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Season 4 Finale-Big Foot Sighting, True North Trout in the News.

This week Jeff and Bill talk with Don Johnson about his wild Bigfoot experience, Koz's True North Trout makes the news, and Jeff has to issue two apologies. Welcome Back Jeff’s Only Fans Page and Thigh Gap Thursdays Last Episode of the Season and Jeff says Thank you Jeff’s issues an apology about RNP’s new designs Bob White Clearance Sale and other Merch Jeff broker’s peace deal with Sasquatch in the other dimension Get your free decal! Jeff tries to be funny, but he’s not. Bill gives up the Djembe and Schitt’s Creek-The Restoration Depot Peanut Butter Beer? (beermoney20) Jeff has to issue another apology. Sorry, Holden. In Other News: Northern Michigan hotel offers a fly fishing package with Hemingway twist with Brian Kozminski’s True North Trout. Guest Intro- Don Johnson of Michigan Describes His Bigfoot Encounter Interview Begins Story of the Squatch begins Bigfoot gifts and Les Stroud (Survivorman) Did Jeff and Bill experience coons or Bigfoot? Does Bigfoot reside in another dimension? Cancer linked to UFO sightings. Ancient technology and the Mayans. UAP/UFO Technology. Flat earth ends at Antarctica Graham Hancock Jeff travels to Guatemala Ken Hamm literally believes Dinosaurs are still around. Don shares a proud Dad moment Outro Jeff finds a time capsule Bill has list last words and Jeff plays air drums Alana's Website: $10.00 Bob White Shirts- (beermoney20) In Other News:


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Iowa's Oldest Living Muskie, Bob Lazar, and Beaver Island

This week Jeff and Bill talk about Iowa’s oldest living muskie, bigfoot, and UFOs. 00:00 Back at it and a shout out to Nate Karnes (Remedy Provisions) 01:28 Jeff forgets the words. 02:24 Bob White Signature Tee Clearance 03:10 IFTD and Live Events, Salt Lake City and Magic Underwear 05:00 The Salamander Letters 05:55 The Mormon War on Beaver Island 06:50 Suzuki Samurai 09:50 Bill’s update on the Djembe class 11:10 Jeff is on Tic-Tok @jtroutmn43 12:10 Text from Mr. Holden Ausmus and Peanut Butter Beer? ( beermoney20) 13:05 Jeff in a Massage Parlor? “You have to tip for the tip.” 16:00 Athletic Brewing and Space S*^& Time Machines 17:40 In other News: “UFOs regularly spotted in restricted U.S. airspace, report on the phenomena due next month” 20:20 Next Week’s Guest 22:00 Bob Lazar 24:48 Muskie on the Fly 26:18 Iowa’s Oldest Living Muskie Caught Episode Links: (beermoney20) Oldest Living Muskie: In Other News:


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Blue Collar Fly Fishing Podcast- Chris Johnson

