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The biggest news and political stories of the day with a commitment to in-depth reporting that consistently seeks to hold our leaders accountable.

The biggest news and political stories of the day with a commitment to in-depth reporting that consistently seeks to hold our leaders accountable.




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The biggest news and political stories of the day with a commitment to in-depth reporting that consistently seeks to hold our leaders accountable.




Dr. Fauci says he will raise flags if corners are cut on Covid-19 vaccine

Tonight: Dr. Anthony Fauci on the federal government's response to coronavirus, where this country is headed, and what the general public should really expect when it comes to a vaccine. Then, a dire warning from Donald Trump's former Director of National Intelligence that American democracy is in danger. Plus, the new investigation into claims of unnecessary medical procedures at an ICE detention.


CDC director says no wide distribution of vaccine until next summer, Trump insists he’s “confused”

Tonight: As the downplaying of the virus continues, why the Trump loyalist spinning Covid-19 science is now headed for the exits. Then, exclusive new reporting of more claims of women undergoing unnecessary hysterectomies at an immigrant detention facility. Plus, new alarms over Donald Trump’s DOJ wingman working to undermine a free and fair election.


ICE whistleblower speaks out, alleges mass hysterectomies performed on migrant women

Tonight: 49 days until Election Day, and there's one important thing to know about the President's campaign of fear, panic, white backlash and denial of reality: It’s not working. Then, shocking whistleblower allegations of atrocities at an ICE detention center, including forced hysterectomies on women who don't need them. Plus, how Donald Trump is tanking America's trust in a coronavirus vaccine, and creating a culture of paranoid conspiracy believers


"Reckless and selfish": Nevada Gov. Sisolak slams Trump for holding indoor rally

Tonight: The President who denies climate change, and the crank who is trying to manipulate Covid-19 data. Then, Trump's indoor and mostly maskless rally in Nevada, which the governor is calling reckless. Plus, Colonel Vindman breaks his silence for the first time since the impeachment trial that cost him his career.


Report: Durham aide resigns amid pressure from AG Barr

Tonight: How national unity in the face of catastrophe is so elusive—with Frank Rich. Plus, Exhibit A for why a return to college campuses is so problematic—a video you won’t believe. And why is a President, who deployed armed forces to a Portland protest, ignoring the historic wildfires in the west?


Russian, Chinese, Iranian hackers targeting 2020 election, Microsoft warns

Tonight: A new warning about the fall from Dr. Fauci—and is a national bar bailout the key to stemming the spread of COVID-19? Then, the Trump administration caught politicizing intelligence on Russian election interference amid a new report today that the Russians tried to hack the Biden campaign. Plus, why the largest fire in the California’s history is a national wake up call on climate catastrophe.


Tapes reveal Trump understood threat of virus, but lied about it to the public

Tonight: Donald Trump knew. Donald Trump lied. And Donald Trump covered it up. Why Donald Trump's failure is exponentially worse than we ever imagined, what it means for our fight against the pandemic, and what it means for the race to defeat Donald Trump.


Michael Cohen: Trump believed Putin was behind his $50M profit in sale of mansion

Tonight: Alarming new details, by way of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, showing just how uncontained this virus is. Then, why on earth is the Department of Justice seeking to defend the President in a defamation case brought by a woman who says Donald Trump raped her? Plus, ahead of Rachel Maddow's big interview with Michael Cohen, a new claim for why the President is beholden to Vladimir Putin.


Military officials decline to defend Trump after claim he called dead troops “losers”

Tonight: the reporter who first broke the Atlantic report about Trump’s contempt for military service members says this story is just the beginning. Then, another scandal surrounding the Trump-donor who was made Postmaster General: why Louis DeJoy could now be facing a criminal investigation. Plus, 57 days from Election Day, will any of this have any effect on voters at this point?


