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3/18: Chauncey's Great Outdoors

On today’s show we have on the Red Crest Tournament winner Brian Thrift from Lake Norman, North Carolina, to Gary Klein who took me on a ride to show me all the cool things the Lowrance boat electronics will do and last but very important Steve Ettenger from the Illinois Conservation Foundation to talk about their Outdoor Hall of Fame Dinner that is taking place at the Abbington Banquet hall in Glenn Ellen on April 6th very close to everyone in northern Illinois. With raffles, auctions and...


3/11: Chauncey's Great Outdoors

On today's show, we will have Sara Lamsom from Lakewood Products, a Midwest company at the show here showing their lifetime guaranteed tackle boxes, Then Matt Lee will be coming on to talk about his first year being on the MLF tournament circuit and in the big dance here at the Red Crest. Then one of my favorite anglers who is a great fisherman and a fantastic good hearted person Edwin Evers will round out the show .


3/4: Chauncey's Great Outdoors

On today’s show were expecting Capt. Tony to call in from Diamond Ghost Charters and Tim Mondl from the Forest Preserve District of Cook County will come on to talk about programs for everyone to enjoy in March. Then Mark Stewart an expert on Braidwood Lake was out there opening day and we will get a good rundown from him. In the last segment well hear the Aiden fishing report and other outdoor news


2/25: Chauncey's Great Outdoors

On todays show we have crappie fishing in southern Illinois with Jason Johns from Boneyard Guide Service on Rend Lake. Then Cody Meyers, who is fishing the Red Crest Fishing Tournament in a couple of weeks, will also be at the Wisconsin Fishing Expo this weekend.


2/18: Chauncey's Great Outdoors

On this week's show, we have Wayne Libera from Water Werks Marine at the Tinley Park outdoor show. Then, Officer Issac Gerard, from the IDNR CPO, will tell us they are looking for new applicants for conservation police. Then, Jim Kupjo, the Crappie Professor, will tell us about early season crappie fishing.


2/11: Chauncey's Great Outdoors

On today’s show we are speaking to Clyde Sana, the producer of the Tinley Park Fishing Expo, going on next weekend at the Tinley Park Convention Center. Then, we will talk to Jim O’Neil, a member of Chauncey's Great Outdoors Pro Staff and Midwest Outdoors, about ice safety cause its going fast in Illinois, Indiana, and Southern Michigan. In the last segment, we'll hear the Aiden fishing report and other outdoor news.


2/4: Chauncey's Great Outdoors

On this week's show, were at the All Canada Show! We have Sara Trampe, from Sportsman Journal TV show and Cliff Lodge. Then, Tim Mondl, from the Forest Preserve District of Cook County, will tell us all the fun things going on in the Cook County Forest Preserves for February. Last but not least Jim Crowly will be on to talk about you next trip or maybe you first trip to Canada.


1/28: Chauncey's Great Outdoors

On today’s show we have Steve Cegielski from the All Canada show coming next week to the Kane County Fairgrounds , and at the Chicagoland Fishing Travel and Outdoor show at the Schaumburg Convention center we have Louis Monetti the Collage angler going to the Basmmaster Classic rounding out the show Brandon Palaniuk a Bassmaster Elite Angler who will be at the classic.


1/21: Chauncey's Great Outdoors

On this week's show we have Perry Young for Young's Wilderness Camp from Lake of the Woods in Ontario, a true family run operation you need to check out. Then Bassmaster, Angler Ish Monroe will be speaking next week at the Chicagoland Fishing Travel and Outdoor Show in Schaumburg, Illinois will be coming on to talk about his seminar , followed by Violet Talley, a fantastic angler who will be talking about local fishing and more.


01/14: Chauncey's Great Outdoors

On this week's show we're talking muskie and the muskie show being held at the Kane County Fair Grounds Jan. 20-22. Our first guest is Tony Grant, muskie guide from Cave Run Lake in Kentucky, and then Mike Verset, owner of the Muskie Expo Chicago. See you at the show.