This week Aaron Reed talks with fly angler and shop owner Chris Johnson of Living Waters fly shop in Round Rock, Texas. 00:00 Intro 00:58 Shoutout to Real Ale Brewing and Real Spirits Distilling ( 01:32 Shoutout to Duck Camp ( 02:37 Thanks to our underwriter, The Local Angler series, and Imbrifex Books ( 03:25 We join Chris in his office at Living Waters Fly Fishing. 04:00 Chris and Aaron discuss the Baetis hatch at Luna’s Tacos that afternoon. 05:00 We gotta mention Round Rock Donuts ( 05:43 Chris stands in line so we don’t have to. 07:30 We discuss the guide service and Chris’s guide line-up. Chris inadvertently gives away his (shockingly young) age. 09:30 Shoutout to OG Texas freshwater guide Marcus Rodriguez. 11:58 We take a Chaco’s detour ( 13:10 We introduce the amazing shop staff, all our friends. 15:53 The youngest member of the staff, and Aaron’s small-world connection to the Pafk family. 19:18 Fly fishing as a lifetime sport; does that contribute to the notable “small world” phenomenon we often remark upon? 22:25 By the way, most of the best flies in the shop were designed by people who work (or worked) there. 22:40 Shoutout to Matt Bennett at 23:15 Walk through the doors of LWFF, and you’re family. 24:00 Got any crickets? 24:29 The first shop was a reclaimed cat shelter. 26:50 What’s a “creek shop,” and why is Living Waters Fly Fishing one of them? 28:44 “I was in college and found I couldn’t major in fishing, and that was a real downer.” 34:25 We take a quick Tenkara detour. 35:00 The pandemic year and the shop. Aaron means “March of 2020,” natch. 38:10 How the biggest year began. 40:45 Williamson County declares fly fishing “essential.” 44:20 Building community: weekly fly-tying, and monthly “Intro to Fly Fishing” classes. 45:22 Aaron mispronounces guide Pat Vanek’s last name. Look for Pat at Bosque Valley Fly Fishing. 46:50 Why Chris doesn’t offer free beer at the shop. (Hint: It’s not because he is opposed to a good craft beer.” 51:40 So how did the pandemic year work out for Living Waters? 52:40 The importance of not cutting pre-season orders. 53:45 “Head and shoulders, our best year ever.” 53:49 “We invented ‘social distancing.’” 55:35 “It was a bigger boom than the movie.” (“The movie,” of course, is “A River Runs Through It.”) 56:25 Chris and Aaron discuss home waters and the Central Texas fisheries. 1:00:15 Just how much public water is there in Texas? Aaron runs down the numbers. 1:01:20 Chris is a not-so-closet birder. 1:02:18 Population and development pressures on Central Texas waters, especially Brushy Creek. 1:03:08 “The fight is now over water.” 1:04:10 “All water is connected.” 1:05:16 Last year’s big conservation win on Brushy Creek. 1:07:00 The coming Tesla invasion. 1:09:00 Aaron grasps for an analogy, and inadvertently places Black’s BBQ in Luling (it’s in Lockhart, y’all). 1:09:58 New stickuhs in Chris’s shop, including two natives from Mike Williams. 1:10:37 How the Rio Grande cichlids fared in the historic deep freeze we experienced this year. 1:15:02 Check out the new “Fly Fish the Republic” sticker from our friend Nate Karnes at Remedy Provisions ( That’s the first flag of the Republic, designed by Tejano patriot Lorenzo de Zavala in 1836. 1:16:45 What does “Fly Fish the Republic” mean, anyway? 1:19:00 #flyfishtherepublic actually raises money for native fish conservation within the borders of the historic Republic of Texas (that included some fishy parts of present-day New Mexico, Colorado, and Wyoming). 1:19:30 What are the similarities between Guadalupe bass and Rio Grande cutthroat, and what can fishing about the former teaches you about the latter? 1:21:35 Here’s a tip: try a size 14 damsel nymph for big Guads. 1:24:20 Where to find Living Waters Fly Fishing in person and online. 1:25:17 Oh yeah, what brands does Living Waters Fly Fishing carry? 1:26:26 Central Texas...


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Henry Winkler on Social Media

This week Jeff and Bill talk about Henry Winkler's bad bout with social media, clearance t-shirts, and more. -Intro and Producer Cough’s return - Jeff impersonates Fred Sanford - Middle of May and Time Shares at Bass Pro - Bob White Shirt Clearance Sale - Sapiens Bad Names and Bucks in rut Athletic Brewing- (discount code beermoney20) Menthol cigarettes and Jeff’s libertarian rant about sin tax Djembe and meditation Grounding and the 4th of July In other News- “Want to take your pet fish for a walk? Henry Winker Catching Heat of His New Fishing Photo- Social Media BS nad neotropics Outro Episode Links: Bob White Clearance Shirts: In Other News: Henry Winkler Article:


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Blue Collar Fly Fishing Podcast Episode 4-April Vokey

