Crosscurrents is KALW Public Radio's award-winning news magazine, broadcasting in the Bay Area Mondays through Thursdays on 91.7 FM. We make joyful, informative stories that engage people across the economic, social, and cultural divides in our community.

Crosscurrents is KALW Public Radio's award-winning news magazine, broadcasting in the Bay Area Mondays through Thursdays on 91.7 FM. We make joyful, informative stories that engage people across the economic, social, and cultural divides in our community.


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Crosscurrents is KALW Public Radio's award-winning news magazine, broadcasting in the Bay Area Mondays through Thursdays on 91.7 FM. We make joyful, informative stories that engage people across the economic, social, and cultural divides in our community.






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The Caregiving Crisis

Over 7 million people in California live with a disability. In this series, reporter Christopher Egusa, who lives with a chronic condition, uncovers stories from people with disabilities and their families who say they were failed by the very systems designed to protect them.


Prescribing Housing As Healthcare

In this episode, a nurse practitioner takes us inside one of San Francisco's Shelter in Place hotels. Then, we look at what happens when you integrate shelter as a fundamental element to recovery. Today we bring you stories from our award winning series “Housing as healthcare."


Disability Lawyer / Alton “Coach” McSween

A celebrated deaf-blind lawyer from Oakland fights popular assumptions about disability. We have a conversation with Haben Girma. Then, a man who spent time at San Quentin is helping other formerly incarcerated people return to their community.


Brontë Velez / New Arrivals: Barbara Dane / Still Singing, Still Resisting

Today, we hear how an art exhibit in San Francisco by Black women and femmes addresses societal pains and healing. The correlation between African American and Indigneous freedom. Then, a reading from local folk, blues and jazz legend Barbara Dane. Plus, we learn how Barbara Dane’s work led her to become a champion for the emerging cause of women’s rights.


The Past, Present And Future of San Francisco's Downtown / Alphabet Rockers / New Arrivals: Patrick James Dunagan

San Francisco’s bustling downtown hasn’t roared back to its pre-pandemic level of activity, nor is it likely to. We hear about the bleak present and possible future of the city’s downtown. Then, we get down with some socially conscious hip hop, for kids. And, a reading from a San Francisco poet Patrick James Dunagan.


The Lehigh Hanson Cement Plant / Night Ministry

Today we’re looking at Bay Area development, from the ground up. The story of a controversial cement plant that is now shutting down. Then, we meet a minister who works the late-night shift. Plus local music from La Misa Negra.


Chef Traci Des Jardins / Preserving Holiday Memories / "Unthanksgiving" on Alcatraz

Around the country, families and kitchens are getting ready. Today, we’ll make Thanksgiving dinner with an award-winning San Francisco chef.Then, we'll hear a story about preserving memories when family comes together. And, we’ll learn about a sacred Thanksgiving tradition, right here in the Bay.


Making Digital Spaces Safer For Kids / Uncuffed: Wild Turkey In The Yard

A new California law is the first of its kind in the country to specifically protects children’s Online Data and Privacy. We’ll hear how the state wants to protect kids online. Then, what happens when a wild turkey lands in a prison yard? Plus, local music is from Garras Sucias.


Oakland's Mayoral Race / A Monthly Crisis For Some Unhoused / New Arrivals: K.M. Soehnlein

Oakland is very close to determining the outcome of its race for mayor. We get an update on how the issue of public safety played a role in this election. Then, we’ll explore how those experiencing homelessness cope with getting their periods. And, we’ll hear a reading from San Francisco author K.M. Soehnlein. Plus local music from the late San Francisco artist Patrick Cowley.


The Stanford Band Scatters On / Five Laterals And A Trombone / New Arrivals: Scott Badler

We get ready for the big football game this weekend by revisiting an iconic half-time performance. We hear the story of a band made up of Harry Potters, Shreks and Canadian Bobsledders. Then, we learn about the 21 seconds that will live on in the history of college football.


Finding Home: Survival, a criminal legal system, and a long climb home

Today, a mom shares her story about how her struggle to pay for childcare led to her family losing their home. And how having a crime on her record made it that much harder to rebuild her life. Reversing the spiral toward homelessness.


What is RSV? / Families Finding Home / New Arrivals: David Meltzer

It's cold and flu season and in the Bay Area, doctors are seeing a rise in respiratory syncytial virus or RSV. Today, we hear from a UCSF infectious disease specialist about whether we should be worried and what we can do to limit the spread of RSV. Then, we meet a family experiencing homelessness. Plus, a reading from a new poetry collection by the late San Francisco poet David Meltzer.


Bay Area Faults / Shaking Skyscrapers / Hey Area: Earthquake Questions

Today, San Francisco structural engineers tell us how to improve the city’s readiness for a major earthquake. And we hear from a UC Berkeley seismology expert about what Bay Area fault is most likely to cause the next quake - for him, it’s close to home. Plus, have you ever heard of earthquake weather? Is it a real thing?


@Work: Fly Bay Area / Searching For The Sacred Black Feminine / New Arrivals: Ian Mitroff

Today, we buckle up and hit the skies with the Oakland Flyers flight training school. We learn what it takes to become a pilot in the Bay Area. Then, theologian Christena Cleveland takes us on the spiritual journey from the Bay Area to France that inspired her book, “God is a Black Woman.” And, we hear a reading from Berkeley author Ian Mitroff. Plus, local music from Megan Slankard.


Uncuffed: I'm Somebody's Hero

Growing up, Uncuffed Producer Thanh Tran never truly felt like he had a home. He was raised in the foster care system, was in and out of juvenile hall as a teenager. And then, shortly after his 18th birthday, he went to prison. Just over a decade later, he got what he had been working toward for years, his freedom. On this episode of Uncuffed from the team at San Quentin State Prison — Thanh's journey home, and the relationships that have carried him through.


Black Folks And Nature / Outdoor Afro Founder Rue Mapp / New Arrivals: Caroline M. Mar

Today, we take a closer look at this perception that black people aren’t into nature. We challenge stereotypes about who is and who isn’t ‘outdoorsy’ with Outdoor Afro founder Rue Mapp. Then, we hear about Mapp’s new book, a collection of stories about Black people enjoying nature. And, a reading from San Francisco poet Caroline M Mar.


Actress Ashley Jaye / Black Mental Health / New Arrivals: Jack Gedney

Today, an actress gets personal, exploring the complexities of mental health on stage. Then, we hear about the stigma some Black people face when they seek mental health care. Plus, a reading from Novato author Jack Gedney.


Election Fraud Claims / Coalition On Homelessness Lawsuit / Mental Health When Living On The Street

Today, we hear how reports indicate that San Francisco’s unhoused population is on the decline. But advocates say the city’s response leaves many worse off. We listen to an interview with the executive director of San Francisco’s Coalition on Homelessness. And, we hear first hand about the difficulties of being unhoused. Plus, we get an update on election fraud claims and how they have risen since the 2020 election.


Uncuffed: When A Mother's Love Becomes Violent

As a child, Francisco Magaña was afraid of his mother. She would beat him, and he’s carried that pain with him for his entire life. But despite that, he managed to forgive her.


The Haunting Of The USS Hornet / The Ghosts of Port Costa / From Mortuary To Music Venue

It's Halloween and we are getting spooky! First, we’ll board an aircraft carrier in Alameda that many say is haunted. Then, we’ll visit Port Costa, a small town with a ghostly reputation. And, we’ll hear about the morbid history of The Chapel, a music venue in the Mission. And today's local music is from the San Francisco artists Aftrylyfe and T-Blood.