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Chris Simms takes an unfiltered look at the NFL, featuring player access, unabashed opinion, X&O film breakdown, and stories from a life in and around football.

Chris Simms takes an unfiltered look at the NFL, featuring player access, unabashed opinion, X&O film breakdown, and stories from a life in and around football.


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Chris Simms takes an unfiltered look at the NFL, featuring player access, unabashed opinion, X&O film breakdown, and stories from a life in and around football.




#127 - Playoff Expansion, Best Helmets & This Year's Ryan Tannehill

Chris & Ahmed react to the news that the NFL wants to add 2 more playoff teams, they look at some potential big impact free agents & finish up our helmet debates by naming the NFL's best. (2:35) Playoff Expansion - Do we want 7 seeds in the postseason? (18:50) Drew Brees is returning to the Saints (24:15) Which 2020 free agent is This Year's...Shaq Barrett? (backup who breaks out as a starter on his next team) (28:25) ...Ryan Tannehill? (backup QB who becomes the starter...


#126 - Worst Helmets in the NFL, QB Carousel Trust Tree & Top Non-QB Storylines

Chris is back from vacation, and he and Ahmed dive into the offseason with some QB carousel talk and the worst helmets in the NFL. (4:20) QB Carousel Trust Tree: Chris ranks Dak Prescott & the other (possibly) available QBs he trusts most (6:00) Does Simms trust Tom Brady more than Drew Brees? (9:25) Would you rather have Teddy Bridgewater or Taysom Hill this season? (16:30) Ryan Tannehill places high in the tree. Marcus Mariota...not so much. (20:20) Should Jameis Winston be guaranteed...


#125 - Russell Wilson on getting more offensive weapons and the secrets of a 2-minute drill; plus crazy Gruden stories with Maxx Crosby, and having a catch with Jake Fromm

(1:45) Simms and Florio speak with Seahawks QB Russell Wilson about adding more superstars around him, should Seattle have gone for it on 4th down vs Green Bay, 2-minute Russ vs huddle-up Russ, and whether or not Jimmy Fallon really kick-started his last contract negotiations. (16:25) Simms and Raiders DE Maxx Crosby share some crazy stories about Jon Gruden, discuss what it's like playing against Patrick Mahomes, and the pending move to Vegas (26:05) Jake Fromm stops by to have a catch...


#124 - Dak Prescott, Frank Gore, Tarik Cohen, and Aaron Jones

Simms is on a beach in the Caribbean, but he's got four killer interviews from Super Bowl week for you, including a star QB about to get paid, and a Hall of Fame RB who's mean-mugging Chris: (1:50) Cowboys QB Dak Prescott on what he learns from watching Drew Brees and Patrick Mahomes, why he won't call Aaron Rodgers about Mike McCarthy, and what he's most looking forward to when signing a new deal. (11:45) Bills RB Frank Gore doesn't hold back and gives Simms a piece of his mind about why...


#123 - #AskMeAnything: Bucs for Brady, worst NFL helmet & fans on horses

Chris & Ahmed dive into twitter questions from the homies for another #AskMeAnything. Also Big Phil comes on to give his Super Bowl thoughts, the guys react to some wild photos from the Chiefs victory parade, and Ahmed properly buries the 49ers. (3:05) Big Phil talks about crushing his pull-up challenge from Ray Lewis (10:00) What film showed about Patrick Mahomes' Super Bowl that TV didn't (16:15) Is Jimmy Garoppolo the future for the 49ers? (20:20) Does Phil have a problem with any...


#122 - Super Bowl LIV recap: Mahomes prevails, second-guessing Shanahan, and Chiefs dynasty underway?

Chris & Ahmed get into the logistics of sleeping with the Lombardi Trophy before they break down the Chiefs win over the 49ers in Super Bowl LIV. (2:40) On Patrick Mahomes: "The best player on the field prevailed" (5:50) Dissecting Kyle Shanahan's playcalls after another blown Super Bowl lead (14:50) Was Shanahan afraid to put the game in Jimmy Garoppolo's hands? (17:50) What The &*%! Happened on Mahomes' huge 3rd & 15 pass to Tyreek Hill (27:00) "Richard Sherman is not one of the 10...