This week Aaron Reed interviews April Vokey for his Blue Collar Fly Fishing Podcast 00:00 Welcome and Aaron introduces April Vokey 00:50 Check-out our awesome sponsor Duck Camp ( 1:19 Thanks to Real Ale and Real Spirits for their support ( 2:22 Thanks to Imbrifex Books and The Local Angler series at 03:05 Oops! Technical difficulties … we lose video. 03:09 April introduces herself to our listeners 04:12 The future of 04:45 We note that April is talking to us from the future. 06:00 We talk about the pandemic. 09:26 If you have to be stuck somewhere, Australia and New Zealand aren’t the worst. 10:00 Whatever happened to that steelhead book? 10:18 Shoutout to our friend John Shewey and his book Classic Steelhead Flies. 11:45 April’s humility 12:57 April’s burgeoning media empire 14:18 Stories vs. Technique 15:00 How foraging and tanning and hunting and outdoor life intersects with fly fishing 16:35 Aaron and April talk about the learning platform 16:57 The industry article about influencers. Check it out at: 18:42 Social distancing and fly fishing. 19:56 Why April doesn’t post so many grip-and-grin photos of big fish anymore. 21:13 Let’s make the outdoors experience about more than fishing. 21:41 Fossicking 22:30 The Darcizzle episode 23:42 Some people are really, really mad at April about that interview. 24:27 “Darcy is great!” Check out Anchored with April Vokey episodes 145 and 131 to learn more. 26:00 We dig a little deeper into social media and fly fishing. 28:49 Is April the worst mom in the whole world? 29:30 Hear April’s impression of a rutting fallow deer. 31:15 Steve Harvey is “sassy.” See it here: 32:35 We talk about April’s other podcast: “Into the Backing.” 34:10 Influencers vs. Ambassadors. 39:57 Is this about paying dues? 42:00 Paying homage to the generation that came before us 43:20 Why we *really* aren’t sharing video for this interview. (April looked great, as always, btw.) 45:25 Who are the fly fishing influencers, anyway? 46:15 Is authenticity the issue? 46:40 A bonus shout-out to Duck Camp! 50:18 April puts a stake in the ground: fly fishing isn’t supposed to be competitive in any way, shape, or form. 53:00 Unsung heroes? 55:40 Know a fly fishing influencer who would be willing to sit down and talk with April about social media? Drop her an email! 56:45 Shout-out to our buddy Kirk Deeter. 57:43 How to get in touch with April, and what’s available on 58:10 Talking about what’s available on Anchored Outdoors … y’all go sign up, it’s kind of incredible. 1:00:35 Get individualized coaching and feedback from April and other instructors on the platform! 1:01:32 Shout-out to Edgar Diaz and Sightline Provisions. 1:02:50 Seriously, go sign-up for a membership at 1:03:44 Outro Episode Links:


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Supreme's Fly Fishing Collab, the WWF, and the Personal Hygiene of Jeff's French Teacher

This week Jeff and Bill talk about Supreme’s collaboration with Fly Fishing, the WWF, and french teachers with poor hygiene. 00:00 Introduction and our theme song 01:10 The story behind Jeff’s hairy chest 02:10 Bill opines on smoking in the sunshine 02:58 Jeff and Bill share an Athletic Brewing beer- Cerveza Athletica and All out Extra Dark 06:46 Thank you to our sponsor 08:20 Conjuring up spirits, meditation, and djembe with 09:45 Jeff has a cold or is it something else… 11:30 This Wednesday Aaron Reed interviews April Vokey on his Blue Coat Fly Fishing Podcast 11:45 Dispensaries, Taco Bell, and other genius Partnerships 15:18 Bob White T’s for $10.00 17:42 In Other News- Woman Facing Felony Charge for Not Returning VHS Tape Over 20 Years Ago 22:10 900 Numbers sex work is real work. Bill’s side hustle? 24:30 Jeff’s Bucket List 26:20 Bill’s WWE legacy 27:33 Jeff assume all french guys are the same 28:20 ‘Incredibly disingenuous’ and ‘laughable’: A tale of Supreme’s fishing collab 32:01 The Only Class Jeff Failed in High School 36:34 Outro Show note links: Bob White Shirts: In Other News: Sponsors: (beermoney20) Episode Discussion:


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Epic Fly Fishing Hatches, The Mandela Effect, and New Branding

