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Drawing on years of experience as communications chief for President George W. Bush and senior advisor for the McCain-Palin campaign, Nicolle Wallace provides political insight and clarity on where the decision-makers stand on complex issues. Join her for analysis and discussion with the key newsmakers every weekday.

Drawing on years of experience as communications chief for President George W. Bush and senior advisor for the McCain-Palin campaign, Nicolle Wallace provides political insight and clarity on where the decision-makers stand on complex issues. Join her for analysis and discussion with the key newsmakers every weekday.





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Drawing on years of experience as communications chief for President George W. Bush and senior advisor for the McCain-Palin campaign, Nicolle Wallace provides political insight and clarity on where the decision-makers stand on complex issues. Join her for analysis and discussion with the key newsmakers every weekday.




“Call it the great unraveling”

Claire McCaskill and Jason Johnson, in for Nicolle Wallace, discuss the mounting evidence that refutes GOP talking points on January 6th. Plus, Republicans shoot down Sen. Manchin’s voting rights compromise, the effort to vaccinate rural communities, the fight against Republican efforts to suppress the vote in Pennsylvania, a look at covid breakthrough infections, and the first national observance of Juneteenth. Joined by: Andrew Weissmann, Reverend Al Sharpton, Philip Bump, Doug Jones,...


"This is progress, this is absolutely progress"

Nicolle Wallace discusses signs of bipartisanship in Washington. Plus, a congressman refuses to shake hands with a DC police officer who was injured on January 6th, Cher’s new initiative to provide vaccines to underserved communities, the ongoing battle over voting rights, the GOP’s love for law enforcement is called into question, and Juneteenth is established as a new federal holiday. Joined by: Claire McCaskill, Harry Litman, Jason Johnson, Phil Rucker, Clint Watts, Dr. Irwin Redlener,...


"The proof is in the pudding”

Nicolle Wallace discusses Biden and Putin holding a summit in Geneva. Plus, the Justice Department ends its criminal inquiry into John Bolton’s book, the GOP attempts to change the narrative around January 6th, prosecutors have obtained the personal tax returns of the Trump Organization's CFO, Republicans echo similar talking points to Putin, and emails show pressure was put on an Atlanta U.S. attorney days before he resigned. Joined by: Amb. Michael McFaul, Ben Rhodes, Jeremy Bash, Charlie...


"Walking a fine line"

Nicolle Wallace discusses new documents that show Trump pressured his Justice Department to challenge the election results. Plus, available next steps for Democrats to investigate January 6th, Biden boosting female and minority representation on the federal courts, Democratic state lawmakers from Texas travel to Capitol Hill to fight for voting rights, the White House releases a strategy to combat domestic extremism, Biden set to meet with Russian President Putin tomorrow, and the latest...


“Intermission from the crazy”

Nicolle Wallace discusses President Biden reaffirming the country’s commitment to NATO following his press conference at the summit. Plus, the Trump Justice Department seized record of members of Trump's own administration, Republicans continue their efforts to restrict voting, Vladimir Putin sits down for an interview ahead of his meeting with Biden, the case to prosecute former President Trump, and new developments in the prosecution of Capitol rioters. Joined by: Michael McFaul, Claire...


“All hands on deck”

Nicolle Wallace discusses new reporting in the New York Times detailing how the Tump-era Justice Department seized the phone and email records of Democrats in Congress. Plus, Attorney General Merrick Garland announces the steps his Justice Department will take to protect voting rights, the harassment facing election workers across the country, new conspiracy charges in the Capitol riot investigation, and America's return to the world stage. Joined by: Michael Schmidt, Andrew Weissmann, Neal...


“A clown with a flamethrower still has a flamethrower”

Nicolle Wallace discusses Republicans from other states going to Arizona to check out its controversial audit of 2020 ballots. Plus, the U.S. is set to donate 500M covid vaccines to countries in need, the FBI Director testifies before Congress following the Senate’s report on 1/6, Rep. Val Demings is set to take on Marco Rubio for a U.S. Senate seat, Biden will meet with Russian President Putin next week, the case for prosecuting Trump, a new twist in the mystery of the Havana Syndrome, and...


“Putting the band back together”

Nicolle Wallace discusses Biden looking to reassert the U.S.’s role as he begins his first overseas trip. Plus, Attorney General Garland faces questions over Trump-era decisions, Biden secures his first two judicial confirmations, the fight to investigate what happened on January 6th, the GOP’s revisionist history of the insurrection, a report that shows the nation’s wealthiest paid little in income taxes, and what to do to honor Pride month. Joined by: Mike Memoli, A.B. Stoddard, Rick...


“So many unanswered questions”

Nicolle Wallace discusses a Senate report on January 6th that highlights the security failures leading up to that day. Plus, Sen. Manchin meets with civil rights leaders after announcing his decision to not support the Democrats' voting rights bill, why Biden’s DOJ is defending Donald Trump, the risks surrounding Trump’s grip on his party, a 1/6 rioter says he was deceived by lies, the vice president is in Latin America, and an alarming new instance of vaccine disinformation. Joined by:...