#121 - Super Bowl Picks, Props, and live audience Q&A from Miami

Simms & Florio take the PFTPM/Chris Simms Unbuttoned Joint Collaboration on the road to the Playwright Irish Pub in Miami Beach to take audience questions, hit some Super Bowl Props, and make their final picks (5:00) The guys begin with a game of Would You Rather: Mahomes arm or Hill's speed? Mahomes arm or Jimmy G's looks? Block Nick Bosa or be blocked by George Kittle? (13:55) Q&A from the audience, including some angst about Tom Brady's future, what the Dolphins might do at QB, and what...


#120 - #AskMeAnything Super Bowl Edition: Mahomes vs Saleh, Andy Reid's HOF case & 49ers-Chiefs Hunger Games

Simms & Florio start Super Bowl week in Miami by taking questions from Marsh Melo Mafia, El Taco and other loyal homies. (1:01) The time young Chris pissed off Danny DeVito on Regis Philbin's show (5:25) How much will Shanahan & Saleh change their strategy against Patrick Mahomes? (12:00) What can the 49ers D take from the Chiefs losses this season? (18:25) Does Andy Reid need a ring to make the Hall of Fame? (22:00) Who would win a Hunger Games between the 49ers & Chiefs? (25:25)...


#119 - 49ers & Chiefs weaknesses, the unprecedented Patrick Mahomes, and Super Bowl stories with the Big Effer

Chris & Phil recap the Championship games and take a first look at Super Bowl LIV between the 49ers & Chiefs, & the Big Effer tells some Super Bowl week stories. (2:45) Phil talks about the Arrowhead Stadium atmosphere at the AFC Championship (6:20) How did the Chiefs stop Derrick Henry? (11:30) Have we ever seen anyone like Patrick Mahomes? (21:15) How much can you blame Aaron Rodgers for the NFC Championship loss? (29:00) What is the biggest weakness for the 49ers and Chiefs? (32:10)...


#118 - Mahomes' epic run, 49ers roll the Packers & Super Bowl LIV first glance

Chris & Ahmed recap a Conference Championship weekend where Simms favorites Patrick Mahomes and Kyle Shanahan both came through, and they take an early look at Super Bowl LIV. (1:30) Chris has a big announcement about tickets to our first live podcast in Miami (3:50) Chiefs 35-Titans 24 The turning point for the KC defense against Derrick Henry (11:05) WTF Happened on Patrick Mahomes' epic TD run? (20:20) Damn! Okay for a Chiefs skill player who is finally earning his contract (23:55)...


#117 - Conference Championship Picks: Stopping Henry & Mahomes, Rodgers for the upset, & Simms defends butts

Florio relishes his Best Bets title before the guys go deep on the Championship Sunday matchups, with questions from the homies. (3:05) Storytime: When Evil Roger Goodell met Real Roger Goodell (5:45) #6 Titans at #2 Chiefs: Can the Chiefs stop Derrick Henry? Can the Titans stop Patrick Mahomes? (14:35) Ring Ding Dong has a Mahomes question (23:05) #2 Packers at #1 49ers: Why the Week 12 SF blowout was closer than it appeared (32:10) International Touch has an idea for how Aaron Rodgers...


#116 - Luke Kuechly retires, Joe Burrow vs Trevor Lawrence & previewing Conference Championships

Chris & Big Phil chat about the latest NFL news and take an early look at the Conference Championship matchups. (4:55) Luke Kuechly retires: Is he a Hall of Famer? (9:15) George Young makes the Hall of Fame: Phil tells some stories about his former GM (15:25) Early draft talk on Joe Burrow, Trevor Lawrence & Justin Herbert (24:20) Previewing Titans-Chiefs: Can the Chiefs stop Derrick Henry? (36:00) Previewing Packers-49ers: Will this a repeat of the Week 12 blowout? (44:30) Phil talks...


#115 - Divisional recap: Chiefs crazy comeback, 49ers crazy crowd & Would You Rather tackle Derrick Henry

Chris & Ahmed recap the Divisional Round by second-guessing some coach decisions and Chris finishes with an epic rant against the Browns. (2:45) Chiefs 51-Texans 31 Why Chris never thought the Chiefs were out of it (5:45) Mulligan Monday: should Bill O'Brien have gone for it on 4th-and-1 early? (8:55) Chris calls O'Brien hot seat talk "insane" (14:05) Why couldn't the Texans cover Travis Kelce? (19:10) Bad tweets & how "Big Buck Chuck" launched the Chiefs comeback (22:50) Ahmed makes a...


