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Wake up to the best sports story you'll hear all day. Monday through Friday, we bring you an inside look at the most interesting stories at ESPN, as told by the top reporters and insiders on the planet. The breaking news of SportsCenter. The deep dive storytelling of 30 for 30. Get the very best of ESPN. Daily.




Breaking Down the Surprising Success of the NBA’s In-Season Tournament

The NBA In-Season Tournament has had its fair share of criticism ever since the idea was first floated by Adam Silver. Everything from its merits, the timing and even the bold, colorful court designs drew the ire of basketball purists across the nation. But now, as the tournament heats up in its final stretch, people seem to get it. Four teams are left standing as the setting shifts to Las Vegas for the semifinals tonight. The Lakers have a chance to add more hardware to the Lakers’ trophy case, but first they’ll have to get past the finally healthy New Orleans Pelicans. And in the East, it’s a clash of two red-hot offenses in the Milwaukee Bucks and Indiana Pacers. So today, our friend Ramona Shelburne joins the show to tell us what her biggest takeaways from the tournament are, who she thinks has the best chance to bring home the inaugural In-Season Tournament title and how this is exactly what the league wanted all along. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Why Mark Cuban Sold the Mavericks

No owner in sports has his identity as closely tied to a team like Mark Cuban of the Dallas Mavericks. When he bought the Mavs in 2000, he was an unknown, newly-minted billionaire. But his outspoken, passionate, and innovative approach shook up the NBA and helped him become one of the most well-known businessmen in America. So the news last week that Cuban was selling a majority stake in the team to the Adelson and Dumont families shocked the basketball world. So why did he do it? Longtime Mavericks reporter Tim MacMahon explains Cuban’s thinking, how he was able to keep control of basketball operations, and why the move could have major implications throughout all of Texas. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


What Makes a Player a ‘Bust’? Brian Windhorst Explains

For fans of teams who didn’t have much to play for in the previous season, the NBA Draft represents a hopeful outlook towards the future; the chance to find their franchise cornerstone who can change their misfortunes and lead them to glory in the years to come. Or at least, that’s the ideal. Now, six weeks into the NBA season, we’ve reached the point in the calendar where certain rookies start to get called the B-word: busts. But do some players earn this moniker unfairly? Recent chatter around rookie Scoot Henderson, who is a mere ten games into his NBA career, got us wondering why fans and commentators can be so quick to trot out this label. So what is the actual definition of a bust? Who qualifies and who doesn’t? And how often are players, eventually, able to shed this unfortunate distinction? Brian Windhorst joins the show to explain. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


49ers Ground Eagles, Jordan Love Arrives in Lambeau: Andrew Hawkins Recaps NFL Week 13

There are just five weeks left in the regular season, but the playoff picture only seems to be getting more muddied at this stage. There are teams like the Green Bay Packers, young and led by an inexperienced QB in Jordan Love, who are finding their stride and clawing into the wild card hunt after knocking off Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs in Lambeau on Sunday night. At the top of the NFC, the 49ers came into Philadelphia, and left no doubt that they are the favorite, regardless of where they are playing. And over in the AFC wild card picture, the Texans continue to impress behind rookie signal caller CJ Stroud. So today, Andrew Hawkins explains what he was looking for on the field on Sunday, and tells us why the margins in the NFL are razor thin. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Jeff Passan Previews Major League Baseball’s Winter Meetings

The winter meetings mark the traditional beginning to Major League Baseball’s offseason. And this year, with three huge names on the market, including Shohei Ohtani, the best baseball player on the planet, the hot stove is sure to heat up. So today, Jeff Passan tells us who is available, who is buying, and how smart teams should approach the free agent market this winter. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Bill Barnwell Explains the NFL Playoff Picture

Thanksgiving has come and gone, and that means the playoff push is here. After 12 weeks of competition, the wheat is separating itself from the chaff. Some teams that got off to slow starts have turned their season around, and others with strong starts have fallen down the pecking order. Over the next six weeks, the field will narrow more and more as each team fights for a shot to win Super Bowl LVIII. Our NFL expert Bill Barnwell joins the show to tell us who he thinks clinches their spots in this year’s playoffs.. and who gets sent home come December. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Ryan McGee Breaks Down a Chaotic Conference Championship Weekend

