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How to 10X Your Business

Today we're focusing on how to 10X your business. It's just one episode in a series of short, focused takeaways you can apply to your business for immediate results. We'll start with identifying the top three activities that move the needle in your business and go from there. I'm also launching a NEW, exclusive opportunity to work closely with me to double your agent referrals in 90 days. It's called the Agent Referral Xcelerator. We go live in June but you can get on the waitlist right now. Episode Resources: Agent Xcelerator Wait List


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The NAR Settlement: Winning Strategies for a New Reality

Our guest today is Brian Boero, co-founder of 1000WATT. We're discussing the importance of branding and differentiation in the real estate and mortgage industry in a way that connects with your target audience. Boero shares his opinion around the NAR settlement, particularly for agents who struggle to adapt to the changes. He advises mortgage professionals to support and cultivate relationships with the most capable agents in their market. Highlights: 00:00 Introduction and Background 01:04 The Importance of Branding and Differentiation 08:59 The Impact of the NAR Settlement 12:43 Supporting and Cultivating Relationships with Agents 28:34 Opportunities for Mortgage Professionals 34:10 The Wake-Up Call Branding and Marketing Summit Episode Resources: Subscribe to The Dose Newsletter Learn More About myAgent Classes Join Our Private Facebook Group


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How to Level Up Your Value to Real Estate Agents

It's been one year since having the #1 Loan Originator the Nation on the podcast. Matt and his team have helped over 25,000 families achieve their dreams of homeownership. Today, Matt Weaver is back and he's got a message for you. It's time to get serious or get out of the business. Listen and take notes as Matt shares his Four Pillars of Value and the importance of events in building relationships with real estate agents and driving conversations post-event. This is a must listen and repeat episode if you're ready to level up your mindset, skillset and your actions. Be sure to like and review this episode today! Prefer to watch on YouTube? Click Here. Episode Resources: Floor 13 Consulting with Matt Weaver Follow Matt on Instagram Learn More About myAgent Classes Join Our Private Facebook Group


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Mastermind Summit Top Producer Panel

In this episode of Mortgage Marketing Radio our guests are Sue Woodard, Cindy Ertman and Shant Banosian. We delve into innovative strategies for mortgage professionals looking to drive referrals and enhance customer relationships in today’s market. Cindy Ertman, a seasoned keynote speaker at the Mastermind Summit, shares three bold strategies designed to secure affirmative responses from referral partners. Shant Banosian the #1 Mortgage Banker in the country focuses on the crucial elements of mindset, basic activities, and value propositions, highlighting the importance of maintaining a positive approach and readiness for unpredictable market circumstances. Sue Woodard brings to the table a discussion on Generation CX, addressing the evolving needs of consumers and emphasizing the critical role of a high-quality customer journey in the mortgage process. Episode Resources: Mastermind Summit myAgent Classes


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Mastering the Inner Game in Mortgage Sales

In this episode, we'll explore the power of partnerships and how loan originators can be indispensable allies to real estate agents, especially in today's challenging market. Tim Braheem was recognized as one of the top fifty producing loan originators in the United States, reaching a peak in personal production of 676 loans for a total of $236,000,000 in loan volume. Tim speaks on the art of collaboration, offering scripts and strategies for strengthening relationships with agent partners. He'll also touch on the softer side of sales, sharing his unique approach to client consultations. Tim delves into the 'inner game' of success, explaining how energy management and daily routines can set you up for peak performance. We'll wrap up with Tim’s take on how to nurture client loyalty, maintain a competitive edge, and keep your buyers from exploring alternatives. Strap in for an enlightening conversation that might just change the way you approach your business and life! Share this episode with your colleagues, and don’t forget to leave us a review. Episode Resources: Tim's Podcast The 360 Experience Tim's Coaching Leadership 360 Check out The Loan Atlas Want to unlock endless REALTOR referrals? Book Your 1:1 Call with Geoff Zimpfer Here


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Daily Habits for Closing 250 Loans