This week Jeff and Bill talk about fly fishing's 5 most epic hatches and their new brand. 00:01 Jeff is not on and Bill makes a joke about mooning the bus driver 02:19 Jeff receives corporal punishment in public school 03:45 Bill get’s caught smoking by his dad 05:30 Crazy alcohol law in Texas 06:18 Bill works are the concrete plant 07:20 Back to the ghost of Frozen Patty 08:28 A shout out to discount code (beermoney20) 10:30 Spirit djembe lessons, meditation, and more at 13:17 In Other News- Ravens Are Swooping In and Stealing Groceries From Shoppers in Costco Parking Lot 17:00 PG movies of the 80’s and the Expendables franchise 19:00 Madmen and addictive series 21:37Jeff and Bill’s favorite podcasts 22:30 Teeth are turning gold 24:00 The Gold Dust Fraud 27:35 Fly Fishing’s Top 5 Most Epic Hatches- 28:30 Rumble in the Jungle and the WWF (not the WWE) 31:29 Publisher’s Clearing House and the Mandela Effect 33:15 Our New Brand, Vision and Where We’re Headed 36:00 Our Brand New Brand and Logo- Maneki-Neko Cat Episode Links: In other news: Top Five Epic Hatches from Field & Stream- Our designer's site:


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Blue Collar Fly Fishing Podcast-John and Jen Pelicano

This week Aaron Reed talks with fly fishing newbies, John and Jen Pelicano about their journey into the sport. 00:00: Intro 00:10: Introducing John and Jen Pelicano 01:19: Shout out to sponsors: , , and The Local Angler Series 02:57: It’s National Beer Day! 04:00: How Jen and John got into fly fishing during the pandemic year. 05:00: John takes one for the team, goes shopping. 06:25: Jen’s father sets them up for success. 07:11: Is it appropriate to put a vintage Ross San Miguel reel on an Eagle Claw rod? 08:25: Living Waters Fly Fishing to the rescue. 10:45: Jen hopes she doesn’t catch a fish. 12:20: How fishing guide Griff England gets great fish photos for the ‘gram. 14:12: Beyond the 5-weight. 15:15: Jen says “the Llano,” but she means “the Lampasas.” 17:35: Shout out to Shane Gray of Graywolf Rods. 19:00: Aaron flubs “Livingston Rod Company,” even though he knows Dusty Smith and thinks he’s one of the coolest cats in the industry. 21:30: The Poage Lake incident. 23:50: Everything about fly fishing is beautiful. 26:15: John takes a potshot at Aaron’s musical taste. 26:55: Jen mentions the learning curve when it comes to fish handling. 28:00: Well-met at Mesquite Creek Outfitters on Georgetown’s historic town square. 29:55: Was John a Jesuit, or just slow? 30:27: John brings Aaron to tears. 33:45: Jen attempts to put a damper on John’s fanboy enthusiasm. 36:27: John offers to give Aaron some fly fishing pointers. 37:52: “If you’re not building, healing, teaching or growing, don’t get too worked up about your job. It’s not that important.” 42:00: A brief, uninformed aside about John Shewey’s book: “Classic Steelhead Flies” 45:20: Aaron’s sausage fingers. 45:30: Is Aaron writing a memoir?! (and would anyone care?) 49:00: In praise of Wes Ferguson’s “The Blanco River,” and Rob McConnell’s “Fly Fishing the Sam.” 50:10: The upside of social media and isn’t the fly fishing community great? 53:50: Outro Episode Links:


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Casting Forward with Steve Ramirez

This week on the Remote. No Pressure. Fly Fishing Podcast Jeff and Bill Talk with Hill Country author Steve Ramirez. 00:01 The Dumpster Fire 00:09 (beermoney20) 03:15 One stop shop for virtual wellness products 01:06 Eastern European Gypsies 07:07 The Source of the Good Humor and More Pressure? 08:50 In Other News- Man shares 'FBI tip' for getting someone to say yes to any question you ask. 11:00 Guest Intro- Steve Ramirez 13:22 Interview Begins 14:00 West Michigan Sushi 14:35 How East Africans Name Their Children 15:20 Book “Casting Forward” Introduction and How Did It Came About 18:10 A Writer that Happens to Fish and the Creativity of Fly Fishing 19:00 “The Best People of My Life” 20:00 Dealing With Stress and Processing Trauma with Fly Fishing 22:19 The Imperfect Texas Buddha and Martial Arts 24:20 Could Steve Take Out Wylde Bill in a Back Alley? 26:48 Steve’s Philosophy 27:48 Wine Pairings with Tacos 30:05 Microbrews and Snobbery 31:20 Hill Country Wine Country and Microbrews 32:00 Sharing Access to Texas Water 34:28 “Casting Onward” 35:00 The Toughest Angler Steve Knows 39:00 How Living All Over the World Affected Steve’s Writing 42:00 Burning Planes of the Congo 43:45 Where to find Steve? 45:40 Outro Episode Links: In Other News: )


