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Real Estate Radio LIVE is a podcast covering the world of Anything and Everything Real Estate™. Hosts Joe Cucchiara and Bobbi Decker are a team of full-time, real estate and finance industry professionals who believe that knowledge is power. With current market experience and honest, insightful perspectives - the guidance they bring to the air waves is an un-matched consumer & professional resource.


San Jose, CA


Real Estate Radio LIVE is a podcast covering the world of Anything and Everything Real Estate™. Hosts Joe Cucchiara and Bobbi Decker are a team of full-time, real estate and finance industry professionals who believe that knowledge is power. With current market experience and honest, insightful perspectives - the guidance they bring to the air waves is an un-matched consumer & professional resource.






RERL-1772 – Will the Failure of Silicon Valley Bank Have Broader Ramifications?

It’s been quite a day for Silicon Valley. Stock prices for Silicon Valley Bank plunged from a hearty 260 to a meager 26, a whopping 90% reduction, over the course of just a few days! Solvency and liquidity have become an urgent issue for Silicon Valley bank as it has backed many FinTech startups over the years, many of which were crypto firms that have been going under. First Republic Bank also took a solid hit today signaling that this situation could have national and global ramifications....


RERL-1771 – Housing Market – Will We Repeat 2008 & 2009?

While California and New York have always been expensive places to live, the middle US has historically been a reliable area to purchase affordable housing. Unfortunately, that is no longer the case today and the housing market is essentially broken. One of the reasons why housing prices continue to skyrocket across the country is the increasing cost of labor which is something consumers will just have to accept – or will they? The inevitable has happened and computer-based automation is now...


RERL-1770- The Housing Market Just Took A Turn!

Not too long ago the silicon valley lifestyle of the constant hustle was something to be glorified. Who didn’t come to California dreaming about being the startup CEO who bikes to work at 4 am and spends 12+ hours building a successful business? Well, it seems the luster of a luxurious workplace has finally started to wear off and having a plethora of creature comforts at the office is no longer attractive enough to supplant an improved quality of life. For the first time in several years,...


RERL-1769- Technology and its impact of lending and real estate

Covid and the lockdown did very little in the way of shutting down technology. In fact, it did quite the opposite. The pace at which professionals have come to use technology was forcibly accelerated – unless you work in real estate or lending. Two years have gone by and there has been virtually no progress in assisting consumers with the lending or real estate transaction. Joe Cucchiara and Jack Russo discuss the stagnated transaction process of buying and selling a home and where...


RERL-1768- Mental Health Awareness Month: Guest - My Daughter Rachel Cucchiara

Most of us would be surprised to learn how many people around us are dealing with mental health issues. May is mental health awareness month and even if you are not fighting a mental illness yourself, it’s a good time to learn about the people around us who are. Joining Joe Cucchiara to discuss the importance of mental health is none other than his daughter, Rachel Cucchiara, an advocate of mental wellness for all who started fighting her own mental health battles 14 years ago. The pandemic...


RERL-1767- Market Update – Joe’s Back!

We’re back! The world may seem like it’s getting back to normal, but the real estate market is still changing rapidly. In about a month, interest rates jumped from 3% to 6% and ending the years of all-time low interest rates. Living in Silicon Valley, it’s hard to believe that anything could touch our real estate when its inimitable uniqueness keeps the job market strong – but is Silicon Valley invincible to levels of inflation we have never seen before? Joe Cucchiara explains what drove...


RERL-1766- Zillow’s Big Flop!

Zillow quickly became the first step for buyers and sellers due to their instant connection to tons of real estate information. However, the disruptor ran into some big issues when it tried to add buying and selling to its repertoire. The issue? Not enough hands to make the purchase and selling process as seamless as they wanted. As a result, the iBuyer program was paused then abandoned shortly after. Joe Cucchiara and Jack Russo discuss if digital buying programs still have promise in our...


RERL-1765- Secure the cheap money while it lasts!

Paying off the mortgage early is that goal all homeowners work towards – and why wouldn’t you? Any form of debt is bad and you’re just throwing away money in the form of interest. Well, mortgage rates are crazy low right now with some rates below 3%, but with inflation pressing upon us those rates could easily rise to 4-5%! Joe Cucchiara argues that just about everyone should have a mortgage and homeowners that don’t should go out and get one while the money is still cheap. Tune in and...


RERL-1764- Is California bad for business?

After many decades of finding talent and reaping success in California, Larry Ellison packed up Oracle and headed for Texas – and he’s not the only one. Charles Schwab followed suit and now Elon Musk has confirmed Tesla will also be finding a new home in Austin. Those are three big blows to California that has others wondering if these moves are more than coincidence. California’s advantages seem to be dissolving around us and the last thing we want to do is wake up one day and ask ourselves...


RERL-1763- Is California real estate still a good investment?

Ask your financial planner and they will agree that long-term real estate is almost always a good investment as long as the timing is right for you. Even in California where average home prices are notoriously high can real estate be a sound investment; you just need to be more cautious of the type of investment you make. While primary residences are still a hot commodity up and down the state, the pockets of investment areas are quickly shriveling up. Are there any decent areas left to...


RERL-1762-Best cities to retire & The friendliest cities!

Taxes, climate, and the general costs of living are 3 of the top concerns when moving to a new state - but certainly community plays a big role in the future quality of your life! There are 50 states that have their own unique ways of doing things, but only a few can claim to be the homes of the friendliest cities in America or have the best cities to retire in. Joe Cucchiara and Jack Russo get together for a coast to coast talk about the friendliest cities America has to offer. To learn...


RERL-1761- Ed Bass, Realtor - Monterey Coast Realty

When interviewing agents, it’s hard to find anyone better than an agent who prioritizes relationship building with clients and works with a group of dedicated and experienced coworkers. Add in that you’ll be looking at homes in one of the more beautiful spots in the country and life couldn’t get much better. Today Joe Cucchiara introduces us to his longtime friend and Monterey Coast Realty agent, Ed Bass to figure out what makes this little piece of California a special place to live....


RERL-1760-Special Guest-Tyler Baldwin, CEO of Reali

The real estate market has been largely stagnant in terms of technological growth. Meet Tyler Baldwin, Ceo of Reali – a one stop real estate shop looking to disrupt the market so everything about the home buying and selling process becomes smarter, faster, and smoother. Host Joe Cucchiara finds out from Tyler how Reali uses their technology to streamline the transaction process, overcome regulations and cut costs by bringing the homebuying process into the future. To learn more, simply...


RERL-1759-Eviction Moratorium – Is it helping or hurting?

Right, wrong, good or bad, the eviction moratorium is under hot debate right now. After millions of Americans were spared the fear of losing their home in addition to their job when the pandemic hit, the time to unfreeze the ban on evictions and return to something resembling normal life has come – or has it? Like many things, viewpoints and needs have changed since 2020 and now is the time to reevaluate how we address these needs. So, what do we do about it? Joe Cucchiara shares the data...


RERL-1758-Market Update & Which US City Has The Highest Share Of Superrich Residents In The World?

Is the market still on fire? Are buyers still snapping up homes now that the state has opened? What do agents and lenders predict will happen 90 days from now? 2021 continues to be a wild ride for real estate that we might not be able to accurately predict. Is there anything that could bring the market to its knees? Later on, Joe Cucchiara asks Mike D’Ambrosio take a look at where the superrich of the world really live – and the richest US city of them all is probably not what you were...


RERL-1757- Joe from Hawaii and Jack from Florida! Now that's remote!

It doesn’t matter where we are, Real Estate Radio Live will always be around to bring you the fresh, relevant content you rely on. Need proof? Well, Joe Cucchiara is hosting from Hawaii and longtime guest Jack Russo is calling in from Florida to demonstrate today’s topic. The ability to work remotely has impacted real estate in more ways than you think. Jack points out that people are living more for a series of experiences than they are for the generational buy, hold and pass down ideology...


RERL-1756-Housing market peaks & new ways to look at second homes!

Has the market officially peaked? It’ll be a while until we know for sure, but Joe Cucchiara believes Silicon Valley’s insane sellers’ market has finally hit its lofty ceiling. Right or wrong, what does this information mean for you and does it change your strategy going forward? Going with the assumption that the market is indeed flattening, Joe breaks down what it means for both buyers and sellers if the market has already peaked. Second homes have become a huge interest since the...


RERL-1755-Bay Area real estate - Should you buy, sell or hold?

Buy, hold or sell? It’s a simple question that can make a huge impact, and the answer is very simple – you do all three! Either one of these moves can be the right move for you if you have the correct strategy in place and, as the market continues to shoot up, people are feeling the pressure to make a move. Should you sell and take advantage of skyrocketing home values? Is it time to buy before prices climb even higher? Joe Cucchiara walks us through the buy, hold and sell scenarios that...


RERL-1754- Mental Illness Awareness Month- Special Guest - Rachel Cucchiara

Nearly 1 in 5 adults in the US has some form of mental illness and there is still much stigma surrounding the topic, both publicly and internally. Admitting to yourself or others that you have a mental illness can be a major battle, so while it is still mental illness awareness month, Joe Cucchiara welcomes in his daughter Rachel Cucchiara to openly discuss her struggles with major depressive and anxiety disorder since she was diagnosed as a teenager. There is no one treatment that...


RERL-1753-Housing Market – Major Changes On The Way!

Is the housing market ever going to stop rallying? Most likely. The market is all over the place and you could even say it’s carrying the same crazy vibe as the 2005 and 2006 markets. Homes are being fought over and prices are being run up by over 30% of the asking price. No one could possibly have seen this coming, and if they did its probably just pent-up demand from the pandemic, right? Joe Cucchiara turns back the clock and pinpoints several historical reasons why the market is...