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The Universe Next Door seeks to answer your questions on the meaning of life, worldview, and the existence of God.


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The Universe Next Door seeks to answer your questions on the meaning of life, worldview, and the existence of God.




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Q&A: Original Sin, Slavery, Trump, Morality, War in Heaven

Check out this month's Q&A and send in your question for next month to Episodes Referenced: Child Damnation: How Original is Original Sin? Why Romans 9 is so Highly Debated: Is Jesus the Visible God in the Old Testament? Support the show


I Dug Further Into the 'He Gets Us' Campaign

At this point, nearly everyone has seen the famous "He Gets Us" Superbowl ad. In fact, it was probably viewed by over 130 million people. But why has there been so much backlash? Upon further research of the organization, are there some clues that lead to concern? Join Nick Shalna as he digs further into the beliefs and statements of the "He Gets Us" organization and you may be left with less guessing. Send your Questions now to for our Q&A that'll be released this Friday at 5 pm! Sources: Make sure to check out Translations of the Wokish: Do Christians Indoctrinate Their Children? Support the show


More Inconsistencies with Original Sin and Infant Damnation

Check out this follow-up to the recent episode on infant damnation and original guilt. If Jesus is truly human, how can we say He isn't born with original sin? Does "all mean all" when it comes to people sinning? Are we responsible for our own condemnation or are we guilty of the sin of Adam? Send your questions or disagreements to for our Q&A that will be released on Friday, February 23! The Age-Old Debate of Child Damnation Needs to End: How Original is Original Sin? Support the show


Do Christians Indoctrinate Their Children? (And is it Abuse?)

What does it actually mean to indoctrinate? Does the Bible encourage abuse of children and shame those who ask questions? Are those who are raised in Christianity taught to avoid critical thinking? Is there any connection between mental health and church attendance? What should you do if you're struggling with your faith, or with anxiety and depression? Send your questions now to for our Q&A on Friday, Feb 23! Video Nick responded to: Articles Referenced:,who%20never%20prayed%20or%20meditated TUND Episode with Former Scientologist: Support the show


The Age-Old Debate of Child Damnation Needs to End

Why do so many believe that infants and children don't go to be with the Lord if they haven't acknowledged Christ? How does the commonly held view of original guilt play into this dilemma? Are there popular theological views that would be contradicted if it's suggested that children go to heaven? What do well-known historical church figures have to say about this topic? Join us to find truth and comfort on this crucial topic that is often (wrongly) confusing and disheartening for many Send your questions to now for our Q&A that'll be released on Friday, Feb 23! References: TUND Episodes Related to this Topic: How Original is Original Sin? The Reformation and the Catholic Church: Support the show


Thinking and Responding to the Growing Trans Movement | Alycia Wood

Nick Shalna interviews Alycia Wood (Speaker at Apologetics Inc) on the topic of the trans movement and how to deal with it as Christians. Most of us wouldn't have a problem agreeing that a girl can't become a boy, but what about all of the minute details that come along with the issue? How do we respond to kids and adults identifying as another gender? What effects do puberty blockers and hormones have on people from a young age when used incorrectly? Why does there seem to be a large growing number of girls following this movement and wanting to change their gender? Send your questions to before our next Q&A on the last Friday of February! Alycia's Article on Intersex: I Think Therefore I'm Trans (video): Irreversible Damage (Book): Fighting Child Grooming with Billboard Chris: Support the show


Q&A: Flat Earth, Canaanite Genocide, One-World Government, Baal

Nick Shalna responds to questions from listeners ranging from topics such as flat earth to spiritual demonic influences. Send your questions to for our Q&A on the last Friday of February! Episodes Mentioned: How Original is Original Sin? Who Were the Nephilim? Is Jesus the Visible God in the Old Testament? Support the show


The Divine Council is More Practical than you Thought

Are you able to look at the Bible objectively or do you feel the need to skip over intimidating or weird concepts? What do we do with passages suggesting that angels and spiritual beings have authority if only God has authority? Why would Israel worship stone and wooden idols rather than worship God? Join us as we talk about the top 5 practical applications of the Divine Council worldview regarding the Bible and our lives. Send your questions now to for our Q&A that will be released this Friday night at 5 pm! Other Divine Council Episodes: The Divine Council and Significance of 70: The View that Changed the way I Read the Bible: Who Were the Nephilim? Support the show


Who are the Angels of the Seven Churches in Revelation?

What is different about Revelation compared to other books in the Bible? Have we taken too much of a dry and modern approach to understanding apocalyptic literature? Is there a link between the Seven Spirits of God and the Seven Stars who play a crucial role in the book? How do Second Temple Period writings such as Enoch influence the New Testament authors and their writings? Send your questions now to Angels, Cherubim, and Seraphim: (prior episode) Who is Satan? Support the show


Angels, Cherubim, Seraphim and The Spiritual Realm (Who are They?)

