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The Adam Gold Show airs weekdays noon until 3 p.m. on 99.9 The Fan in Raleigh, NC. It is also picked up by the North Carolina State-Wide Network with 11 affiliates. Gold brings 20 years of sports radio experience to the Triangle and is also the Carolina Hurricanes reporter for 99.9 The Fan and The daily best-of show podcast can be downloaded anytime after 3 p.m. at, the WRALSportsFan app or subscribe for free wherever you listen to podcasts.


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The Adam Gold Show airs weekdays noon until 3 p.m. on 99.9 The Fan in Raleigh, NC. It is also picked up by the North Carolina State-Wide Network with 11 affiliates. Gold brings 20 years of sports radio experience to the Triangle and is also the Carolina Hurricanes reporter for 99.9 The Fan and The daily best-of show podcast can be downloaded anytime after 3 p.m. at, the WRALSportsFan app or subscribe for free wherever you listen to podcasts.




ACC Basketball and Canes hockey vs the Panthers tonight

Luke DeCock, News & Observer, on what some of these ACC basketball wins and loses mean and how he believes tonight will go for the Carolina Hurricanes. Adam asks Luke what his thoughts are for Duke men’s basketball and if they’re finding their way finally? “Every game is not a referendum”. There’s a lot of holistic issues Luke believes is a cause of Kevin Keatts having so many issues. Does Luke see Kevin Keatts staying as head coach next year? How does Luke see this Carolina Hurricanes vs Florida Panthers game going tonight? What happens when all 4 goalies are healthy? Is Spencer Martin their best goalie right now?


Charlotte FC is back and kicked things off with a win!

Will Palaszczuk, Charlotte FC Radio PxP, on why he’s super excited about this year’s FC season. What does Dean Smith bring to the team, that maybe wasn’t there before? What’s the biggest thing that Dean Smith wants the team to have that they haven’t always in the past? “Don’t make a good chance better”, what does Dean mean when he says this to his guys? How do you replace the goal involvements for this goalie? How does the league become more than Lionel Messi?


Will LeBron be around for another season?

Brenden Whitted, The Bison Express, on the NBA All Star game, Charlotte Hornets, and LeBron James’ future. What would Brenden add to the NBA All Star game to make it more interesting? What does Brenden make of THIS recent debate in the NBA world? What do the Knicks HAVE to do? Which team does Brenden believe is THEIR time this season?


What happened to NC State vs Syracuse last night in men’s basketball?

Cory Smith, Pack Pride, on NC State’s men’s basketball team and what seems to be their issue. Wake Forest became a Quad 1 win because of last night. Adam hasn’t heard much rumblings about Kevin Keatts, even with these loses, so has Cory thought the same or is it different from what he’s observed? Which players showed up last night, despite the loss, and which did not? Is this loss more on coaching or the players?


Inter Miami starts back up today and any Panthers news?

Chris McClain, Mac & Bone Show/WFNZ, on trading Brian Burns, what moves the Panthers might be making, and Messi is back in Charlotte today. What’s the first order of business for Dan Morgan and the Carolina Panthers? What does Chris think the Carolina Panthers will do with Brian Burns? Does he believe they should keep him on the roster or try and trade him? Does he actually think David Tepper will step back and let the professionals do their job? What are the things Chris is looking most forward to with this new staff? If Chris was Bryce Young, what’s the first thing he’d want to help be successful next year?


College Football Playoffs and where it’s completely wrong

Chip Patterson, CBS Sports, addresses some of the latest information released on the CFPs and where it’s headed. If the ACC negotiates an exit price, does this mean the ACC will be done and over? What conversations have been had that are directing these negotiations? Where does Chip see all of this going? Where would FSU go if they left the ACC? Why doesn’t the SEC want to expand right now?



Andy Staples, On 3 Sports, on this FSU lawsuit and where we’re at right now with this case and where it’s likely to go. What is FSU trying to say and what it the ACC trying to say? When has the Grant of Rights been negotiated before and how is it different than this case? How many schools will have a soft landing? What does FSU and Clemson’s football brand bring that may help them in THIS scenario? Why wouldn’t Andy expand if he were the SEC? Adam and Andy both agree that all THIS is, is a money grab.


The newest addition to the Carolina Hurricanes goaltender team

Spencer Martin, Carolina Hurricanes goaltender, on his mindset and what it’s been like to join a team halfway through a season and jump right in. How difficult, or easy, was it for Spencer to jump in with the team? How did Spencer stayed prepared between teams? How have the guys been welcoming to him since he’s been in Carolina? How does this team compare to other teams he’s been on? Who was the first guy to reach out to him? How did he know some Canes before coming to the team? Is Spencer still leaving in a hotel; what’s his living arrangements like as of right now?


It’s officially mock draft season!