“A contradiction wrapped in a conundrum”

Nicolle Wallace discusses Senator Joe Manchin vowing he will not support legislation that doesn’t have bipartisan support and what that means for voting rights. Plus, the vice president makes her first overseas trip, a judge in California overturns the state’s 32-year-long assault weapons ban, new reporting reveals how Trump’s chief of staff pressured the Justice Department to investigate election conspiracy theories, a January 6th rioter says he has no regrets, Biden set to meet with Putin...


“All is not lost”

Nicolle Wallace discusses the commitment by Republicans to block President Biden’s popular agenda. Plus, Facebook bans Donald Trump for 2 years, Capitol Police officers speak out about January 6th, the increasing threat of cyberattacks, Arizona’s phony ballot audit, a new government report on UFOs, and new developments in the criminal investigation into the Trump Organization Joined by: Garrett Haake, Donna Edwards, Sam Stein, Rep. Madeleine Dean, Scott MacFarlane, Clint Watts, Chris Krebs,...


“They’ll have to go through me”

Nicolle Wallace discusses reporting that Pennslyvania Republicans are calling for an audit in their state similar to what’s happening in Arizona. Plus, a second January 6th rioter has reached a plea deal with the Justice Department, the White House is set to send millions of covid vaccines overseas, yet another news outlet finds out the Trump Justice Department sought records from its reporters, new legal trouble for Rep. Matt Gaetz, and the NFL says it will stop a racist practice called...


"We’re starting to see some melting out here”

Nicolle Wallace discusses Biden’s high approval on a range of issues. Plus, the president calls June ‘a month of action’ in getting more people vaccinated, an opposition coalition in Israel says it has reached a deal to oust Prime Minister Netanyahu, the tie between authoritarianism abroad and extremism at home, the continued fight for voting rights, why it’s too soon to declare victory against Covid-19, and the FEC punishes the National Enquirer for its Trump hush-money payment. Joined by:...


“Different tentacles of this scary beast”

Nicolle Wallace discusses Texas Democrats blocking the passage of a restrictive voting bill. Plus, Biden becomes the first sitting president to visit Tulsa, Oklahoma to mark the anniversary of the race massacre there, the national security consequences of the Big Lie, and the indictment of 4 more members of the Oath Keepers for their roles in an alleged conspiracy to attack the Capitol on January 6th. Joined by: Claire McCaskill, Matthew Dowd, Jason Johnson, Kim Atkins Stohr, Trymaine Lee,...


"The truth is going to come out eventually"

Nicolle Wallace discusses Senate Republicans voting to block the formation of a January 6th commission. Plus, the DHS warns of the potential for racially-motivated violence in Tulsa, Texas is about to sign a voter suppression bill into law, another cyber attack here in the U.S., a new federal criminal investigation involving Rudy Giuliani and disinformation, Jan. 6th rioters’ ties to the military, and more legal trouble for the Trump Organization Joined by: Olivia Troye, Rep. Madeline Dean,...


“Raising this alligator in the bathtub”

Nicolle Wallace discusses Republicans set to block the bill creating a January 6th commission. Plus, Wisconsin becomes the latest state hunting for election fraud, the divide in Congress on gun control, new covid infections fall by double digits for the fifth week in a row, the status of talks between Biden and Republicans on infrastructure, and how Trump in 2008 tried to stop a congressional investigation by attempting to bribe a senator. Joined by: Luke Broadwater, Michael Steele, David...


"What breaks the fever"

Nicolle Wallace discusses the feeling in Trumpworld in the wake of the news that the Manhattan DA has convened a special grand jury. Plus, the mother of fallen Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick urges Senate Republicans to support a 1/6 commission, the latest out of San Jose where a public transit employee opened fired at co-workers killing at least 8, Michigan's Secretary of State warns against audits, a new Texas bill would drop most restrictions around handguns, Biden asks his intel...


“We just can’t let the parade move on”

Nicolle Wallace discusses the state of policing reform one year after George Floyd’s murder. Plus, a freshman Republican congresswoman doubles and triples down on anti-Semitic comments, a head-scratching decision by the Justice Department, more hopeful news on vaccine effectiveness in kids, and new reporting that the Manhattan District Attorney has convened a grand jury in its criminal probe into the Trump Organization. Joined by: Reverend Al Sharpton, Yamiche Alcindor, Paul Butler, Olivia...


"Grasping on to a very skinny tree"

Nicolle Wallace discusses the Republican war against democracy opening up another front in Georgia. Plus, the National Guard troops deployed at the Capitol since Jan. 6 head home, reporting that the Commerce Department collected information on hundreds of Americans, a witness from Trump’s first impeachment sues the U.S. government and Mike Pompeo, the rise in anti-Semitic attacks in the U.S., the leader of Belarus forces down a commercial airline to arrest an opposition journalist, tomorrow...


"Not my first rodeo”

Nicolle Wallace discusses the growing radicalization within the GOP and threats of violence. Plus, the disturbing rise of anti-Semitic attacks, Ted Cruz suggesting the U.S. military is “too woke”, the latest on the ceasefire in the Middle East, the quiet and relentless strategy of President Biden, signs that covid is retreating, and plans to reopen schools. Joined by: Denver Riggleman, Clint Watts, Anna Palmer, Jonathan Greenblatt, Charlie Sykes, Paul Rieckhoff, Richard Engel, Rick Stengel,...