While the College Football Playoff technically doesn’t start for another month, if you look closely you can see that in many ways it already has. Look no further than the fireworks of Rivalry Week: while appearing to keep up with decades old traditions, they are actually setting the table for the win-or-go-home repercussions of this weekend's conference championships. So today, Ryan McGee joins us to talk about the chaos of this unofficial bracket, and then dares to take a look at the unpredictable future of college football – our favorite Saturday pastime. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Is Draymond Ready to Change? Taking Stock of His Latest Suspension

The past two seasons have been tumultuous, to say the least, for Draymond Green. Throughout the Warriors dynasty of the past decade, Green has been the enforcer of the team, playing a crucial role in bringing four NBA championships to the Bay Area, pushing the envelope on league rules in the process. But now, Green’s latest suspension – for putting Timberwolves center Rudy Gobert in a chokehold – has everyone questioning where he currently stands with the team. Marc J. Spears has covered the NBA and Bay Area sports for decades, so he takes us inside the mind of Draymond Green – and inside the Warriors franchise – as all parties figure out how to move forward. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


A Mother’s Vow, a Worldwide Search, and the Mystery of the Dallas Mavericks Barbie (ENCORE)

Throughout human history, the allure of rare and mysterious artifacts has always summoned our bravest and most intrepid explorers to scour the ends of the earth. The Ark of the Covenant. The Holy Grail. And now, the Dallas Mavericks Barbie. The ultra-rare Mavs Barbie, the product of a late 90’s collaboration between Mattel and the NBA, has given collectors everywhere headaches for years as the missing piece to their Barbie collections. She is so hard to find, in fact, that some collectors have even questioned her existence. So today, as the holiday gift-giving season kicks into full gear, we revisit a conversation between Jeremy Schaap and Dave Fleming on his quest for Mavericks Barbie, why she’s so hard to find…and how Dave helped put an end to one collector’s 25-year pursuit. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


The Lions Look to Flip Their Thanksgiving Day Script

It’s that time of year, America. It’s time to grab a plate and have a seat for Thanksgiving dinner. And while we may not have the same foods on our table, there is one dish we all get to dive into: the Detroit Lions playing on Thanksgiving day. If you’re a Lions fan, most of those Thanksgiving games this century have sat in your stomach like leftovers gone bad…but as a quick look at the standings show, it’s a new day in Motown. So today, Eric Woodyard, our Michigan native and Lions insider, shares his experience growing up around this tradition, tells us where this first-place team is going and what you can expect to eat if you stop by Mama Woodyard’s house. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


How ‘One Glove’ and the UFC Changed Everything We Knew About Fighting

Earlier this month, the Ultimate Fighting Championship, more commonly known as UFC, celebrated its 30th anniversary. The company’s explosive growth is unprecedented in the history of sports, recently earning a $12 billion valuation. But the UFC didn't just create a new kind of sports entertainment. It brought a relatively unknown fighting style out of the underground and into the mainstream, upending our understanding of human combat. So today, Ryan Hockensmith tells the tale of the first-ever UFC event, through the eyes of one fighter who had no idea what he was getting into. Back in 2017, our friends at 30 for 30 Podcasts went even deeper on the origins of UFC. Check out their episode No Rules: The Birth of UFC. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Eagles vs Chiefs: A Super Bowl Rematch on Monday Night Football

After more than a few lackluster primetime games over the first half of the NFL season, tonight’s Monday Night Football matchup between the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs is sure to deliver a feast to kick off Thanksgiving Week. Not only is it the two best teams from each conference, with two presumptive MVP candidates at quarterback on each side, it’s also only the second time we’ve seen a rematch from the previous year’s Super Bowl on Monday Night Football. So today, Andrew Hawkins joins the show to break down every major aspect ahead of tonight’s game, and gives his take on one…well actually two… of the most anticipated meetings of the season. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Inside CJ Stroud’s Rise to Superstardom

Nine games into CJ Stroud’s NFL career, and he’s already taking the league by storm. He resurrected a lifeless Houston Texans organization, and etched his name in the record books. Forget Rookie of the Year, he might be the NFL’s Most Valuable Player this season. Period. But there is so much more to Stroud than his heroics on the field…so today, ESPN’s Liz Merrill joins the show to tell us about where he comes from, who shaped him…and what sets him apart, as a quarterback, and as a person. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Inside Paige Bueckers’ Return

Even if you don’t follow basketball, odds are that you heard of Paige Bueckers. Even before she stepped foot on the floor at the University of Connecticut, clips of her getting buckets had gone viral as far back as when she was in middle school. And she arrived at UConn in 2020 as the next big thing; the next superstar that would lead the storied Huskies program to another national championship. But for the past couple of years, injuries have plagued Bueckers, turning her charmed tale into a story about adversity, struggle, and mental fortitude. So today, ESPN’s Alexa Philippou takes us inside Bueckers’ road back to the court, and shows us how time away has changed her approach to the game, all while keeping a national championship run in her sights. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Was Coach Prime’s First Year in Colorado a Success?