Ryan Wilson, CBS Sports, on the latest draft insights and who he believes will be the hot picks of the year. How does he view and evaluated each QB in this year’s draft? What does Ryan think we don’t talk enough about when trying to figure out which player would do best on which team? What’s the market for Justin Fields? Can Ryan see the Chicago Bears trade back to #2? What’s the market for Brian Burns? What’s his take on NC State’s Payton Wilson?


NFL franchise tag season starts tomorrow

Will Brinson, CBS Sports, on what this could mean for the Carolina Panthers. Can we expect to see a tag put on Brian Burns? What might the Panthers do with their roster? What would make a Brian Burns trade worth it?


Canes vs Blackhawks tonight at home!

Rod Brind’Amour, Carolina Hurricanes head coach, on the game tonight vs the Chicago Blackhawks and their wins over the weekend. It looks like Spencer Martin will be in net tonight. How do you sum up what it’s meant to him to have the success he’s been having with the team lately? What’s the difference in Seth Jarvis from when he first started with the team to where he’s at today? When you saw him as a rookie, did Rod see this potential in Jarvis? What does Rod think it’s like to be Connor Bedard? What’s Rod memories of Petr Mrazek as a Cane? What’s a letter grade Rod would give his team right now?


February 28th is the release date of a documentary you MUST see if you’re into the ACC

Wes Durham, ESPN/ACC Network, on ACC basketball and the loss of an impactful coach over the weekend. Where does Wes think sits basketball wise, as we progress later into the season? Wes thinks there’s 4 locks, so which schools are those and which are on the cusp? How big is the upcoming Wake Forest game? Wes asks Adam THIS question about Duke and if they don’t win this game, does it change the whole dynamic of their season? Who are the most important players for Duke right now? What are Wes’ thoughts on the passing of Left Driesell?


The passing of Lefty Driesell over the weekend

John Feinstein, Author, on Lefty and his impact on college sports; as well as who he was as a person. What made him who he was, as a coach, his personality, etc? Why does John think may be the reason people didn’t give Lefty credit? Why does John say THIS player was “absolutely broken”?


More ACC men’s basketball match ups this weekend!

Brian Geisinger, 247 Sports, on which games to look out for and which teams NEED wins. Which team should scare other teams because of these big time shooters and play makers? How does Brian see the ACC men’s basketball match ups playing out this weekend? Which games a likely to be buzzer beaters?


Roundtable with Jeremy Green and Brenden Whitted!! 02-16-24

What are their thoughts on Caitlin Clark? Does Steve Wilks just have a fire-able face? How does Kliff Kingsbury get the jobs he does? What did the guys think of the 49ers decision in Super Bowl LVlll? Did they think it would’ve been a good idea to see LeBron James and Steph Curry on the same team?


Canes play in Arizona tonight!

Lindsey Brown, Radio Host/former hockey player, on the Carolina Hurricanes and what they need to adjust to make sure they’re successful in the playoffs? From a hockey player’s perspective, what is it that the Canes need to do to get more consistency? Why is it that goalies are rushed back into play after being hurt? As a former athlete, what does Caitlin Clark represent to Lindsey?


What do we do now the football is over?

Evan Cohen, Unsportsmanlike on ESPN, discusses their morning show, what it’s like to deal with Chris Canty’s daily hot takes, and what he’s most looking forward to now that football is over for a few months. What’s likely to happen with Justin Fields? Is the Chicago Bears going to draft a QB? How odd is it that the Carolina Panthers and the Chicago Bears are this connected? Is there an individual athlete that’s made similar impacts to their sport like Caitlin Clark currently is? Who’s the greatest golfer, in Evan’s opinion?


Is UNC the team we all thought they were at the beginning of the season?

Luke DeCock, News & Observer, on UNC’s lose to Syracuse and other ACC teams in men’s college basketball. What was Luke’s reaction to the announcement of an 18 team tournament? What’s going on with UNC that has them on this rollercoaster? How is Luke feeling about Pyotr in net for the Carolina Hurricanes, especially in the playoffs? What do the Canes need?


What IS goalie interference?

Tim Peel, Retired NHL Referee, gives us perspective on what it’s like being an NHL ref and what he thinks about some calls the Canes have recently encountered. What was it like before there was instant replay? How does a ref determine whether or not it’s goalie interference? Does Sydney Crosby get all of the calls? Are there more or less calls in the NHL playoffs? Some players have reputations for embellishing, does that impact how the refs make calls during a game? As a ref, how did he feel about the Carolina Hurricanes?


An 18 team tournament in men’s college basketball?

Mike DeCourcy, Sporting News, on the merger in men’s college basketball and his thoughts on how he believes this will go. What are they saying that’s basically saying they’re ok with burning down the whole sport? What’s the reasoning from 2010 that’s different now, which is why they’re now pushing it?