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The Why Files covers mysteries, myths and legends. We tell stories and seek the truth in a fun and lighthearted way. Our content is heavily researched; we don't release an episode unless we're sure we can bring something new to a topic.


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The Why Files covers mysteries, myths and legends. We tell stories and seek the truth in a fun and lighthearted way. Our content is heavily researched; we don't release an episode unless we're sure we can bring something new to a topic.




511: DEEP DIVE: Smithsonian Cover-Up: Ancient Egyptians and Giants in the Grand Canyon

In 1908, President Teddy Roosevelt wanted to declare the Grand Canyon off-limits to all timber and mining operations. It would take another 11 years for Congress to designate the Grand Canyon a national park. Sensing a final opportunity for adventure, explorer G.E. Kincaid took a boat down the Colorado River and through the Grand Canyon. The canyon was rich in minerals like gold, silver and copper and Kincaid wanted to see what he could find before the area was closed off for good. About 40 miles up-river from the El Tovar Crystal canyon, Kincaid saw stains in the sediment formation about 2,000 feet up. He tied off the boat and got out to investigate. Kincaid couldn't find a trail, but after a short hike he found something interesting covered in desert brush. Steps. Hundreds of them. Carved in sandstone. Steps that wound their way up to a high shelf on the side of the canyon. He followed the steps until he came across a cavern entrance. An entrance that was clearly man made. Kincaid entered the cavern and turned on his flashlight. On the walls he saw writing. But it wasn't English or Native American writing. It was Ancient Egyptian Heiroglypics. Kincaid lifted his flashlight and saw that the tunnel ran far into the distance. He didn't realize it at the time, but this was only the beginning.


510: The UFO Incident That Shocked Ariel School: Telepathic Extraterrestrials

September 14th, 1994 was a quiet night in Zimbabwe. Then suddenly, boom! An explosion startled people all over the country. Windows rattled. Doors shook. Shocked and confused, people sheepishly stepped outside to see what happened. Everything looked fine. They went back inside. But one woman wasn't satisfied. Cynthia Hind drove around the capital city of Harare, searching for the source of the sound but, nothing seemed unusual. But back at home, Cynthia's phone rang relentlessly. She was a UFO investigator and witness reports were coming in one after another. The news claimed the sound was a sonic boom caused by a meteor shower. But Cynthia wasn't so sure. Eyewitnesses near Lake Kariba described bizarre lights in the sky earlier that week. Lights in a row that moved erratically: fast then slow. First north to south. Then east to southwest. Meteors don't do that. Cynthia suspected there was much more to the story. And two days later, she'd find out that she was right.


509: DEEP DIVE: The Dead Internet Theory | It's ALL Fake

What if all of our online existence is fake? You, me, everyone; we're living in a real-life Matrix. Designed to distract us from the truth: that we're just drones in a digital ant-hill. We live, work and die so that the wealthy and powerful can grow more wealthy and powerful. This is called the Dead Internet Theory. And there's compelling evidence that it's real. Let's find out why.


508: Kenny Veach Vanishes on his Quest for the M Cave | Mojave Mysteries Vol. 1

o most, the Mojave Desert looks barren. Jagged rock, swirling sand, and scrub brush. But the Mojave is full of life. It’s been home to native tribes for thousands of years. And the Mojave is also home to many caves; that hold many secrets. Some caves are reported to be secret entrances to underground bases. And not all of those bases are occupied by humans. Other caves are rumored to be portals to different places on earth. Or portals to different dimensions. There are caves in the desert that cause even the most experienced explorers to run away in fear. But when they gather their courage and return to the caves, they can’t find them. They’re gone. Year after year, adventures scour the Mojave; trying to solve these mysteries. Some brave souls return with incredible stories. But others go out into the desert and they’re never seen again. One of those brave souls - was Kenny Veach.


507: DEEP DIVE: MK Ultra Exposed: We Name the Names behind the CIA's Sinister Mind Control Projects

MK Ultra, the infamous CIA program shrouded in mystery and controversy. Uncover the chilling truths and unanswered questions that linger around this clandestine project. Was it a mere Cold War strategy or something far more sinister? Navigate through a labyrinth of mind control experiments, secret government operations, and ethical quandaries. This journey into the unknown promises to challenge your perceptions and leave you questioning what lies beneath the surface of historical narratives. MK Ultra – a tale of intrigue, power, and secrecy.


