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Townhall Review is today’s top conservative weekend radio show. Townhall Review brings together political commentary and analysis from leading conservative talk-radio hosts. You’ll enjoy the fast-paced recap of the week’s political events Townhall Review provides. You can rely on the show to provide the “who said what” in U.S. politics, global news and breaking news. Townhall Review honors your conservative principles and enables you to participate in the conversation on issues shaping our nation.


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Townhall Review is today’s top conservative weekend radio show. Townhall Review brings together political commentary and analysis from leading conservative talk-radio hosts. You’ll enjoy the fast-paced recap of the week’s political events Townhall Review provides. You can rely on the show to provide the “who said what” in U.S. politics, global news and breaking news. Townhall Review honors your conservative principles and enables you to participate in the conversation on issues shaping our nation.





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The Unyielding Spirit of Winston Churchill

Townhall Review - June 22, 2024 In this special special edition, we delve into the extraordinary life and legacy of Winston Churchill, one of the most consequential figures of the 20th century. Dennis Prager invites historian Andrew Roberts to discuss his book, Churchill: Walking with Destiny, delving into Churchill’s unparalleled contributions as the UK’s Prime Minister during World War II. Victor Davis Hanson and co-host Jack Fowler explore an alternate history, pondering what might have happened if Churchill had not taken on this pivotal role. Hugh Hewitt and Larry P. Arnn, President of Hillsdale College, examine Churchill's prolific writing career, which includes over 50 volumes. They discuss how his literary works continue to inspire and educate future generations about leadership and resilience. Hewitt and Arnn also focus on how Churchill addressed fundamental human questions. They reflect on Churchill's ability to provide profound commentary even amidst the pressures of wartime leadership. For more information, read Arrn's book, Churchill's Trial: Winston Churchill and the Salvation of Free Government. See for privacy information.


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Biden’s Dangerous Open Border Gambit

Townhall Review - June 15, 2024 Hugh Hewitt talks with Congressman Mike Waltz of Florida about the ongoing border crisis, with eight ISIS terrorists from Tajikistan recently apprehended in major U.S. cities after being "fully vetted" and released. Joe Piscopo talks with Thomas Homan, former Acting Director of ICE, about the dangers of the Biden Administration's border policies. Victor Davis Hanson and co-host Jack Fowler, discuss the inability of the West's political class and media to distinguish between a liberal democracy and a terrorist attack. Victor's full podcast is linked here. Seth Leibsohn invites Geopolitical analyst Brandon Weichert to discuss the rise in antisemitism and its implications with a warning that the nation is on the brink. Seth's full podcast is linked here. Hugh Hewitt talks with Haviv Rettig Gur, from the Times of Israel, who provides context on a Wall Street Journal article that details Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar’s brutal strategies, noting that Sinwar has killed more Palestinians than Israelis. Hugh's full podcast is linked here. See for privacy information.


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The Trump Trial: Lawfare and Its Consequences

Townhall Review - June 8, 2024 Hugh Hewitt asks Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton to share his perspective on the trial, and its implications and underlying motivations. Dan Proft and Amy Jacobson sit down with former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy to share his expert analysis on the trial's proceedings and potential legal strategies moving forward. Seth Leibsohn asks Carol Platt Liebau, president of the Yankee Institute, to offer her insights on the trial and its broader implications for American democracy. In light of President Biden's recent executive order concerning the southern border, Hugh and Arizona Senate candidate Kari Lake discuss the crisis and its political implications. Dennis Prager talks with Steve Cortes, a key figure in Trump's 2016 and 2020 campaigns, about his documentary shedding light on the border crisis and its impact on national security. See for privacy information.


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80th Anniversary of D-Day: An Appreciation

Townhall Review - June 1, 2024 Hugh Hewitt and Senator Rick Scott delve into the Senate map for 2024, and the importance of GOP victories beyond the Trump trial. Hugh turns to Michael Oren, Israel’s former Ambassador to the U.S., to give an update on Israel as the IDF advances in Rafa. Victor Davis Hanson explains the history of the strategic relationship between Israel and the United States, countering many falsehoods pushed by talking heads. Dennis Prager reflects on the 80th Anniversary of D-Day, highlighting the significance of this pivotal day in World War II history. Bob Frantz talks with Jared Frederick , author of “Into the Cold Blue: My World War II Journeys with the Mighty Eighth Air Force,” which explores the story of John F. Homan and his time in the Eighth Air Force preparing for D-Day, 80 years ago. See for privacy information.


