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Critical Activities for Today's Mortgage Market

In this idea packed episode, we delve into the art of thriving in the current mortgage market with our guest, Dale Vermillion. With the landscape of mortgage origination becoming increasingly challenging, Dale shares his expertise on the most effective activities mortgage originators should focus on today. We discuss innovative strategies for marketing, how to stand out in a saturated market, and the importance of building strong client relationships. Dale's insights are not just theoretical; they are tried-and-tested methods that have propelled many in the industry to success. Whether you're a seasoned originator or new to the field, this episode is packed with invaluable guidance to help you excel. Episode Resources: www.DaleVermillion.comhere


What's Happening With the Housing Market

On today's episode we're talking with Logan Mohtashami. Logan is a renowned housing market expert recognized for his insightful analysis and commentary on the U.S. economy and real estate market. Mohtashami is a lead analyst for HousingWire and is a regular contributor on the HousingWire Daily podcast. Episode Resources: Follow Logan on Instagram Subscribe to Housing Wire Learn More About myAgent Classes


Dominating Your Local Market With Google Reviews

In this episode we talk with Wade Betz. Wade has been in the mortgage industry since 2006 and helped thousands of families with more than $700M+ in residential financing funded. He's optimizing his Google Business profile to get found by local homebuyers and referring those deals out to his local agents. Wade is teaching educational classes to real estate agents and building his audience on social media. There's a lot we cover in this episode! Episode Resources: Connect With WadeHereHere


Sneak Peek Inside Members Only Mastermind Call

In this episode, you’re getting a glimpse inside the Members Only Coaching Call. Each week, we meet with fellow ambitious Mortgage Loan Originators from across the country. Our primary focus is leading with education in our local market to attract our ideal agent partners and grow our business. We also share ideas, work on mindset and accountability, social media strategies and more. If you like what you hear, book your call to learn more! Listen in to continue to pivot, innovate, adapt, and overcome! Episode Resources: HereHere


Closing 38 Loans From Posting Videos

In this episode we talk with "The Mortgage Dads" as they unpack their journey into going all in with video online. Directly from posting video content, they've closed over 38 loans and they're just getting started. Listen and apply what you learn from this episode. Be inspired to take action and soon you'll be adding loans to your pipeline directly from your online content. Episode Resources: Follow James & Travis Get More Agent Referrals/myAgent Classes Join the Facebook Group


Creating Residual Income in Your Mortgage Business

Today we're talking with Kevin Ducey about diversifying your income. Kevin is the Vice President Of Business Development at Comma Insurance. He has a wealth of experience in mortgage marketing strategies and building residual income. His perspective on "mortgage marketing strategies: reviews, success stories, and insurance investment" is that investing in an insurance agency can be a viable option for mortgage professionals looking to build scale, autonomy, and recurring residual income. Kevin encourages listeners to consider investing in their own insurance agency, highlighting the potential benefits of not requiring excessive time, hiring, or securing a location. Episode Resources: Learn More About Comma Get More Agent Referrals/myAgent Classes Join the Facebook Group


Master the Market of the Moment

Today, we’re master the market of the moment AND celebrating 300 episodes of Mortgage Marketing Radio with host Geoff Zimpfer. Listen in to continue to pivot, innovate, adapt, and overcome! Episode Resources: Tap HereLearn More About myAgent Classes


Lessons in Lead Generation and Marketing Automation

This episode is the prequel to my recent conversation with Michael McAllister about becoming a NextGen Mortgage Originator. We talk about the evolution of marketing technology, the consumer journey and the new partnership Michael and I are announcing. Learn More About High Level Learn More About myAgent Classes


What is a NextGen Mortgage Originator?

A NextGen Mortgage Originator is one who embraces both the traditional sources of business like database, referral partners and an online presence using digital tools and platforms to attract and engage consumers directly. In this episode Michael McAllister, the founder of EmpowerLO and I unpack both the importance of becoming a NextGent Originator and how to get there. We talk about your personal brand, social media, High Level marketing automation and why leading with education is your killer app. Be sure to check out the episode resources listed below. Join the Facebook Group and let's continue the conversation! Episode Resources: High Level Facebook Group Learn About myAgent Classes Check Out EmpowerLO Leave a Podcast Review


How to Identify Your Ideal Clients and Partners

On this episode we talk with Sam May who's leading a small team of mortgage originators in the Solana Beach, CA area. They're on pace to close $100 Million in funded loans in 2023. Sam is crushing it with his local agents, teaching classes and building a well-known personal brand for his team. Listen in as we discuss how to identify your ideal client and create content that attracts them. We also dig into creating video content, building your social media followers and attracting agents vs chasing. Episode Resources: Follow Sam on Instagram Book a Call With Geoff Join the Facebook Group