01/07: Chauncey's Great Outdoors

On this week's show we are celebrating 25 years of Chauncey's Great Outdoors on ESPN! Our guests are Jim Tibensky and Annette Prince from the Chicago Bird Collision Monitors and Tim Mondl from the Forest Preserve District of Cook County .


12/31: Chauncey's Great Outdoors

On this week’s show we have Jim Crowley with a year in review for the outdoors, followed by Phil Piscetello from Borderline Guide service, an ice fishing and open water guide, that can put you on the fish every time. In the last segment we will have the Aiden fishing or hunting report and other outdoor information.


12/24: Chauncey's Great Outdoors

On this week’s Holiday Show, we have Dan Hayes, a good friend of the show, to talk about Christmas gifts for the family that love the great outdoors. Then Steve Ettinger Executive Director of the Illinois Conservation Foundation will tell us about a tax-deductible donation to them and well hear about all the great programs they are involved with and you can even say I want my donation to go to, whatever you want to support whether it’s a program to help people get outdoors or a conservation...


12/17: Chauncey's Great Outdoors

On this week’s show we are going to talk about ice fishing because there are cold bunnies in the woods and the ice machine is working in the upper Midwest. First we're going to hear A Soldier's Silent Night that I play, so we remember our service men and women around the world. When you listen, it will touch your heart. Then Steve Silic, from the Cook County Forest Preserves, will be on to tell us what lakes you can ice fish when we have 4 inches of ice. Then Ice fishing champion, world gold...


12/10: Chauncey's Great Outdoors

On this week’s show we have two very good northern Illinois, fishermen. First up is Mark Kubal a perch angler extraordinaire for Lake Michigan. I really believe he can smell them under his boat while on the water and then catch them. After Mark we will have Jim Templin from Fish Tech in Morton Grove to tell us how to get our ice fishing gear ready for that first time we go out. In the last segment well have the Aiden fishing or hunting report and other outdoor information.


12/3: Chauncey's Great Outdoors

On this week’s show we have Tim Mondl, from the Forest Preserve of Cook County, to tell us about the programs that are available with a Holiday spin on them for little kids, middle kids, families and old kids like us. Also to get out and enjoy some time right in our own backyard of the Cook County Forest Preserves. Then,Crappie Professor and Tod Todd are up at Red Lake about 6 hours away where they have good ice and hot fishing.


11/26: Chauncey's Great Outdoors

On this week’s show we have Doctor Mark Hroncich, part of Chauncey’s Great Outdoors Medical Team and one of the most active sportsman I know. He fishes, hikes, hunts, and a whole lot more. But today we/re going to talk to him about what he does all year long to increase his odds at harvesting a deer during hunting season. Then Wayne Libera of Water Werks Marine will be on to tell us about how you should set your boat up for extended storage also called winterization and give us a few tips on...


11/19: Chauncey's Great Outdoors

On this week’s show we have Dan Skinner the Forest Wildlife Program Manager for the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, and he monitors the entire deer herd in the state. We’ll talk about a wide variety of items and learn about the condition of our deer herd. Then Ben Dickerson who is a Lake Michigan Fisheries Biologist for the Indiana DNR will tell us about an early Christmas gift the Indiana DNR is going to give the salmon anglers. In the last segment well have the Aiden fishing...


11/12: Chauncey's Great Outdoors

On this week’s show we have Kathy Andrews Wright, the Editor of the Outdoor Illinois Journal, and Jose Burgos who is using his talents to bring more people into the outdoors. The Jim O’Neil, a young very talented angler, who has been sending me pictures of huge salmon he is catching in Southeast Wisconsin, streams connected to Lake Michigan. In the last segment we will have the Aiden fishing report and other outdoor information.


10/29: Chauncey's Great Outdoors

On this week’s show we have Chris Jakes who is the Illinois Invasive Species, Wildlife Disease and Large Predator Biologist talking about the cougar that was killed by an automobile on the Kane and Dekalb County line little over a week ago. Then Steve Ettinger the Executive Director of the Illinois Conservation Foundation will tell us about one of my favorite hunts they created called the Directors Hunt which will be held at Jim Edgar Panther Creek State Fish and Wildlife Area on November 29...