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An Arrest Warrant for Netanyahu

Townhall Review — May 25, 2024 John Solomon talks with Wisconsin Congressman Glenn Grothman about the ICC, the International Criminal Court, putting out an arrest warrant for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Dan Proft and Amy Jacobson invite Mark Morgan, Acting Commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection under Trump, to talk about the ongoing crisis at the southern border, citing startling statistics that demand answers. Hugh Hewitt talks with Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton about the Trump trial and how Judge Juan Merchan issued instructions to the jury, but is waiting until next week for them to render a verdict. Joe Piscopo invites Robert Greenway, who served in the National Security Council under Trump, to give his take on the reports from Iran on Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi, and the foreign minister both killed in a helicopter crash. Hugh talks with Haviv Retting Gur, of the Times of Israel, about what Israel's plan is in Rafa, the last stronghold in Gaza, and how it can be de-radicalized, even with all the threats and arm-twisting from the Biden administration. Dennis Prager gives his take on the ICC issuing a warrant for Prime Minister Netanyahu. See for privacy information.


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Trump, Lawfare and the 2024 Election

Townhall Review - May 18, 2024 Mark Davis invites Texas Senator John Cornyn to respond to the maddening lawfare strategy NY judges and DAs are using against former President Donald Trump. Joe Piscopo talks with Andrew McCarthy about the latest details of the sham trial and the misdemeanor-turned-felony charges Trump is facing. Hugh Hewitt talks with Donald Trump, about the trial and how he is purposefully being kept off the campaign trail, while President Biden, wresting with lousy poll numbers, rubs in the fact that Trump's only available to debate him on Wednesdays because of the trial. Trump gladly accepted Biden's snarky debate offer, even upping the ante. The full conversation is available on Highly Concentrated Hugh. Hugh talks with Florida Congressman Mike Waltz, who's serving on the House Armed Services Committee, about the reneging of military aid to Israel and how it sends a message to Hamas to hold out, hold on to hostages and wait for a ceasefire. They also talk about how the U.S. military needs to get serious immediately with the likes of Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping ramping up their aggression. See for privacy information.


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Biden’s Betrayal of Israel

Townhall Review - May 11, 2024 Hugh Hewitt turns to National Review’s Andrew McCarthy to discuss the latest in the sham trial of Donald Trump, which is purposefully keeping Trump off the campaign trail, seeking to charge him as a criminal for which there is no crime. John Solomon talks with Michael Oren, Israel’s former Ambassador to the U.S., about Biden reneging on promised and already paid for munitions for Israel, threatening Israel's military for beginning its move on Rafah. Hugh turns to Cliff May, of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, to talk about Biden's dangerous delay tactic, which if delayed further will be a victory for Hamas. Victor Davis Hanson, with co-host Jack Fowler talks about how Biden and the Democrats have created what Hanson likes to call a “Frankenstein monster.” The campus protests, full Hamas sympathizers, a.k.a "useful idiots," are being subsidized by us, the taxpayers. See for privacy information.


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Hamas Sympathizers on Campuses Across the Nation

Townhall Review - May 4, 2024 Joe Piscopo turns to Michael Goodwin of the New York Post to give us his candid take on the antisemitic chaos that is happening at Columbia University. Hugh Hewitt talks with Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton about the need to restore order on college campuses. John Solomon and Amanda Head on the “John Solomon Reports” podcast talk with Natalie Sanandaji, who is a survivor of the Nova music festival shooting on October 7 in Israel. She talks about the effort to silence her from speaking out against Hamas. Hugh turns to Michael Oren, the former Israeli Ambassador to the United States, to discuss the way the United States is hamstringing Israel in its effort to take out Hamas once and for all. Hugh talks with Yossi Klein Halevi, a senior fellow at the Shalom Hartman Institute, about his takeaways from October 7th. He also talks about how many of the demonstrators at Columbia and other liberal campuses hate America and that it is telling about the mental health of the left. See for privacy information.


