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News, politics and commentary from Daily Kos Contributing Editor David Waldman






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Kagro in the Morning - September 28, 2022

Grab your dog, cat, or capybara and fly home quick! David Waldman and Greg Dworkin are back together, for the first time this week! Take those pets and flee to shelter if you’re near Florida. Hurricane Ian is heading into a catastrophic landfall with Florida. Ian is almost at Category 5 and is continuing to climb on the Waffle House index. “Woke” is yet another dog whistle for “Black”. For instance, Donald Trump won’t use any toilet a “woke” person has used. Don Bolduc doesn’t understand...


Kagro in the Morning - September 27, 2022

Shofar so good! David Waldman, a man from the year 5783, portals in to guide us into the future. Joan McCarter couldn’t make it, but if she did, she’d probably tell you there’s probably not going to be a government shutdown next week. Italy meets the new Duce, same as the old Duce. Nobody says Fratelli D'Italia like Lauren and Marj. Most of Alabama GQP chairman John Wahl’s family examined their computer MAC, cellphone IDs, Social Security and credit card numbers, and came to the...


Kagro in the Morning - September 26, 2022

Shana Tovah! David Waldman is off cheerfully tootling and self-reflecting. (Somber self-reflection is next month.) Ah, but yesterday, David recorded an all-new KITM! Open your pomegranate and enjoy! Another, maybe final hearing from the January 6 Committee is this week. Over and over, the committee has documented the planning behind the coup. MAGA think tank Claremont Institute circle-jerked a Turner Diaries fantasy of the insurrection back in October 2020, entitled 79 Days to Inauguration....


Kagro in the Morning - September 23, 2022

With the arrival of the (Eastern Orthodox) Autumnal Equinox, it’s time for KITM to finally get around to Spring Cleaning. But first, some current affairs: Project Veritas and James O’Keefe are the only wingnuts losing in court nearly as often these days than TFG. But TFG will not be outdone. When he loses, he gets walloped. Cancel culture alert! Judd Legum is on top of DeSantis’ Uber-but-for-kidnapping debacle, including the latest on the canceled flights. Memos don’t really seem like the...


Kagro in the Morning - September 22, 2022

David Waldman and Greg Dworkin are back at it again, with even more news and banter: Another bad day for Donald Trump. Judge Aileen Cannon was incinerated by judicial canon fire from the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals. This is setting off exploding heads throughout the Right Wing, when those two Trump judges on the court went RINO. Clearly feeling the discomfiture and painful obligations of Cobbledick v. United States, Trump went on Hannity to testify out of court. There, FPOTUS brought out...


Kagro in the Morning - September 21, 2022

David Waldman couldn’t get a preview post out this morning, so no one knew what he was going to talk about! Don’t worry, though. He and Greg Dworkin came up with something: Donald Trump has a crisp two-dollar bill ready for the first caddy to feed him good news today. They better get the cash in advance as the old boy’s in a bad mood this morning. The first hearing with special master Judge Raymond Dearie went about as expected, with Dearie refusing to accept no answer as any sort of answer...


Kagro in the Morning - September 20, 2022

David Waldman, still humming shanties from yesterday, shares Tuesday’s news booty: The Queen is dead, long live the Queen. Aren’t we just about out of royal media to consume? Arise, Sir Guy of Former, King of QAnon, Orange Jesus, humble goat herder. The Guardian asks, did Trump really hide classified documents in his former wife’s grave? Or is the left now as bonkers as the right? Well, given only those two choices, a sane person might expect Donald’s usual MO. Trump’s present lawyers...


Kagro in the Morning - September 19, 2022

Yarr me mateys! David Waldman and Greg Dworkin sing ye sea shanties recountin’ many tales from their raft o’ stories. The punditry’s gushin’ o’er the scuppers, yarr. Sorry anglophiles, if you haven’t been queued in the Queue by now, talking like a pirate might be as close as you get to the froufrou folderol of semi-fictional Royalty until a wedding or something. A Queen can lie in state only so long. Is there anyone crueler and more mean-spirited than Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott?...


Kagro in the Morning - September 16, 2022

Today’s KITM is brought to you by Hardee’s... the ”Roy Rogers” of Burger Chefs… or would be if they sent a bag of something over. David Waldman is hungry for the truth, and related media: Say what you will about Ron DeSantis, but he keeps the racism running on time, recreating a White Citizens Council stunt exactly 60 years later, by importing migrants from Texas to coyote into Massachusetts. Sure, that could be considered “a crime” on paper, but is it really a crime to deliver so much joy...


Kagro in the Morning - September 15, 2022

David Waldman and Greg Dworkin count down the days until “Talk Like a Pirate Day” (Four, arr.) Ron DeSantis hired coyotes to transport Venezuelans out of Texas into Martha's Vineyard. Woke people are wrecked by the news, but not as much as the immigrants. Speaking of wrecked, Putin’s army in Ukraine could use a little cheering up. Vlad should head down to the front lines like Volodymyr Zelenskyy does and show some leadership. A gesture like that could in moments brighten the outlook ...


