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🎧 The Fundamental Transformation of American Culture – Viewpoint Presents

We are seeing some pretty radical changes to the American way of life. Is it progress OR is it transformation by indoctrination? We know the education system has become the breeding-ground for this transformation, but what about the entertainment industry and the media - what kind of impact are they having? Has this transformation hijacked our educational system and media? The latest findings from the Pew Research Center have the US in 38th place out of 71 countries when it comes to math...


🎧 The Truth About Climate Change – Viewpoint Presents

2018 Is Shaping Up to Be the Fourth-Hottest Year. Yet We’re Still Not Prepared for Global Warming - reports the New York Times. Another headline from ABC News reads, 'Undeniable link to climate change' in California's fire season, expert says. The headlines in linking climate change to disaster made by man are many - yet the explanations are often hollow and the truth may be difficult to find amongst the noise and empty rhetoric. There are many unanswered questions like: Why did America...


🎧 The Tipping Point of Immigration – Viewpoint Presents Sovereignty vs Compassion

It’s not a question of immigration, but more so it is a question of illegal entry crossing the borders and violating a nation's sovereignty and the rule of law. Yet when we try to maintain these precepts - adversaries talk of racism, lack of compassion, denial of our fundamental virtues as a country. Immigration of the 19th and 20th century led to assimilation and integration of people across the country. Fact is, over the years this singular point was arguably the biggest virtue of...


🎧 The Fight for the Soul of America – Viewpoint Presents Socialism

We are in a fight for the Soul of America. Will we become even more divided as a red America and a blue America? Do we have a chance of bringing 'the people' together and what will it take? The news is discouraging. When was the last time you left a news program feeling good about society or yourself? Exactly. It never happens. I feel your pain friends. I experience the same pain. This Special 10 Part Series is a project I've been wanting to do for some time now. Over the next 10 weeks, we...


🎧 A Humanitarian Crisis, An International Murder & More News Media Lies, Lies, Lies

Viewpoint This Sunday - Nothing to see here friends. No caravans, no invasion, just the Tijuana Mayor crying for help due to a humanitarian crisis at the border that has overrun his community. More media lies, including their newfound outrage in the way that Saudi Arabia deals with citizens who cross them. The common thread you can take from all these top stories is that the News Media Lies, Lies, Lies, and more Lies! BIG SHOW TODAY and every Sunday 10 AM EST with an Encore Presentation at...


🎧 Judge Blocks Trump, AG Whitaker Fury, Prison Reform, Journey with Trump & Thanksgiving Table Talk

Viewpoint, The MidWeek Report - Some might call it dysfunctional, others a loving tribute to the Bundy Family. A Thanksgiving talk that is sure to open minds and hearts alike. We are also honored to welcome Sid Bowdidge to the table and to tell us about his incredible journey with President Trump. Oh, and not to worry, we have the Top News Stories covered as well. Subscribe to Viewpoint on Apple Podcasts by clicking here. Judge Blocks Trump, AG Whitaker Fury & Prison Reform A powerhouse of...


🎧 Schumer, Facebook Follies via the NYT and Benefits of an Open Border & The New USSR

Viewpoint This Sunday - A powerful panel starts the discussion at the top of the show on the Acosta media circus and the explosive story of Facebook and Chuck Schumer. We'll take a different view of immigration and borders, along with a big talk on Socialism in America. BIG SHOW TODAY and every Sunday 10 AM EST with an Encore Presentation at 6 PM on America Out Loud Talk Radio. Listen on-demand after 1 PM on Sunday on Podcast Networks Worldwide. Subscribe to Viewpoint on Apple Podcasts by...


🎧 The American Education System Gone Awry & The Changing Landscape of Border States

Viewpoint, The MidWeek Report - An important broadcast to be shared with everyone. There are two factors that will have a major impact on future elections; the first, our education system, and the second, our immigration policies, or lack thereof. These will impact the country you love friends - so we all need to get onboard in understanding the problems and then get serious in how to change the trajectory of a future that nobody should want! Subscribe to Viewpoint on Apple Podcasts by...


🎧 Sessions Out, Election Disputes, Mass Shootings, Mental Illness and Gun-Free Zones

Viewpoint This Sunday - A big powerful program on what is behind these mass shootings and the steps we can and should take to change the trajectory of a society that is losing control. Antifa strikes again - this time at Tucker Carlson's home. What about a RICO Investigation on the domestic terror front and a Task Force on these Mass Shootings. BIG SHOW TODAY and every Sunday 10 AM EST with an Encore Presentation at 6 PM on America Out Loud Talk Radio. Listen on-demand after 1 PM on Sunday...


🎧 Americans Choose Divided Government and Winners & Losers of the Midterms

Viewpoint, The MidWeek Report If the White House want that border wall? They best try to get it done before the New Year confetti is swept up. Eliminate birthright citizenship? Get ready for war with an extraordinarily progressive House. There is one game in town for Trump right now: can the President forge a relationship with the House Democratic majority that mostly ran in complete opposition to his agenda. Stay tuned for a most fascinating two years of American politics... Subscribe to...