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Antisemitic Unrest on the American University Campus

Townhall Review - April 27, 2024 Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson, visits the Columbia University campus in New York City on Wednesday to make a stand for Jewish students who've been victimized by antisemitic unrest on campuses across the country. Hugh Hewitt talks with Speaker Johnson about the recently passed aid packages to Israel, Ukraine and Taiwan. Hugh talks with Mike Pompeo, President Trump’s Secretary of State, about the $99 billion security budget and what it means for our allies. They also discuss the New York City sham trial of former President Trump and how unjust and unfair it is to keep him off the campaign trail. Chris Stigall talks with President Trump himself about the Ukraine funding, the border, Hamas, and how the GOP needs to rally behind Speaker Johnson, especially while only having a 1 seat majority in the House. Hugh turns to Retired Navy Admiral James Stavridis about the Ukraine aid package and what the end game will be. John Solomon talks with Michael Oren, former Israeli Ambassador to the United States, about whether or not the Biden administration could shift their wrongheaded approach to Iran. See for privacy information.


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Iran, Israel and a New Era in the Middle East

Townhall Review - April 20, 2024 Hugh Hewitt discusses the unprecedented attack from Iran on Israel last Saturday, all set in motion by the Biden administration's failed appeasement strategy. Speaker Mike Johnson, while on the Salem Podcast Network's “This Week on the Hill,” talks about the lack of support for Israel from Democrats and the Biden Administration. Larry O'Connor points out how Biden's foreign policy, which can be summed up in one word, "don't" not only isn't working, but is a foolhardy invitation for more armed conflict. Hugh Hewitt and Cliff May of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies point out how the lack of Israeli and American deterrence explains the escalation we’ve seen from Iran in recent days. Hewitt turns to retired Rear Admiral Mark Montgomery, also with the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, to talk about the military capabilities of Iran See for privacy information.


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Biden’s Appalling Abandonment of Israel

Townhall Review - April 13, 2024 Victor Davis Hanson addresses the shift from Biden who originally gave Israel everything they needed to fight Hamas, and now is calling for a unilateral cease-fire for two months. John Solomon and Amanda Head turned to Marjorie Dannenfelser of Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America about a pro-abortion statement made by former President Trump earlier this week. Seth Leibsohn talks with Cathi Herrod of the Center for Arizona Policy about as their Arizona State Supreme Court releasing a 4-2 decision upholding an 1864 law restricting abortion. Hugh Hewitt, while on the campus of Hillsdale College, had a conversation with Paul Moreno, author of, “How the Court Became Supreme: The Origins of American Juristocracy.” They discussed the critical role of an independent judiciary. Jennifer Horn and Grant Stinchfield moderated a panel of local DAs at the 10th Annual Unite Inland Empire Conservative Summit. They discussed the respect for the rule of law that has been abandoned by non-prosecutorial DAs like George Gascon in Los Angeles. See for privacy information.


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Trump v. Biden 2024: The Rematch

Townhall Review - April 6, 2024 Hugh Hewitt talks with President Trump about Trump's campaign, what his position is on the war in Gaza, the southern border and American strength on the world stage. Hewitt and Retired General James Stavridis discuss Israel's recent airstrikes killing two leading commanders in the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and an errant strike killing seven aid workers in Gaza. Joe Piscopo and Marc Morano of Climate Depot discuss Biden's new EPA electric truck mandate and how the push for EVs is really a push for more control by the global elites. Hugh Hewitt and Cal Beisner, Founder of The Cornwall Alliance, discuss Beisner's book he recently edited, “Climate and Energy: The Case for Realism,” and what the true cost of human's efforts to reduce carbon emissions will be. See for privacy information.


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The U.S. Abandons Israel Before the U.N.