Kagro in the Morning - September 14, 2022

It’s Wednesday, and we have KITM with David Waldman and Greg Dworkin! What more could you want? Good news! They have that too: Ken Starr is heading to the precise place his virtue has always led him. Monica Lewinsky hopes everyone shows restraint in regard for those who loved him, on the outside chance there is any. Just as dead, John Durham’s grand jury, and Donald Trump’s hopes for locking anyone up. The FBI confiscated Mike Lindell’s cell phone at the drive through at Hardee’s…...


Kagro in the Morning - September 13, 2022

David Waldman brings us the Tuesday KITM, filled with… everything we’ve come to expect in our Tuesday KITMs. FPOTUS, MAGA King Donald Trump golfed without clubs yesterday, and not just metaphorically. The former guy wasn’t golfing, arrested, or even dead. The event most people are impatiently waiting for, I’m guessing, is Trump’s arrest, and Attorney General Merrick Garland is definitely putting the effort in. Donald is going to have a hard time putting a foursome together with the DOJ...


Kagro in the Morning - September 12, 2022

David Waldman and Greg Dworkin get us past 9/11 in the best way, with a 9/12 show: In the UK, they would like a moment or two of silence for the Royal Family… perhaps for another 50 or 100 years or so to get past their previous several hundred years of indecorous comportment. The biggest news now is Russia, Russia, Russia! The line has finally moved in Ukraine, and it is following a lot of Russians in quick retreat. The highest-ranking Russian general killed in action so far, Roman...


Kagro in the Morning - September 9, 2022

Let’s start with something I have no grounding in, whatsoever! The death of the Queen of England, and “what it really means!” The DOJ has filed again in the Perv-A-Lago espionage case. We do a little reading and commentary on the analysis of the government’s position. And on the judge in the case, too. Remember the pandemic? It was kind of a big deal. And if you treat it as a joke, eventually you’ll find that the joke is on you. A Republican House will be a disaster. A MAGA Republican...


Kagro in the Morning - September 8, 2022

Today, David Waldman and Greg Dworkin zap the PRAM, document the atrocities and smash the patriar...well, we might not get to all of the things on the agenda. Queen Elizabeth II, the Queen who put the loooong in “Long live the Queen” has, after various concerns, false alarms and wild speculation this morning, passed away. You can be certain that they’ll have a dandy painting of her up quite shortly. It took a decade to get Barack & Michelle Obama’s portraits on display in the White...


Kagro in the Morning - September 7, 2022

It’s usually your lousy 5G, but today KITM World Headquarters was unable to speak to any masses due to power outages in our World Broadcast Headquarters and Halls of Justice, way out west. Cap’n David Waldman stayed the course, however, and above is the link to the parts you missed! Greg Dworkin called in with the very latest out of the United Kingdom and Massachusetts. Maura Healey is on track to be the first woman as Governor of the “Ense Petit Placidam Sub Libertate Quietem” State....


Kagro in the Morning - September 6, 2022

Whew! What is that stench? Judge Aileen Cannon’s “special master” ruling sure smells “deeply problematic” to just about every expert out there. As usual, David Waldman is up for the job of picking through the incomprehensible swill to identify tiny fragments of jurisprudence floating about. The good news, NPR informs us, is that Donald Trump will only be president four more years. Donald would be first to point out that this is fake news. One of the fake Trump electors brought four MAGA...


Kagro in the Morning "Encore Performance" - September 7, 2021, airing September 5, 2022

Happy Labor Day! Around this time last year, a different holiday kept me from the mic, but not from airing this pre-recorded, no-breaks episode. Sadly, some of the stories from a year ago remain all too current. For instance... Lunatics just don’t just end up at town halls and school board meetings on their own. National conservative groups and donors rile them, fund them and weaponize them, because they have long understood local extremists lead to national power. While Democrats fight...


Kagro in the Morning - September 2, 2022

David Waldman annotates our reading assignments for the weekend: President Joe Biden appeared before our entire nation last night to address the Soul of our Nation. Well, most of our nation. If all you have are rabbit ears on your TV you might have missed out. Joe believes in the goodness of Americans, including most Republicans. Biden did single out that deplorable sub-group of “MAGA Republicans”, pro-insurrection, anti-democratic, anti-American and a danger to everyone. Republicans...


Kagro in the Morning - September 1, 2022

David Waldman and Greg Dworkin review all that has transpired since we last heard them in August. Democrat Mary Peltola will be the first Alaska Native elected to Congress, benefiting from Alaska’s newly adopted ranked-choice voting and Peltola’s long held fishy opinions. Let’s give Alaska a high 5! Sarah Palin, reacting to Peltola’s win and her loss, replied “DERP?” Today, Sarah’s word will be “RIGGED!”. Democrats don’t need dopey candidates opposing them to win, but it helps. President...