🎧 America Decides as Ron DeSantis Talks Economy, Socialism, Trump and Absence of the Fourth Estate

Viewpoint This Sunday - Red waves, blue waves, tidal waves, or is it a slow volcanic-rush of burning coal ?!? Hours away and Americans decide the trajectory of the nation. It is by no standards a typical midterm election. Minutes before taking the stage in a final rally in Pensacola, Florida with President Trump, we talked with Ron DeSantis on the state of the race and where it stands at this very moment. Col Jim Waurishuk and Dr. Carol Swain analyze the race in segment two of our program....


🎧 In the Mind of a Terrorist, Saudi Arabia Fallout & Social Media Tech Giants

Viewpoint, The MidWeek Report: Is terrorism the 'new normal'? How do we go about understanding the complexities of the terrorist mindset, and adjust for this new world? Fear plays a great deal into terror, in fact, that is the ultimate goal of terrorism! Also, we will soon find out the damage control needed in the Saudi Arabia relationship. How will this impact the arms deal and other matters? And the Social Medi Tech Giants are at in again with their 'shadow banning' and manipulation of...


🎧 The One Year Anniversary Special Broadcast

It was this exact week back in October 2017, one year ago, when you heard the first Viewpoint This Sunday broadcast. The top news stories that week were, the Uranium One Scandal, Tax Reform, will it pass, and how are folks defining Trumpism and will it work? We continue to bring you the top stories from top experts in their field every Sunday at 10 am est - Just this past month we realized the need for a midweek version of this oustanding news magazine - Every Wednesday at 6 pm est you now...


🎧 Border Chaos & Caravans, Midterm Election and the Saudi – Khashoggi Relationship

Viewpoint This Sunday - Friday Mexican officials tried to stop the caravan at their southern border and chaos erupted, as President Trump demands the caravans be stopped or the US aide will come to a screeching halt. The lawlessness in Portland, Oregon is front and center as fascists take charge of the once peaceful streets of an American city. Also, a conversation on the murder of Journalist Jamal Khashoggi and what is really behind this international scandal. BIG SHOW TODAY and every...


🎧 Lucy Wall Interviews President Trump; What to do with Saudi Arabia; Midterm Madness and MS-13

Viewpoint, The MidWeek Report: In a wide-ranging interview President Trump sat down with Lesley Stahl of 60 Minutes. It was an incredible over-the-top discussion on everything from climate change to the New York Times anonymous Op-Ed; to the alleged murder of the Saudi Journalist. In a first for Viewpoint, The News Magazine - we bring you OUR VERSION of this ridiculous interview inside of 20 minutes. If you like satire, you'll love the dialogue with your Moderator Lucy Wall, played by Ava...


🎧 Pastor Brunson Freed, Kanye West Uproar & A Liberal OR Conservative Perspective of America

Viewpoint This Sunday - The stock market wasn't the only thing that was on a wild ride this week; the accusations; cries for action or violence in some cases from leaders, and an Oval Office visit from Kanye West which had the media both juiced and critical. A Special Feature today is our Political Panel with four women. First you'll hear from two on the Left, and then two on the Right; as we explore some of the top issues facing Americans. Join us every Sunday 10 AM EST with an Encore...


🎧 Haley Out, Kavanaugh In, Rosenstein Safe, First Man Movie & Climate Change ?!?

Viewpoint, The MidWeek Report: Have you heard the one about the blockbuster movie on America's journey to the moon but they forgot the flag? Hard to imagine but all true and the centerpiece of controversy at water coolers everywhere. Surely while we have experts from NASA here we must talk about the recent headlines on the ten year doom scenario circulating the media on the climate change crisis! Today on Viewpoint we will explore all the top stories of the week. Subscribe to Viewpoint on...


🎧 The Resist Movement Psychology, Fed Raises Rates, China Microchips & The 114th Supreme Court Justice

Viewpoint This Sunday - The scene unfolded Saturday afternoon as Kavanaugh was officially being placed on the nation's highest court. Protestors could be heard throughout the halls of Congress, in the Chamber and on television screens from sea to shining sea. We will have extraordinary analysis and coverage of this historical moment and all the top stories on Viewpoint. Join us every Sunday 10 AM EST with an Encore Presentation at 6 PM on America Out Loud Talk Radio. Listen on-demand after 1...


🎧 Canada Deals, China Tension, Kim Lovefest & Is this a Teachable Moment for America?

Viewpoint, The MidWeek Report: There is her truth, his truth and the real truth - isn't that how it goes? What is the meaning of β€œher truth” what are we really looking for here? What kind of standard should we hold people to? Executives, Politicians, Judges, Entertainers? Today on Viewpoint we will explore the impact this is all having on society. Subscribe to Viewpoint on Apple Podcasts by clicking here. This may well be a moment of truth for America... Top Stories of the Week Ilana...


🎧 Congressional Hypocrisy at its Finest Explained, Facebook Breach, Venezuela & Iran Threats

Viewpoint This Sunday - The Kavanaugh confirmation process has both riveted and polarized the nation. Today on Viewpoint we will take a more factual approach to the hearings and all the top stories of the week. Every Sunday 10 AM EST with an Encore Presentation at 6 PM on America Out Loud Talk Radio. Listen on-demand after 1 PM on Sunday on Podcast Networks Worldwide. Subscribe to Viewpoint on Apple Podcasts by clicking here. Look for our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY Program Special this October 28....