Closing Five Loans from Teaching Classes

Today we're bringing another Mortgage Marketing PRO member success story to you. What if you could host one or two agent classes per month and fund five loans or more every time you did. Would you be open to learning more? This episode features Louie Wickett with Homeside Lending and how he's funded 5 loans from teaching just two classes. Are you ready to say goodbye to cold-calling agents and get referrals on demand like Louie? Check out the links below for more details. Learn MoreHere


The Truth About Recruiting

Today's episode is a candid conversation about recruiting in the mortgage industry. The truth, lies and misconceptions about signing bonuses, compensation, company leadership and how to know when it's time to leave or time to stay at your current company. Andy Stewart is the VP of Operations and Dave Hendriksen is the SVP of Sales and Business Development for Homeside. In their combined 40+ years of mortgage industry experience, they've seen and heard it all. Our conversation will help you get clear on some of the important considerations around changing companies and your career path. Episode Resources: Visit Homeside to learn more. Leave Me a Google Review


Rethink Everything You "Know" About Social Media

On today's episode you get a sneak-peek inside one of our weekly Mortgage Marketing PRO Member coaching calls. We host four calls each month and one of those four calls features a special guest who is a subject matter expert. On this call, our guest is Kyle Draper. Kyle has helped thousands of REALTORS® and mortgage professionals leverage their personal stories to generate millions of dollars in business. His expertise in social media marketing and storytelling through content is renowned across the industry. He is currently the founder of and, and speaks around the country helping driven professionals discover their story, and grow their business through the power of social media. Episode Resources: HereInstagramLearn MoreHere


Closing $80 Million in a Challenging Market

Paige Bowman is the founder and team leader of The Mortgage Collaborative based in Houston, TX. Her mission is to change people from renters into homeowners. She leads the #1 All Female Team in Houston and is on pace to fund $80 Million in 2022. She's also an avid traveler and self-acclaimed "sneaker-head." You can follow Paige on Instagram to connect and get a look at her amazing content. Resources: Get more agent referrals in less time. CLICK HERE to learn more about the Mortgage Marketing PRO Membership. Join the podcast Facebook Group HERE.


The Mindset You Need for The Current Market

On this episode we catch up with Todd Duncan. He is the founder and CEO of the Todd Duncan Group, the most sought after coaching, training, and events company for high performing sales professionals, a 2X NYT bestselling author with over 17 books, and was a top 1% Loan Originator financing over 5,000 transactions in 12 years. The current mortgage market is challenging and unexpected, with interest rate acceleration, consumer confidence dip, and inflation affecting loan officers. Despite the challenging market, there is still a significant demand for mortgages, with millions of homes requiring financing. The question is what is the mindset and actions needed to survive and thrive in the current market. We will answer that and more on this episode. Check the links below for podcast resources. Check Out Todd Duncan's High Trust Sales Academy Use PROMO CODE: HTSACompany2023  Get More Agent Referrals With myAgent Classes Here


How I Became a Successful Mortgage Originator

On today's episode we talk about: Follow Eric On Instagram Here Check Out Eric's Podcast Here Get More Agent Referrals by Teaching Agent Classes [Click Here] Join the Podcast Facebook Group Here


PRO Member Gets Referral With Every Agent Class

In this episode we talk with Mortgage Marketing PRO Member Carmella McGonegal about how she's growing her mortgage referrals from agents by hosting agent classes. She shares her experience as a PRO Member and the impact to her business since joining. Episode Resources: Learn MoreHere


How To Get 300+ Five-Star Google Reviews

In this episode, John Cornish shares his expertise on how to improve the Google five-star review process for his business and his REALTOR partners. He shares his passion for helping REALTORs educate themselves on Google profile optimization and believes that by implementing his process, REALTORs can improve their online reputation and generate more business. John's process for improving Google reviews has helped him build a strong online reputation, with over 300 five-star Google reviews. He notes that this has directly led to an increase in online leads and business opportunities. HereLearn MoreHere


Building Your Wealth Advisory Team to Get More Referrals

In this episode, we had the privilege of sitting down with Justin Stoddart, author of "The Upstream Model: Hidden Secrets to Building a Massive Referral Business While Crushing Big Tech Competitors". We dive deep into the concepts of moving upstream from Solicitor to Peer and Mentor. Here's a rundown of what we discussed: preview call RSVP HERE We're going to unpack this new platform to help you grow your own local Wealth Advisory Team and build a consistent flow of quality referrals from high caliber professionals, just like you. RSVP for the Wealth Advisory Team Call Learn MoreHere


How Glenda White Closed Over $7 Million in Agent Referrals

In this episode, we unpack how Glenda White closed over $7 Million in Agent Referrals (and how you can too) Episode Resources: Learn MoreHere