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Relevant, evidence based, and practical information for medical students, residents, and practicing healthcare providers regarding all things women’s healthcare! This podcast is intended to be clinically relevant, engaging, and FUN, because medical education should NOT be boring! Welcome...to Clinical Pearls.

Relevant, evidence based, and practical information for medical students, residents, and practicing healthcare providers regarding all things women’s healthcare! This podcast is intended to be clinically relevant, engaging, and FUN, because medical education should NOT be boring! Welcome...to Clinical Pearls.


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Relevant, evidence based, and practical information for medical students, residents, and practicing healthcare providers regarding all things women’s healthcare! This podcast is intended to be clinically relevant, engaging, and FUN, because medical education should NOT be boring! Welcome...to Clinical Pearls.





I’ll let this episode title speak for itself… LOL. Hope this makes you smile.

New Med for ENDO! (With Guest Co-Host)

Endometriosis is a devastating condition. Once thought to have its impact only during reproductive age, endometriosis has been linked to an increased risk of stroke later in life. Any new medication which shows safety and efficacy in menstrual pain reduction is welcome in this space. In this session we will review a new FDA approval of an existing medication in the battle against endometriosis. (Special guest co-host, Kacie Mitchell, 3rd medical student)

Mag Neuroprotection at 22 Weeks?

Yesterday, 08/01/2022, we released a podcast on “The 22 Week Birth”. As a follow-up to this, and in response to 5 separate questions (all related to the use of magnesium sulfate for fetal neuroprotection) from podcast members, we decided to get this episode out! While we all understand the upper limit for magnesium sulfate for CNS protection to be 32 weeks and 0 days, is magnesium sulfate a consideration at 22 weeks? We will lay out the timeline of data from 2017 to current day in this...

The 22 Week Birth

Over the last several years, the “limit of viability” for neonates has decreased dramatically. The new “lower limit” of neonatal viability can now be considered to be as early as 22 gestational weeks. But there’s a lot more to that statement! In this session, we will review the latest data on neonatal survival in the Periviable interval. We will highlight and summarize a new publication from the Lancet published on July 25, 2022. Should we be performing “universal resuscitation” at 22 weeks?...


Polyhydramnios affects from 0.2 to 2% of all pregnancies. Which is preferred for diagnosis, MVP or AFI? Is amnioreduction an effective intervention? When is indomethacin indicated? In the session we will dive into the issue of polyhydramnios, its workup, and delivery implications.

Misuse of Fetal Scalp Stimulation

One of the most common techniques to assess fetal status intrapartum is the fetal scalp stimulation test. First proposed in 1936, its incorporation in modern obstetric practice is still evident. However, there are some common misapplications and misunderstandings of this intervention. Does fetal scalp stimulation help resolve a fetal deceleration? Or could it be potentially harmful? In this podcast we will set the record straight to prevent misuse of the fetal scalp stimulation test. Thank...

HT in BRCA Patients?

In this session, we will continue our brief summary of the NAMS 2022 clinical update on hormone therapy. Is hormone therapy allowed in patients with known BRCA genetic mutations? Is Bazedoxifene safe? What about vaginal estrogen therapy? We will answer these questions and more in this session.

Can HT continue past 65? NAMS 2022 UPDATE

Medical information moves fast. We know a lot more about risks and benefits of hormone therapy since the impactful WHI study was first released. In this session we will review important new concepts from the NAMS Hormone Therapy update just released Summer of 2022. Is it safe to continue hormone therapy beyond the age of 65? Is “lowest dose for shortest duration” still a valid concept? We will tackle this question and more in this session!


New Data on Water Births (July 2022)

For several years, data has validated the value of water immersion during labor (1st stage). However, when it comes to the 2nd stage of labor, the AAP and the ACOG are unified in their positions which is at odds with the ACNM. But what does the new data support? In this session we will cover a new systematic review and meta-analysis from BMJ Open which was published July 2022. Let’s set the record straight on water immersion during the first and second stages of labor.


Melatonin Use in Pregnancy?

Sleep disruption and poor sleep quality are not unusual during pregnancy. That’s obvious! What’s not so obvious is whether a common over-the-counter sleep agent, melatonin, is safe to use during pregnancy or not. While traditionally, options like diphenhydramine and doxylamine have been used as sleep aids during pregnancy, up to 4% of women (reportedly) use this over-the-counter supplement during gestation. What does the data say? Let’s address this common supplement use…now.


“Double Dose” Plan B?

There is some controversial/conflicting data on whether LNG-based emergency contraception is less effective in patients who are overweight or obese. Can giving a “double dose” of Plan B make-up for this potential short coming in these patients? What is the FDA’s response to these weight-based efficacy claims? In this session we will review a recent publication from June 2022 in Obstetrics and Gynecology which helps answer this very timely question.


“Reverse Sequence” Syphilis Tests

Lots of practical clinical pearls in this episode! “Reverse sequence testing” for syphilis has largely taken over the traditional testing algorithm. Traditionally, non-Treponemal tests (RPR, VDRL) were done first with a reflex to a Treponema specific test if that was positive (MHATP). But this is now considered the antiquated technique. Reverse sequence testing has the advantage of potentially identifying infected patients very early on. In this session, we will give easy to use/practical...


Does Ella Cause Abortion?

Over the last several days I have received numerous Facebook messages, podcast voice memos, and personal texts regarding the potential for misapplication of Ulipristal’s mechanism of action as emergency contraception. Will Ella be banned? Does it affect implantation? It’s time to clear the dust and set the record straight.


New ACOG (June 16, 2022) Advisory: “PreP Talk”

On June 16, 2022, the ACOG released a new practice advisory regarding PreP in the ObGyn patient population. This has important implications on how we counsel patients especially after recent STI diagnosis. In this podcast we will cover important aspects of PreP to get you comfortable with this preventative option. What are the 3 currently approved options? Are they safe? What about monitoring? Do adolescent patients qualify? We will answer all of these questions and more in this session.


PCOS and ACUTE PeriPartum Risks

We have come a long way from the first report from Stein and Leventhal describing “polycystic ovaries“ on ultrasound in infertile women back in the 1950s. We already well understand that PCOS raises the risk of certain antepartum complications including gestational diabetes, possible macrosomia, and the development of gestational hypertension or preeclampsia. But there actually is scant data on the risk of acute peripartum complications. In this podcast we will summarize a large study just...



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Monkeypox 101: Effect in Pregnancy and Beyond.

This is your crash course into all things “Monkeypox”. Data for this podcast comes from the CDC, WHO, and the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. Information is moving fast and we’re here to keep you evidence-based. How does Monkeypox affect pregnancy? When is a C-Section indicated? What are the treatments available? And what about the 2 vaccines available in the USA… Why is one more problematic than the other? Listen in and find out.


Hydration for Oligo?

Which is better for determining amniotic fluid volume: the AFI or MVP? There’s data to support one or the other. In cases of isolated oligohydramnios in the late preterm interval, is there a role for maternal oral hydration? Does that actually work? We are going to dive into the amniotic fluid (no pun intended) dilemmas now.


Is Myfembree Birth Control?

According to the ACOG, by natural menopause it is estimated that up to 70% of women will have developed a uterine leiomyoma. 70%! Most of course are asymptomatic. For those with symptoms, heavy menstrual bleeding and pain are the most common afflictions. In May 2021, the FDA approved a new triple combination pill for heavy menstrual bleeding associated with fibroids. Can this medication also be used as hormonal birth control? We will review the ACOG, FDA, and manufacture’s information for...



Meet Hilda! In this quick episode, I’ll share a very unique story of one of our coworkers (our featured guest on the podcast). I know this will encourage, inspire, and just make your day! Listen in, and find out why.