#114 - Divisional Picks: Deshaun vs Mahomes, Russell Wilson vs ooooh Aaron Rodgers & Florio goes with his heart

With Florio on the verge of clinching the Best Bets title, he and Simms give their Divisional picks. (2:55) #6 Vikings at #1 49ers: Florio predicts overtime (11:00) #6 Titans at #1 Ravens - "I'm curious how much Bill Belichick helped Mike Vrabel this week" (17:20) #4 Texans at #2 Chiefs - Deshaun Watson vs Patrick Mahomes in a shootout? (22:45) #5 Seahawks at #2 Packers - "This is the most 50/50 matchup of the weekend" (30:00) Prop bets - Lamar Jackson & Derrick Henry rush yards? More...


#113 - Coaching Hires for Cowboys, Giants & Panthers

It's a shorter pod with Big Phil to talk about the 3 coaching hires of the week: Mike McCarthy to the Cowboys, Matt Rhule to the Panthers and Joe Judge to the Giants. (1:20) Chris touts Big Phil's legendary dad strength (5:20) Cowboys hire Mike McCarthy: "He is truly buttoned-up" (9:07) Why McCarthy might work better with Dak Prescott than he did with Aaron Rodgers (12:00) How did McCarthy's offense run stale in Green Bay? (17:06) Panthers hire Matt Rhule: How Rhule reminds Big Phil of...


#112 - Wild Card recap, Cowboys hire McCarthy & the end for Brady and Brees?

Chris & Ahmed react to the Cowboys coaching hire, recap the Wild Card games and give a first look towards the Divisional Round. (3:00) Cowboys hire Mike McCarthy "This made the most sense" (8:20) What does this mean for Dak Prescott? (9:35) Playoff parity is back! (11:40) Vikings 26-Saints 20 (OT) How did Minnesota's D slow down the Saints? (15:10) Is Michael Thomas to blame for Drew Brees' fumble? (18:30) Is Sean Payton ready to turn from Drew Brees to Taysom Hill? (21:55) Did we see...


#111 - Wild Card Picks: Tannehill vs The Terminators, Kirk Cousins vs "salty" Saints & Birds vs Birds

Simms rejects Florio's regular season championship and the guys give their Wild Card picks. (2:40) Bills-Texans: Is Josh Allen playoff-ready? (9:15) Can the Texans move the ball without Will Fuller? (12:40) Can Tre'Davious White handle DeAndre Hopkins? (16:30) Titans-Patriots: "If I'm going to be wrong, I'm going to be wrong because I believe in the Terminator." (20:15) Does Tom Brady have anyone to attack the Titans secondary? (22:30) "Ryan Tannehill to AJ Brown is the hottest combo...


#110 - What was Belichick thinking, the worst 2-seed ever, and will Cowboys go celebrity coach hunting?

Chris Simms & Ahmed Fareed recap an eventful Week 17, take a first look at the Wild Card round, and react to the early happenings on Black Monday (3:30) 49ers-Seahawks: What happened during the final chaotic sequence? And how the Seahawks could have schemed up a better play against the 49ers coverage. (21:00) Aaron Rodgers leads a comeback in one of his worst games ever, and the Packers "might be one of the worst 2-seeds I've ever seen" (25:45) Why Green Bay could ruin the Super...


#109 - Week 17 Picks: Return of Beastmode, danger for the Eagles, and the Jameis 30-30 Watch

Despite taking a rough tumble down the stairs on Christmas Eve, Florio is ready to make his Week 17 picks with Simms: (4:10) Browns-Bengals: Can Freddie Kitchens do anything to save his job? (7:20) Falcons-Bucs: The Jameis 30-30 Watch is here and it's spectacular (10:35) Bears-Vikings: Does Mike Zimmer need to play his guys to regain momentum after a MNF flop? (16:45) Saints-Panthers: Amazingly, the Saints could be 13-3 playing on Wild Card weekend (20:10) Packers-Lions: Rodgers vs...


#108 - #AskMeAnything Holiday Edition: Cowboys collapsing, Chiefs peaking & Home Alone plot hole

With the holidays upon us and the playoff picture rounding into form, Chris & Ahmed open up the mailbag to answer your questions. (3:00) Are the coaches or the players to blame for the Cowboys collapse? (7:50) Why did the Cowboys go away from Ezekiel Elliott? (10:50) How to fix the Cowboys? "I'd fire the coaching staff." (13:05) Are the Eagles destined for the NFC Championship? (15:50) Does the Simms family open presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day? (17:50) How did Emmanuel...