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Expedition Vehicle Outfitters-Ken Farley

This week Jeff and Bill talk with Ken Farley from Expedition Vehicle Outfitters. Farley is a native Michigander transitioning his Family's business from the small-town auto repair shop, into a global off-road vehicle outfitter. 00:00 Intro 00:27 Athletic Brewing (discount code beermoney20) 02:15 Meditating with The Restoration Depot 03:59 The Blue Collar Fly Fishing Podcast 04:12 Jeff shares a story about “Old Folks Homes” and Captain Planet 05:49 Saying things we regret. 06:00 Jeff visits Key West and the environmental double standards. 08:28 Bill triggers Jeff 08:55 Jeff is on thin ice… 10:00 Jeff gets way too personal on a late-night rant about ablism 12:00 In Other News- 90-year-old touts fly-tying, fishing as ‘best therapy you could ever have’ 16:40 Karen, the name 17:48 Taking your Camry off-road and serial killing 18:20 Interview with Ken Farley from Expedition Outfitters 18:50 Cummins Diesel and Shop Trucks 19:12 What is Expedition Outfitters 20:12 Big trucks and overcompensating 20:40 Land Rover Defender and other Outdoor Vehicles 21:35 Trout Camp and Cost Effective Solutions for your Outdoor Vehicle 23:40 In the Upper Peninsula 24:00 Going North for the Winter 25:09 Did Jeff see the Milky Way or Was He Hallucinating-Michigan Dark Park 27:36 The Covid Business Boom 30:00 Second Generation Business and Transitions 32:00 Moab Desert 33:15 Fly Fishing Clients and Specializing Their Vehicle 34:30 The Vehicle for Murder and “Deliverance” 37:30 Rapture Movies 38:00 Most Memorable Vehicles 41:00 Where is Fowler Michigan? Small Town USA 45:30 Jeff’s Only Fans Page and Big Toe Tuesdays 47:55 End of Interview 49:08 Outro- Camel Crush Menthol Cigarettes Episode Links: (beermoney20) In Other News:


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Blue Collar Fly Fishing Podcast Episode 2 With Kirk Deeter

This week on the Blue Collar Fly Fishing Podcast, Aaron talks with the Vice President/Editor in Chief of Trout Unlimited, Kirk Deeter. 00:00 Show welcome and Kirk Deeter intro 00:49 Thank you to our sponsors 02:14 Kirk comes on. 03:33 Aaron and Kirk pour a Rye Grain Straight Malt Whiskey from Real Spirits. 04:08 How John Wayne drank his whiskey 06:40 How Kirk became King of All Fly Fishing Media. 09:45 Kirk cops to being a fly fishing heretic. We talk carp. 12:26 Is there a print media renaissance? 14:25 Why does fly fishing produce so much great writing? 18:05 Kirk says something nice about Aaron’s book. 19:00 “Clarity, Simplicity, Honesty.” And the impact of social media. 22:55 The coolest adventures are close to home. 24:55 Kirk admits to loving Texas. 26:55 We talk about Kirk’s two early fly fishing books, Castwork and Tideline. 32:10 Shout-out to Steve Ramirez, Guadalupe bass, and Casting Forward. 33:55 The Little Red Book of Fly Fishing, and the upcoming Little Black Book of Fly Fishing. 38:10 How the VP of Trout Unlimited came to write a book about fly fishing for carp. Aaron and Kirk talk about the joys of fishing for mud marlin. 51:35 How to cobble together a living as a creative in the fly fishing world. 54:13 Shout-out to Willie. 58:39 Kirk admits to getting skunked on his last fishing trip. 59:55 Shout-out to April Vokey 1:00:25 Kirk talks about the big year the pandemic brought fly fishing. 1:02:30 One-hit wonders on the rivers, and “you can’t play in saltwater.” 1:03:08 Kirk cusses a little. 1:03:35 Name-dropping Josh Crumpton; gatekeepers vs. door openers. 1:05:55 Shout-out to Living Waters Fly Fishing 1:08:25 How do we create more diversity in fly fishing? 1:09:49 “People want to know how to fish. People want to know how to appreciate nature. What they want is a serious, honest, lasting connection to nature.” 1:13:05 “You don’t need to catch 30 fish in a day to call it a good day.” 1:18:54 Aaron and Kirk talk a little bit about diversity in fly fishing. Kirk has some good ideas. 1:27:05 Grace and humility, man. 1:28:15 Mary Gauthier’s “Mercy Now.” 1:30:45 Kirk’s perfect fly fishing trip. 1:40:55 Before signing off, Kirk and Aaron talk tarpon. 1:36:55 “Your boat, my boat.” 1:38:28 End Links:


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50 Shades of Grayling with Charles Cantella

This week Jeff and Bill talk with author and angler, Charles Cantella about writing, inspiration, fly fishing, and shenanigans. ​-​ Jeff and Bill’s Intro. ​- ​ Thank you to Athletic Brewing’s Sponsorship (beermoney20 discount code) ​- ​ Jake the Snake, Diamond Dallas Page and Mind Fullness. ​-​ You never forget your first time… ​- ​ Aaron Reed’s upcoming episode/guests on the Blue Collar Fly Fishing Podcast ​-​ The racism of Looney Tunes and other Cartoons ​-​ In Other News- The truth is out there … perhaps: CIA releases thousands of UFO files ​-​ Any t-shirt on sale for $10.00 and the band… ​-​ Guest Intro Charles Cantella ​-​ Nothing deep or meaningful ​-​ Anectdotes and Stories- Accountant Phil fills his waders. ​-​ Trout Unlimited in Pittsburgh PA ​-​ The Story Behind “Big Gretch” and Trendsetters ​-​ Primante Brothers and the Great Cracker Raid ​-​ Touch of Grayling the Book and the Story Behind the Book ​-​ Fifty Shades of Gray and Tacos and the Purpose of the Book ​ America’s Favorite Flies, the Cicada Hatch, and Charles’ Street Cred- ​ ​-​ Apologies to our two fans in Tulsa ​-​ Rob McConnell’s upcoming book about fly fishing in Houston ​-​ Fishing Holes out of Mud Holes and Fly Fishing for Everyone ​-​ Michigan’s Weird Small Town Names ​-​ The Curse of Ice Fishing and Spear Fishing Through the Ice ​-​ Jeff’s Loin Cloth Desires ​-​ Children Swearing and the story behind “Fins and Grins” ​-​ Upcoming Projects and More from Charles? 39:40:42:41 Reasons to Call in Sick ​- Outro Links: ​ (beermoney20) ​ Fins & Grins Book-​ Between/dp/1492261203/ref=sr_1_1? dchild=1&keywords=fins+and+grins+charles+cantella&qid=1617577371&s=books&sr=1-1 A Touch of Grayling Book- ​ $18.00 Shirt Sale


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Aaron Reed Joins the RNP Network