506: Backyard Time Machine: The Time Travel Mystery of Mike “Mad Man” Marcum

Mike fired up the box and the lasers came to life. The machine produced a small circular area of distortion. It was a vortex about eight inches across that looked like ripples above a fire. This was unexpected. Mike didn’t know what the vortex was or if it was dangerous. So he grabbed a sheet-metal screw and tossed it through the field. It vanished. Mike just stared and blinked and waited. The screw was just… gone. So Mike powered down his machine and turned to head back into the house. Then heard something clattering. It was the screw. It rolled to a stop about two feet from the box. Mike thought he invented some kind of teleportation device. He didn’t. Michael “Mad Man” Marcum invented a time machine.


504: DEEP DIVE: Simulation Theory - Evidence is Everywhere

PROOF THAT EVERYTHING - IS A SIMULATION (Including God) Is this reality? Well, we're experiencing ... something right now so maybe the better question is: what is reality? Could everything we see, everything we experience, everything that exists in our entire universe -- be artificial? Supporters of Simulation Theory believe that not only is it possible that we're living in a simulation; it's likely. And the more we look for evidence, the more we find. Philip K Dick believed deja vu was the simulation adjusting to new code. Many people experience The Mandela Effect, a or "false memory" shared by a large number of people. But the biggest clues of Simulation Theory come from science. Specifically: quantum mechanics. The only way the Double-Slit Experiment makes sense is if we live in a program. Quantum Entanglement also defies logic. Only our program would have the ability to defy the laws of physics - and the concept of time. Let's find out why.


135: Göbekli Tepe and the Prophecy of Pillar 43 | Apocalypse and the Vulture Stone

We are the descendants of an ancient civilization; one which mastered technology, mapped the cosmos, and understood our relationship with the natural world. Our ancestors traveled the world and built enormous structures. They scaled their creations into cities. They shared a common governance and similar religious beliefs. Our ancestors lived, as we do today, as a global society. Around 14,500 years ago, this global superpower started to collapse. First came uncontrollable change, and then a cataclysm. In less than a week, everything and almost everyone was gone. Those left behind built monuments. Monuments not as tributes to Gods or homage to kings. The monuments are a warning to future generations: to us. That warning is simple: danger is coming. Our civilization has ended before. And it will end again. This is the one story Big Archaeology and world governments don’t want you to know. Once you hear it, you’ll never trust them again. Because the danger that’s coming? There’s nothing they can do to stop it.


505: DEEP DIVE: Legend of the Immortal Count of Saint Germain

The Count of Saint Germain has been called a prophet, a sorcerer, and an immortal. He's been spotted all over the world for a thousand years. And every time he's seen, he looks exactly the same age. The Count of Saint Germain advised Kings, Queens and Emperors. He was present at every significant event in European history. And even was an important contributor to America's struggle for Independence. He spoke a dozen languages fluently. He played piano and violin like a virtuoso. He was an expert in art, science, politics, philosophy and history. Some say he walked the earth during the time of Christ. Some say he walks the earth still. This is his story.


504: 20 And Back - The Super Soldiers Defending the Kuiper Belt

On April 7, 2016, the team running NASA’s New Horizons mission were waiting nervously. The spacecraft was about to enter the outermost reaches of our solar system. They'd aimed toward Pluto. Which lives in a region of the solar system called the Kuiper Belt. Just before arriving at the dwarf planet, the team noticed an object nearby. And it was acting very strange. This object, whatever it was, was spinning faster than everything else around it. Too fast. Artificially fast. And the object reflected light in an odd way. New Horizons changed course to do a fly by. They wanted a better look at this bizarre behavior. But as the spacecraft approached the object, all communications went down. NASA wasn't able to see or hear anything. The New Horizons spacecraft suddenly put itself into safe mode. But nothing was broken. Something or someone was blocking the signal. Whoever it was did *not* want NASA to know they were here. And that they’ve been watching us for a very. long. time.