We often hear angels described as female creatures with wings. It's common to view demons as those who rebelled alongside Satan at the fall or perhaps even creatures who lost a battle against God's angels. But is these ideas found in Scripture? Join us as we dive into the topics of angels and demons, seraphim and cherubim, and why it's so important to do our best to study topics through the lens of biblical authors rather than our own biases and preferences. Send your questions now to for our Q&A on the last Friday of the month! Who were the Nephilim? Where are the Angels Who Sinned? Support the show


The Divine Council and the Significance of 70

Why does the number 70 seem to pop up in crucial situations throughout the Bible? Did God give authority to other 'gods' whom He later judged for accepting worship? What did God intend to do with the nations who abandoned Him at the tower of Babel? How do the Babel story and the number 70 tie in with what Christ came to redeem us from? Send your questions to NOW for the Q&A that will be released on Friday, January 26! Divine Council Introduction: The Corrupted Sons of God: Who Were the Nephilim? Unseen Realm Book: Support the show


The Return of the Divine Council (Promo)

What significance does the number 70 have in the Bible? Why does this number seem to pop up during some of the most significant events throughout Scripture and how will Jesus redeem His people from the corrupted sons of God? Join us tomorrow morning to find out! The Meaning of Elohim: The Divine Council Worldview: Support the show


Five Skeptic Challenges You (Probably) Aren't Prepared For

Why are there differences in the gospels? Is Genesis 1-11 reliable and what blind spots might I have in that area? Is it possible that the Apostle Paul hallucinated on the road to Damascus and why should we think he's any different than Joseph Smith? Join us as we try our best to objectively respond to these skeptic challenges and more! Send your questions for our next Q&A to Mike Licona on Differences in the Gospels: Gary Habermas on the Minimal Facts Argument: Support the show


The Top 5 Views I Changed in 2023 (And Why)

What views did you change in 2023? Are there any you've thought more deeply about or had to admit that you didn't have the details right? What Universe Next Door episodes would we recommend from 2023 that might make you rethink some of your positions or grow in knowledge about other positions? For our Next Q&A planned to be released on Friday, January 26, send your questions now to! Top 5 Episode Recommendations: 1. Billboard Chris - What It Looks Like to Fight Child Grooming: 2. Did Jesus Abolish the Law? 3. Why Romans 9 Is So Highly Debated: 4. The View That Changed the Way I Read My Bible (Divine Council): 5. How To Understand Jesus' Nature as God and Man: Support the show


Santa Claus is Coming to Town: What Will You Do? (Jesus, Nicholas of Myra, Odin & Mythology)

Where did the modern idea of Santa Claus come from? Did he derive from a Greek god or a Christian bishop? Did St. Nick punch Arius in the face at the Council of Nicea? Should you teach your children that Santa Claus is real and what alternative options exist? If Santa is based on a historical figure-gone-myth, is the same true of Jesus of Nazareth? Join us as Nick Shalna discusses all things Santa Claus Send your questions to Sources and Resources: Is the New Testament Terribly Altered and Untrustworthy? A Pagan Christmas? Saturnalia and Christmas Trees: Saint Nicholas Bishop of Myra - D.L. Cann Santa Claus vs. Arius Article: Washington Post Article: CS Lewis Quote: Support the show


A Pagan Christmas? Saturnalia and Christmas Trees (Part 1)

Did the modern Christmas holiday borrow its celebrations and festivities from the pagan Roman holiday Saturnalia? What early sources are there to demonstrate this? Should Christians celebrate Christmas? Are Christmas trees forbidden by God in the Bible? Join us for the first part of our Christmas series and be sure to check out next week's episode on whether or not our kids should believe in Santa Claus! Send your Christmas questions to When Was Jesus Actually Born? The Truth Behind Worshiping Idols: Article Referenced: Support the show


How Should Christians Deal with AI? | John Lennox

How should Christian’s view artificial intelligence? Is it sinful to use it? What different types of AI are there? How concerned should our society be? Nick Shalna is joined by Dr John Lennox to discuss the growing phenomenon. Send your questions to for our new Christmas series! This episode was recorded in the summer of 2022 Support the show


Why You Should Watch the Wingfeather Saga | Brock Starnes and Garrett Taylor

Why should we care about what our children watch on TV? Is it possible for both kids and parents to enjoy watching something filled with purpose and creativity rather than shows that seek to smuggle in anti-Christian messages? What goes into taking an imaginative storybook and turning it into something visual and tangible? Brock Starnes and Garrett Taylor join Nick Shalna to talk about the upcoming 2nd season of the Wingfeather Saga and why should check out the 1st season with your family. Send your Christmas questions now to for our upcoming series Watch the Wingfeather Saga now here! Awesome Sweatshirt: Support the show


Tomorrow's Interview and Big Change Coming to The Universe Next Door

Make sure you come back tomorrow for the interview with Brock and Garrett! In the meantime email your Christmas questions to And check out some more awesome episodes: The Reformation, Catholic Catechism, and Indulgences: Fighting Child Grooming: How Should I Treat Extra-Terrestrial Space Aliens? Support the show


How to Prove that God Doesn't Exist

What does it mean to exist? If someone asks you if you can prove that God exists, what would you say? What role does evidence play in the life of the Christian? Is faith based on a lack of evidence? Join us as we break down the question of God's existence and how to respond. Is the New Testament Terribly Altered and Untrustworthy? Why the Evidence for the Resurrection is Overwhelming: Who Were the Magi? Support the show