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The GameSpot crew gets together to talk about games and other shenanigans.


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The GameSpot crew gets together to talk about games and other shenanigans.




#228 - Sea of Bones

This week we react to the "big news" from Xbox. Michael previewed Unicorn Overlord, the latest game from Vanillaware. Jake's been playing Mario vs Donkey Kong. And Jean-Luc has NOT been playing Skull and Bones.


#227 - They Lost Timdog

This week is a Jean-Luc and Michael only joint which of course means they're gonna dive deep into their bullshit like Final Fantasty VII Rebirth, Persona 3 Reload, Infinite Wealth, and anime elf girls.


#226 - Persona Sickos

It's Persona 3 Reload week and we're devoting the whole episode to it! Jake and Jean-Luc are joined by Jess Cogswell who reviewed the game for GameSpot as well as Michael Higham, who reviewed the game for IGN.


#225 - We're All Having Great Fun Aren't We?

It's not been a great week for the games industry but we're gonna try our best to keep our heads up and focus on the good just like our boy Ichiban would want.


#224 - Indian Jone

Lucy, Tam, and Jake talk about the biggest news from the Xbox Dev Direct, Prince of Persia The Lost Crown, and The Last of Us Part II Remastered.


#223 - Hourglass Game Design

Happy 2024! Jake and Jean-Luc kick in the new year by talking about what games they played together over the break including: Lethal Company, The Finals, and LEGO Fortnite. Jean-Luc also tried Star Wars Jedi Survivor and finally got around to playing Resident Evil - Code: Veronica.


#222 - Video Game Trivia 2023

We're closing out the year with a special episode for you all! We are joined by the creator of Video Game Trivia, Jacob McCourt, for a special video game 2023 in-review edition. Who will win? Who will take the fattest L?


#221 - The Dude and the Bird

It's the last "regular" episode of GameSpot After Dark for 2023! What does regular even mean? Who knows! After four years of debate we've finally come to the conclusion that this is NOT a family-friendly podcast. We attempt to talk some video games like The Finals, the death of Last of Us Online, and the state of multiplayer games. We also talk movies like Godzilla and The Boy and The Heron. Oh, and Kurt is finally done talking about Alan Wake 2.


#220 - E3 Is Dead, But For Real This Time

WE ARE BACK! We return from The Game Awards in LA just in time for E3 to die... again. Jake talks about Pokemon's final DLC, Jean-Luc has been playing Alan Wake 2 the Final Draft, and Michael's putting his fingers to work with StepMania.


#219 - I lied there is an episode this week

Michael and Jean-Luc are here to crank out a special holiday episode for you all. We chat about Super Mario RPG, Scott Pilgrim Takes Off (skip to 37:00 if you want zero spoilers), Pre-Game of the year talk, and our favorite Thanksgiving sides.


#218 - You Don't Always Need To Be Gaming

This week we get comfy on the couch. Jake is disappointed with Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3's multiplayer, meanwhile, Michael and Jean-Luc are disappointed with the PlayStation Portal and PULSE Explore wireless earbuds. But we also got things we love, such as Like A Dragon Gaiden, Mario RPG, and Persona 5 Tactica. Finally, Jake and Jean-Luc reveal that big project they've been teasing for months.


#217 - Talking out of our asses with Alex Van Aken

The lovely Alex Van Aken from Game Informer joins to talk about his Making of Humanity Documentary. We also chat about Call of Duty's mediocre campaign, the meditative climbing of Jusant, Fornite OG's nostalgia play, the upcoming GTA 6 teaser, the shiny new Steam Deck OLED, and Like a Dragon: The Man Who Made Jean-Luc Cry.


#216 - Ichiban Kasuga's Job is Beach

This week on After Dark Jean-Luc saw the Five Night at Freddy's movie, Michael's been kicking it in Waikiki in the Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth Special Trial, and Lucy and Tam gush about a few of the incredible games they got to see at Indie Land 2023.


Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Spoilercast with Bryan Intihar

Tamoor and Lucy sit down with the creative director of Marvel's Spider-Man 2, Bryan Intihar, and go in-depth on the game's story. Spoilers!


#215 - Tales of the Griddy

This week on After Dark we gush about Alan Wake II for pretty much the whole episode.


#214 - Marvel's Super Mario Bros.

This week Jean-Luc, Michael, Jordan, and Jake discuss the hottest games of the week: Marvel's Spider-Man 2 and Super Mario Bros. Wonder. They also touch more on Sonic Superstars, Lies of P, and World of Horror.


#213 - Getting Kurt With Kurt

Welcome to a special intimate episode were two people sip expired beer and talk about the things that matter most to them like: the lost art of video games yelling at you, anime butt rock, and forgotten horror masterpieces from the 80s.


#212 - The First Filipino Pope

Michael and Jean-Luc are joined by Kurt this week. We chat about Assassin's Creed Mirage, Resident Evil 4's Seperate Ways Expansion, Lies of P, Counter Strike 2, Forza Motorsport, and cap it off with Horror Movies for spooky month.


Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty Spoilercast

Jean-Luc, Jake, and Michael dive deep into Phantom Liberty, talking openly about its many endings and why this expansion hit them so hard.


#211 - The Game is Fixed

Everyone is out on assignment so Tam and Lucy are joined by Jan Ochoa from Giant Bomb to talk about video games, board games, and even books.