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Cross Country Checkup is Canada's only national phone-in show, broadcasting live from coast to coast to coast. Checkup is Canada's weekly town hall — a place for raw, honest perspectives on the most pressing issues of the week. For over 55 years, it's where Canadians gather to listen to each other every Sunday afternoon. Call us: 1-888-416-8333.


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Cross Country Checkup is Canada's only national phone-in show, broadcasting live from coast to coast to coast. Checkup is Canada's weekly town hall — a place for raw, honest perspectives on the most pressing issues of the week. For over 55 years, it's where Canadians gather to listen to each other every Sunday afternoon. Call us: 1-888-416-8333.




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Disputes with your neighbour | Ask Me Anything

Are you in a stand-off with the folks next door? It could be a fence, a driveway or maybe it's the pot smoke wafting through the windows. Real estate lawyer Bob Aaron was on-hand to discuss your neighbourly impasse.


Have online apps made dating better or worse?

Dating apps have changed the way many pursue relationships — some experts say they've gamified the experience and that might be why some are finding it exhausting. TikTok videos featuring people fed up with dating are racking up millions of views. What's your dating app story?


2-Topic Sunday: Black Friday & the climate crisis; Were self-checkouts a mistake?

Topic #1: A new UN report says the planet is on-track to warm by 3 degrees C by the end of the century. Have extreme weather events changed your shopping habits? Topic #2: Some Canadian Tire and Walmart locations are ditching self-checkouts and returning to more cashiers... What's your opinion on self-checkouts?


2-Topic Sunday: Will you vote differently in the next federal election? How are you handling difficult conversations about the Israel-Hamas war?

According to pollsters if a federal election were held today it would be a majority government for Pierre Polievre. Will you be changing your vote in the next election? What's pushing you to switch parties? In the second half of the program we talk to two confilct resolution experts about how to navigate difficult conversations about the Israel-Hamas war.


Why are you working a second job?

One in three Canadians working a second job do it just to survive according to Statistics Canada. Are you happy with your side hustle or is it stressing you out?


Heat pumps | Ask Me Anything

Has the carbon tax got you worried this winter? Warren Mabee is a professor and director of Queen's University’s Institute for Energy and Environmental Policy. He's here to answer your questions about heat pumps.


Your questions about mortgage shock | Ask Me Anything

60% of Canadian mortgages are up for renewal in the next 3 years. Our Ask Me Anything expert Ron Butler is a mortgage broker at Butler Mortgage. He takes your questions on mortgages and mortgage renewals.


Are you living with your parents to save money?

According to Statistics Canada, over a third of Canadian adults under 35 live with a parent. How do you feel about adult children living at home?


Have you used a food bank recently?

Canadians are using food banks in the highest numbers since Food Banks Canada started tracking statistics in 1989, according to its new report. How close are you to not being able to afford groceries?


Israel-Hamas conflict questions | Ask Me Anything

With Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announcing a "second stage" in the war and the situation on the ground in Gaza growing more desperate, our Ask Me Anything focus on the conflict between Israel and Hamas. Retired Maj.-Gen. Scott Clancy and Dalia Al-Awqati, the head of humanitarian affairs with the charity Save the Children, took your questions.


Your questions about the Israel-Hamas conflict | Ask Me Anything

Retired Maj.-Gen. Scott Clancy and Jon Allen, former Canadian Ambassador to Israel and senior fellow at the Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy in Toronto, took your questions.


After 5 years, what has been the impact of cannabis legalization?

Five years after the legalization of cannabis in Canada, public health experts are starting to see trends in the data. Have you noticed an impact on your family or your community?


Coping with Israel-Hamas news | Ask Me Anything

This week our Ask Me Anything segment focused on how to manage the challenges that might come from consuming the news out of Israel and Gaza. Javeed Sukhera, the chair of psychiatry at the Institute of Living and chief of the department of psychiatry at Hartford Hospital, took your calls.


How are your friends and family affected by the Israel-Hamas war?

A ground assault by Israel looms in Gaza after last week's surprise attack by Hamas on Israel. We discussed the impact the conflict was having on callers' friends and family and addressed questions about what could happen next.


What's your question about the Israel-Hamas conflict?

A surprise attack on Israel launched from Gaza by Hamas militants left hundreds of Israelis and hundreds of Palestinians dead and thousands wounded. The attacks involved a heavy barrage of rockets and militants crossing into Israeli territory on Saturday.


Car theft | Ask Me Anything

Our Ask Me Anything segment focuses on car theft, which insurers and police are saying is at crisis levels in parts of Canada. Bryan Gast, former OPP officer and vice president of investigative services of Équité Association, takes your questions.


How far have you gone to secure an apartment?

The housing crisis has dashed the home ownership dreams of many Canadians — and renters aren't faring any better. Housing policy expert Steve Pomeroy says that in Toronto, the renter's reality right now is a "nightmare." How have sky high rents affected your life?


COVID-19 heading into Thanksgiving | Ask Me Anything

Dr Fatima Kakkar, an infectious diseases pediatrician at the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Sainte-Justine, answers your questions about masking and updated vaccines.


Does Canada still need a public broadcaster?

Canada's media landscape is increasingly fragmented and there are also growing concerns about the impacts of misinformation and disinformation online. What do you want from the CBC?


Food safety | Ask Me Anything

This week Keith Warriner, a professor at the Department of Food Science at University of Guelph, took your questions about food safety and preventing contamination including E. coli, salmonella and norovirus.