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Learn how to start or scale as a real estate investor, get your questions answered (email them to, and learn from the pros' and their house flipping disasters. Sign up for a free account at


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Learn how to start or scale as a real estate investor, get your questions answered (email them to, and learn from the pros' and their house flipping disasters. Sign up for a free account at







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Wholesaling Beginner Blues (Michael McDonald)

I have to confess that I'm guilty of this. Wholesaling houses is often presented as the easiest way to get into real estate investing. Sure it doesn't require much capital and it can generate incredible profits. But the truth is that for beginners, wholesaling can be tough, scary, and even a little intimidating. Michael McDonald started wholesaling a few years ago in a small midwest market, but he's grown that into a team that does deals all across the country. What I loved about interviewing Michael was his openness to share his struggles (5 months of prospecting with 0 deals) and how he got through the struggles and on to closing 6 deals in the next 6 months. ⏰ TIME STAMPS ⏰ 00:50 Michael McDonald Gets into Wholesaling 02:15 Experience with Real Estate Gurus 03:07 Investing in Real Estate Education 05:51 Breaking Your Own Beliefs 08:06 Maxing Out Credit Cards for Education 09:50 When to Quit Your 9-5 12:07 From Solo-Preneur to Partner 14:03 What Makes for a Good Partnership? 17:21 Going from Doing to Managing 19:06 Learning Leadership on the Job 21:30 How to Hire for Real Estate Investors 23:19 What KPIs Matter in Wholesaling Real Estate 26:04 The Best Marketing for Motivated Sellers 29:20 The Reality of Wholesaling Real Estate


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Do You REALLY Need a Permit? (Justin Dossey)

When you're flipping a house, do you REALLY need to pull a permit? On Justin's first flip he didn't pull a permit and tried to do his renovations quickly, which makes for a great story for us to learn from. Let's just say his answer to the age old question has flipped around since that deal. Justin is the head of Ballpoint Marketing and Call Porter, two companies they use in their own real estate investing businesses (operating in multiple states) that you can put to work in your business as well. Ballpoint Marketing - Handwritten (by robots) direct mailing service for real estate investors CallPorter - US based call answering service for handling inbound phone calls from motivated sellers ⏰ TIME STAMPS ⏰ 00:00 Justin Dossey - Ballpoint Marketing 00:45 Call Porter & Ballpoint Marketing 02:00 Why Direct Mail Is Coming Back 05:00 Omnipresent Marketing 06:30 Adding value BEFORE the sale 07:12 Relational Sales vs Hard Push Sales 08:42 Big Data & Direct Mail Response Rates 11:52 Flipping Condos 16:36 What NOT to do in Real Estate 20:40 Should you pull a building permit? 22:02 Direct Mail + Inbound Call handlers 25:09 Real Estate Investing Challenges 29:18 The Obstacle Is The Way Watch This Video on


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Love Yourself Like Your Dog (Brad Chandler)

Brad Chandler knew he never wanted to work for someone else, so when an investor flipped Brad's neighbor's house he saw the potential. So every night after putting his son to bed Brad would place bandit signs and hand address envelopes to find his first deal. After a few months he still didn't have a deal, but he stayed persistent and after 8 months of searching he landed 6 deals and quit his job. That's when a few tips from his real estate mentors helped him take off. From "We Buy Houses" signs in every front yard, to advertising deals as "Handyman Specials" (from Ron LeGrand's cassette tapes) Brad's marketing machine began to pick up steam. Then one day Brad was working with a coach for his son, when the coach noticed that Brad had a nervous tic when recalling his childhood memories. That's what started Brad on the pursuit of happiness, which took him back to his childhood to confront some of the traumas he faced. It turns out the secret to happiness is exploring your subconscious mind and learning to control the thoughts that it spews out. But when Brad looked around, he saw a lack of self-love everywhere he went. Alcohol abuse, drug addiction, and failing marriages are some of symptoms of subconscious unhappiness. So Brad set out on a mission to help every entrepreneur learn to love themselves and be happier. So join his Facebook Group and take his 60-Second Self-Love quiz with the links below. The 60-Second Self-Love Quiz How to Be Happier (for Entrepreneurs) Facebook Group ⏰ TIME STAMPS ⏰ 00:00 Brad Chandler - Real Estate Investor 03:20 Dead End Job 04:30 First Deal 05:40 Real Estate Mentors 07:10 Ron Legrand Cassette Tapes 08:45 Ask This Question 10:10 Scaling Up 12:30 Implementing E-Myth 13:40 Money Pits 15:45 Childhood Programming 17:40 Subconscious Unhappiness 19:07 Brad's Mission 23:15 Happy Childhood 26:15 Fight or Flight and Creativity


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Dark Side of Real Estate Investing (Tony Javier)

What are the pros and cons (or downsides) of real estate investing? The pros of real estate investing are pretty well known, the ability to use leverage (debt) to buy properties that generate passive income (cashflow) that also appreciate in value (equity) while giving tax benefits (depreciation). But every investment has its cons, some of real estate's downsides are market volatility, bad tenants, vacancies, maintenance, and legal/regulatory issues. Basically it comes down to tenants, toilets, and termites. Tony Javier's career as a real estate investor was almost derailed by those downsides. Luckily he didn't listen to the naysayers and dove right in, acquiring 10 rental properties in just a few years using the BRRRR method. ⏰ TIME STAMPS ⏰ 00:00 Tony Javier - Real Estate Investor TV consultant 01:00 Carleton Sheets - Real Estate Infomercial 02:03 BRRRR Method Success 04:57 Dropping out of College 06:30 Toilets & Tenants 07:35 Worst Deal 17:06 TV ads for Real Estate Investors 22:00 Founding 10X TV 25:30 TV ads in big vs midsize markets 29:18 TV vs Direct Mail 32:49 Why 10X TV?


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Red Flags & Real Estate Scams (Dean Rogers)

Scammers are just a part of life, but Dean Rogers learned how to do 'deeper' due diligence after he got burned by a known criminal. Dean lost $180,000 but sees how he could have avoided it by trusting his gut and making a few more phone calls to other people involved in the deal. Con-men (and Con-women) know that most people want to trust other people, and they abuse that trust to scam people. To avoid scams in real estate (or anywhere) just remember this quote: "Trust, but verify." - Ronald Reagan ⏰ TIME STAMPS ⏰ 00:00 Dean Rogers - Real Estate Investor 01:43 Football Career & NFL Signing 09:54 Deciding to Retire 15:30 Corporate Life Letdown 16:20 Getting First Wholesale Deal 22:19 Real Estate Investing 101 23:47 Co-Wholesaling to Going Solo 28:08 Real Estate Due Diligence 29:31 Red Flags & Real Estate Scams 38:02 How to Expose the Scammer 45:00 The Deal Champs Podcast


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Make Your Rules & Reduce Your Risk (John Jackson)

As someone who embraced legal lease options in Texas, John took advantage of the opportunity the regulation created. From working with one or two FSBO sellers to eventually scaling up and moving hundreds of properties every year, John was named the King of Lease Options by Joe McCall himself. But all of that business success set John up for some painful failures, so John thought back to his time as a stock trader came up with these 3 rules to live by. ⏰ KEY MOMENTS ⏰ 00:00 John Jackson - Lease Options / Rent to Own Houses 01:00 Joe McCall names John the King of Lease Options 03:20 John Jackson & Joe McCall & 04:46 Lease Options Explained 06:02 Are Lease Options Legal in Texas? 07:43 Downloadable Free Real Estate Contract PDF 08:30 John Gets His First Lease Option Contract 12:34 Creative DIY Bandit Signs 14:07 Sandwich Lease Options Explained 15:02 #1 Person You DON'T Want to be in Real Estate 16:53 Don't Break the Rules of Real Estate 18:31 Roadmap for Scaling a Business 20:05 Russ Whitney's Real Estate Training Business 21:47 KPIs & Gross Doesn't Buy Groceries


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Hey Wholesalers, Shut Up! (Noah Gilliom)

The #1 thing wholesalers need to do is shut up and LISTEN! Sorry if that sounds harsh, but most wholesalers usually race to the contract instead of being quiet, listening, and building an actual relationship. We all know "The fortune is in the follow-up", but most wholesalers call their sellers to "check-in" or "follow-up" and sound like a stereotypical salesperson. 🤮 When you listen to your potential sellers' problems, it makes following up so much easier. It takes more time, but that will pull out the seller's motivation and help you to make sure you address their problems and find the win-win solution for both parties. Noah Gilliom trains his real estate wholesaling team to focus on listening, connecting, and following-up. That's how they've increased the amount of deals they're doing from the same marketing budget, getting contracts from an average of 2-6 weeks after their initial contact. PS: Converting more of your cold calling leads is a pure increase in PROFIT, because you've already paid for the motivated seller lead. 00:00 #1 Mistake wholesalers make 01:30 Noah Gilliom on getting started wholesaling real estate 06:43 Beating "Analysis Paralysis" 08:08 Flipping a Mobile Home / foundation issues 11:18 Lessons learn from the Mobile Home money pit 12:37 Ballpoint Marketing and Direct Mail for Real Estate Investors 13:01 CallPorter the answering service for real estate investors 15:25 How Wholesalers can follow up with motivated sellers 17:09 How long you should follow up with a seller


