you win”

Nicolle Wallace discusses President Biden’s speech just steps away from the Capitol tackling the fate of democracy, the potentially major new stakes for the ex-president in the federal criminal investigation into his handling of sensitive classified documents, a conversation with Whoopi Goldberg about her new movie, “Till,” and more. Joined by: Nick Corasaniti, Mary McCord, Rick Stengel, A.B. Stoddard, Mike Schmidt, Glenn Kirschner, Rep. Zoe Lofgren, Joy Reid, Alexi McCammond, Whoopi...


“Threats that loom over our democracy”

Nicolle Wallace previews President Biden’s speech about democracy in Philadelphia, the GOP’s rhetoric heading into the midterm elections, the latest on the Mar-a-Lago documents investigation and more. Joined by: Luke Broadwater, Miles Taylor, Frank Figliuzzi, Mallory McMorrow, Jackie Alemany, Harry Litman, Matt Dowd, Cornell Belcher, Yamiche Alcindor, Jena Griswold, Barbara McQuade and David Rothkopf.


"The prevalence of disinformation as a political weapon"

Nicolle Wallace discusses the specter of political violence heading into the midterm elections and the conspiracy theories spreading about the attack on Paul Pelosi, Liz Cheney’s endorsement of yet another Democrat, a conversation with DC Metropolitan Police Officer Michael Fanone and more. Joined by: Ben Collins, Charlie Sykes, Frank Figliuzzi, Claire McCaskill, Mike Schmidt, Michael Fanone, Rep. Eric Swalwell, Ari Berman and Igor Novikov.