In this episode of Mortgage Marketing Radio, we welcome John Cornish back for a third time on the podcast! Listen to John's focus on the fundamentals of daily activities and time blocking that thrives on personalized client engagement and consistency. Mondays involve sales meetings and agent outreach, while Tuesdays are for pipeline updates and buyer consultations. His Wednesdays prioritize personal check-ins with pre-approval clients amidst challenging housing markets. So tune in, take notes, and get ready to be motivated by John Cornish's relentless pursuit of excellence and his heartfelt approach to mortgage marketing. Don't forget to leave us a review, share this episode, and follow John for more valuable insights. Let's get started! Episode Resources: Follow John on Facebook Connect with John on Instagram Check out John's 300+ Google Reviews Do you want to unlock the secret to endless REALTOR referrals without cold-calling, chasing or paying for leads? Want to learn more about attracting vs chasing agents? Book Your 1:1 Call with Geoff Zimpfer Here


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Attracting the NextGen Homebuyer

In today's episode, we dive deep into the complexities of the real estate industry, the essence of financial literacy amongst millennials and Gen Z through the First Home IQ initiative, and the strategic use of social media to foster trust and community leadership with first time home buyers. Don't Miss: Kristin's views on why empowering customers to make knowledgeable decisions is more crucial than ever in today's climate of "distrust in corporate entities". We tackle the role of video in connecting with consumers and why leading with value on social platforms is a game-changer for professionals. Stay informed, stay ahead, and let's transform the industry together. Thanks for tuning in, and keep leading with education! Episode Resources: First Home IQ Kristin's Website Book Your Call With Geoff


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Scaling to $100 Million

Today we have an insightful conversation lined up that promises to deepen your understanding of the mortgage industry and bolster your business strategies. Joining us is the mortgage maven himself, Brian McCauley, with a staggering 20 years of experience and a track record that includes weathering the tumultuous 2008 financial crisis. In this episode, Brian dives into the art of knowing your business partner's ideal profile, the importance of asking what impresses them, and tailoring your approach based on your unique skill set and goals. Learn how Brian's self-generated referral business model, primarily driven by REALTORS, past clients, and strategic social marketing efforts, sets him apart in today's competitive landscape. You'll glean insights into his choice of YouTube and Instagram as vital platforms for establishing social connections and delivering educational content. We'll also explore how the "Dallas Mortgage News" became a keystone of Brian's brand and get an insider's scoop on hosting value-driven events like the ones with Rick Ruby. So, grab your headphones, sharpen your notepads, and get ready to transform your mortgage marketing approach with the invaluable lessons and strategies shared by Brian McCauley in today's episode. Let's get started! Episode Resources: Connect with Brian On Instagram Check Out Brian's Website Do you want to unlock the secret to endless REALTOR referrals? Learn more about myAgent Classes here.


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Unraveling the Impact of NAR Settlement

Today we're diving deep into the seismic shifts shaking up the real estate industry with my guest, James Kleiman, Newsroom Manager at Housingwire and a sharp observer of real estate trends. In this episode, we're discussing the ripple effects of recent settlements and regulatory changes that are reshaping the landscape for agents and mortgage professionals alike. We'll tackle the repercussions of the Department of Justice's hard look at real estate agent practices, and unpack the landmark $418 million NAR settlement. And for all you mortgage originators out there feeling the tremors, get ready for actionable insights on diversifying referral sources and innovative strategies for adapting to this new real estate reality. So tighten your seat belts and prepare for a candid conversation that cuts to the heart of the matter. And, as always, if you like what you hear, leave us a review and share this episode with anyone wanting to stay ahead of the curve. Let's get started! Episode Resources: Connect with James Kleiman on LinkedIn Subscribe to Housing Wire Book your 1:1 call to learn more about myAgent Classes


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The Road to 4,000 Organic Leads from Social Media

In this insightful episode of Mortgage Marketing Radio, Geoff Zimpfer welcomes Jordan Nutter to discuss the intersection of mortgage marketing, financial literacy, and social media strategy. Jordan shares her mission to enhance financial literacy throughout the nation, diving into the nuances of balancing loan origination with her 50-city tour in 32 states alongside her family. We also unpack how Jordan’s viral video success created 4,000 leads boasting an impressive 33.33% conversion rate. Key Points Discussed: - The significance of Jordan Nutter's mission to enhance financial literacy across various communities. - The role authentic content and social media play in building trust and educating potential clients. - Methods and best practices for creating engaging, educational content, particularly for credit-challenged borrowers. - Jordan's approach to batch content creation, mobile editing for authenticity, and consistency in posting on platforms like Instagram and TikTok. If you're inspired by Jordan's journey and want to tap into the combined power of financial literacy and social media marketing, don't forget to subscribe to Mortgage Marketing Radio. Share this episode with someone who could benefit, and leave us a review to tell us how we're doing. Episode Resources: Follow Jordan: TikTok Instagram Website Want endless REALTOR referrals without cold-calling, chasing agents or paying for leads? See how others are doing it at myAgent Classes. Book your free mortgage marketing strategy call with me here. Join the Mortgage Marketing Radio Facebook Group here.


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Leveraging Instagram Broadcast Channels to Build REALTOR Referrals

In this enlightening episode, we talk with Tom Moffat and Brandon Love about innovative strategies for using Instagram to connect with REALTORS. From creating exclusive broadcast channels to utilizing the 'close friends' feature, this episode uncovers the power of personalized communication and relationship building on Instagram. Key Points Discussed: - The benefits of switching from a business to a creator account on Instagram for access to a wider array of music for content. - Step-by-step instructions on how to create a broadcast channel on Instagram for engaging with followers. - Utilizing the 'close friends' strategy on Instagram to foster deeper relationships with REALTORS by sharing specialized content. - How DMs, video messages, and personal notes can be leveraged to nurture connections with class attendees and potential clients. - Integrating Yam app with Gmail for mass personalized emails, helping REALTORS maintain a one-to-one relationship with their audience. - Strategies for using Instagram and online presence to assist real estate agents in optimizing their digital footprint and marketing. - Ensuring effective follow-up and engagement with class participants through the use of PDF handouts and personalized coaching videos. - The collaboration with specialists Tom and Brandon on their podcast "Commission Breath" to discuss targeting realtors and mortgage brokers. Don’t forget to subscribe to Mortgage Marketing Radio for more insightful strategies and tips. Leave us a review to let us know what you think about today’s episode, and follow us on our social media channels to join the conversation. Episode Resources: Connect with Tom On Instagram Here Connect with Brandon Love on Instagram Here Tune-In to the Commission Breath Podcast on Spotify or Apple Check Out their YouTube Channel Here Book your call here to learn more about myAgent Classes.


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Rethink Everything About Being a Next Gen Loan Officer

In this episode, myself along with Brian Vieaux, and Kyle Draper delve into the concept of the next generation mortgage loan officer and what it takes to thrive in the modern mortgage industry. We discuss the importance of embracing technology, being a digital native, and the significance of personalized customer service in catering to the diverse needs of the modern client. We also talk about the new book collaboration for Rethink Everything You "Know" About Being a NextGen Loan Officer. Key Points Discussed: Understanding the next generation homebuyer and their digital native characteristics The significance of leveraging technology to engage with clients and provide tailored solutions The role of education and expertise in becoming a next generation loan officer Timestamps: 00:00 Discussion on new book for mortgage loan officers. 05:55 NextGen home buyers prefer online relationships. 09:32 Virtual connections form meaningful, impactful relationships swiftly. 12:51 Guide for loan officers to engage next generation. 15:04 Baffled by loan opinions, focus on educating. 19:31 Innovative book format creates interactive reader experience. 21:32 Encouraging listeners to get book, share episode. Episode Resources: Order Rethink Everything on Amazon Here Book your call here to learn more about myAgent Classes.


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From Facebook Ads to AI: A Modern Marketing Masterclass

On this episode we welcome Travis Thom, a renowned Facebook and Instagram ad expert and AI marketing strategist, back to Mortgage Marketing Radio for an insightful episode on cutting-edge digital marketing strategies in the mortgage and real estate industries. Key Points Discussed: - The transition from traditional long landing pages to streamlined, mobile-optimized versions that enhance conversion rates. - The emergence of concise bio links and lead ad forms, challenging the dominance of traditional landing pages. - Skepticism towards the capabilities of AI in fully replacing human interaction, with a focus on maintaining a balance between technology and personal touch. - The "perfect funnel" strategy for video content marketing and its effectiveness in creating brand awareness and customer retargeting. - Recommendations for budgeting and reach on video marketing campaigns aimed at maximizing brand visibility. - Elevated REM Training as a resource for mastering AI and social media marketing tactics. - The importance of personal branding and authentic content production within organizations, leveraging employee-driven content creation. - Discussion on the future of AI and human customer service integration, including the potential of indistinguishable AI-human voice capabilities. - Highlights of Travis Thom's successful track record in ad management and his advisory role with Facebook. Check out Travis' website here. Follow Travis on Instagram here. Discover how to get an endless stream of REALTOR referrals. Book your call here to learn more about myAgent Classes.


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The Power of Authentic Video Content in Mortgage Marketing

Today we're talking with Mike Faraci. He's the Founder & CEO of Red Button Media, a video content agency that specializes in creating authentic, professional video content and marketing strategies that get you the attention you deserve. **Here's a breakdown of the top takeaways from our conversation with Mike:** 1. **Harnessing AI Tools for Content Creation:** Mike dishes out how features like Zoom's AI summary are revolutionizing content repurposing, helping you save time and be more efficient in your marketing efforts. 2. **The Art of Connecting Through Authenticity:** Dive into the nuances of being genuine and discover why it’s okay to feel uncomfortable in your own skin – it’s your secret weapon to build real connections. 3. **Content Strategy - Quality Over Quantity:** Find out why chasing viral fame won’t beat creating sincere content that resonates deeply with your target audience. 4. **Developing Engaging Content Hooks:** Forget clickbaits! Learn how to create hooks that deliver real value and promise, so your audience stays hooked from start to finish. 5. **Video Content vs. AI-Generated Content:** In an era of tech advancements, hear why authentic video content can have a more significant impact in building trust and eng Gear up and dive into the full episode right here to transform your mortgage marketing game. Mike Faraci's practical tips and insightful strategies are what you need to stay ahead of the curve in 2024 and beyond. Follow Mike on LinkedIn Here Learn more about myAgent Classes Here


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How to Optimize Your Client Experience to Get More Referrals

In this episode, we dive into the art of refining the client experience in the mortgage industry with expert guest Mike Seminari, Director of Customer Experience (CX) with STRATMOR Group. Discover how to transform excellent service into a robust referral system and why your process can make or break client satisfaction. Key Points Discussed: - The strategic importance of optimizing the customer experience to gain more referrals in the mortgage sector. - Mike Seminari’s tips on how to incorporate monthly customer experience (CX) enhancements and why he recommends reaching out for his CX tip sheet. - The detrimental effects of process pain points like miscommunication and redundancy on the Net Promoter Score (NPS). - The significant impact that effective communication and setting accurate expectations have on a customer's likelihood to refer. - Using visual aids to guide customers through the loan journey and the vitality of being adaptable to feedback. - STRATMOR's Mortgage CX program benefits, including detailed analysis and benchmarking for loan officers. - Mike’s perspective on the importance of prior relationships and testimonials over interest rates in lender selection by clients. Listen in to continue to pivot, innovate, adapt, and overcome! Episode Resources: HereLinkedInLearn More About myAgent Classes Are you ready to go from solicitor and vendor to partner and peer with real estate agents? Book your call with me here.


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The Blueprint for Engaging Real Estate Partnerships

Join us in this enlightening episode of Mortgage Marketing Radio, with guest Daniel Simoanvsky, a top-referred insurance broker in the Kansas City area and a co-founder of a thriving insurance agency. In this episode, we delve into Daniel's innovative approach to building meaningful relationships within the real estate and mortgage industry by leveraging social media, valuable content creation, and personal branding. Time Stamps: 05:54 Focused on mortgage lenders, shifted focus to agents. 15:02 Real estate agents need your solutions now. 19:21 Being true to yourself attracts the right people. 21:15 Adding value to real estate agents through partnerships. 28:38 Successful agents are always hungry for growth. Follow Daniel on Instagram Here Learn More About myAgent Classes Are you ready to go from solicitor and vendor to partner and peer with real estate agents? Book your call with me here.


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Embracing Digital Strategies with Jason Henneberry

We've got Canadian Mortgage innovatorJason Henneberry as our special guest on today's episode. Jason dropped invaluable insights on emotional selling, financial education, and the critical skills for thriving: audience building, deal creation, and deal conversion. 05:34 Tightened regulations impact mortgage market, 2025 surge. 07:32 Retail versus independent mortgage brokers in sales. 12:16 Real estate market shifting due to rising rates. 13:31 Business strategies evolving, focusing on social media. 18:39 Connect, convert conversations into meaningful business interactions. 20:27 Content should address emotional pain points effectively. 24:06 Key to education, expert status attracts engagement. 27:24 Loan officers teach real estate financing strategies. 29:49 Consistency and perseverance lead to success in business. 32:42 Unique situations go beyond traditional borrowing limits. 36:01 High income earners often seek alternate financing. 40:27 Prepare for future busy periods and adjustments. 43:46 Book focuses on deliberate practice, not habits. 44:54 53 days on program led to lasting habits. Connect with Jason Here Want more agent referrals without chasing, cold-calling or paying for leads? Schedule your call with me and learn more about myAgent Classes.


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Unleashing YouTube Success for Mortgage & Real Estate Professionals

I am thrilled to bring you my conversation with the renowned YouTube strategist Sean Cannell. We dissect the nuances of creating powerful YouTube content for mortgage professionals, blending high-value content with the seamless use of AI and the irreplaceable human element that propels your marketing to new heights. **Key Points We Discussed with Time Stamps:** - 00:02:34 - Starting with available resources and emphasizing content value over production polish. - 00:09:52 - Strategies for employing AI as a tool while maintaining the creative and strategic processes that define us. - 00:16:27 - The critical role of continual learning and personal development in triumphing over the dynamic challenges of online marketing. - 00:23:45 - The impact of short, magnetic YouTube videos and the importance of consistent improvement of your video production skills. - 00:31:19 - Unpacking the YouTube algorithm and how to tailor content to match audience behaviors and preferences. - 00:39:58 - The collaborative exchange on our respective experiences and strategies for designing videos that captivate and convert. - 00:48:16 - Exploring the "perfect video" recipe from effective hooks to a call to action. - 00:56:40 - Breakdown of the three Ps—passion, proficiency, and profit—in finding and dominating your YouTube niche. - 01:03:12 - How to leverage brilliant content ideas from successful channels across various industries. **Memorable Quotes from Today’s Episode:** - "Start where you are, and build from there. It's about the message, not just the medium." - Sean Cannell - "Building a community is about connection, not just conversion. It's about people, not just pageviews." - Me, Geoff Zimpfer **Resources I Mentioned with Time Stamps:** - [00:57:15] "YouTube Secrets" book by Sean Cannell - [01:18:42] Sean’s free podcast and on-demand class, available here. - Liked what you heard? Please take a moment to leave us a review; your opinions help us grow. - And follow us on our social accounts for even more expert mortgage marketing guidance. Want more agent referrals without chasing, cold-calling or paying for leads? Schedule your call with me and learn more about myAgent Classes.


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How to Get Your Mindset Right for 2024

Today we're talking with Shayla Gifford. She's the VP of Sales and Development and a Branch Manager with Guild Mortgage. Before you set out to conquer your goals in 2024 it's important to have a check up from the neck up. Meaning, how to get your mindset aligned to optimize your skillset and your activities. Shayla's superpower is helping people break free from a limiting mindset and story that hinders them from achieving the best version of themselves. She's especially adept at helping people get really clear on who you are uniquely and what are the unique skills, attributes, and value that you bring to relationships. Episode Resources: Connect with Shayla on Instagram Check Out Shayla's Website Learn More About myAgent Classes


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Let Your Clients Verify Employment, Income and Assets

On today's episode we're learning about an alternative to verifying employment, income and assets for your borrowers. Truv allows you to gather over 100 unique income and employment data points from applicants by allowing them to login directly to their payroll or employer account. You'll save your clients money and reduce your time to close with Truv. Listen to the episode to learn more. Episode Resources: Check Out Truv Here Connect With Richard on LinkedIn Get More Agent Referrals with myAgent Classes