Chris Hayes: Trump has turned the U.S. into a global embarrassment

Tonight: A president pushing to rush a vaccine out by Election Day. We'll take a look at what happened the last time someone tried something like that. Plus, top Democratic election lawyer Marc Elias on the Trump call to cheat in North Carolina. Then, Alex Goldstein on why he started @FacesofCOVID, a Twitter page that puts a human face to the toll of the coronavirus.


Trump tells supporters to break the law, vote twice

Tonight: Two months to Election Day and Donald Trump tells his supporters to vote twice. Then, Nixon White House counsel turned Watergate hero John Dean on Trump's new calls to prosecute political enemies. Plus, Laurie Garrett on the latest CDC move that could undermine a COVID-19 vaccine.


Trump denies "mini-strokes" amid hospital mystery

Tonight: as the administration bullies everyone "back to school,” new concern that outbreaks on college campuses could bring a COVID-19 third wave. Plus, why is the President repeating conspiracy theories about planeloads of antifa thugs? Ben Collins on Donald Trump's poisonous pipeline of information. Then, Trump denies "mini-strokes" amid hospital mystery.


"He slapped science right in the face": Pelosi on Trump’s maskless RNC crowd

Tonight: Trump's new favorite medical advisor has a plan to just let the virus keep spreading. Plus, as foreign interference in the election ramps up, why are election security briefings for Congress ramping down? Then, Senator Chris Murphy on the President's chaos campaign strategy, and why he says Trump is "deliberately killing people.”


Teenage Trump fan charged with the murder of 2 protesters in Kenosha, Wis.

Tonight: Senator Cory Booker on where Biden and Trump stand after conventions, and Rep. Katie Porter on Trump's cheat-the-vote campaign. Then, pro-athletes draw a line, as demands for social justice grow. Ta-Nehisi Coates on what makes this moment different. And in the wake of right-wing murder in Kenosha—reality check on where America's racial violence is really coming from.


Bannon charged with defrauding “Build the Wall” donors

Tonight: Biden insider Ron Klain on what his candidate accomplished this week, and what Democrats need to do to win. Then, more shocking details on the scam prosecutors say Steve Bannon ran to dupe Trump voters out of their money. Plus, our new reporting on the U.S. mail slowdown across the country.


USPS warns 46 states their voters could be disenfranchised by delayed mail-in ballots

Tonight: The postal service is now telling 46 states that it cannot guarantee mail-in ballots will arrive in time to be counted. Then, Trump promised to slow down testing, and now testing is down 17%, even as coronavirus cases keep rising. Plus, the new Democratic ticket: bringing hope back in the age of Trump.


Michael Cohen releases forward to new memoir, ‘Disloyal’

Tonight: The President of the United States is actively sabotaging the 2020 election, and he's doing it right in front of us. Then, tax fraud, sex clubs and dodgy Russian deals: Brand new eye-popping revelations from Trump's former fixer Michael Cohen. Plus, the Biden / Harris campaign focuses on getting us out of the COVID-19 crisis, as reports say the true death toll could be over 200,000 Americans.


Republicans struggle to define Kamala Harris

Tonight: Joe Biden and Kamala Harris appear for the first time together as the Democratic ticket. Then, the impeached President and his cronies are throwing a kitchen sink of racism, sexism, and dirty tricks; pushing a third-party spoiler; and trying to sabotage the postal service to gum up the mail-in election


It's Kamala Harris.

Tonight: As Kamala Harris becomes the very first woman of color on a presidential ticket, Obama senior adviser Valerie Jarrett on this historic moment. Plus, the last Democrat to run for Vice President, Tim Kaine, on what Harris can expect when it's time to face Trump and Pence.


GOP stalls economic help for Americans as Wall Street gets low interest rates

Tonight: As Congress bickers over the coronavirus stimulus, the lives and livelihoods of millions of people hang in the balance—Why there's always money for Wall Street, but not always for working people. Then, DNC Chair Tom Perez is here on how Democrats are trying to protect the election. Plus, as Biden mulls his VP choice, former U.S. House member Katie Hill on the challenges facing that candidate.