503: The Black Knight Satellite | Ancient Craft Watching us From Orbit

In 1957, the Soviet Union launched Sputnik 1. It was the first satellite in Earth's orbit. Or was it? For over a hundred years, an object has been seen, heard and photographed by people all around the world. This object became known as the Black Knight Satellite. The signals coming from the Black Knight Satellite have been decoded. And if the translation is correct, it's been watching us for 13,000 years. Let's find out why.


502: Gravity is a Lie, Nothing is Real, the Universe is Electric

Since grade school, we’ve been taught that gravity is what keeps our feet firmly planted on the ground, but what if that’s all been a lie? I'm not saying if you jump off a bridge, you fall up, instead of down. But what if Newton and Einstein were wrong and what *really* ties our universe together is not gravity, but electricity? The Electric Universe Theory says that, instead of gravity, the universe's *true* attractive force comes from invisible electric currents that surround our planet, our solar system, the galaxy and... everything. We are all living in one, giant, universe-spanning circuit. Mainstream science ignores this possibility. But ignoring the electric universe blinds us to an unknown risk. The myths of our ancestors describe cataclysmic, global disasters in the distant past. They knew about the electric universe too, not from science, but from experience. And our ancestors have sent us a strange, but dire warning: Beware the shocking fury of planet Saturn.


501: DEEP DIVE: The Adam & Eve Apocalypse Story

In 1966 a well-known engineer released a book with information that could impact everyone on earth. But before anyone could read it, it was classified by the CIA. We only learned of its existence a few years ago because of a Freedom of Information request. The CIA only released 57 pages of the original 284-page manuscript. And those pages have been, in the CIA's own words, "sanitized". Why does the CIA think this book is so dangerous that they had to hide it from the public for 60 years; and continue to hide most of it? It's because the man who wrote it describes the end of the world. #CIA #Conspiracy #EndOfTheWorld


132: Time-Slip Artifacts: Modern Objects in the Ancient World - Volume 1

The story of the human race is a story of technology. One of our ancestors created fire and passed that knowledge along to the next generation. Then the invention of the wheel. Then agriculture, a writing system, mathematics, space travel. Within our story, empires rise and fall. Technology progresses. Civilizations are born and die. The human race continues to innovate. All of our innovations are built on previous ones. There could be no aqueduct without the arch. There could be no metal plow until someone learned how to mine iron. There could be no light bulb, no smart phone and no computer without first understanding electricity. Our progress is linear. It's orderly. But sometimes an object is discovered that's completely out of place and out of time. A computer found on a sunken Roman ship. A power plant found in a 100,000 year old cave. Evidence of a nuclear reactor from over a billion years ago. These objects shouldn't exist. But they do. Their existence violates the natural order of human progress. So if humans didn't create these items, who did? --- Support this podcast:


131: Skyquakes, Upsweeps, Bloops and Sky Trumpets | Terrifying Sounds that Signal the End of the World

The Book of Revelation says the end of the world will be announced with the sound of seven trumpets. Each blowing of the trumpet brings a new apocalyptic event. After the seventh trumpet: armageddon. For centuries, people have reported low-frequency hums, the crack of thunder on a clear day and the sound of cannon-fire in the middle of nowhere. Mysterious sounds have been heard at the bottom of the ocean and in outer space. And they’ve been heard long before modern machines and industry. Recently, people have been recording and sharing videos of these loud, unnatural sounds. And some of them? They sound a lot like trumpets. --- Support this podcast:


130: The Horrors of Plum Island | Hybrids, Human Experiments and Weaponized Killer Insects

In July 2008, the carcass of an animal washed up on the beach at Montauk Point Long Island. Local beachcombers are used to seeing dead animals. Seagulls, fish, crabs, even the occasional whale. But they had never seen anything like this. Animal experts were brought in to identify it. They were stumped. It looked like part dog, part reptile and part rodent - with the beak of a bird. This animal, whatever it was, became known as the Montauk Monster. But where did the Monster come from? There could be only one answer. Plum Island. Plum Island is just a few miles from where the monster was found. Locals had heard rumors that this was a top-secret government facility that created bioweapons, engineered animal hybrids and maybe even experimented on people. Sounds like a wild theory. But then another animal washed up on the beach. Again, it couldn't be identified. And then another animal. And then two more. In 2010, the *rumors* about Plum Island seemed to be true when something else was found on the beach. This time it wasn't a strange animal. It was a body. A human body. Well... it was almost human. --- Support this podcast:


