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Reforge Gaming is a variety of gaming news, live Q&A, discussions, gameplay, and more!




Hogwarts Legacy New Gameplay and Details

We have Hogwarts Legacy new gameplay and details from a bunch of people who played it. New info about Hogwarts Legacy story as well as how the numerous Hogwarts Legacy side quests sounds incredibly dynamic. A bunch of Hogwarts Legacy gameplay new footage is now out in the wild and it continues to impress in size and scope. The thing I noticed in one Hogwarts Legacy preview was just the sheer amount of content and traversal within the game. Hogwarts Legacy is an upcoming action role-playing...


Halo Infinite | 343 Industries Responds

The latest Halo Infinite news is now 343 Industries responds to the stories about them being removed. 343 removed from Halo was something many of us thought was coming, but apparently it isn't happening. Who is telling the truth? As the Halo developers they took to twitter to announce that Halo Infinite is here to stay despite rumors that Halo Infinite DLC was scrapped and that active development would be handed to companies like Certain Affinity. Their announcement does not necessarily push...


The Future of Xbox Debate

The future of Xbox debate with myself, 30nstillgaming, and you, the live audience. With Starfield & Halo Infinite in potential trouble after the recent Microsoft layoffs many are wondering what's next. With the Xbox Showcase on January 25th around the corner, the Starfield showcase date is still unknown. Will the Starfield release date actually happen in 2023? Some say that Halo Infinite is dead after this news. Joe Staten leaves 343 Industries in the second wave of bad Halo news for the...


Forspoken Already Looks Like a Disaster

Forspoken already looks like a disaster as previews are non existent and the Forspoken PC requirements raised eyebrows after the lack luster performance of the Forspoken Demo. If you are looking for an early Forspoken review then good luck. My experience with Forspoken gameplay was pretty mediocre. The Forspoken release date is right around the corner and the concerns are growing. Forspoken is an upcoming action role-playing game developed by Luminous Productions and published by Square...


Forspoken Performance Concerns | Here We Go Again With 30fps

My Forspoken performance concerns have me saying here we go again with 30fps. I will do my best to provide a Forspoken review when the full releases since we already covered the Forspoken demo gameplay live on this channel. After my experience with Forspoken gameplay I was not very impressed with the flow or performance of the game. My Forspoken trailer reaction after they released the Forspoken PC requirements. Right the Forspoken release date push back was for just polish but we are...


Starfield & Halo Infinite Are In Trouble

It looks like Starfield & Halo Infinite are in trouble with the recent Microsoft layoffs announcement. Those looking forward to both the Xbox Showcase on January 25th and the later Starfield showcase will probably have questions. Will the Starfield release date actually happen in 2023? Is Halo Infinite dead after this new revelation? Joe Staten leaving 343 Industries is also pretty big Halo news for the franchise. Many thought Joseph Staten was basically the one to keep the game going. Those...


Xbox Activision Deal Facing More Trouble

The Xbox Activision deal is facing more trouble from all angles at this point. Now both Google and nVidia are pushing back along with the EU regulator. This continues to be a threat to the Xbox Activision Blizzard deal going through. There has been continued commentary from Phil Spencer about a Call of Duty Xbox exclusive not becoming a reality. Microsoft is now on record saying that the Playstation Call of Duty deal could land around 10 years. Reforge Gaming is a live talk show hosted by...


Hogwarts Legacy Performance Concerns

I have Hogwarts Legacy performance concerns after the latest info that came out. The Hogwarts Legacy pc requirements were released along with some other worrying info. The Hogwarts Legacy performance mode details are not what many of us wanted to see. My concern over Hogwarts Legacy gameplay is that it is poorly optimized. And when you look at the Hogwarts Legacy release date info and that it is staggered, I'm worried about old gen. Add into that the need to buy the deluxe edition to access...


Starfield Release Date Coming Soon?

A Starfield release date coming soon is a possibility along with another delay. The latest Starfield news comes in the way of an update to the Steam page for the game and it could mean a lot of things. We are also waiting for the Starfield showcase to be given an official date. We make sure to cover any new Starfield gameplay whenever it releases. I am hoping for a Starfield update along with some substantive Starfield info from Todd Howard and Xbox. Starfield is an upcoming action...


Fable 4 Rumors Look Bad For Xbox

All the Fable 4 rumors look bad for Xbox and we have a great explanation for all the Fable delayed rumors. At this point the Fable release date is unknown and internal delays are rumored. The Fable 4 engine is being sighted as a problem and an Xbox policy is linked to the problem. My concern is we have heard this and seen this before with Halo Infinite. Fable is an upcoming action role-playing game developed by Playground Games and published by Xbox Game Studios. The game serves as a reboot...


