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Post Reports is the daily podcast from The Washington Post. Unparalleled reporting. Expert insight. Clear analysis. Everything you’ve come to expect from the newsroom of The Post. For your ears. Martine Powers is your host, asking the questions you didn’t know you wanted answered.

Post Reports is the daily podcast from The Washington Post. Unparalleled reporting. Expert insight. Clear analysis. Everything you’ve come to expect from the newsroom of The Post. For your ears. Martine Powers is your host, asking the questions you didn’t know you wanted answered.


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Post Reports is the daily podcast from The Washington Post. Unparalleled reporting. Expert insight. Clear analysis. Everything you’ve come to expect from the newsroom of The Post. For your ears. Martine Powers is your host, asking the questions you didn’t know you wanted answered.






Shopping under the influence

Shane Harris talks about the lingering threat of Russian election interference and how the administration is responding. Abha Bhattarai on a new gimmick from retailers. And Gillian Brockell and Jessica Contrera on the CIA’s rebellious neighbors. Read more: President Trump chooses a new acting director of national intelligence, following revelations that Russia wants President Trump reelected. Boozy shopping is a thing now. Find out why stores like Whole Foods and Nordstrom are hooked. In...


Kids are using Trump’s words to bully their classmates

Michael Scherer on the heated Nevada Democratic debate. And John Woodrow Cox andHannah Natanson talk about how President Trump’s rhetoric has affected bullying in American schools. Read more: Mike Bloomberg made his prime-time debut at the Democratic debate in Las Vegas — and he didn’t get a warm welcome from the other candidates. The president’s rhetoric has changed the way hundreds of children are harassed in American classrooms. Subscribe to The Washington Post:


ICE is using therapy notes to deport young immigrants

Hannah Dreier on how Immigration and Customs Enforcement uses therapists’ notes to keep young immigrants detained. Damian Paletta discusses how the coronavirus is affecting American companies. And Ishaan Tharoor on the Nordic governing Bernie Sanders loves so much. Read more: Notes from therapists who work with Immigration and Customs Enforcement can be used against detained young immigrants in court. The coronavirus is disrupting manufacturing in China. That’s not great for American...


The profane ‘wit and wisdom’ of Mike Bloomberg

Political investigative reporter Michael Kranish on Mike Bloomberg’s long history of alleged sexism and profanity. And Travis DeShong describes a new kind of card game meant to make even people at dinner parties more vulnerable. Read more: Newly uncovered documents show Mike Bloomberg’s long history of alleged sexism and profanity in the workplace. Don’t like people, or even yourself? Try a vulnerability card game. Subscribe to The Washington Post:


The loves and scandals of President Harding

Steamy love letters. Jazz. Scandal. Psychics. Newspapers. The Hope Diamond. In this Presidents’ Day special from Post Reports, we revisit an episode of The Post’s “Presidential” podcast with host Lillian Cunningham. Cunningham and Nicole Hemmer of the University of Virginia's Miller Center helps guide us through the wild life and presidency of Warren G. Harding — and the interesting connection between his presidency and The Washington Post. Read more: Listen and learn more by checking out...


How a non-binary teen claimed their identity

Tara Bahrampour on what coming of age looks like for a non-binary teen. And, revisiting the wisdom of George Washington with historian Doris Kearns Goodwin. Read more: Becoming Eli: Getting their parents to accept their new name means everything to this non-binary teen. The wisdom of the first president, with Doris Kearns Goodwin, who spoke with Lillian Cunningham, host of The Post’s “Presidential” podcast. Subscribe to The Washington Post:


Coronavirus: An epidemic of misinformation

Kim Bellware on how disinformation about the coronavirus is spreading online. Danielle Paquette on the drawdown of Firestone’s factories in Liberia, where the tire company has been central to the economy. And Rick Maese takes us inside a Tokyo dojo. Read more: As the coronavirus spreads, so does disinformation about the outbreak, stoking fears and racism. The tire company Firestone has a long, complicated history with Liberia. The drawdown of its factories is devastating workers there and...


The politicization of the Justice Department

Today on Post Reports, Matt Zapotosky reports on the fight for independence within the Justice Department after Attorney General William P. Barr intervened in the sentencing guidelines for Roger Stone. Political reporter Aaron Blake breaks down the New Hampshire primary results, and what they mean for the Democrat’s race for the White House. And columnist Monica Hesse says that questions of Elizabeth Warren’s electability are a self-fulfilling prophecy for her supporters. Read more: Four...


The CIA’s ‘coup of the century’

Greg Miller on how governments all over the world got played by the CIA. Simon Denyer and Lenny Bernstein on the increasingly desperate situation aboard the cruise ship Diamond Princess. And Griff Witte says there are few signs of President Trump’s “blue-collar boom’ in New Hampshire’s poorest city. Read more: ‘The intelligence coup of the century’: For decades, the CIA read the encrypted communications of allies and adversaries. The increasingly desperate situation aboard the cruise ship...


