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Lukeville closure is a standoff between the White House and CBP

The federal government’s closure of a key port of entry has upset politicians on both sides of the aisle. Our Friday NewsCap panelists analyze that and the rest of the week’s top stories. Plus, the allure of the West — and the dangers of building a national identity on a myth. That and more on The Show.


A judge's ruling on water use puts the future of Fort Huachuca in jeopardy

A ruling from a federal judge could affect the long-term future of Fort Huachuca in Southern Arizona. Does the military base have enough water to continue operating? Plus, a new survey says Americans actually want bigger families. That and more on The Show.


University of Arizona leaders told this college to spend more money. Now it's $20M in the hole

University of Arizona President Robert Robbins is promising big cuts in response to a $240 million budget miscalculation. We’ll hear why many faculty members are questioning the school’s priorities. Plus, what happens when teens break the rules in their group chats? That and more on The Show.


Nationwide drought drove up beef prices, and Arizona's small ranchers are grateful

Beef prices are up and industry insiders don’t expect them to go down anytime soon. We'll hear how that’s affecting Arizona ranchers. Plus, could a re-imagined project in Chandler provide a guide for building more affordable housing? That and more on The Show.


In a tense moment for free speech, here's how Arizona's college campuses rank

Free speech on college campuses is again an intense topic of conversation. A national advocate shares what they’re seeing in Arizona. Plus, tackling the topics of sex and sovereignty with large format portraiture. That and more on The Show.


Remembering Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, first woman on the U.S. Supreme Court

Sandra Day O’Connor, the first female justice of the United States Supreme Court and a pioneer in Arizona politics died today in Phoenix. She was 93 years old. Today on The Show, we look back on the life and legacy of Justice O’Connor.


Western states are demolishing dams. This observer says Glen Canyon Dam's days are numbered

With all of the attention on water supplies in the West, more conversation has centered on the future of dams. We’ll hear why one observer thinks dams will start to come down across the region. Plus, our Staying Power series continues with an artist who has been instrumental in the Phoenix scene for decades. That and more on The Show.


The difficulty — and opportunity — in diagnosing psychosis in young people

Serious mental illnesses like schizophrenia can be challenging to diagnose in young people. But one local clinic finds and treats teens with the disorder before their brains are too damaged. Plus — got a white beard? Why demand for Santas is way up this holiday season. That and more on The Show.


This AirBnb-style app lets EV owners rent out their charging stations

There are a lot of efforts to encourage more Americans to buy electric cars. A local startup is trying to connect EV drivers with private chargers. Plus, a security expert who says we should all get used to bringing clear plastic bags with us to events. That and more on The Show.


Could the federal government take over the Phoenix Police Department?

The Phoenix Police Department is bracing for the result of the Department of Justice investigation into its tactics. Concerns swirl about the federal government essentially taking over the department. Plus, beloved TV star Lidia Bastianich on cooking with her family and the simplicity of the best recipes. That and more on The Show.


This 5th-generation Arizonan hiked 'Rim to River' and wrote a love letter to our misunderstood state

A fifth-generation Arizona writer walked across the state to understand it better for his newest book, “Rim to River.” We'll hear from some of our favorite authors about their latest work — from the unsustainability of American motherhood to how we have more in common with octopuses than we may think. That and more on The Show.


Mesa's economic development director is retiring after 16 years of growth

Mesa has grown exponentially over the last few decades, and now one of the people key to its growth is retiring. We’ll hear from a former Mesa official about its evolution. Plus, the Territorial Cup is this weekend — we’ll meet some former mascots who experienced the ASU-UA rivalry firsthand. Than and more on The Show.


The U.S. undocumented immigrant population is less Mexican than ever

The population of undocumented immigrants is becoming more diverse and less Mexican. Immigrants from El Salvador, India and Guatemala are on the rise. Plus, the etiquette of saying thank you — either in-person or in a note. That and more on The Show.


Texas passed its own version of SB 1070. Now Mexico is pushing back

The Texas Legislature has passed a law that’s reminiscent of Arizona’s own controversial immigration measure SB 1070. Now Mexico's government says it “categorically rejects” the policy. Plus, from Taylor Swift to Snoopy — here’s what you can talk about at the Thanksgiving table without things getting ugly. That and more on The Show.


Kirsten Sinema could hand the Senate race to 'lunatic' Kari Lake

Some Arizona lawmakers say they have a plan to give teachers a pay raise. Our Friday NewsCap panelists analyze the week’s top stories. Plus, a look at how influential courts are in deciding the future of abortion. That and more on The Show.


Gen Z is moving away from traditional religion, but that doesn't mean they aren't spiritual

Surveys have shown younger Americans say they’re not as religious as previous generations. We’ll hear why one expert thinks we may be asking the wrong questions. Plus, our series Staying Power continues with a fashion curator who put our city on the map. That and more on The Show.


How Arizona's roads could change to accommodate autonomous trucks

As we face ongoing drought in the West and a drier future, one Hopi farmer is doing things differently. We'll hear how ancient practices can grow crops — without any irrigation. Plus, why New Mexico has become a haven for transgender "refugees." That and more on The Show.


Republican lawmakers' plan to raise teacher pay: Bring back Prop. 123

Republican lawmakers want to resurrect Prop 123 to give teachers in Arizona a $4,000 raise. Will it be enough to keep teachers in the state? Plus, ASU athletic director Ray Anderson is stepping down after nearly a decade. That and more on The Show.


Doctors are making it harder for Arizona kids to get vaccinated. Here's why

A new CDC report shows Arizona has some of the lowest rates of kids getting vaccinated in the country. Why one expert says it’s all about ease, and in Arizona lots of doctors make it harder. Plus, what one species can tell us about climate-related extinctions. That and more on The Show.


What Ohio's 2023 election tells us about Arizona in 2024

Ohio voters have decided to protect abortion rights in the state constitution, and Arizonans may decide a similar issue next year. Our Friday NewsCap panelists analyze that and the rest of the week’s top stories. Plus, the world of unregulated online betting on everything from elections to wars. That and more on The Show.