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The Rick Smith Show is a labor radio program from Central Pennsylvania. The show covers state and local politics and national issues.

The Rick Smith Show is a labor radio program from Central Pennsylvania. The show covers state and local politics and national issues.


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The Rick Smith Show is a labor radio program from Central Pennsylvania. The show covers state and local politics and national issues.



Scott Dworkin, co-founder Democratic Coalition @funder @TheDemCoalition Khary Penebaker, Treasurer DNC Black Caucus @kharyp Pedro da Costa, Senior Reporter at Market News, columnist for Forbes and MarketWatch @pdacosta Bob Ney, Political Analyst/Former OH Congressman @BobNey


Scott Dworkin: Trump found out about this virus as early as Dec. and did nothing. He lied when asked about it. He kept people on cruise ships to make the numbers look lower. Over 100,000 people have died & he claims that as a victory. @funder @TheDemCoalition


Khary Penebaker: Racism didn't just turn on when Trump became President; it's been here for years and years and years. @kharyp


Pedro da Costa: It's not surprising, given that we've shut down the economy. The reason it got so bad in the first place was because of a lack of leadership & a lack of a sense of urgency in the gov't to address what we're facing. @pdacosta


Bob Ney: Trump is known for his tweets, and that's what he likes. He wants to push around & bully the networks themselves. If he weren't the President, they would have taken him off Twitter long ago. @BobNey


Sarah Riggs Amico, GA Senatorial Candidate @SarahRiggsAmico Daniel Stone, Terminated by @DollarGeneral @DanielGStone Dr. Kelly Sennholz @MtnMD #CoronavirusPandemic #CoronaVirusUpdate PA State Rep Pat Harkins @PaHouseDems Michael Muscato, Congressional Candidate AZ-8 @michael_muscato @NDLB2020


Sarah Riggs Amico:It's important, as a business person, to explain why univ. healthcare is so important to businesses. In the U.S., healthcare costs take up 7% of costs,& we're competing w/ employers in other countries w/o that cost b/c they have univ. healthcare @SarahRiggsAmico


Daniel Stone: Corporate doesn't like their own speaking out against what's going on in their stores. I started asking about paid sick leave & hazard pay that @DollarGeneral employees should be given. @DanielGStone


Dr. Kelly Sennholz: Solidarity is the word of the day. Right now, as we're talking, protesters have shut down I-25 in Denver [to protest treatment of George Floyd]. I'm so proud of them. @MtnMD #CoronavirusPandemic #CoronaVirusUpdate


PA State Rep Pat Harkins: I was alerted yesterday when a person in the media called for my reaction to a member of the PA House testing positive for COVID who hid his illness. I was exposed; how many people may I have unknowingly infected, incl my high-risk sister? @PaHouseDems


Michael Muscato: The issue I'll die on is making sure my kids have a better life than I have. I want to make sure my kids have access to a good education & access to healthcare. @michael_muscato @NDLB2020


@sarahkendzior @gaslitnation@PhilGlover15 @AFGENational @3Afge@deutsch29blog @BadassTeachersA @BobNey


Sarah Kendzior: People should be alarmed by Trump's executive order to regulate social media. I've been expecting an attack on free speech, an attack on social media, if Trump were to be "installed" for another 4 yrs, but maybe that's coming sooner. @sarahkendzior @gaslitnation


Phil Glover: We've been having trouble getting federal agencies to acknowledge that people have contracted COVID-19 on the job; the agencies are fighting us on workers comp. @PhilGlover15 @AFGENational @3Afge


Mercedes Schneider: I wrote my latest book after teaching colleagues how to conduct research, how to find publicly-available information. I had so much information I'd need to write a I did. @deutsch29blog @BadassTeachersA


Bob Ney: I think censorship is in the eye of the beholder; I think both sides have censored at will. If you or I had done 1/10th of the nature of the tweets Trump has, we'd be in Twitter Jail, as I call it. @BobNey


Michael Linden, Executive Director, Groundwork Collaborative @MichaelSLinden Eric LeCompte, Executive Director, Jubilee USA Network @Eric_LeCompte @JubileeUSA Jennifer Cohn, Election Integrity Advocate and writer @jennycohn1 Rob Anderson, Congressional Candidate LA-03 @RobAnderson2018


Michael Linden: Most Americans don't own stock, including in retirement accounts. What happens in the stock market doesn't reflect what's in real peoples' lives. @MichaelSLinden @Groundwork


Eric LeCompte: Jubilee USA was founded in mid 1990's to work on how global economic policies affect the poorest, most vulnerable people in the world. @Eric_LeCompte @JubileeUSA


Jennifer Cohn: I want to know who the vendors are who will be counting absentee ballots, and that should be done in public. @jennycohn1 #ProtectOurVotes #PaperBallotsNow #HandMarkedPaperBallots