What Trump’s company charges the Secret Service

Eugene Scott weighs the stakes of Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary. David Fahrenthold reports on what Trump’s companies are charging the government. And Teddy Amenabar reflects on the gendered perceptions of 2-in-1 shampoos. Read more: narrow the fieldpeople who have seen the receiptsmay be undeserved Subscribe to The Washington Post:


‘Unshackled and unleashed’: Trump, post-acquittal

Today on Post Reports, Philip Rucker describes what the presidency could look like post-impeachment. And ahead of Sunday’s Academy Awards, Sarah Hashemi considers whether gendered categories should be eliminated from award shows. Read more: Historians and legal experts say President Trump’s acquittal could have profound ramifications for what future presidents consider permissible conduct. The Oscars have a gender problem. Non-binary actors have some solutions. Subscribe to The...


The race to find a cure for the coronavirus

Today on Post Reports, Anna Fifield describes the eerie emptiness that has taken hold across China under the threat of the coronavirus. David Lynch reports on the epidemic’s impact on the global economy. Carolyn Johnson explains the hurdles disease specialists are facing in creating a vaccine for the virus. And Justin George on Bernie Madoff’s plea for “compassionate release.” Read more: Major Chinese cities are becoming quiet ghost towns, as residents lock themselves away from the threat...


Iowa and the future of election technology

Today on Post Reports: Tony Romm on the makers of the app that set back the results of the Iowa caucuses. Samantha Schmidt describes how sex education classes in some states are reacting to the #MeToo era. And Mike DeBonis on a surprise moment in the Senate impeachment trial. Read more: An untested app rolled out and broke down during the Iowa caucuses. Read more about the company that delivered it. Propelled by the #MeToo movement, a growing number of states are mandating consent be...


Inside the chaos of the Iowa caucuses

Today on Post Reports, Jenna Johnson explains the result delays at the Iowa caucuses. Juliet Eilperin fills us in on the many environmental policy changes we’ve missed while distracted by impeachment and the election. And Abha Bhattarai on the mindful appeal of Legos. Read more: An epic breakdown in Iowa shines a spotlight on the caucus system as a whole. While impeachment and the election have held our attention, President Trump has dismantled age-old policies in the environmental world...


The new targets of Trump’s travel ban

Today on Post Reports, national reporter Abigail Hauslohner outlines the expansion of President Trump’s travel ban. Beth Reinhard looks into how presidential pardoning has evolved under Trump. And Dan Balz explores whether a president can be impeached more than once. Read more: President Trump’s expanded travel ban has been blasted by Democrats as “clearly discriminatory” against people from predominantly black and Muslim nations. In his first three years of office, Trump issued a...


How do caucuses work, anyway?

Kayla Epstein explains the chaotic, confusing, bizarre process that is the Iowa caucuses. And political reporter Aaron Blake tells us how the GOP succeeded in blocking witnesses in the Senate impeachment trial. Read more: Kayla Epstein explains how the 2020 primaries begin, with the “giant game of musical chairs” that is the Iowa caucuses. Aaron Blake on Republicans blocking witnesses. Subscribe to The Washington Post:


Is the White House ready for the new coronavirus?

Lena Sun and Yasmeen Abutaleb explain the dangers of the coronavirus outbreak. Amber Phillips talks about that moment with Rand Paul. And Michelle Ye Hee Lee on the Trump donors who are going from zero to 60 with big contributions. Read more: Impeachment questions come to an end with little resolved. Lena Sun and Yasmeen Abutaleb on the panic surrounding the coronavirus. Michelle Ye Hee Lee covers the people throwing hundreds of thousands of dollars at Trump. Subscribe to The Washington...


Majority of black Americans call Trump 'racist'

Aaron Blake says the debate over whether to call witnesses still hangs over the impeachment trial. Vanessa Williams reports on why 8 in 10 black Americans say President Trump is racist. And many questions remain as Britain prepares to leave the E.U. Read more: All eyes are on the moderate Republicans as the Senate impeachment trial enters a new phase. Most black Americans say Trump is “racist.” Impending Brexit leaves loose ends. Subscribe to The Washington Post:...


Who’s paying for Trump’s lawyers?

As the president’s impeachment defense rests, Ann Marimow explains who is paying for his lawyers. Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro tells The Post's Anthony Faiola that he's still firmly in control. And Marian Liu on the branding genius of K-pop group BTS. Read more: Who is paying for Trump’s defense in the impeachment trial? Reporter Anthony Faiola sat down with Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro. BTS is more than a K-pop group. It’s a booming business. Subscribe to The Washington...


The Bolton question hangs over impeachment trial

Today on Post Reports, political reporter Aaron Blake breaks down President Trump’s impeachment defense. Kyle Swenson explains the cluster of HIV cases in West Virginia. And sports columnist Jerry Brewer reflects on Kobe Bryant’s stardom on and off the court, as well as his sexual assault case. Read more: Read live impeachment trial updates.Read how people are trying to treat these cases.Read about his life from sports columnist Jerry Brewer. Subscribe to The Washington Post:...