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Chris Simms takes an unfiltered look at the NFL, featuring player access, unabashed opinion, X&O film breakdown, and stories from a life in and around football.

Chris Simms takes an unfiltered look at the NFL, featuring player access, unabashed opinion, X&O film breakdown, and stories from a life in and around football.


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Chris Simms takes an unfiltered look at the NFL, featuring player access, unabashed opinion, X&O film breakdown, and stories from a life in and around football.




#156 - Top 40 QB Countdown: 40 through 36

Chris reveals the first 5 names of the Simms Top 40 QB Countdown, while Paul is all about alliteration. (1:00) Simms Top 40 QB Countdown: Chris explains his thought process (5:45) QB #40 Tua Tagovailoa: Are injuries his biggest red flag? (17:30) QB #39 Dwayne Haskins: Does he have the worst supporting cast in the NFL? (25:00) QB #38 Mitchell Trubisky: Chris doesn’t let Matt Nagy off the hook (35:30) QB #37 Justin Herbert: Does he start more games than Tyrod Taylor? (47:15) QB #36...


#155 - #AskMeAnything & Top 40 QB Countdown Preview

With the Simms Top 40 QB Countdown coming next week, he and Ahmed first take a look at last year's rankings. Then they hit the mailbag for an #AskMeAnything. (3:30) Tom Brady has solved a problem that Chris is familiar with from his time as a Buccaneers QB (12:15) Simms Top 40 QB Countdown Preview: Taking a look back at Chris' 2019 list. Some Brady/Brees vindication, and why didn't Chris have Lamar Jackson higher? (17:10) #AskMeAnything: @thederekquinn "Who do you think will be the most...


#154 - Simms City: Building the Perfect Team

In an effort to build his perfect team, Chris chooses the best team at every position group in the NFL. What team has the best QB room? D-line? WR corps? And in another edition of QB Jeopardy, Paul again tries to stump Simms by testing how well he knows his dad's career. (3:40) Simms City: Building the perfect team (8:30) Quarterbacks (17:00) Defensive line (25:15) Defensive backs (34:20) Offensive line (42:00) Wide receivers (53:00) Tight ends (1:03:00) Special teams (1:05:00)...


#153 - Top 5 Uniforms, Biggest Gamechangers, and Predicting Worst Teams of 2020

The Rams new uniforms gets Chris & Ahmed to rank the NFL's 5 best. Then Big Phil calls in to talk gamechangers and answer some #AskMeAnything questions. (3:00) Unofficial Uniform Police: Rams unveil a new look, and Chris has an unpopular opinion (8:00) Best and worst new uniforms of the offseason (10:30) Top 5 Uniforms: Chris & Ahmed give their picks (32:15) Gamechangers: Big Phil joins to talk about the NFL’s biggest gamechangers, both then and now (48:30) Cam Newton: What team could...


#152 - Best Games of Week 1, 2016 Re-Draft & QB Jeopardy

Chris & Paul have a jam-packed pod full of 2020 Schedule takeaways, a 2016 Re-Draft & QB trivia. (4:15) 2020 Schedule release: Best games of Week 1, Teams with toughest & easiest September (31:15) Dak Prescott: Maybe on the verge of signing the richest contract in NFL history, where does Simms rank Dak among starting QBs? (46:00) 2016 Re-Draft: Chris & Paul re-do the Top 10 picks: Where does Dak & Carson Wentz go? And go Jared Goff & Ezekiel Elliott make the cut? (1:21:40) QB Jeopardy:...


#151 - 2017 Re-Draft & #AskMeAnything with Big Phil

Big Phil is back to help answer your questions in a father-son #AskMeAnything. And Chris & Paul redo the Top 10 picks of the 2017 Draft. (9:55) Big Phil storytime: Missing golf with Lawrence Taylor & Michael Jordan and taking hits from Reggie White, Mark Gastineau, Kevin Greene & Richard Dent (24:30) What is Chris & Phil's most frivolous purchase? (28:10) Colts: Why did they commit to Philip Rivers when they could have had Jameis Winston or Andy Dalton? (34:50) Dolphins: Is there a big...


#150 - Top 10 Backup QBs & Ahmed reviews The Godfather

Who are the best backup QBs, today and all-time? Chris & Ahmed give their lists. And Ahmed FINALLY watched The Godfather, so he gives us his review (spoiler alert!). (3:20) Remembering Don Shula (9:00) Top 10 Backup QBs: Chris ranks the best ones in the NFL today (56:50) Top 5 Backup QBs All-Time: Ahmed reveals his list (1:13:10) #AskMeAnything: Can Lamar Jackson surpass Patrick Mahomes? (1:17:00) Ahmed Watched a Movie: The Godfather


#149 - Post-Draft #AskMeAnything & The Return of Big Phil

After a way-too-long absence, the Big Effer Phil Simms makes his triumphant return to the podcast. He, Chris and Ahmed talk Andy Dalton's release and dive into the mailbag to answer your post-Draft questions. (3:00) Phil is a fan of old jerseys and robes (6:40) Andy Dalton - What is his Bengals legacy? Where does he end up? Why aren't the Patriots a fit? (15:50) Phil weighs in on the Packers drafting Jordan Love (23:30) Eagles: What is their logic behind drafting Jalen Hurts? (30:10)...


#148 - 2020 Draft recap: Favorite Picks & Top 5 Teams

With the 2020 Draft in the books, Chris goes position-by-position to give his best picks through all 7 rounds. Then he and Paul give the Top 5 Draft Classes they liked. (1:55) Virtual draft could change the way NFL teams work moving forward (5:35) Chris’ favorite WR pick: Chase Claypool Round 2 to Steelers (9:00) Why didn’t the Packers draft a WR? (13:20) Broncos, Raiders and the AFC West arms race (16:45) Favorite OL: Jedrick Wills 10th overall to Browns (19:35) Favorite QB: James...


#147 - Round 1 Draft Reactions: Dolphins risk it with Tua & Chris is mad for Aaron Rodgers

Chris & Paul react to Round 1 of the 2020 Draft, including Tua being drafted ahead of Herbert and the Packers drafting Aaron Rodgers' successor instead of drafting him help. The guys also wind through a memorable WR class and give their Top 5 Favorite Picks. (4:00) Tua Tagovailoa 5th to Dolphins: “Risky” (8:45) Justin Herbert 6th to Chargers: How soon will he start? (11:50) Jordan Love 26th to Packers: “I hate it” (23:40) Joe Burrow 1st to Bengals: “Baller. Peyton Manning.” (28:00)...


#146 - Simms 2020 Mock Draft

Oh baby, it's Mock Draft time! On the eve of the 2020 Draft, Simms predicts how Round 1 will unfold. How far does Tua Tagovailoa slide? Does someone trade up for a big-name wideout like Jerry Jeudy? And Chris has a big surprise in the Top 10. (6:50) #1 - Bengals: QB Joe Burrow (8:30) #2 - Redskins: EDGE Chase Young (9:30) #3 - Lions: CB Jeffrey Okudah (13:10) #4 - Giants: OT Jedrick Wills Jr. (16:10) #5 - Dolphins: QB Justin Herbert (21:05) #6 - Chargers: OT Andrew Thomas (23:15) #7 -...


#145 - 2020 Draft OL Rankings & Robin Hood

It’s 4/20, which is significant to Chris for some reason. It’s significant to Ahmed because it marks the end of Chris’ draft ranks. We talk O-linemen and then run through some sleeper prospects in Robin Hood: Draft Edition. (2:20) Guess what day it is??? 😊 (6:10) The Unofficial Uniform Police react to the Patriots going full Color Rush (9:00) Homies react to LB Ranks: Sellout Simms goes consensus again! (13:30) Homies react to DT Ranks: Should the Colts have drafted a DT instead of...


#144 - 2020 Draft DT & LB Draft Rankings: "This was as close as it gets"

Simms is cranking through the film and he reveals his Top 5 DT & LB prospects to Ahmed, including the closest 1-2 ranking he's had to do this year. (1:55) The "Unofficial Jersey Police" weigh in on the Browns new uniforms (4:30) Homies react to CB Ranks: Is Chris underrating Jeffrey Okudah's athleticism? (11:35) Homies react to S Ranks: Why wasn't Grant Delpit or Jeremy Chinn in Chris' Top 5? (16:35) DT #5 Jordan Elliott: "Reminds me of Sheldon Richardson" (22:50) DT #4 Raekwon Davis:...


#143 - 2020 Draft CB & S Rankings: "No way I'd pick him Top 5"

It takes a megapod to reveal Chris' Top 5 CBs & Safeties in the 2020 Draft. (4:00) Homies react to RB Ranks: Defending Clyde Edwards-Helaire (13:10) CB #5 Trevon Diggs: "Maybe the best 50/50 ball skills of any corner in the Draft" (19:40) CB #4 Kristian Fulton: "I wish there was a half or more of a rocket up his ass" (25:30) CB #3 Jeffrey Okudah: "He's a Top 15 pick. There's no way I'd pick him Top 5." (37:20) CB #2 A.J. Terrell: "Clemson treated him like he’s Jalen Ramsey or Darrelle...


#142 - NFL Draft 2020 RB Rankings: A clear No. 1

Simms gives his Top 5 RBs in the 2020 Draft, and Ahmed gives his Top 5 RBs in the NFL right now. (3:15) Bucs new uniforms: Chris & Ahmed officially move them out of the bottom 5 (5:45) Homies react to Edge Draft Ranks: Where are the angry tweets? (11:20) State of the Running Back: Should teams give a 2nd contract to any RB? (18:45) Honorable mention: Cam Akers "Reminds me of Lamar Miller or Damien Williams" (23:00) RB #5 D'Andre Swift: "I like the player, but everyone has overhyped...


#141 - NFL Draft 2020 EDGE Rankings: Don't sleep on Chaisson

Chris reveals his Top 5 EDGE players in the Draft, but first he and Paul discuss an update to his QB rankings. (1:45) Chris likes the Buccaneers "new" uniforms (3:45) With some help from Philip Simms, Chris shows off his stolen Broncos photos (7:20) QB Ranks Update: Chris flips Tua Tagovailoa & Jordan Love (15:00) The 2020 Edge rusher class is deeper than Chris expected (18:00) EDGE #5 - Yetur Gross-Matos "The film underwhelmed me" (24:00) EDGE #4 - Terrell Lewis "He reminds me of JPP...


#140 - #AskMeAnything: Jerry Jeudy backlash, ranking Dak & Simms' biggest regret

Chris responds to the Jerry Jeudy uproar before he and Ahmed dish out more hygiene tips. (4:25) WR Draft Ranks: How did Chris leave Jerry Jeudy out of his Top 5 when some fans see him as the next Stefon Diggs or Jerry Rice? (16:00) 49ers: Could they take Jeudy in the first round? (17:10) Raiders: Chris sees a couple WRs who Jon Gruden might like in Round 1 (20:05) Route-running is overrated: Who are some WRs who improved once they hit the NFL? (24:30) Bill Belichick’s successor: Will it...


#139 - NFL Draft 2020 WR Rankings: Big name misses the cut

Simms reveals his WR ranks for this year's draft class, and Paulie B is surprised by who didn't make the Top 5. (3:10) How does the 2020 WR class compare to 2014? (6:20) Paul gives love to Chris' 2019 WR rankings (8:30) Why route trees are overrated for prospects today (11:20) WR #5 - Tee Higgins "He's the premier jump-ball guy in the draft" (16:25) WR #4 - KJ Hamler "Hollywood Brown makes me feel more comfortable about him" (23:45) WR #3 - Henry Ruggs III "He's a game-changer...a lot...


#138 - #AskMeAnything: Love>Tua, Jon Gruden nightmares & Toilet paper alternatives

We open the mailbag to answer your questions, especially the ones that make Ahmed uncomfortable. (3:30) QB Draft Ranks: Chris defends why he has Tua Tagovailoa #4 and why Jalen Hurts didn’t make the cut (11:05) Cam Newton & Jameis Winston: Chris calls B.S. on the Panthers, the Dolphins are a Cam sleeper, and have coaches given up on fixing Jameis? (18:45) Draft: Do the 49ers go WR? Re-ranking the 2018 QB class. What draft bust was dealt a bad hand? (27:55) Raiders: Who will the QB be at...


#137 - NFL Draft 2020 QB Rankings; Cam Newton released by Panthers

Simms reveals his QB ranks for this year's Draft prospects and makes Ahmed's jaw drop. (1:00) Ahmed admits to some strange showering habits (3:00) Chris explains why he was right about Patrick Mahomes and wrong about Daniel Jones (8:45) QB #5 - Jacob Eason “His type of quarterback is a dying breed” (14:50) QB #4 - Tua Tagovailoa “He plays small. He plays very small.” (22:30) QB #3 - Jordan Love “You could argue he has the highest ceiling of all the QBs in this draft.” (32:25) QB #2...