Colorado’s final home game of the 2023 season ended in agony last Saturday, a heart-wrenching 34-31 defeat — their fourth in a row — at the paws of the Arizona Wildcats. The prime time games and celebrities on the sidelines are gone for now, and with their record now sitting at 4-6, the Buffaloes need to win out just to be bowl eligible. But with Deion Sanders taking over a program that won one game a year ago, what does a successful season really look like for them? So today, as the sun sets on Coach Prime’s first year with the Buffs, ESPN’s Spencer Hall joins the show to give us his review on year one of the Deion Sanders Experience in Boulder. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


The Bag Game: How Billy Preston’s NBA Dream Died

Billy Preston was thought to be the next one-and-done player when he signed with the University of Kansas basketball team back in 2017. But before he could make that leap, a minor fender bender opened the door into a world of illegal corporate payouts that unraveled his future in an instant. So today as Kansas, and their coach Bill Self – the highest paid coach in the sport – prepare to take on Kentucky, Paula Lavigne joins us to talk about how corporate America, the Federal Government, and the NCAA extinguished a hoop dream before it even began. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


AFC North Insanity, Lions Win a Shootout, and CJ Stroud for MVP?: NFL Week 10 Recap with Kevin Clark

Week 10 gave us some of the craziest finishes of the NFL season. The Houston Texans pulled off a last second victory over the Cincinnati Bengals, where rookie QB CJ Stroud basically “out-Burrowed” Joe Burrow himself, inserting himself into the MVP conversation in the process. Elsewhere in the AFC North, the Browns came from behind to steal a win from the Baltimore Ravens, who had been gaining momentum as a Super Bowl contender in recent weeks. The 49ers offense is back at full strength with the returns of Trent Williams and Deebo Samuel, and they look like the world beaters we saw back in Week 1 again. And in Los Angeles, the Detroit Lions had maybe their biggest win of the season over the Chargers in a shootout…which might make Brandon Staley’s seat a little bit warmer. So today, Kevin Clark, host of This is Football, joins the show to discuss his biggest takeaways from Week 10. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


The Michigan Sign-Stealing Scandal, Explained

Michigan has been one of the top teams in college football for the past few seasons. Ever since head coach Jim Harbaugh stepped on campus, they’ve stayed in the headlines, for better or worse. And now, In the midst of their undefeated season, allegations of sign stealing have taken over the narrative surrounding the team. The near-daily developments have been unexpected, and sometimes downright odd, making this situation feel as if it was pulled right from the silver screen. Sunglasses with spy cameras, fake play call signs, and 600-page manifestos have put Michigan’s run to the National Championship in jeopardy. So today, Mark Schlabach joins the show to explain how this all has unfurled, the difficult choices facing the Big Ten, and what the consequences for Michigan and Harbaugh might be. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Why Caitlin Clark is So Much More Than a Local Legend

Caitlin Clark is one of the greatest college basketball players we have ever seen. She’s the reigning NCAA women’s basketball Player of the Year after leading Iowa to the Final Four; and now in her senior season, she’s poised to set or break several more records. But regardless of what Clark accomplishes, she’ll do it all while holding her favorite title: Being just another kid from Des Moines. So today, Basketball Hall of Famer Michael Voepel joins the show to tell us all about Clark’s connection with her roots, and why it could continue to shape Iowa’s basketball program and Clark’s career, for years to come. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


How Laila Edwards Became the First Black Hockey Player on the US Women’s National Team

University of Wisconsin’s star sophomore Laila Edwards is the first Black woman to make the U.S. Women’s National Hockey Team. After an incredible freshman season that ended with Wisconsin’s record seventh national title, she now adds representing the U.S. to her resume. Inspired by a chance meeting with Blake Bolden, the first Black woman to play professional hockey, Laila is showing a new generation that they can not only play hockey, but thrive in the sport. Ahead of tonight’s Team USA vs Team Canada matchup, Andscape’s Branson Wright shares Laila’s story, how crucial her family was to her journey to the U.S. National Team, and what her future holds. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit