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The biggest news and political stories of the day with a commitment to in-depth reporting that consistently seeks to hold our leaders accountable.

The biggest news and political stories of the day with a commitment to in-depth reporting that consistently seeks to hold our leaders accountable.




The biggest news and political stories of the day with a commitment to in-depth reporting that consistently seeks to hold our leaders accountable.




Maddow: Oath Keepers convictions make it harder to whitewash Jan. 6

Guests: Rachel Maddow, Marc Elias, Tim Miller, Jen Psaki, Rep. Mondaire Jones The attorney general underscores the landmark conviction of Trump foot soldiers for conspiring to steal an election. Tonight: Rachel Maddow on this historic decision for the Justice Department—and what it means for the ongoing investigation of Donald Trump. Then - Marc Elias on what could be criminal charges for the rogue Arizona officials trying to steal votes in Cochise County. Plus, checking in on national...


Oath Keepers founder found guilty of seditious conspiracy

Guests: Ryan Reilly, Glenn Kirschner, Barbara McQuade, Asha Rangappa, Adam Serwer, Sen. Bernie Sanders Elmer Stewart Rhodes is found guilty of leading a seditious conspiracy against the United States. Tonight: How the Department of Justice won this rare and historic conviction—and what it means for the broader January 6 investigation that is still not over. Then, Adam Serwer on the ex-president's dangerous association with far-right radicals. And the White House intervention in the looming...


Trump hosts dinner for white supremacist, Kanye West at Mar-a-Lago

Guests: Speaker Rusty Bowers, Will Bunch, Claire McCaskill, Carlos Curbelo, Sen. Amy Klobuchar All but one Arizona county certifies election results, as deniers rage in Maricopa. Tonight, Republican Arizona House Speaker Rusty Bowers on the enduring potency of Donald Trump's Big Lie. Then, what dinner at Mar-a-Lago with Nick Fuentes and Kanye actually says about the far right and the disgraced ex-president. Plus, Kellyanne Conway's surprise five-hour visit with the January 6 committee. And...


Democrat Mary Peltola wins Alaska House race, defeating Sarah Palin

Guests: Harry Litman, Maya Wiley, Michelle Goldberg, Ben Collins, Charles Blow Prosecutors investigating the Trump coup are seeking testimony from the former vice president. Tonight: the new reporting that Mike Pence is considering telling the DOJ what he wouldn't say to the January 6th committee. Then, another brutal mass shooting at a Walmart in Virginia. And Ben Collins on what we're learning about the Club Q shooter in Colorado. Plus, a new run-off controversy for Herschel Walker: Can a...


Two red counties in Arizona refuse to certify elections. That could backfire.

Guests: Adrian Fontes, Marc Elias, Asha Rangappa, Tim Miller, Faiz Shakir Tonight: Lindsey Graham goes under oath about the last Trump attempt to steal an election as MAGA world goes to work in Arizona. Then, the ex-president's fight to keep Mar-a-Lago evidence away from the DOJ has its day in court. And the politics of hate continue in the wake of the Club Q attack as we get new details of the heroism that stopped the massacre.


Schiff: McCarthy’s speakership will be about satisfying the ‘QAnon caucus’

Guests: Chase Strangio, Sarah Kate Ellis, Charlie Savage, Rep. Adam Schiff, Jelani Cobb Tonight: What we know about the mass shooting at a Colorado LGBTQ nightclub. Then, what we're learning about the man who just took over the Trump investigations. Congressman Adam Schiff on the new special counsel and what he expects from Kevin McCarthy. And as primary hopefuls gather for their first unofficial campaign events, what could be the biggest flaw in their plan to stop Donald Trump.


DOJ appoints special counsel to oversee Trump investigations

Guests: Chuck Rosenberg, Carol Lam, Rep. Jamie Raskin, Rep. James Clyburn, Mona Charen, Donna Edwards Merrick Garland appoints a prosecutor to lead the Trump investigations. Tonight: Why now? And what does it means for where these investigations stand? And Rep. James Clyburn on the new Republican majority and new Democratic leadership.


Nancy Pelosi steps down as party leader after two decades

Guests: David Plouffe, Kathryn Sadasivan, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, Tara Setmayer, Stuart Stevens A study in contrasts as a Democratic giant steps aside and the MAGA wing takes power. Then, the lawless redrawing of democracy that yielded a Republican majority—and the explosion in dark money that funded it. And the best evidence yet that his own voters now see Donald Trump as a loser.


Trump’s 2024 announcement was so ‘low energy’ even Fox News cut away

Guests: Tim Miller, Michelle Goldberg, Carlos Curbelo, Marc Elias, Fred Hicks A low energy rollout literally sends supporters running for the exits. Tonight: The diminishing returns of a disgraced ex-president and the coordinated movement to stop him. Then, Marc Elias returns on the successful midterm defense of democracy and where the problems still exist. And the voting isn't over yet—the genuinely high stakes of the Warnock, Walker runoff in Georgia.


‘Twisted echo chamber’: Why voters rejected Trump’s extremist candidates

Guests: Rick Hasen, Jake Sherman, Rep. Pramila Jayapal, Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto, Dan De Luce Leadership fights turn the house and senate upside down. Tonight: A Republican Party in absolute chaos as a disgraced ex-president returns to lead them. Plus, how democracy prevailed in the face of MAGA. And what the Pentagon, the Russians and NATO are saying about an explosion that killed two people over the Ukraine border in Poland.


Romney: Trump is like ‘aging pitcher'—and it’s time to 'get off the mound'

Guests: Steve Kornacki, Rep. Ruben Gallego, Steve Kornacki, Sahil Kapur, Jen Psaki, David Jolly Chris Hayes breaks down the latest vote count out of Arizona, the key races that could decide control of a narrow House majority, the Republican battle over leadership, and Trump’s massive losing streak.


GOP infighting ramps up in wake of midterm losses

Guests: Tim Miller, Jacqueline Alemany, Stuart Stevens, Olivia Troye, Dave Wasserman, Maxwell Alejandro Frost Chris Hayes breaks down the Republican infighting in the wake of their poor midterm performance, the fingers being pointed at the former president, the races that could decide who controls what will be a narrow House majority, and more. Plus, an interview with Gen Z’s first member of Congress.


Three reasons Democrats avoided a red wave in the midterms

Guests: Steve Kornacki, Sarah Longwell, Tara Setmayer, Sen. Cory Booker, Ben Collins, Michelle Goldberg Chris Hayes breaks down the results of Tuesday’s midterm elections, Trump's war on the Murdoch empire and DeSantis, how Democrats avoided a "red wave," the fate of control of Congress, and more.


BONUS: Chris Hayes and the MSNBC Insiders on the Midterms

Lots of results continue coming in from the 2022 midterms. Control of the House and the Senate is still undecided and the outcome will come down to a handful of tight races. As we still await results, we’re sharing a bonus behind the scenes episode as Chris Hayes and MSNBC political insiders break down the elections. Note that this special originally streamed on Peacock.


Chris Hayes: If Republicans win, Trump will be the ‘shadow Speaker of the House’

Guests: Robert Draper, Cornell Belcher, Maria Teresa Kumar, Tom Periello, John Legend Tonight: The return of chaos in American government that's on the ballot in four days. Then, Cornell Belcher on reading the wild variations in last minute election polls. Plus, the Republican candidate who wants "a community-level review process"to decide whether rape victims can get abortions. And direct from the campaign trail with Barack Obama—the one and only John Legend on his midterm message to...


Chris Hayes: 'Vote to preserve your right to throw the bums out'

Guests: Ron Klain, Marc Elias, Joyce Vance, Michelle Goldberg, Mehdi Hassan What happens if the new bums will never let you vote them out. Tonight: White House chief of Staff Ron Klain on defending democracy. Plus, election attorney Marc Elias on where the warning signs are flashing brightest. And the former president's appeal to Republicans to support democracy. And today's big movement in the Mar-a-Lago case where a key figure is now compelled to share what he knows about stolen...


Emails: Trump lawyers saw Justice Thomas as ‘key’ to post-election plan

Guests: Michael Beschloss, Sen. Amy Klobuchar, Ian Bassin, Carol Leonnig, Rep. Katie Porter The President makes the case to preserve democracy as the other political party openly advocates for ending it. Then, the newly leaked Eastman emails and the explicit goal to use Justice Clarence Thomas to overturn the will of the voters. Plus, Carol Leonnig's new reporting on the violent attack targeting the Speaker of the House. And Rep. Katie Porter on why grocery stores, oil companies and others...


The myth of crime as a big-city, blue-state problem

Guests: Jen Psaki, Rick Hasen, Rep. Ruben Gallego, Keith Ellison The horrific attack on Paul Pelosi and the horrific response from the right. Tonight: The mainstream MAGA attempt to false-flag an attack by a suspect who told the FBI he wanted to kneecap the Speaker of the House. Then, the Republican midterm messaging on crime versus the reality in red states. Plus: the Justice Department chimes in on voter intimidation in Arizona. And Lindsey Graham's attempt to wriggle out of an election...


Pelosi suspect intended to kidnap, 'kneecap' the Speaker, federal complaint says

Guests: Ken Dilanian, Rep. Eric Swalwell, Kelly Weill, Alyssa Katz, David Plouffe, Michael Steele The Pelosi attacker reportedly confesses. Tonight: the explicitly political motive of the Pelosi attack in the suspect's own words, and the non-stop lies and conspiracy theories from the right. Then, can you support an insurrection and get elected governor of New York? New alarm over the Republican candidate there. Plus, what may be promising new polling numbers for Democrats in the Senate. And...


Special Preview: “The Revolution with Steve Kornacki”

Steve Kornacki gives a special preview of his new podcast, “The Revolution with Steve Kornacki.” In this six-part original series, Kornacki steps back from the Big Board to tell the origin story of the 1994 Republican “revolution,” the midterm election when the GOP took the House majority for the first time in four decades. Listen to all six episodes now and follow the series: