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JPR's live interactive program devoted to current events and newsmakers from around the region and beyond.

JPR's live interactive program devoted to current events and newsmakers from around the region and beyond.


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Jefferson PR


JPR's live interactive program devoted to current events and newsmakers from around the region and beyond.




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Exchange Exemplar: putting some actual competition into politics

Katherine Gehl and Michael Porter put their business brains to work and came up with analysis and solutions to money in politics, in the book The Politics Industry: How Political Innovation Can Break Partisan Gridlock and Save Our Democracy.


All the bells and whistles and snowflakes: First Friday Arts for December

December 2023 First Friday Arts


How to avoid roasting your bank account with the chestnuts

Todd Rovak, the co-founder and CEO of a protective service called Carefull keeps an eye on the scam scene.


How a little knowledge about other animals could help keep Lyme disease at bay

Lyme disease research out of the University of California-Santa Barbara suggests that knowing where gray squirrels and woodrats hang out could help, since they are frequent carriers of the Lyme disease pathogen.Assistant Professor Andrew MacDonald and doctoral student Samantha Sambado from UCSB describe.


Education long after regular school ended: older adults take to OLLI

How to write, how to knit, how to manage your money... these and more are topics covered by the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) courses offered through Southern Oregon University.


(Sometimes) a pirate's life for me: the story of Captain Kidd's wife

The Pirate's Wife: The Remarkable True Story of Sarah Kidd by Daphne Palmer Geanocoupoulos.


Sleigh bells ring, but we're listening to Rogue Sounds for December

Josh Gross, music player and creator, is our guide, compiling the list of December 2023 musical events, with an eye to variety.


UO students help Jackson County make a smoke management plan

Stuart Warren and Anna Murphy are making a year round smoke management plan for Jackson County through the Institute of Policy, Research, and Engagement (IPRE) at UO. Stuart Warren tells us of the smoke plan's crafting, and how public input is being included.


Doctor to Doctor explores 'male menopause'

The male menopause experience is the subject of our latest Doctor to Doctor segment, hosted by Rogue Valley physician Dr. Robin Miller.


The people who 'made it there' and made the place: a roster of unforgettable New Yorkers

Sam Roberts, who has long covered the city for the New York Times and written books about it, took on the task and delivered a surprisingly short list: "The New Yorkers: 31 Remarkable People, 400 Years, and the Untold Biography of the World's Greatest City


Oregon issues state report card amid sliding school test scores

Colt Gill is the Director of the Oregon Department of Education; he spends time with us exploring the many findings of the Oregon Statewide Report Card for 2021-2022, joined by Scott Nine, Assistant Superintendent of Education Innovation and Improvement.


Klamath River dam removal shifts into a higher gear with fed approval

The Klamath River Renewal Corporation ramps up to full speed, with destruction work potentially getting started in the next calendar. KRRC is a transitional agency with one job: get rid of the dams. Mark Bransom, Executive Director, drops in to give an overview of next steps and how the dam-removal timeline unfolds.


New book takes readers onto Elvis's plane--in the cockpit

Elvis had to travel a lot, and had the jet named after his daughter, Lisa Marie. Ron Strauss was often the one at the controls of the famous plane. We get the full story in the book "Destined to Fly: The Story of Ron Strauss – From Iowa To Elvis." Sally Hoedel is the author.


Oregon's paid leave law starts January 1st, here's what to expect

Paid Leave Oregon already has a director in the person of Karen Humelbaugh and a deputy director in Juan Serratos, who join us to answer the questions about the new system.


Mental Health Matters explores effects of pandemic on young minds

Kairos has long looked after the needs of young people with behavioral problems in several parts of western Oregon. Sarah Hollingworth brings an overview of the Kairos approach and the issues being seen currently.


Beyond the tree falling in the forest: 'The Sounds of Life'

Karen Bakker, a technology entrepreneur, pulls the curtain on sound in the book "The Sounds of Life: How Digital Technology Is Bringing Us Closer to the Worlds of Animals and Plants."


Exchange Exemplar: a master class in leftovers for any time of the year

Julia Turshen, who is so big on dressing up previously-served meals that she wrote a cookbook about them, called Now & Again: Go-To Recipes, Inspired Menus + Endless Ideas for Reinventing Leftovers.


How the library foundation expands the work of Jackson County Libraries

Jackson County Library Executive Director Ginny Auer visits to talk about the mission and the needs still to be met.


Advice on how to make a killer holiday meal, without it becoming literal

Food safety needs to extend beyond the big meal, because you'll probably have those leftovers hanging around for several more days, at a minimum. We chat with a USDA rep about making only happy food memories on this or any holiday.


Non-native stink bugs lay some stank on Oregon crops

Nik Wiman is an Associate Professor in the College of Agricultural Sciences at OSU about the population of brown marmorated stink bugs exploded this year, possible due to the long, wet spring. Now the insects pose risks to some of the crops that bring in the bucks for Oregon farms and orchards.