Hogwarts Legacy Live Service Debate

Let's have a Hogwarts Legacy live service debate with chat and my good friend 30nsg. With the newly announced Hogwarts Legacy PC requirements many are curious about just how big the game will be. I would like to know if the Hogwarts Legacy gameplay can support an ongoing model. Also the Hogwarts Legacy release date content is setup in a weird way with the need to buy the deluxe edition to access the Hogwarts Legacy Dark Arts arena. This Harry Potter game looks to be a big release in, 2023....


Starfield | Skipping Xbox Showcase 2023

Is Starfield skipping the Xbox Showcase 2023 that is coming up? We already covered the latest Starfield release date news that is circulating. The Bethesda help page seemingly doubled down on the Starfield 2023 release for the first half of the year. I cover any new Starfield gameplay whenever it shows up. We all hope to see a Starfield update along with some substantive Starfield news from Todd Howard and Xbox. Starfield is an upcoming action role-playing video game developed by Bethesda...


Redfall Gameplay Details | Co-op Done Wrong

With all of the new Redfall gameplay details in circulation, it's time to talk about why this is co-op done wrong. The latest Redfall news is tied to the Xbox Showcase 2023 announcement. We will be covering the Xbox Developer Direct live stream and I truly hope the Redfall coop gameplay details are updated and changed. Redfall is an upcoming first-person shooter video game developed by Arkane Studios Austin and published by Bethesda Softworks. The game is set to be released for Microsoft...


Ubisoft Is In Trouble

The latest gaming news shows that Ubisoft is in trouble with cancelled projects and more delays. Many think that Ubisoft is bad at game development, but they have some very big franchises under their watch. With Avatar Frontiers of Pandora and the new Star Wars open-world game in addition to the already planned Assassin's Creed Infinity and AC Mirage, they still have big plans and big titles. Are they trimming down so that Sony buys Ubisoft or someone else? For like the fourth time seeing...


Starfield | Release Date Confusion

The latest Starfield release date news has created what I would call release date confusion. The Bethesda help page recently updated seemingly to reconfirm the Starfield 2023 release for the first half of the year. I will cover any new Starfield gameplay footage when it drops. And I hope to see a Starfield update soon in the way of an Xbox showcase 2023 show to help with the recent rumors about the Redfall release date. Starfield is an upcoming action role-playing video game developed by...


Star Wars Open World Game | Why I'm Worried

The Star Wars open world game from Ubisoft has new details out in the wild and I want to discuss why I'm worried. Massive is planning on using the Snowdrop engine for this new Star Wars game but the release date is targeting 2023. Play testing has already begun for this game and with the release aimed at this year it would be amazing or a complete train wreck. The universe is apparently seamless with comparisons to No Man's Sky which sounds crazy. Reforge Gaming is a live talk show hosted...


Nintendo in 2023 | What I Want From Them

When I look at Nintendo in 2023 and what I want from them, the list gets pretty focused. Obviously seeing the Zelda Tears of the Kingdom release date finally happen but also improvements to the Nintendo Switch platform. Seeing the switch pro canceled honestly hurt some of my excitement about the BOTW 2 release. I would really like to see the Nintendo Switch online setup improved as well. We also need to see better third-party video game relationships. Another thing I would like to see is...


Playstation in 2023 | What They Need To Do

Looking at Playstation in 2023 and what they need to do feels far bigger than just a PS5 restock and new games. It is time to further push the value of PS Plus games as well as launch the Sony live service games we were promised. I would also like to see Returnal PC, Ghost of Tsushima PC, and the long-awaited and very elusive Bloodborne PC release date actually happen. I also think the Playstation UI needs an overhaul along with the Playstation Discord integration landing. Playstation live...


Xbox in 2023 | What They Need To Do

Looking at Xbox in 2023 and what they need to do is both easy and complicated. Obviously, the Starfield release date along with Redfall and Forza Motorsport should prove to be a solid starting point. But I also want to discuss Xbox Game Pass along with the Xbox Activision deal and the Xbox Series X vs Xbox Series S in the saturation race. Lastly, the importance of xCloud and Game Pass landing on more devices. Reforge Gaming is a live talk show hosted by Lono covering the hottest and newest...


Diablo 4 Seasons Must Be More Than a Battle Pass

With the Diablo 4 release date still some distance from now, I want to establish why I think seasons must be more than a battle pass. I recently did a Diablo 4 gameplay hands-on preview breakdown. The latest Diablo 4 news will continue to get coverage here. I did a recent show on the Diablo 4 hands-on preview from different sources. I would like to see another Diablo 4 update on season specifics. We recently covered the Diablo 4 dev update live where they discussed the Diablo 4 Codex of...