129: The Rendlesham UFO Encounter and the Alien Message from the Future

The night after Christmas, 1980, was the last time Airman First Class John Burroughs would ever lead a normal life. He was on patrol at an American-operated Woodbridge Air Force base in southern England. Woodbridge and nearby Bentwaters - called the Twin Bases were rumored to possess nuclear materials. This was the middle of the Cold War, and tensions were high. The threat of nuclear attack, global escalation, and more, sat heavy on the shoulders of Burroughs and his fellow servicemen. But their job was simple: keep themselves, their nation, and their allies safe. So, Burroughs conducted his nightly rounds, checking the perimeter for anything that threatened the peace. Suddenly, a bright light descended from the sky. Then another. Burroughs watched as the lights fell into the forest surrounding the base. When he and his team arrived to inspect the crash site, they were worried it was a Soviet incursion. But, what they found was far more terrifying than anything the Soviets could think of. --- Support this podcast:


Many Worlds Theory: You're Living in a Universe | Can You Visit Your Other Lives?

So, tell me... how do you like being a movie star? I can't imagine your life. You can't walk down the street without being mobbed by adoring fans. You attend power-lunches with your agent. You pose for pictures on the red carpet on your way to collect your third Academy Award. Your life sounds fun. Wait, what? You're not a movie star? That's not your life? Well, maybe not in *this* universe, but there is a universe out there where your life is exactly as I described. The "Many Worlds" or "Multiple Universes" theory says that anything that can possibly happen *does* happen. It just happens in a different reality that exists parallel to our own. There's a reality out there somewhere where you're a best-selling author. There's one where you're a Nobel Prize winning scientist who cured cancer. There's even a reality out there, where you're an evil dictator plotting to take over the world. And you enforce your will with an army of AI robots that you invented when you were a grad student at Stanford. Yes, some of these alternate realities are more far-fetched than others. But they *are* all out there. Scientists know how these realities are formed and people are working on technology to detect them. But even if we *could* detect alternate universes, there's no way to visit them. Or is there? --- Support this podcast:


127: Ghost Lights or Alien Tech? Signals from Beyond the Grave or Beyond the Solar System?

Here’s the scene. You’re driving down a secluded road. The only lights come from your headlights. The only sounds you hear are crickets and the hum of the engine. Suddenly, a mysterious orb of light appears in the distance, floating a few feet above the ground. You get the sense that the light is aware of your presence. It darts around, beckoning you closer. It can’t be another car. There’s nothing around for miles. As you get closer to the light, it vanishes. Finally, you arrive at a small town and stop at a diner for a bite. You mention your experience to the waitress. She smiles and says, “You saw a ghost light”. She tells you the story of someone killed on that dark road many years ago. The light has been seen ever since. Ghost lights, or spook lights, are seen all over the world. In some places, they’re thought to be spirits of the dead. Other places say they’re portals to another dimension. And others say they’re signals from another world. Whatever they are, ghost lights are real. They’ve stumped scientists, skeptics... even governments for a long time. They’re seen by thousands of people every year. There are even cases where people have followed a ghost light into the darkness, never to be seen again. --- Support this podcast:


125: The Moon’s Dark Secret: Aliens Harvesting Human Souls

Your world is an illusion. Your choices are irrelevant. Your friends, your family, and everyone around you are just manifestations of your mind. You’re a trapped animal in a cage: a virtual reality created more than 250,000 years ago for a single purpose: to use you as food. Your emotions are food for those who created the cage. Feelings of happiness and joy are digestible. But those emotions are nowhere near as nourishing as sadness, malice, and especially anger. Pain on a small scale is good, but pain due to war, famine, and pandemics? That’s even better. You’re born, you grow, and you spend the first third of your life learning how to live in a society that barely knows you exist. Maybe you get married, have kids, maybe even grandkids. Then, you die - and the pain ends. But death is just the beginning. Because now, you get to do it all over again. --- Support this podcast: