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Kagro in the Morning - May 24, 2024

David Waldman drops us off at the corner of a long holiday weekend holding a brand new KITM that he has crafted himself, with a little heart drawn on the outside. Donald Trump drew a large crowd at his rally in the Bronx! No, he drew a small crowd! Well, we must prove that the size was the size it was to the other side! Because, once they understand the facts, they will understand… well, nothing really. Democrats love to state all of the facts on hand, as well as explain all of the logic of situations, in the belief that once supplied with facts and logic, Republicans will turn into Democrats... First, they won’t listen. Second, they will keep anyone else from listening. Third, The Democratic love of facts, logic and explaining has been made into a trap that Dems have now been caught in. Trump’s vow to deport 15 million people is cruel, illiberal, openly authoritarian… and the most myopic, impractical, counterproductive, dangerous, and illogical boondoggle in U.S. history... Uh, since “The Wall” of course, which got Trump elected by people who said, “Well something needs to be done”, “At least he’s trying”, and “I hate, fear and resent people who aren’t me, and this will be just like watching COPS”. Justice Samuel Alito was flying a battle flag of the New Apostolic Reformation over his beach house. So, is Sam Alito a true believer? Yes, Sam truly believes that you can kiss his ass. Alito could have been more discrete in rewriting racial gerrymandering standards to help white Republican states, but he specifically chose not to. Why you ask? Did he not mention that you can kiss his ass?


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Kagro in the Morning - May 23, 2024

What are David Waldman and Greg Dworkin talking about today? Whatever it is, you will probably be talking about it tomorrow! Donald Trump has had a couple of days filled with backpedaling, baseless attacks, authoritarian fantasies, all with a smattering of Nazi around the edges. It sure is a familiar formula, but if anyone knows how to sell a crap sequel, it is Trump. The story doesn’t need to make sense, just add catchphrases and up the gratuitous violence and you’re set. Oh, and scrap those old leading ladies, and find some new young ones... Say hi to Trump’s Gatekeeper/Printer, Natalie Harp — How does she do it? Trump jurors have 34 opportunities to prevent this from becoming a rerun. On to the next pie fight! Nikki Haley feels no need to kiss Trump’s ring… yet... but will be working her way up to it. Every flag flying around Samuel Alito is a red one. The question is, why isn’t anybody stopping? Bob Menendez might soon join Alito in the league of super citizens impervious to prosecution. Any day that Ace KITM Correspondent Rosalyn MacGregor reports of Michigan Gop oustings, is a good day.


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Kagro in the Morning - May 22, 2024

David Waldman and Greg Dworkin are up to their usual Wednesday hijinks. Let’s laugh and learn along. Yes, MAGA has been feeling like showing their Nazi side recently. LOL! They’re just trolling the Libs! Then... Lib tears multiply their press. Then, all of this increased exposure moves the Overton window. Then, it’s policy. Before you know it, 5/9ths of the Supreme Court start believing that is how the Founding Fathers would have intended it. You say that Donald Trump’s vow to deport 15 million people is cruel, authoritarian and isn’t possible in any practical sense? Well, that is what you said about Trump’s vow to build The Wall, and that vow got him elected last time, so... Who cares what you say, anyhow? At least filibuster reform is approaching conventional wisdom status. Trump jurors got several days of fresh air as both sides rest following Donald bone-spurring out of testifying. Defense superstar Bob Costello almost had a gavel for lunch on his first day of testimony, then returned to deliver the coup de grâce to his own team. Outside, the crowd roars, and Elise Stefanik files another ethics complaint. Trump said Biden came to Mar-a-Lago to take him out, but should have called first as he was out of town. Marjorie Taylor Greene has confirmed that the FBI has acquired Jewish space lasers. Trump’s ‘Shadow Secretary of State‘ Ric Grenell met with Arab American leaders who quickly identified him as sub-Kushner. Rudy Colludy Giuliani pleads “not guilty” and “broke” in court. Who would ever know that carrying ammunition would be illegal in some countries? Probably people who don’t want to go to jail for 12 years. People like Rep. Jennifer Wexton make new technology look really smart, but left on its own, boy is it dumb.


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Kagro in the Morning - May 21, 2024

Donald Trump broke his vow to testify at his New York Fraud trial today. It hurts to think that he might have been lying all along to everyone. Yesterday the entire courtroom had to be cleared... incredibly, it wasn’t Donald who dealt it, it was defense witness, MAGA loon lawyer Robert Costello. The countdown to the verdict now begins. Like at Trump rallies, Gop third string cheerleaders will probably decide to knock off early to beat the traffic home. Probably not the unified Reich that Trump was hoping for. Meanwhile, President Joe Biden is doing a fine job, but who wants to talk about that? We conclude the story of Courtney Gore, former anti-DEI book-banner who realized that billionaires were targeting Texas public education, and is now facing some cancel-culture, Texas MAGA-style. Joan McCarter pops in, and she and David Waldman celebrate living long enough to see filibuster reform on the ballot. Now if they can only reach the era of Supreme Court accountability. If CEOs can’t be counted on to make impulsive, ill-considered, short-sided, self-serving decisions on the fly, what good are they?


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Kagro in the Morning - May 20, 2024

David Waldman is surprised as you are that it’s already Monday. Greg Dworkin remains on “Assignment”… or “Sabbatical”... or maybe “Hiatus” (The names of his fishing boats) in search of the perfect Raft O’Stories™ to haul in on this Wednesday. Meanwhile, Greg tells us of Israel's internal infighting, which doesn’t quite have the bodycount of their external fighting, but it is still quite messy. Joe Biden gave the commencement speech at Morehouse College, which emphasized the values of faith and democracy. Of course, some people hate those things. Some prefer faith versus democracy. Iran’s President’s helicopter technically failed to maintain a safe distance from surrounding terrain on Sunday, also subsequently did Iran’s President, Ebrahim Raisi. The trial of the most stupid-dangerous dotard in history continues, much to the surprise of Fox News viewers. A Gop Texas school board member heard all about schools indoctrinating kids. Imagine her surprise at finding out it was all false, and how she now had to start watching her back. Samuel Alito is but a simple country Supreme Court justice, who doesn’t understand your big city “flags” or “stock transactions”. Stocks, flags, emails… that’s the little lady’s business. NYU legal ethicist Stephen Gillers’ not-so-taut tautology explains that Sam Alito could never because Sam Alito would never. Rudy Colludy Giuliani got exactly what he had been asking for on his birthday, although Rudy had hoped that the whole jumping out of the cake bit would have been a little less gauche. NYC Mayor Eric Adams won’t take the city’s AI chatbot down until everybody gets the joke.


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Kagro in the Morning - May 17, 2024

Why not start a Friday with weird sports news? But not just any weird sports news. Political sports news! A guy who is a genuine NFL player, albeit a kicker, has said some things. They were meant to be pretty conservative, especially with regard to gender roles, and he thought his views would be at home at a Catholic college. But nuns actually work for a living. We may never know who’s right about this dust-up as between the cops and a top pro golfer. But then again, not every story has a right side, you know? What’re you gonna do? Justice Alito would, for some reason, like you to think he has nothing whatsoever to do with flying the flag outside of his home. Oh, also, flying it upside-down. Anyway, his wife totally did it, he says. And because journalists love to tell you why things matter, here are some other reasons why that matters. Have you ever wondered what you would see if you could beam into a Trumpified future? Well, how about seeing the present in Israel and the West Bank? Granted, it could take you a long time to take it all in. But what if you could get the critical points in just a few minutes? Why, then you’d really have a distressing lens through which to view the crumbling of Western-style democracy! Not sure if that’s actually what you’re viewing? Well, what if American proto-fascists just started pardoning pro-fascist murderers? House Republicans are so eager to come to the NYC courthouse and kiss the ring that they’re leaving their “majority” unguarded. But they managed to cobble one together in time for a futile gesture toward Israel. Meanwhile, their Very Strong Leader is already looking to get out of the debates he bragged about agreeing to yesterday. Do you know about New Caledonia? You do now. On the good news side of the ledger: Hooray for the CFPB and active governance! And for scales falling from eyes!


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Kagro in the Morning - May 16, 2024

David Waldman and Greg Dworkin make it to the end of (Greg's) week! Unless you’re Greg, or need to get to Barron’s graduation, you still need to show up tomorrow. Michael Cohen, former fixer for Donald Trump, is fixing him good for his third day of testimony, his second under cross examination by crying little shit Todd Blanche. We are close to the finish line now, so close that Judge Merchan might resist the temptation to jail Trump for his contemptuous gang of surrogates outside the courthouse. If you thought that it was awful when Mike Johnson and his crew took wrecking balls to our justice system Tuesday, just see what they can do in the hands of Lauren Bobert! Nobody can gag Lauren! The dozen of Americans hesitant to make their decision between the two 2024 presidential candidates before they got to know them better, can rest easy as two debates have been scheduled. Pollsters crunch those numbers behind their increasing incompetency polling non-whites. Election news: Jan. 6 felony rioter Derrick Evans lost his Gop primary. Bethany “Grandma Killer” Mandel lost in her campaign for school board in Maryland, for which she ran as a Democrat. Gop Courtney Gore won her school board slot, then repented after she had discovered that she campaigned on lies. Mitt Romney takes the lead in the parade of Republicans demanding that Biden pardon Trump in 2025. Rudy Giuliani is probably still alive, which would be a major hitch in his plan to escape massive fines and jail time. 21 men have been trapped for weeks on the container ship that crashed into Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge with virtually no access to porn. Happily, the crew has been supplied with SIM cards and temporary phones for the duration. The US military has secured its floating pier to Gaza, finally allowing Gazans access to food and supplies and Israeli settlers to push more Palestinians into the sea. Does Trump hope to be our Orbán, Berlusconi or Netanyahu? One thing is certain: Chaya Raichik is our American Itamar Ben-Gvir.


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Kagro in the Morning - May 15, 2024

On today’s KITM, David Waldman and Greg Dworkin announce that we are right. In fact, it turns out that we were correct all along! The People of the State of New York v. Orange J. Turd takes their Wednesday break today. Yesterday, Trump’s backup singers arrived well rehearsed to all sing the same tune outside the courthouse. Imagine their embarrassment when Tommy Tuberville wanted to join in. Tag team porn watcher Mike Johnson missed his chance to get Stormy’s autograph, but as second in line to the presidency, felt a responsibility to crap on democracy and the U.S. system of justice. Inside the courthouse, Trump defense attorney Todd Blanche apparently thought that his job was to start a bar fight so Donald could slip out the back. All Todd did was remind everyone of the precise reason they were all there. Even Ed Koch showed up to give Trump a kick in the pants. Other former New York Mayor Rudy Colludy Giuliani probably wishes that he could be sitting right next to Mr. Koch at this very moment. So, Donald Trump is a little ahead in some of the polls. So what! Why believe those polls, when you can imagine them being better? Why believe polls that you don’t like when there are so many nice polls to look at? For instance, 1 in 5 Republicans voted against Trump in Nebraska and Maryland, instead voting for Nikki Haley, who isn’t even running for anything! Well in November they have to vote for somebody, don’t they? Well maybe not… but it could be for Joe, right? Look at the polls for the Democratic primary in Maryland. David Trone was ahead the entire time, until he wasn’t. That has to tell you something, doesn’t it? Dahlia Lithwick continues to describe how the Supreme Court decides upon laws, then looks for reasons that they are correct in their decision.


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Kagro in the Morning - May 14, 2024

David Waldman takes The KITM House off of double-secret probation to allow Joan McCarter to visit a while. Good news for Donald Trump! That IRS audit has finally been completed, and Trump will be able to share his tax returns from now on. Michael Cohen (the one who is not the other one) returned to the “Von ShitzinPantz”, or if you prefer, the “Orange Turd” trial. Today was Mike Johnson’s turn to be Trump’s contempt ventriloquist puppet. Mike is an example of those kind of puppets that work by going up their opperator’s backside. Johnson is doing this to impress MAGA. He’s not, but that’s OK, because it’s Democrats who are keeping him in his job. Marjorie Taylor Greene is still determined to pull Mike off the cliff with her. The Israel-Palestine conflict is a tale of horrible villains and horrific victims, told over and over and over again. It’s also a tale of the sole democracy in the Middle East... a story wearing a bit thin. FreedomWorks had become unworkable, and is now inoperative. Oh-oh! Vice President Kamala Harris was caught cussing! That’s not Vice Presidential behavior, now is it? Originalism is how Right-wing activist judges rewrite the law. Ace KITM Correspondent Rosalyn MacGregor reports that Ottawa county keeps ousting Ottawa Impact screwballs.


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Kagro in the Morning - May 13, 2024

Where were you in the geomagnetic storm of ‘24? A few tractors have been seen wandering about, but no giant carnivorous plants, spooky kids or zombie hordes to speak of, which is actually a good thing, as David Waldman and Greg Dworkin already have enough on their plates to discuss as it is. Today at the Orange Turd Von ShitzinPantz trial, informally known as the “Trump hush money trial” the prosecution called their star witness, Michael Cohen. (No, not the guy you're thinking of… then again, he probably is.) Michael Cohen was Donald Trump’s fixer. Not just anybody's, but Trump’s specifically, so Michael can testify on what needed to be fixed, and how it was fixed. Of course Trump intertwined the Trump Organization into his presidency. Senator Robert Menendez is happy that media attention has been reduced on his trial, or would be, if it had any bearing on him not going to jail forever. Those in the media are in need of a mindset adjustment. Donald Trump is not entitled to Secret Service protection in jail or prison. The police can be trusted to look after him, having only one slip up with Donald’s friend, the late, great Hannibal Lecter... and his other friend, Jeffery Epstein. States do not agree on how to handle their fake electors. Meanwhile, Kari Lake would say anything to get attention, and yet everything she says keeps getting less attention. Gops can’t understand why everyone is talking about of this, when President Joe Biden hasn’t been impeached.


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Kagro in the Morning - May 10, 2024

David Waldman makes a surprise return to KITM! It was mostly a surprise to him, but there he was, sitting in front of the microphone, so he figured, why not? By popular (David’s Mom) request, Ace KITM Correspondent Rosalyn MacGregor reports on Abdullah Hammoud, the Mayor of Dearborn, Michigan deciding whether to support Joe Biden, and if a lack in his support will bring peace to Gaza, or Donald Trump to office. Meanwhile, over in Rosalyn’s neck of the woods, voters in Ottowa County recalled a GOP county commissioner who voted to repeal their DEI department. Joe Biden is out there trying. Joe announced that the U.S. will not supply Israel with weapons to attack Rafah, which isn’t everything, but it’s something. The problem with satisfying issues voters is when they wonder what you’ve done for them lately. With ideological voters, they will always/never be happy. Donald Trump prefers purely transactional donors who give him billions, and he can stiff later. The Senate passed a reauthorization of the Federal Aviation Administration once they gave Senators direct flights out of DCA. Orange Turd, Von ShitzinPants, whatever his name is today, he’s back in court. He sure can golf though, huh? “Stockholm Syndrome” is how police describe cooperating with someone who isn’t a cop, because you’d have to be insane to not cooperate with the cops.


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Kagro in the Morning - May 9, 2024

It’s Thursday, the day David Waldman interrupts Greg Dworkin's laundry day to get the latest in news and analysis! (Greg still works a couple of loads through.) So, RFK Jr had a brainworm, but why did the worm have to be such a hog? How could such a thing happen? Maybe Bob just said it to win a divorce settlement, in which case he certainly must have brainworms. Stormy Daniels testified for the second day of the last criminal trial Donald Trump will ever have. The court was packed, as Stormy is an actual celebrity. Daniels’ of course was aware that her reputation could only be harmed by being associated with the likes of Trump, and yet one slip in judgement years ago painted her forever as a person with low standards. Daniels, who is used to improvisation in her regular work, also took some heat for going off-script in court. The fact remains that her absence changed history in 2016, and her presence might change it again. Donald Trump’s lifelong quest to stay out of jail will end one way or the other, sooner or later, but people associated with him are on a faster track. In Georgia, prosecutors have messages showing Trump’s team is behind election interference efforts… and in Michigan, former Adams Township clerk Stephanie Scott is facing criminal charges for mishandling voter data, while she’s running for Hillsdale County clerk … and in Colorado, the indicted County Clerk’s Deputy will testify against her boss… and in 2024, few Republicans seem even a bit smarter. Marjorie Taylor Greene loses again, but if she didn’t, who would pay attention to her? Journalists find their job of maintaining false equivalencies tougher with each passing day. President Joe Biden will not supply Israel with weapons to attack Rafah. Ronald Reagan wouldn’t either. John Fetterman would. Bibi is the worst.


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Kagro in the Morning - May 8, 2024

David Waldman and Greg Dworkin fight ignorance and injustice on today’s KITM. Well, most of the KITMs, actually, but today is a good example. Stormy Daniels took the stand in Orange Turd v. Von ShitzinPantz yesterday. Stormy, known to have a way with words, recounted the details and drama of her short time with Donald Trump leading up to his committing 30+ criminal offences. People like Samson, Ron Jeremy and Trump have a way with the ladies that evangelicals just can’t help but admire. Is Marjorie Taylor Greene man enough to take on Mike Johnson? Mike and Marge’s little catfight makes Donald Trump seem like a fair-minded mediator. Kristi Noem can’t distract Newsmax or Fox Business with neither her masculinity nor femininity. Trump is having a hard time measuring up to Nikki Haley in Indiana, as some voters begin measuring by character. Money isn’t enough to make up for some shortcomings. Aileen Cannon still loves Donald, almost as much as she loves Leonard Leo. Trump might not be immune in other’s eyes, but with Aileen he will always be. KAHANISM! That’s the term for right-wing extremist Zionism, and one Reuven Kahane took to heart. Right-wing judges will no longer hire graduates of Columbia as clerks. Did you guess that RFK Jr. has brainworms? Yep, you were right.


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Kagro in the Morning - May 7, 2024

David Waldman brings the Tuesday energy today and leaves it all on the KITM court. Donald Trump demands mandatory attendance to his Fertilization Party. NH Gop Jess Edwards wants that party packed with young girls, ripe for the picking. Israel is agreeing to a “cease-fire”, but not a crash-diet on their end, maybe a few cheat days, a fun-size bombing or two just to taper off. Young voters might not like this, but they don’t like a lot of things. Hillel International used to be a welcoming campus organization for Jews, but paradoxically, with big donors came big debts. Stormy Daniels thankfully didn’t have to confirm everything at today’s Von ShitzinPants trial, but she is on the stand to confirm enough… probably. We are still a long way from the verdict, even if it’s only a few weeks from now. Jack Smith will show that Trump valet Walt Nauta texted photos of some classified documents that his boss stole. That would be damning evidence, if there ever was a trial. Aileen Cannon might not know how to be a judge, but she has reached the Supreme Court level in coyness. Is Henry Cuellar just like George Santos, or Bob Menendez? Donald Trump can tell you, they’re all being picked on because they’re Republicans.


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Kagro in the Morning - May 6, 2024

Today, David Waldman reminds us that there’s only 364 shopping days until Eastern Orthodox Easter, while Greg Dworkin oars his Raft O’Stories™ down the Mighty KITM onto the shoals of big Monday. Donald Trump calls for the arrests of people who irk him on a daily basis, but he only hints at their assassinations. If you are one of Trump’s VP contenders, which one do you promote? Krisi Noem has clearly chosen her path to victory, while Tim Scott has much more of a wait and see attitude. Marjorie Taylor Greene needed some cash, so she took out a hit on Mike Johnson. Some want him to stay, or leave, or don’t care. No one should expect Mike to persuade or organize anyone in any way. Lauren Boebert went to George Washington University in an attempt to reach around to students, but was surprised on how darn quickly they get pumped up. The historic Von Shitzinpants v. New York trial heads into yet another week with yet another guilty verdict. Donald Trump might finally get what he deserves yet. Trump’s lawyers say that of course Trump has always lied to you, but just not this time… promise! Hope Hicks, how does she do it? 183 days until the election and President Joe Biden does not have the lead, except in the only way that counts. Over in the UK, the voter Brexit continues for the Tories. Israel proposes a cease fire with Hamas, plus just a tiny bit of extra bombing in Rafah… might as well use those extra bombs while they have them. The Foundation for Jewish Campus Life, also known as Hillel International, used to be a sleepy little oasis for students who missed aspects of their culture. But nobody hasn’t taken some side anymore.


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Kagro in the Morning - May 3, 2024

May the Third be with you! You’re always a little ahead of the curve with David Waldman and KITM! Ace KITM Correspondent Rosalyn MacGregor reports on Jordan Epperson, another local right wing nutjob running for office in Ottawa County, not so controversial for his nutjobness, but for being a prettyboy hire, although he did build his nutjob bona fides over time… Whoops, he’s already out. How does Don Von ShitzinPants do it? If anyone knows Donald Trump’s dirty little and big secrets, it’s Hope Hicks, whose job was to steam Donald’s pants even before he did it on his own. If you think most voters mind the cops busting up protesters, then you don’t know most voters. Republicans know that when it comes to protesters, voters want to MAGA. Somewhere along the incel spectrum lie "Tradwives", ostensibly virgin/whores for their Traddads, but actually in intense competition for each other’s envy and admiration. Makeup, diet, cleaning and decorating tips are traded and copied, along with conspiracy theories, fearmongering, and fundamental religion. Some are attempting to reduce tradwife impact through satire and ridicule, but trads are probably pretty impervious to that. That’s why they are such a good fit for Donald Trump, but probably an even better fit for RFK Jr. A Girl Scout won a Gold Award for creating a library of banned books, then mention of her commendation got cancelled.


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Kagro in the Morning - May 2, 2024

May day, again! On today’s KITM, David Waldman and Greg Dworkin perform many of the rarely heard verses of “I’m Just a Bill”, along with that old dance hit, the “Motion to Recommit”. If the Gop thinks they can shut up Marjorie Taylor Greene, then they might have something there. Twelve departing lawmakers tell us what Congress is really like… well, maybe not like Matt Gaetz could tell you. The trial of Sleepy Don, TFG, TFFG, TFFFG, Baron Von ShitzinPantz… really, if we had to herald all of Trump’s royal ranks and titles, Trump could be able to delay the trial for days. Meanwhile, Donald Trump humbly asks the American people for another chance to be their dictator, promising to be much more dictatory this time around. Tears in their eyes, America thanks Donald for granting them the lawlessness they’ve always so richly deserved. Unfortunately for Trump, Tradwife influencers are kind of kooks, and that demographic is owned by RFK Jr. Colleges across the US have been ruminating on when the best time is to call in the cops to crack down and crack heads. U.C.L.A. regrets enrolling those hippies in the first place. What’s wrong with being patriotic and dressing to impress like some of the kids?


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Kagro in the Morning - May 1, 2024

Hooray! David Waldman and Greg Dworkin have heard our May day calls and are steaming our way with a huge Raft O’ Stories™. Today’s protest generation is probably sincere, probably thoughtful, but are they really being politically savvy? If not, then apparently, the Columbia University Department of Political Science is a worthless sham. How can so many young people, on campuses across the nation, not have their focus honed into a single soundbite? It’s terribly confusing to the older people. Columbia University sent the New York Police in to round up student demonstrators rather than divesting from companies with ties to Israel, because divesture is just too complex of a subject to describe to the youngsters, and apparently, the Columbia Business School is another worthless sham. Who wants peace and Palestinian rights anyhow? Well, for one example, a lot of Zionists do. Back to Donald Trump. Donald figures that if he can only score a little jail time, his lawyers will finally quit their nudging him awake so he might get a little rest. Trump dreams of being a dictator, with an endless stable of liars and lunatics at his beck and call. Trump said as much in his talk with TIME magazine, if you call what Trump does as “talking”. Gops hate Democrats so much that they’re rejecting democracy… or vice versa. Gop Don Bacon resolved to shake his fist at Dem Ilhan Omar. Hakeem Jeffries is out there trying to save his old pal Mike Johnson from Mike’s old pal Marjorie Taylor Greene. If we were to only elect a good Kennedy, the House situation could look a little better.


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Kagro in the Morning - April 30, 2024

It’s Tuesday, and David Waldman presents the finale of our KITM Holiday MarathonⓊ, with Special Tuesday guest Joan McCarter over in the KITM Book Corner. We continue under the clouds of mass shooting, this time with 8 police shot, 4 dead, and a couple of AR-15s used for their designed intent. Columbia University students are packing into Hind’s (né Hamilton) Hall hungry for knowledge and debate, and posing many questions: Are Zionists anti-Palestinian? Are pro-Palestinians antisemites? Are anti-Zionists anti-Semites or anti-diaspora? Luckily, pedants are always on hand to assist. Yeehaw! Howard Dean is thinking of making a comeback, now that the retail media is a bit less picky on candidate decorum.In the meantime, Donald Trump plans to kill everyone, although half of everyone still believe that he isn’t referring to “them”. Some Republicans are still idiot enough to believe that he is only referring to “you”. Perhaps Joe Biden could use a little of that presidential immunity about now, at least on the Supreme Court. Meanwhile, TFFG has been fined NINE BIG ONES by New York Judge Merchan. That’ll straighten him out. This kind of stuff happens everywhere. Germany allowed ex-soldiers, pretend royalty, astrologers and master chefs to get pretty far in their overthrow plot before deciding to crack down. Citizens United cleared the way for the biggest political bribery scandal in Ohio history, and it takes a pretty big one in Ohio to cause enough of a stink to get any prosecutions. People connected to it are now dropping like Russian plutocrats.


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Kagro in the Morning - April 29, 2024

It’s Monday! David Waldman is back, so is Greg Dworkin, find out why on today’s KITM! Antisemitic agitators storming college campuses clash with bloodthirsty gestapo out to crack some skulls before commencement… or maybe everyone should maybe take a step back, as everyone knows that the only ones who want to play that are the people who want to stay on top. Donald Trump is back in court… or is he? Trump hasn’t yet denied being on trial, but he has definitely tried everything else. Trump will likely soon be held in contempt, and what then? Probably nothing. Trump gave away all the keys to Mar-a-Lago, so he’s back to handing out keys to the White House. The song and dance team of Trump and DeSantis might be reuniting. That old trombone Ron will be playing could be pretty rusty, so who knows if he can still carry the tune. VP wannabe, serial killer Kristi Noem reveals her gravel pit of death, vows to continue her vile rampage until she captures the attention of her unrequited love. Here’s hoping that she has a shot. Mike Johnson knew that he’d pay for defying Trump on Ukraine, but probably expected a primary challenger rather than a firing squad. It’s not exactly the Chicago way, but the Maine way might work against the Nebraskan way. TFFG is Unindicted Coconspirator #1, as swing states start trying fake electors. George Stephanopoulos finally gives up on both-sidesing and tells his audience that voting for Trump will destroy America. America replies, “Ok, but by ‘America’, you don’t mean ‘me’, right?”