Townhall Review - March 30, 2024 Hugh Hewitt and Bret Baier, of Fox News, delve into the implications of the US abstention in a recent Security Council resolution, emphasizing its perceived weight as a policy departure despite official assertions to the contrary. Dennis Prager critiques the UN resolution for urging an Israel ceasefire without addressing the release of hostages held by Hamas, questioning the motivations of European countries seemingly favoring Hamas. Hugh Hewitt and Dan Senor discuss the communication gap regarding the conflict, highlighting the misinformation spread by Hamas through its propaganda arm, particularly regarding casualties. Senor predicts an inevitable war in the North, citing Hezbollah's threat to Israeli security and the likelihood of conflict escalation. Joe Piscopo asks Andrew McCarthy of the National Review about the possibility of Donald Trump's legal case being resolved, considering recent developments in bond reduction. Trish Regan discusses the debut of DJT on Wall Street, a result of Truth Social merging with DWAC. The stock soars 45%, reflecting supporters' backing for Trump's return to politics. Hugh Hewitt and Jonathan Haidt, author of “The Anxious Generation: How the Great Rewiring of Childhood Is Causing an Epidemic of Mental Illness,” discuss the impact of smartphones and social media on children. See for privacy information.


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Trump's Warning: Urgent Issues Facing the Nation

Townhall Review – March 23, 2024 Bob Frantz and Peter Kirsanow of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights talk about Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson's completely backward view of the 1st Amendment. Seth Leibsohn and Brandon Weichert discuss TikTok legislation forcing Chinese parent company ByteDance to divest from its app, which the CCP is using to spy on Americans. Hugh Hewitt and Wisconsin Rep. Mike Gallagher, emphasize that allowing such control risks national self-sabotage in the new Cold War era, echoing concerns raised by researcher Jonathan Haight about the disastrous effects of social media on the younger generation's mental health. Sebastian Gorka and Donald Trump discuss the Democratic Party's alleged disdain for Prime Minister Netanyahu, with Trump suggesting it's rooted in a broader animosity towards Israel. Trump also scolds Biden for his weak foreign policy, particularly regarding China and Iran. Hugh Hewitt and Dan Senor, host of the “Call Me Back” podcast, express perplexity over President Biden and Chuck Schumer's sudden intervention in Israeli policy matters, particularly regarding Israeli leadership, which has driven a wedge between U.S.-Israel relations. See for privacy information.


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Our Dangerous Gambit in Lawfare

Townhall Review – March 16, 2024 Dan Proft and Amy Jacobson invite Richard Epstein of the University of Chicago Law School to discuss the treatment of Robert Her, emphasizing the lack of concern for truth and focusing solely on political implications. Epstein condemns the partisan warfare and debasement of language in political discourse, urging both sides to prioritize policy issues over rambunctious outbursts. Hugh Hewitt and Andrew McCarthy, a former federal prosecutor in New York, discuss the future trial of former President Trump, predicting a biased jury selection process and advising Trump on his demeanor during the trial. McCarthy suggests that Trump may use the trial as a platform to speak out against what he perceives as a show trial and election interference. Dennis Prager invites Peter Schweizer, author of: “Blood Money: Why the Powerful Turn a Blind Eye While China Kills Americans,” to discuss China's responsibility for millions of American deaths due to actions including COVID-19, fentanyl trafficking, and violence facilitation. Schweizer suggests China's withholding of information and manipulation of data were deliberate strategies to maximize the impact of the pandemic and promote their own model of disease control. See for privacy information.


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Biden: Facilitating Our Adversaries and Abandoning Our Allies

Hugh Hewitt turned to Sarah Bedford of the Washington Examiner to discuss the results from Super Tuesday. Joe Piscopo speaks with National Press Secretary for President Trump’s re-election campaign, Hogan Gidley about the economy and voting issues. Seth Leibsohn and Brandon Weichert discuss the Unanimous Supreme Court Decision to keep Donald Trump on voting ballots. Hugh Hewitt and Mike Pompeo, Secretary of State under Trump, discuss Biden's failed foreign policy in the Middle East. Michael Oren, former Israeli Ambassador to the U.S., joined Hugh Hewitt to provide an update on Biden's attitude toward Israel. Sebastian Gorka speaks with both Jim Carafano and Lora Ries about Biden's open southern border. See for privacy information.


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Biden’s Open Border Nightmare

Townhall Review – March 2, 2024 Hugh Hewitt and Fox News host Bret Baier highlight a surge in Chinese males of military age crossing the US border, raising concerns about potential infiltration, while discussing broader immigration issues. They doubt Joe Biden's border visit will change public perception of his policies. Hugh Hewitt and Byron York of the Washington Examiner discuss the political ramifications of both Biden and Trump visiting the border. They criticize Biden's policies, which have caused this open border nightmare. Bob Frantz highlights a horrific case involving an illegal alien charged with various serious crimes, questioning the impact threshold for such incidents on policy. Peter Kirsanow, of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, provides statistical evidence suggesting significantly higher crime rates among illegal aliens, underscoring the need for policy consideration. Seth Leibsohn and James Fishback, author of a recent piece at The Free Press, Fentanyl Is Killing American Kids. Most Don’t Even Know They’re Taking It, have an extended conversation on the alarming lack of awareness among America's youth regarding the dangers of fentanyl, with Leibsohn criticizing government inaction and prioritization of issues like COVID over the fentanyl crisis, which claims numerous lives daily. They highlight the urgent need for public awareness and government intervention to address this escalating public health crisis. See for privacy information.


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Media Malfeasance and the 2016 Election

Townhall Review – February 24, 2024 Hugh Hewitt and Byron York of the Washington Examiner highlight the impact of the Israel-Hamas conflict on Michigan's electoral landscape, and the challenge it poses for Biden to appease both the progressive wing and Jewish American voters. Hugh Hewitt questions Senator Tom Cotton about awareness of a potential UN ceasefire resolution on Israel, suggesting American Jews might not be aware of Biden's actions. Dennis Prager weighs in on the progressive Democratic elite's tactics to destroy all that is good in Western civilization. Trish Regan reports on the CIA targeting 26 individuals of Donald Trump's 2016 campaign, likening it to previous surveillance controversies involving the FBI. Sabastian Gorka invites Matt Taibbi, the former “Twitter Files” journalist, for an extended conversation discussing new details about surveillance conducted against members of the 2016 Trump campaign, revealing connections to various international entities and suggesting a broader timeline than previously thought. He likens it to Watergate, but worse, and condemns the abuse of power by intelligence agencies and the failure of the media. See for privacy information.


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Mayorkas Impeached, Biden Impaired, Country Imperiled

Townhall Review – February 17, 2024 Joe Piscopo interviews former border chief Mark Morgan, who criticizes Secretary Mayorkas for misleading the public on the security of the southern border. They discuss the surge in illegal crossings, the need for reinstating Trump-era policies, and the dangers posed by criminals and national security threats entering the country. Dan Proft and Amy Jacobson talk with Scott Walker, former Governor of Wisconsin, about the White House's reluctance to address immigration publicly, downplaying illegal border crossings as normal ebbs and flows. Hugh Hewitt questions former Federal Prosecutor Andrew McCarthy about the handling of the report led by Special counsel Robert Hur and its implications for President Biden's fitness for office. Hugh Hewitt interviews David Bahnsen about his book "Full-Time: Work and the Meaning of Life." Bahnsen discusses the cultural epidemic of prime working age men leaving the workforce and advocates for understanding the redemptive aspect of work. Seth Leibsohn and Brandon Weichert discuss concerns about ideological division and lack of transparency in the Biden administration. They express worry about foreign adversaries taking advantage of America's current vulnerabilities. See for privacy information.


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The Biden Border Crisis

Townhall Review – February 10, 2024 Hugh Hewitt talks with Byron York of the Washington Examiner about the Senate border bill that was dead on arrival in the House. Larry O'Connor ran through all of the provisions within the bill, including no border wall, that gave it no chance of passing. Seth Leibsohn talks with Senator John Cornyn about why the contents of the bill were not the only reason it couldn't garner enough GOP support, it is also because President Biden won't follow the laws already on the books. So why add more to be selectively enforced? Seth Leibsohn also talks with Brandon Weichert about the existential crisis at the border and how a nation without borders ceases to be a nation. Victor Davis Hanson suggests that the turmoil in the Middle East stems from rushed foreign policy decisions aimed at opposing Trump and exploiting regional tensions. He cautions that without consistent deterrence, peace is impossible. Hugh Hewitt and Dan Senor, Host of the “Call Me Back” podcast, discuss the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), shedding light on its controversial practices and questioning its unique treatment of Palestinian refugees compared to other global refugee issues. Todd Starnes introduces John Rich, a renowned musician, to discuss the profound impact Toby Keith, another great musician, had on their lives. Rich reflects on Keith's patriotism, work ethic, and independence in the music industry, emphasizing his genuine love for country and unwavering faith. See for privacy information.