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ESPN's NFL Live scoops the latest news and information from deep inside the NFL and deposits it into your ears.

ESPN's NFL Live scoops the latest news and information from deep inside the NFL and deposits it into your ears.


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ESPN's NFL Live scoops the latest news and information from deep inside the NFL and deposits it into your ears.






Is Baker Mayfield's Job in Jeopardy?

Today on NFL Live, Laura and crew explores if Baker Mayfield is the right man for the job with the Browns? We'll dive into tonight's match up and so much more!


Is It Time to Panic for the Cowboys?

Today on NFL Live, Laura Rutledge and the crew dive into the Cowboys Week 1 defeat to the Los Angeles Rams and what it will take to defeat the Falcons for Dak. Are Bruce Arians and Tom Brady still a good fit after their debacle in New Orleans in Week 1? That and much more today on NFL Live!


Monday Night Magic

Laura, Mina, Dan. Marcus and Schefty discuss the Brown's performance on Sunday, takeaways from the Steelers and Giants game. Also, who is the favorite in the NFC West after Week 1? What gives the crew confidence in Josh Allen going forward? Finally is Aaron Rodgers on a mission this year to prove the doubters wrong?


Week 1 Reaction- Football is Back!

Host Laura Rutledge, along with analysts Dan Orlovsky, Marcus Spears and Mina Kimes, react to all the major headlines and story lines following a busy opening Sunday to the 2020 NFL season. Are the Cowboys doomed? Is Brady too old? How good are the Patriots? They discussed all that and much more.


NFL Kickoff is Here

Today on NFL Live, Laura and the crew dive deep into tonight's big game between the Texans and Chiefs. Who will be the potential MVP for the 2020 season? And much more!


Chiefs/Texans Preview

Laura Rutledge, Keyshawn Johnson, Dan Orlovsky, & Marcus Spears talk Watson & Mahomes, Browns 2020 expectations, and Saints/Bucs Week 1 matchup.


Home Stretch to Week 1

Laura Rutledge along with Dan Orlovsky, Marcus Spears and Mina Kimes, look ahead to Week 1 and their biggest story lines for the upcoming season. Can Lamar take that next step? Who can stop the Chiefs? The crew dives into all of that and much more.


Jadeveon Clowney to the Titans?

Today on NFL Live, Laura Rutledge and the crew discusses Jadaveon Clowney's offer from the Titans, the recent news of Cam Newton being elected captain in New England, what the signing of Leonard Fournette means for the Bucs' offense, and much more!


QBs, Rings, and a Viking

Laura, Keyshawn, Dan and crew discuss who is the better fit as the Bears' starting QB. The NFL Live crew analyzes the Packer's QB relationship between Aaron Rodgers and Jordan Love. Also in the show, some surprising comments from Kirk Cousins regarding COVID and how he would handle it. Finally the crew discusses Dak Prescott and how he could fare this year while playing on the franchise tag.


What is next for some of the games best RB's

Laura Rutledge and the crew discuss the best landing spot for Leonard Fournette, the latest on the biggest remaining free agents,Alvin Kamara's contract, the latest from training camp and much more.


Ravens Take Bold Stand and Bucs Scrimmage

Laura Rutledge along with Dan Orlovsky, Mina Kimes and Marcus Spears tackle the pressing issues in the sports world regarding the BLM matter movement, possible NFL boycott as well as touch on some football topics ranging from the Buccaneers scrimmage, to Dan's undying love for Carson Wentz.


Pro Sports Boycotting for Change

The NFL Live crew reacts to the teams that chose not to play yesterday. As well as, discussing how that affects the NFL going forward with multiple teams cancelling practice today. Later, Marcus Spears and Keyshawn Johnson talk about how the recent events have impacted them.


Justice for Jacob Blake

Laura Rutledge, Marcus Spears, Dan Orlovsky, Mina Kimes, & Adam Schefter react to the Detroit Lions' cancellation of practice to protest the shooting of Jacob Blake. Also, they discuss Budda Baker's new contract and Earl Thomas' next destination. Jamal Adams joins the show to talk about his departure from the Jets and what it's like being a Seahawk.


All New NFL Live - Meet Our New Cast

Laura Rutledge is joined by Marcus Spears, Dan Orlovsky, Mina Kimes and Adam Schefter for the NFL Live Relaunch! The crew talks the latest news on Earl Thomas, the NFL false-positive COVID tests, and MORE!


Dez or AB with the Baltimore Ravens?

Today on NFL Live, Dan Graziano and the crew discuss the Ravens' possibilities to sign Dez Bryant or Antonio Brown. What's the relationship between Aaron Rodgers and Jordan Love like in Green Bay? Plus so much more!


Dez to Baltimore?

On this edition of NFL Live Field Yates and company break down who might be the QB or QB's for the Patriots, how the defending Super Bowl champs are revamping their offense for another run at a Lombardi Trophy and if Dez Bryant can help the Ravens overcome their playoff struggles and more!


What's next for Lamar?

Field Yates. Kimberly Martin, Mike Tannenbaum, & Booger McFarland discuss the Ravens' offseason moves and how they affect Lamar Jackson. Also, what the expectations are for Joe Burrow's in his rookie campaign.


First Padded Practice

Field Yates and company talk the first day of padded practices, the hiring of Washington president Jason Wright, and the latest on Alex Smith.


Coaches Camp Pass

Dan Graziano, Damien Woody, Rob Ninkovich, & Kimberly Martin discuss Raiders' QBs, Brady/Newton, and what challenges the Chiefs will face as defending champions.


Kittle & Kelce Get Extensions

Field Yates, Rob Ninkovich, Ryan Clark, and Dan Graziano discuss Travis Kelce and George Kittle getting record contract extensions.