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How Rich People Cheat (We Should Too)

You don't get rich working a 9-5 because that game is rigged. Rich people don't play that game. We all know that investing in real estate is a great way to build wealth, but to ensure you keep as much of that wealth as possible you need to cheat. What the wealthy do is 100% legal, but it feels like a cheatcode because it helps them avoid the #1 wealth destroyer. TAXES. Real estate investing comes with a bunch of tax breaks and incentives, but Ryan & Cashflow Tactics have found a way to take it to the next level of tax minimization. Learn how rich people cheat with their overfunded cash-value life insurance policies.


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Ray Zhang is the American Dream 🇺🇸

Immigrant. Homeless. Determined. Successful. Ray Zhang achieved The American Dream for himself and his family through hard work, persistence, and real estate investing. Ray moved to America back in 2012 and while he landed in paradise, his life wasn't smooth sailing by any means. He became homeless quickly, but through his persistence he was able to start flipping & reselling furniture & cars to get by. With that kind of work ethic, it shouldn't be a surprise that once Ray got into real estate he made six figures on his first 2 deals. After this episode, you'll see that the American Dream is alive and well! Chapters 00:00 Ray Zhang Real Estate Investor 05:58 Double Negotiation, Hidden Dragon 08:40 Ray's 2nd Deal makes Six Figures 10:18 Ray's Worst Land Deal 14:21 The 2 Ways Land Makes Money 17:05 What Ray Loves About America 🇺🇸 24:40 Negotiation Secrets for Introverts


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Hire & Fire These 2 People TODAY! (Bob Lachance)

Growing up Bob Lachance had one goal, to play professional ice hockey. So in the summers Bob worked as a go-fer in his family's construction company (Going for lumber, or screws, or coffee.) While he didn't go into the family business, it did plant the Real Estate Bug in the back of his mind while he was doing this... But hockey careers don't last forever, so eventually Bob had to start thinking about his next career. As he thought about his options, he realized real estate had a high earning potential with low barriers to entry. So he dove right in. This is the story of how Bob found out who he had to hire and fire to be successful. Key Moments 02:09 Growing Up as a Construction Go-fer 03:16 Leaving college to play pro hockey 04:32 Landing his first deal without the internet 06:15 Beating Analysis Paralysis 07:16 The Big Challenge of Real Estate 07:55 Buying Preforeclosure / Short Sale Properties 08:10 The FIRST Person to FIRE In Your Business 09:50 Losing 150k Next Door to Regis Philbin 12:44 Using VAs for Real Estate Investing 14:48 How REVA Global was Started 16:11 The FIRST Person to HIRE


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Dude, Where's My House? (Jimmy Vreeland)

Jimmy Vreeland went from being an active duty Army Ranger (thanks for your service Jimmy!), to concentrating on building passive income thanks to Robert Kiyosaki's little purple book. His first deal wasn't a home run at first, but the longer he held it the more he realized it was turning into a grand slam. And that's what he loves about real estate, as a long-term asset it's almost impossible to screw up. You just need to buy at a decent price and hold on to the property. And if you think that's exaggerating, Jimmy actually forgot he owned a house but held onto it long enough that he still made money on it. Resources Mentioned In The Video: ======================== Want to learn how to combine the VAULT life insurance strategy with Real Estate investing? Rich Dad Poor Dad - Robert Kiyosaki Rich Dad's Conspiracy of the Rich: The 8 New Rules of Money - Robert Kiyosaki ⏰ Key Moments in this Episode ⏰ ======================== 00:00 Jimmy Vreeland - Real estate investor 02:00 Secrets the Wealthy Use To Print Money 03:15 "Throwing Darts at the MLS" 04:28 Newbies Survive the Great Recession 06:30 2 Huge Mistakes in Real Estate 08:40 The 4 Ways to Win in Real Estate 10:36 Forgetting You Own a House 12:27 CashFlow Tactics & Turn-Key Rentals 14:36 The VAULT & Velocity of Money 16:10 How Politicians Create Wealth 18:34 Interest Rates Doubled, Asset Prices Tripled? Transcript Jimmy Vreeland: I forgot about a house I owned. I literally forgot about it. was still paying the mortgage, but didn't, was not, it wasn't in my property management software. I did. Wasn't in my mind that I owned this house. I drove by it like every day too. George Uno: Hey guys, this is George Uno from REIClub. Thank you so much for joining me again for another episode of First and Worst. Now today my guest is a guy who went off to West Point then he got deployed overseas, Iraq and Afghanistan serving our country. And he actually read the little purple book over there overseas and got into his mind, hey that passive income sounds really good compared to what I'm doing right now. So while he was still on active duty, he started building up that passive income, and from there things just snowballed and took off. And before he knew it he was, you know, had 60 doors of his own and was like, wow, this is amazing. but Jimmy, let's get to know you man. How are you doing over there in St. Louis? Jimmy Vreeland: Good , how you doing, man? George Uno: I'm doing great. So how many deals you guys have going on right now? Jimmy Vreeland: so, we'll, we'll do 120 turnkey, and we'll do around a hundred wholesale this year. So we got 20 to 25 deals going on at any given time. George Uno: That's crazy. All right, well so that's probably a lot to manage so I don't wanna keep you too long, but take us back. Take us back. So you're in Afghanistan, or sorry, Iraq. You read Rich Dad, poor Dad. And how does that change the way you're looking at life and, and planning for things? Jimmy Vreeland: Growing up, I thought the only way you could become wealthy was to be like to be famous. So, you know, maybe politician, I realized with my mouth and my time in the military politician was out. Actor I'm not pretty enough to do that. And then athlete, which is what I really wanted to be, but not talented enough for that. So I was just like, oh, you know, I'm just gonna live this like nice life, you know definitely not gonna be wealthy. But then Rich Dad, poor dad opened me up to the fact that hey, the wealthy don't work for money. The, you know, the wealthy create and think and buy assets. They don't trade their time, they buy assets and then their assets buy, essentially buy their time back. So that was like paradigm shifting for me. George...


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$200k House Flipping Flop (Eric Brewer)

Like so many Real Estate moguls, Eric Brewer got his start in a completely different industry. After serving in the Army, he transitioned to civilian life quickly by taking an entry level job as a Lot Porter. But his work ethic quickly earned him a promotion to Assistant Service Manager and eventually Service Manager. Then on June 17th he took a job as Salesman, and in just 13 days he sold 21 cars and was named Salesman of the Month. This quickly led to more promotions to Finance Manager, Sales Manager, and eventually General Manager. But as he shifted through the gears in the automotive industry, Eric felt torn between being a good father and being a good car guy. The dealership was open on nights, weekends, and holidays which meant there wasn't a lot of time left for his family. So he quit. 00:00 Transitioning out of the military to civilian life 06:00 Eric Brewer gets his start in Real Estate Investing 07:40 How to estimate repairs when flipping houses (NOT) 10:03 A trick for getting top dollar when selling your house yourself FSBO 14:20 Eric's house flip money pit 25:15 What are Novations and The Brewer Method? For More Info or to Listed as a Podcast go to For more about Eric and The Brewer Method go to Eric's Horror Story - 18 Elmwood Drive ( DO NOT GO HERE! YOUR MONEY WILL VANISH )


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Quitting a 6-Figure Salary Isn't Easy (Daniel Kong)

A lot of us get into real estate investing to build more wealth or achieve more financial freedom than a regular job can provide. But even when your real estate income is more than your W2 salary, it's hard to quit your job! That's what Daniel Kong experienced as his real estate career took off. He was ready to quit his 6-figure Software Developer job, but the safety & stability of the guaranteed paycheck was hard to walk away from. Realize it or not, society pushes us to seek stability over success. Luckily, Daniel was crushing it using the BRRRR strategy and eventually the math just didn't add up. So his wife told him to quit his job and go all-in on real estate just 3 years after starting. Now he's moving from fixing & flipping homes into multi-family syndications. He's taking his cashflow to the next level and giving his investors the passive income and tax breaks they're after. Chapters: 00:00 Daniel Kong's life before REI 02:30 Salary & Stability over Success 05:30 Daniel's 1st Real Estate Deal 08:45 Daniel's WORST Deal 11:16 Advice for Growing Real Estate Investors


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ROI = Return On Integrity (Mike Singletary)

Mike Singletary is a rare type of person. First as a bald, straight hairdresser. Then as a real estate investor who would lose money to keep his word. Mike was so excited to get his first wholesale deal under contract that he sold it to the first cash offer he got. And when the second offer was a 10X bigger assignment fee, he knew the COST of breaking his word was much higher than the PRICE of the bigger assignment fee. So he honored the deal with the smaller fee and kept his reputation intact. His worst deal cost him over $100,000 which he took in stride because he knew the future value of his relationship with his lender was worth much more. And he was right. Mike Singletary is the head of SkipForce and ISA Pros, two companies born out of his own investing business that he now shares with the world. See how SkipForce is much more than a skip tracing company Watch This Video on


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From Wall Street to Arby's - Brad Gibb goes all-in on Real Estate

We all felt the effects of the Great Recession of 2008, but few of us had a front row seat to the chaos and the pain it caused. Brad Gibb is one of those people. In 2007 he had just landed his dream job at Goldman Sachs and felt like he was on his way to achieving the American Dream. Then it all came crashing down on a crisp fall morning in 2008. As Lehman Brothers collapsed, so did Brad's trust in Wall Street. All of a sudden, contributing to a 401k for 40+ years and hoping it all went well didn't seem so smart. So Brad left Wall Street and started flipping houses. But after one too many nights eating Arby's 5 for $5 roast beef sandwiches and sleeping on the floor in his property, he realized fix & flipping wasn't all rainbows and unicorns either. So he set out to plot a better course to financial freedom through real estate. With over 1,000 students who now own over 60 million dollars of real estate that is generating over 1 million dollars per month of passive income, it's safe to say Brad & his partners at Cash Flow Tactics have charted a pretty good course. But you've got to listen to hear how they got there.


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Don't Quit Your Job Like This... (Wolff Couple)

Do you dread the sound of your alarm clock? Do you hate waking up and going to your job? Even if you're making 6-figures you can still be a multi-miserable-aire. That's what Brian & Lynette slowly realized, THEY HATED THEIR JOBS. Deep inside Brian felt he was making good money, but had no freedom. Lynette was the top sales rep in the nation, but she felt like she was missing her childrens’ childhood. Working late nights, weekends, and holidays took its toll on both of them. But Brian wasn't working as a night security guard anymore. He was a very well paid manager at a mortgage company. He had a beautiful wife (Lynette) and kids, with a gorgeous house in Arizona. From the outside looking in The Wolffs WERE the Joneses, and they were successful by every measure. Except the most important one, happiness. So Brian started studying real estate investing at nights, to see if it would actually deliver the income he needed to support his family with the freedom to actually be in their lives. Lynette wasn’t convinced at first, mostly because they both had high-paying jobs and children to support. So how do you deal with a spouse who isn’t fully on board with your new plan? Brian thought he’d just surprise Lynette by making a huge life decision without her knowing! Luckily Lynette was overjoyed that Brian was being so spontaneous, brave, and INSANE! She was PISSED! 🤬 So Brian took up residence on the couch for a few nights, and dove headfirst into real estate. Click here to watch or listen how this story ends… (Happily ever after?) LINKS: Learn more about the Wolffs @ Free Fast-Start Guide & Audio Book


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David Lecko on flipping houses with 0% credit cards

David Lecko the founder of DealMachine is here for today's episode of First & Worst. His First deal in real estate investing was not what you'd expect. But his Worst deal IS what you'd expect from a newbie flipper taking on a massive renovation and funding it with credit cards. Watch the video below or listen to the podcast, you'll enjoy how the story ends.


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Creative Finance w/ Ron LeGrand

Ron LeGrand talks about how he prefers using creative financing terms on the purchase and sale to minimize risk and maximize profit. As a bonus, Ron teaches us how to deal with trespassers using only a 5 gallon bucket. ------------------------------ The REIClub podcast is produced for real estate investors looking to get started or get better. We bring you interviews with the biggest names in the business, tips you can use, and answers to your questions. Send your questions to for a chance to be featured on an episode!


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Turning a Profit w/ David Richter

The REIClub podcast is produced for real estate investors looking to get started or get better. We bring you interviews with the biggest names in the business, tips you can use, and answers to your questions. Send your questions to for a chance to be featured on an episode!


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Inflation in 2022? Let's Ask Lou!

Lou Brown has some breaking news about material prices in 2022, straight from the manufacturers. But he's just the messenger so let's not be too hard on him. He's also giving us a free copy of his new book called "Buy, Hold, Sell" that will help you deal with inflation the street smart way. ------------------------------ The REIClub podcast is produced for real estate investors looking to get started or get better. We bring you interviews with the biggest names in the business, tips you can use, and answers to your questions. Send your questions to for a chance to be featured on an episode!