Starting Wednesday, April 7, check this space or your favorite podcast platform for Aaron Reed’s Blue Collar Fly Fishing Podcast. Every other week, Aaron will bring you in-depth conversations with industry luminaries and local anglers. Tune in for a conversation with Trout Unlimited VP and Angling Trade magazine editor Kirk Deeter about books, the pandemic year, and the importance of humility and grace. Coming up: Alvin and Lenée Dedeaux of All Water Guides on how they navigated the pandemic year, diversity in fly fishing, and that SXSW showcase Alvin headlined; April Vokey of Anchored Outdoors on going from girl guide on the Skeena River to Queen of All Fly Fishing Media and the joys and perils of social media; and much, much more. Show Notes, Jeff Troutman on Blue Collar Fly Fishing Podcast (Season 1, Episode 1) 00:01 Introductions 00:10 The history of the Glencairn glass. 0:45 Jeff warns Aaron he’s going to be grading his performance. 01:18 Brokeback Mountain reference 01:30 Navel-gazing: a new fly-fishing podcast (hint: you are listening to it.). 02:55 Kirk Deeter up next episode! Let’s talk about the pandemic. RBFF says we added 17 million new boaters and anglers in 2020. 04:24 Jen and John Pelicano coming up in a couple of weeks. Jeff and Aaron talk about year-to-date licenses. 07:27 The first whiskey: Real Spirits Distiller’s Choice (Four-Grain). Shout-out to Real Ale and Real Spirits. 08:15 How to pour whiskey. 09:30 The Tron Beer Can and 8 Track Amber 10:10 Redneck tasting notes. 11:55 “It’s not the first time I’ve spilled whiskey on my piano.” 13:08 Jeff forgets his new song. 14:30 Jeff is a bandleader. 15:00 Jeff’s new album. 16:00 Jeff reveals his childhood in a cult. 18:00 Songs for grownups. 20:00 Jeff was a “Huffy Rider.” Bike stories …. 22:39 Shout-out to Odem Wu 23:09 “ Dreamers,” Jeff Troutman and the Parachute Adams Band (cut-in the recording, still of “Heaven” album cover) 28:02 Cut back to interview …. Talking about “Dreamers.” What was the “favor,” man? 29:00 Breathing room in stories. 29:30 The band’s name and no, Aaron, Jeff didn’t actually send you a fly could fish with. 33:35 *eff Carl Lentz and Hillsong. 34:11 Rye whiskey. Jeff’s favorite, we find out later. 35:34 Where to find Real Spirits, and Real Ale. 37:10 Jeff considers refinishing his free piano. 38:21 Bob White, artist and inspiration. 40:00 Jeff talks to a buffalo. Things get a little psychedelic. 42:00 Jeff starts messing around below – or right at – the belt. 43:50 It’s not the time or place to talk about this. 44:40 Raven: Ode to Bob White (cut in) (throw up the album cover) 49:38 Back to the real interview … Aaron says nice things about Jeff, and Bob, and cross-genre artistic inspiration. 50:00 Paul Puckett, artists, what brings us together as fly anglers. 52;10 Shout-out to Greg DeMars. Cast nets? 53:40 Jeff gives a shout-out to Aaron’s (multiple) award-winning book. By this time it’s clear why Aaron writes, and doesn’t broadcast. Usually. 55:29 In praise of wet-wading, and Zebcos. 56:45 Shout-out to Tom Rosenbauer and fishing in Chacos. 57:40 Real Spirits Signature Select, Texas Whiskey Trail barrel selection. 1:00:42 Okay, enough about whiskey … let’s talk about gin. 1:02:00 Preview of Duck Camp, shout-out to Dave Fason, and we all want the new DryDown Vest. 1:03:00 The Local Angler, Imbrifex Books, “Books or the Journey,” shout-out to Mark Sedenquist. 1:04:00 Merch. Buy a shirt. Protect yourself from the ‘Squatch. 1:05:00 Follow, subscribe, etc. 1:06:45 RNP on the Road. 1:07:31 SXSW 2021? 1:08:10 Another shoutout to Duck Camp and their awesome World HQ. 1:09:30 April Vokey, we love you. 1:10:40 Shout-out to Wylde Bill. 1:11:07 “Ten-Foot Pole” and bawbags.


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The Dark Side of Influencers on Public Lands

This week Jeff and Bill talk about their first cars and Hatch Magazine's Recent Article about the dark side of social media influencers and how they could take a toll on public lands. ​-​Jeff goes off again about the perils and misery of ice fishing ​-​ Jeff tying flies and plugging his band's new release at ​-​ Jeff and Bill's guide to Disney movies ​- ​ Rush Limbaugh gets deceived by Satan ​-​ The Nissan Stanzas and shear pins on the intercoastal (COMMENT ON OUR YOUTUBE WHAT WAS YOUR FIRST CAR FOR A CHANCE TO WIN A DECAL) ​- In Other News "US intelligence agencies have 180 days to share what they know about UFOs, thanks to the Covid-19 relief and spending bill."​ ​-​ Thank you to Athletic Brewing (beermoney2020 discount code) ​-​ The dark side of social media influencers How Instagram personalities, unscrupulous brand ambassadors, and more take a toll on public lands ​-​ Jeff's Only Fans page. ​-​ Live Events Coming Up and Swag Episode Links: (discount code beermoney20) ​ ​


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Season 4 Episode 22 Schwarzenegger flicks, The Sodfather, and Joe Demalderis

This week Jeff and Bill take it back to Season 1 Episode 1 to talk with Joe Demalderis, a guide on the Upper Delaware River. 00:01-01:00 Jeff and Bill Finally Get It 01:00-03:17 Congrats to Phil and '80s and '90s Flicks 03:17-04:00 YouTube Stuff & Merch 04:00-05:50 Jeff's Fitness Journey 05:51-12:20 Beer Talk 12:25-12:50 Opioids 12:51-16:45 In Other News "‘Sod Father,’ 91-year-old groundskeeper has prepared every Super Bowl field" 16:46-18:30 Intro to Interview 18:31-51:56 Interview 51:47-59:00 Outro Sponsor: ​ (beermoney20 discount code) Merch: ​ Joe's Links ​ ​


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Jeff and Wylde Bill Talk Winter Fishing, Small Wicks, and More...

This week Jeff and Bill chat about life and fishing in the winter. 00:00-1:30 Jeff's weight loss. 01:30-05:02 Bill pays by the hour for a hot tub on Valentine's day at an "upscale" joint. 05:03-07:19 Beverages 07:19-08:10 Mansplaining pregnancy 08:10-09:13 Gorilla Glue and the Mental State of Society 09:14-10:39 Small Wicks and Bill's Nips 10:40-14:14 In Other News: 14:15-16:00 Murder for hire? Jeff talks murder of a hairy high school friend and "Surviving the Game" 16:00-19:00 Did Bill's friend "Don" encounter a Bigfoot? 19:01-22:18 Texas Weather and Starter Jackets 22:19 Article "THE FORGOTTEN END OF THE TEMPERATURE SPECTRUM: WINTER FISHING" Episode Links: (beermoney20)


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Asian Carp, Great Lakes, and Drew YoungeDyke

This week Jeff and Bill talk to the Director of Conservation Partnerships for the National Wildlife Federation Great Lakes Regional Center, Drew YoungDyke. Recently they released their top priorities for Congress in the Great Lakes Region. We also talk about their recent YouTube video "Against the Current." ​ Jeff talks about their sponsor ​ (use discount code beermoney20) ​ RNP Swag ​ Bill's Nips ​ In Other News- Man allegedly hides from Coronavirus for three months inside Chicago airport. ​ ​ The interview begins with Drew Against the Current Video-


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Grand Valley Fly Fishers- Gary Lindquist

This week Jeff and Bill talk about their sponsor (discount code beermoney20), discuss the album from the Parachute Adams Band, and upcoming live events. 5:25 In Other News: 8:02 The Walking Teddie Bear Episode at half speed 9:00 Upcoming Live Events 10:12 Interview begins with local rod builder Gary Lindquist 33:50 Outro and Bill’s final thoughts 34:55 Sneak Peek at the Upcoming Album “Oleander Street”


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Top Ten Michigan Flies-Jeff and Bill

This week Jeff and Bill talk about their new sponsor Athletic Brewing and they try their award-winning IPA at 7:30 in the morning. In other news, the GameStop debacle. No interview, but Jeff and Bill talk about the essential flies for a Michigan fly box. (discount code beermoney20)


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Giveaways and the Jordan River-Brian Kozminski

This week Jeff wears his hat backwards like a punk kid and talks elementary school, and UFO's with Bill. Koz talks with Jeff about the proposed changes for the Jordan River (Interview starts at 10:40). Good or bad (link to petition below)? Also, check out Koz's awesome giveaway on his Facebook page.