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Perspectives, interviews, bits on the intersection of social science and the progress of its society.








S2E2 -Billion Dollar Law School ft Stephen Robbins

Just in time for your Thanksgiving dinner table political discussions, immigration lawyer Stephen Robbins (host of "Redirect") tackles questions about the Bernie & Warren immigration plans, what you should do if you fear being targeted by ICE, barriers & stigma for immigrant mental health services, and what would Stephen do with a billion dollars. This podcast is powered by Pinecast.


S2E1 -Maternal Mortality, Canary in the Coal Mine ft. Dominique Rémy

In this episode Nate interviews Dominique Rémy on her documentary project "Canary", its inter-sectional lens of class, gender & race, discuss how these biases can affect our perception of the problem of maternal mortality rates, and what practical steps we should take with this information. Music included in this podcast with permission and/or appropriate use of CC license: Balkan Beats by The Freak Fandango Orchestra, RSPN by Blank & Kytt. This podcast is powered by Pinecast.


Chaos Rhetoric from Reagan to Trump ft Leslie Dorrough Smith

In this episode Nate interviews Leslie Dorrough Smith, author of Righteous Rhetoric: Sex, Speech, and the Politics of Concerned Women for America about the concept of chaos rhetoric, and how its strategic fear exploits sex, religion, family, and other sacred cows to shape the social and political discourse and conservative movements we have today.


A Southerner's Progress ft Demetrius Goines Jr

In this episode my guest is Demetrius Goines Jr, host of the Pathfinder Podcast. Demetrius shares his personal journey toward religion, politics, and his path as a black socialist in the South.


Is God an Old White Capitalist Man With a Beard? (ft Rev Steven Andrews)

In this first episode of the new year, Nate celebrates the one year birthday of the Off Baseline Podcast by joining forces with Rev Steven Andrews to examine the impact of Rev Dr MLK's critique of our economic system, what exactly prevents ministers from doing the same thing today, and how culture shapes our religious imagination.


Ep17 - Pod Lang Syne (Single Payer Pt 2)

Just a quick episode adding to the single payer discussion from last month on how it may impact the counseling profession, and looking forward to the new year. Thanks for listening. See you next year.


Ep16: Single Payer pt 1

A continuation of the discussion of healthcare, Nate looks at the basics of the Medicare For All bill proposed by Sen Sanders and shares a personal story about why he supports this policy. Also, happy birthday, Ike!


Ep15: Fall into Fascism

Nate recaps a two month absence from podcasting, and explores the psychology of rising global fascism.


Ep14: I Don't Q Do U?

Nate takes a look into the social psychosis of QAnon and the role of conspiracy hope in society.


Ep13: Medicaid and Mental Health, A Primer

Nate explores the history and implementation of Medicaid as a state-run health insurance program and its crucial role in the mental health system.


Ep12: a Focus on the Family Separation

Nate explores the implications of lifelong trauma for thousands of children and their parents caused by the Trump/Sessions version of a zero tolerance immigration policy.


Ep11: Mental Health & Police Training ft Jen Gentry

Licensed social worker and Community Mental Health Liaison Jen Gentry discusses the need for greater education and training for law enforcement, structural issues regarding police training, and the success of existing programs such as Crisis Intervention Teams.


Ep10: Trump Saves Christmas, Ajit Throttles Internet

In a May 10th, 2018 rally in Elkhart Indiana, Trump reminded all Americans, but especially Elkhartians, that it is now legal to say Merry Christmas again. In May. So enjoy Off Baseline's first ever Christmas special, and a rare gift of good news that the Net Neutrality repeal has a shot at being overturned.


Ep09: Weed, War & Why History Matters

In this episode, Nate discusses Trump tearing up the Iran Deal while pinky promising North Korea that he totally won't do that again, and we contrast the administration's current prohibitive attitudes toward cannabis with American history of pot prosecution, exploring Jeffrey Sessions' claim that weed and heroin are the same thing.


Ep08: Iran & Income Inequality

In this episode, Nate discusses the Trump administration's response to the situation in Syria, and we take an in-depth-ish look at sociological components of income inequality, rising billionaire celebrity, and what it all says about the values of our society.


Ep07: The Internet is Wrong About Immigration (probably) ft Stephen Robbins

Joined by immigration attorney and host of the podcast REDIRECT, Stephen Robbins helps tackle questions about undocumented immigrants like "are they going to murder me?" and "are they really a freeloading burden off of MY tax dollars?" and "what vehicles do immigration attorneys drive?" Stephen shares his coping skills for the depressing world we live in.


Ep06: Psych Thrillers, Shaky Ethics, & Barack's Baristas ft Kristin Helling

Kristin Helling, Author of The Altruism Effect, the Bystander Effect, and CAPSULE, discusses getting into the mindset to write a psychological thriller novel. We discuss the ethics and findings of studies like the Stanford Prison Experiment, and we reflect on the time we were President Obama's baristas.


Ep05: Indictments and Armchair Psychoanalysis

In this episode we discuss Missouri Governor Eric Greitens' scandal & indictment, Sam Nunberg's less than desirable media day, and Nate responds to listener feedback.


Ep04: Do Not Download Until OK To Discuss Gun Violence

In this episode we discuss the two common arguments in the all-too-familiar cycle of having a gun violence debate: gun regulation, and mental health treatment.


Ep03: SOTU, Wahoo, and YouTube ft Becca Godsey

In this episode we discuss Trump's State of the Union and what it means for immigrants and opiate treatment, the fleeting pseudo-stardom of YouTube, what symbolic interaction theory can help us understand about Chief Wahoo, and Becca Godsey joins to talk social media as an extension of our identities. Music included in this podcast with permission: Balkan Beats by The Freak Fandango Orchestra, Bad Seed by The UK's.