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The Steve Dale Pet World Petcast from 720 WGN.


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The Steve Dale Pet World Petcast from 720 WGN.




Queen Elizabeth’s dog trainer, a new on-demand pet app, and more

Dr. Roger Mugford was Queen Elizabeth’s dog trainer. He explains why he was summoned by the Queen and what he did to help her contingent of Corgis. He also recalls what the Queen was like with great fondness. Mike Ortega, founder and CEO of Petzey explains what this on-demand pet app is all about, and how at […]


Tick disease is on the rise more than ever and Dr. Christman explains why

Dr. Adam Christman is chief veterinary officer for DVM360 and a series of veterinary conferences known as FETCH. We talk tick; there are more ticks in more places than ever, which means more tick disease than ever. He says, he gives “mad props” to pet parents who do research and then run it by their veterinarian. […]


Robust Promotions is hoping to break the Guinness Record for the World’s Largest Dog Wedding

Leslie Allison-Seei of Robust Promotions on the Diamonds in the Ruff World’s Largest Dog Wedding, October 2 at Northwestern Medicine Field, Geneva. She explains what the dog wedding is all about and lists many of the non-profits which will benefit. Last year, the same group attempted to break the Guinness record and came up just short, […]


World’s Largest Dog Wedding and remembering 9/11

George Lennon, franchise owner of Pet Supplies Plus stores and Michelle Parks, assistant store team manager at Pet Supplies Plus in Crystal Lake discusses how pet stores went on a roller coaster ride during the pandemic and advantages of sometimes shopping in-store, and why that can be preferred. And Pet Supplies Plus is a sponsor […]


Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) can now be cured

Dr. Brian Holub, chief medical officer at VetCor and Scientific Advisory Board member as well as Director on the Board of the EveryCat Health Foundation explains that feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) can now be cured. This is due greatly to funding from the EveryCat Health Foundation. FIP was until recently considered fatal. Dr. Holub explains how […]


Celebrating National Dog Day and how to help pets adjust to schedule changes

Dr Ruth Ann Lobos, lead veterinarian at Merrick Pet Care discusses how to help pets adjust when the kids go back to school, or anytime there’s a significant change in the household. Among the topics: The importance of structure, and both physical and mental exercise. Also discussed are what to feed and how to feed new pets, […]


Vet Service Dogs NFP provide veterans with pets to assist them daily

Phil Arkow is a co-founder of the National Link Coalition. The Link is a term he helped to coin many years ago, to describe the Link between animal abuse and violence to humans, which ranges from domestic violence to child abuse to mass shootings and more. The psychology and law enforcement professions greatly know about this […]


The best sites to reference for instant and accurate information regarding your pets

Certified animal behavior consultant Amy Shojai is one of the most influential pet book writers of all time, She and Steve discuss how today there’s so much instant accurate information available at websites like Fear Free Happy Homes and hopefully Steve’s site as there is also so much inaccurate misinformation out there. We also discuss some of the great […]


Zen by Cat aims to support funding for FIP, which is now considered treatable

Peter Cohen is the co-founder of the non-profit of Zen by Cat to support funding for feline infectious peritonitis (FIP). Considered treatable today – if you can get the kitties the drugs. Peter says we need to do better, even perhaps coming up with a versatile vaccine (which possibly could even help people with the human corona […]


Canine Cruise provides a fun architecture ride for dogs

Executive Green Carpet Cleaning President (AKA ‘crazy cat lady’) Kelly Mickley talks about how Executive Green can and does remove pet odors from carpeting, even multiple cats. Check them out at It’s called the Canine Cruise and Tim Agra of the Mercury Skyline Cruiseline explains how this unique and crazy fun architecture ride for dogs began; highlights include pointing out […]


The World’s Largest Dog Wedding Event

Dr. Bob Froehlich is President/CEO/Owner of the Kane County Cougars – more than a minor league baseball team – they are the host of the upcoming world’s largest dog wedding event. The hope is that on October 2, Guinness Book of World Records record will be smashed, and all the effort goes to charity. On July 26, the […]


A Dog’s World: Imagining the Life of Dogs in a World Without Humans

One of the most prolific dog book authors is professor emeritus ecology and evolution biology at University of Colorado, Boulder Dr. Marc Bekoff. His books always make you re-think what you thought you knew about dogs and our relationships with them. However, this book goes beyond that – the title says it all, A Dog’s World: Imagining […]


The emotional health of companion animals and preventing pets from having panic attacks due to the holiday weekend

Dr. Marty Becker, America’s Veterinarian and founder of Fear Free, recently returned from Moldova and Romania where he greeted Ukrainian refugees, fleeing with their entire families – including their pets. He describes what he saw and the intensity of the human animal bond. We also have a conversation about the emotional health of companion animals, including Fear Free […]


Dogs can be the best therapists and Steve Dale’s new kitten can be seen on TikTok

Confirming that dogs can be the best therapists, a conversation with Pam Osbourne of Rainbow Animal Assisted Therapy about her book A Dog Takes a Bite Out of Alzheimer’s: Connections: Animal Assisted Therapy For Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias. According to the Internet, Curly Howard of the Three Stooges saved thousands of dogs his lifetime. Bradley Server, Curly’s Grandson, […]


How to protect our pets against fleas, ticks, and heartworm

The forecast for Chicago is worse than partly cloudy – there’s expected to be higher than usual level of fleas, ticks and heartworm (spread by mosquitoes). Companion Animal Parasite Council Board Member Dr. Rick Marrinson explains the reality and how to protect our pets. Learn more at Pet Disease Alerts. Grace Fuller of City Cruises explains […]


Link between animal abuse and violence, including murder, is undeniable

After the mass shootings in Uvalde, TX and Buffalo, NY it was revealed that in both instances the murders had been allegedly guilty of animal abuse. This is no surprise as the link between animal abuse and violence, including murder is undeniable. Wayne Pacelle, president of Animal Wellness Action discusses with Steve Dale and calls this “the reddest […]


Steve Dale’s Pet World 6/5/2022 | Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) and navigating treatment

Dr. Julie Levy, professor shelter medicine University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine, and feline veterinarian Dr. Vicki Thayer, past president and past executive director of the Winn Feline Foundation and co-author of upcoming guidelines on feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) from the American Association of Feline Practitioners, discuss this disease in cats and navigating treatment. […]


Pros and cons of pet insurance

A detailed discussion about pet insurance, pro’s and cons with veterinary technician and customer experience supervisor at Figo Pet Insurance, Jenna Carzoli. Overall, intent is to prevent euthanasia because you simply can’t afford treatment and to provide an overall economic safety net for pet parents. For more, read Steve Dale’s latest blog about Pet insurance does […]

Steve Dale’s Pet World 5/22/2022 | Celebrating National Pet Month, Purple Leash Project, and more

This is a very special program as Purina has discovered a very special way to celebrate National Pet Month by helping victims of domestic violence. As Dr. Kurt Venator, chief medical officer, points out, people often won’t escape their situation unless there is somewhere to shelter with their entire family, including pets. Purina partnered with the non-profit Red […]


Steve Dale’s Pet World 5/15/2022 | Dog trainer Karen Okura created what may have been the first pet behavior hotline in America

Dog trainer Wendy DeCarlo talks about puppy classes and dog training methods, but first we share our hope for a beloved dog trainer, Karen Okura who has serious health challenges. Karen was the head trainer for many years at the Anti Cruelty Society, demonstrating support for adopting homeless dogs with behavior problems only using positive […]